Xen users - Jun 2011

Thursday June 30 2011
5:48PM 1 Xen with DRBD, mount DRBD device / Filesystem type?
2:14PM 1 api sdk installation
12:58PM 1 XenSummit Agenda is now available for download
11:10AM 0 DomU kernel panic management
8:51AM 0 xen api sdk password
6:53AM 23 Xen pci device #0
4:20AM 2 where can i get PV drivers for CENTOS 5.5 HVM guest
Wednesday June 29 2011
11:34PM 0 Win-PVDrivers Compilation - Check your timezone!
6:30PM 2 poor performance of hard disk in Windows DomU with Xen 4.0
5:14PM 5 Bad network performances
4:44PM 1 no Disk drive detected when provisioning new vms or after restarting a vm
2:23PM 8 XEN 4.0.1 and Linux 3.0?
2:01PM 6 Cannot use xm in Xen 4.1
1:23PM 0 sdk program
5:02AM 0 Xen 4.1.1 support of VGAPassthru for NVIDIA GPUs
Tuesday June 28 2011
3:32PM 1 Xen limitations : 256 disks devices limit per hypervisor
3:08PM 1 how to install the xs-tools
11:12AM 1 PCI-passthru Infiniband card panics the domU at startup
9:36AM 0 xl created HVM Windows gets stuck after guest reboot
3:27AM 0 how does xen shedule when the process in domU call sleep function??
Monday June 27 2011
3:38PM 4 NAT networking in Xen
3:30PM 1 sug
1:46PM 1 how to share vdi among several xcp pools
9:25AM 2 Malfunctioning bridge
8:14AM 0 Can harpertown make use of SR-IOV on the network card?
12:20AM 3 memory issue on paravirtualized xen kernel
Sunday June 26 2011
2:17PM 0 Floppy controller
1:46PM 1 http-traffic rejected, domU
8:32AM 3 Xen Cloud Platform Problem
Saturday June 25 2011
1:33AM 1 different core number in "top" and "xentop"
Friday June 24 2011
8:19PM 1 implementation choices, XEN or KVM?
2:39PM 0 [Q] Xen 4.1.1 and kernel- on scientific linux 6.
2:38PM 1 anyone using dm-cache?
9:28AM 2 Nested VM
7:46AM 0 Involving redhat5.5 mirror By "xm save & xm restore" command problem
5:40AM 0 XenServer : "Error picking up messages from Xen service: The data is invalid"
Thursday June 23 2011
11:15PM 2 [XCP] Console with PV kernels?
8:32PM 17 Xen + SAN
8:06PM 2 A question about bridged networking
6:50PM 0 p2v question
3:47PM 11 bridge networking issue from dom0 to the world
12:48PM 4 domU configfile: libdir?
12:19PM 6 XEN Nvidia
11:55AM 9 reg REMUS
Wednesday June 22 2011
3:21PM 0 XenSummit Agenda and Registration
12:48PM 0 OpenBSD HVM networking misbehaves with Xen4
12:02PM 3 live migration problem
9:14AM 3 IPv6 with Bridge Modus
7:23AM 1 RE: Can''t show all cpu core in the top.
Tuesday June 21 2011
9:19AM 1 Control Panel wanted
8:29AM 13 VM disk I/O limit patch
8:01AM 10 GPLPV on windows 7, clean shutdown not working in some case
6:37AM 13 Xen - Linux PV on HVM drivers
4:17AM 4 IOMMU Domain for Dom0
12:04AM 9 Networking how does it really work?
Monday June 20 2011
11:57PM 0 xen kills domu after several quick reboots
4:13PM 5 Converting a HVM Guest into a PV-on-HVM Guest
9:37AM 16 64bit Windows Guest Blue Screens on install
Sunday June 19 2011
7:38AM 10 Alternative to network-nat on Debian Squeeze with XEN4?
Saturday June 18 2011
8:16PM 6 could not get IP address for the interface created by netfront driver on HVM guest
2:49PM 1 PV migration process
1:09PM 1 Re: Problema with Dom0 network after, reboot/shutdown HVM Guest.
12:41PM 0 Destroying device model, Xen 4 Windows 2008 domU problem.
9:36AM 7 problem while xen boot
Friday June 17 2011
11:05PM 4 Xen Open Manager website seems to be offline?
9:22PM 6 Error code: INVALID_SOURCE while VM start
7:34PM 1 Problema with Dom0 network after reboot/shutdown HVM Guest.
6:56PM 5 Problem with HVM domU and virtual disk image
1:56PM 3 Using Xen to virtualize a single desktop
12:32PM 1 Failed to setup NAT network
9:12AM 4 opensuse 11.4 update issue
9:09AM 7 DomU max 32GB memory
8:59AM 0 Failed to setup NAT
8:40AM 0 Cisco UCS x Xen 4.1
7:31AM 0 Converting vm from HVM to PV
Thursday June 16 2011
11:24PM 5 blank screen after xen boot
9:13PM 1 How to access the VM, after it had been started without SSH or VNC.
4:33PM 3 Disk Usages
3:03PM 12 Share config between servers
2:23PM 0 XEN 4.0.2-rc6 xend doesn''t start
1:43PM 2 some more tweaking in xendomains script
12:53PM 0 PCIe NIC pass-through problem with Debian Squeeze
12:14PM 1 encrypted virtual machines
7:48AM 0 I canĀ“t send the mail to this list
2:05AM 1 kernel-3.0-0 dom0, python2.7, and xen 4.0.x on ubuntu 11.10
Wednesday June 15 2011
11:36PM 2 How do you tell if a kernel will work with Xen?
