zfs discuss - Dec 2005

Saturday December 31 2005
2:34PM 8 Interesting interaction on installserver.
5:03AM 0 Feedback for ZFS On-Disk Specification
Friday December 30 2005
8:13PM 3 ZFS benchmark results vs. ext3 and XFS
Thursday December 29 2005
10:41AM 14 Inherited quota question
4:12AM 3 zpool error message nit
2:24AM 4 ZFS'' always-consistent-on-disk guarantee and hardware RAID
Wednesday December 28 2005
6:27PM 3 Anyone seen having a zfs pool on disks make the system unbootable?
2:32PM 57 First attempt for readble ACLs....
6:23AM 10 devid for zfs
Tuesday December 27 2005
5:30PM 2 Reboot with ZFS
4:28PM 4 ZFS and dynamic LUN reconfiguration
Sunday December 25 2005
5:46PM 3 high system cpu use/lock contention (redux)
Saturday December 24 2005
7:04AM 7 vdev label asize variable is too small
Thursday December 22 2005
9:20PM 4 Removing disks from a ZFS pool
5:36PM 1 Block device on which zfs FS resides
9:47AM 1 Re: Zpool output is wierd after export/import.
3:47AM 1 Re: Zpool output is wierd after export/import.
1:56AM 2 zpool iostat output gets buffered
Wednesday December 21 2005
3:48PM 4 ZFS, COW, write(2), directIO...
11:15AM 3 ZFS packaging problem with zones
8:51AM 6 Writting 0s
6:41AM 1 Using zfs restore on a single-filesystem pool
Tuesday December 20 2005
4:36PM 3 how does snapshot work ?
Monday December 19 2005
12:40PM 1 Panic, ZFS related, error 6
Sunday December 18 2005
10:38PM 22 rubber hose crypto with ZFS?
Friday December 16 2005
8:32PM 2 I do not understand the ZFS source code
8:19PM 1 Miscalculation in a comment in dsl_dataset.h
2:40PM 10 ZFS on-disk compression
Thursday December 15 2005
10:26PM 27 ZFS volume is hosing BIOS POST on Ultra20 (BIOS 2.1.7)
1:52PM 2 creating zfs file systems
11:51AM 4 zfs create hangs
11:08AM 3 Problem with ZFS on slices
12:24AM 8 Bootable ZFS and Live upgrade
12:12AM 4 One incorrect and another unhelpful error message from zfs
Wednesday December 14 2005
7:19PM 0 ZFS fixes in build 29
1:08PM 1 ZFS and delegated dataset in a non-global zone
12:37PM 0 More zfs performance testing
12:10PM 2 Is it possible to install zfs on Solaris 10 x86_64
9:37AM 2 format(1M) quits if there are pools on disks and no zfs module
1:21AM 9 Simplifying ZFS via consistent use of COW and snapshot namespaces
Tuesday December 13 2005
11:18PM 15 Building a RAID array.
7:12PM 3 Why does reading volume snapshots require cloning them?
7:08PM 0 A better name than "virtual device" for the constituents of a pool
7:02PM 9 Requesting a corrupted data block as-is
6:43PM 1 Inappropriate ZFS diagnostic message
3:12PM 0 Counterintuitive snapshotting
2:29AM 0 ZFS On-Disk Format Specification (Draft Version)
Monday December 12 2005
8:01PM 0 Fwd: [osol-bugs] df oddity after large delete
Sunday December 11 2005
8:32AM 1 scrub performance?
Saturday December 10 2005
7:49PM 11 Backup and restore
7:42AM 1 Probability of future compatibility with present-day pools?
12:00AM 6 Wierd ZFS interaction with sudo?
Friday December 9 2005
9:47PM 1 ZFS error when importing
5:07AM 9 ".zfs" directory panic
Thursday December 8 2005
11:05AM 9 zfs and BCV (EMC - business continuance volume)
4:13AM 4 zfs consumes 150gb more space than my ext3 server?
Wednesday December 7 2005
8:31PM 8 ZFS as an iSCSI target
7:08AM 4 More on ZFS performance vs LVM/UFS
1:43AM 2 raidz mismatched disk sizes
1:07AM 0 Maxphys and ZFS
Tuesday December 6 2005
7:10PM 5 What happenned to containers?
5:39AM 15 were 2-D block addresses ever considered to allow RAID-Z expansion?
Monday December 5 2005
7:52PM 7 Various questions about ZFS
Sunday December 4 2005
3:26AM 1 disk name in ''zpool status''
Saturday December 3 2005
11:59AM 4 Fresh Install
Friday December 2 2005
11:04PM 6 Read performance ZFS vs. UFS
10:59PM 2 quotas, reservations, snapshots
10:39PM 4 Advantages of zfs create over mkdir
8:01PM 1 zfs mirrored disk bootable?
2:49PM 4 More on ZFS and performance
Thursday December 1 2005
9:49PM 2 zvol questions...
6:32PM 0 Automatic home directory creation
5:45PM 3 Monitoring Space on ZFS Filesystems
5:41PM 21 cross fs/same pool mv
2:54PM 6 dtracing zfs io
12:41PM 4 zfs pool based on nfs files. possible?
2:11AM 7 Shared zfs + Raw zfs volumes