11:11PM 1 Ram Overbooking
8:59PM 1 Clock problems with Xen 4.1 + Konrads Kernel
8:38PM 2 stable pv_ops kernel for dom0
7:31PM 0 Xen XP V2V Boot Problem
4:02PM 0 Xen 4.1.1 maintenance release available
11:41AM 0 local disk cache
11:16AM 0 bootloader pygrub with drbd
10:13AM 19 [XCP] XCP network and VLAN by Open vSwitch
9:14AM 3 GRUB stopped working in xen (hvm, qemu-dm)
8:36AM 2 How to enable hypervisor support to run PV-on-HVM drivers on HVM guest
7:53AM 1 Does XEN-3.4.3 support PV-on-HVM drivers to run on HVM guests
2:07AM 2 Large XCP Deployments
1:05AM 2 As a vps tenant using a DomU ubuntu 10.04, how would you upgrade kernels and OS?
Tuesday June 14 2011
9:07PM 0 Getting Error code: Invalid_Source after VM start
3:38PM 1 Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working
3:18PM 0 Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working.
5:51AM 0 Dom0 crashes on boot with an IRQ conflict
Monday June 13 2011
10:40PM 1 XCP PXEboot
8:50PM 5 3.0.0-rc2: Xen: High amount of kernel "reserved" memory, about 33% in 256MB DOMU
8:26PM 9 3.0.0-rc2: Xen: powernow-k8: Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!
6:59PM 3 blktapctrl not running
5:35PM 5 3.0.0-rc2: Xen: Kernel panic - not syncing: IO-APIC + timer doesn''t work!
10:23AM 2 Newbie Trying XEN with CENTOS 5.6 dom0
9:30AM 2 Can we use PXE to run XEN LiveCD
8:19AM 0 XCP and linux-3.0rc2
6:56AM 1 When should I use ''-mno-tls-direct-seg-refs'' ?
1:52AM 0 XCP: HVM without QEMU
Sunday June 12 2011
8:19PM 6 expanding Xen guest disk size
Saturday June 11 2011
5:14PM 0 Can''t redirect the boot message by SOL
11:17AM 1 XL Toolstack with Routed Networking
9:45AM 3 how to configure xen with router-mode
5:59AM 1 Memory over-commit on Xen XCP
2:49AM 2 Newbie with Xen Cloud Platform.
Friday June 10 2011
9:37PM 0 cannot create domains with xm
8:23PM 1 HVM problem with xen4.0 on Debian
6:14PM 2 annoying 2 - 3 second lag every few minutes in Windows XP VM on Debian 6 Squeeze
12:16PM 3 boot issue
11:38AM 0 XCP - coalesce problems...
9:39AM 1 Munin?
6:32AM 3 Iptables and Xen
Thursday June 9 2011
11:13PM 1 blkback message
8:17PM 1 GPLPV
5:23PM 0 Xen very very slow on workstation HP Z4000
4:30PM 0 HA problem
1:54PM 3 openvswitch on xen 4.1
12:52PM 0 xen4 on Debian and xmlrpc over ssl
11:31AM 1 Upgrade to xl
11:07AM 3 can xen partition physical network bandwidth for guest VMs
11:01AM 2 A question
8:12AM 2 XCP upgrades
7:08AM 4 Xen 4.0 Bridged Networking MAC Rewrite?
3:43AM 2 Help with xend on ubuntu Dom0
Wednesday June 8 2011
5:10PM 7 XCP storage
4:18PM 5 XCP and Xen 4 (remus)?
9:44AM 0 AW: "maxmem" without "memory" in hvm-domU-config causesdom0 to reboot
9:42AM 2 networking on XCP
8:57AM 3 Unable to restore a windows 2008 on xen 4.0.1
6:05AM 1 HVM --> PV, success on 1st time, failed on 2nd time
Tuesday June 7 2011
6:00PM 1 "maxmem" without "memory" in hvm-domU-config causes dom0 to reboot
5:20PM 1 RE: XCP - Cannot find host NIC with XCP
9:41AM 2 question about block-attach to hvm guest
7:52AM 1 Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 32-bit DomU doesn''t boot under Debian 6 64-bit Dom0
Monday June 6 2011
9:44PM 0 newbie to xen
6:11PM 1 Problems to compiling and using Xen 4.0.1
4:20PM 1 dom0 dedicated memory Xen dom0 dedicated memory and preventing dom0 memory ballooning
3:00PM 1 Cheap and cheerful replication
2:56PM 0 Vm Template Creation Fail
2:38PM 1 problem with xen server 5.6 -sp 2 and NFS
2:09PM 4 ubuntu kernels 2.6.39+ don''t boot as hvm domU
Sunday June 5 2011
11:26PM 0 Compiling Xen 4.1 on SL6: error: libslirp.h: No such file or directory
6:47PM 2 Working with Fedora 15 & systemd
2:14PM 3 dom0 networking getting screwd at random periods
Saturday June 4 2011
6:57AM 2 Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS installation
3:23AM 14 XCP and Gluster
Friday June 3 2011
8:46PM 1 networking in xen
7:39PM 2 XCP - Base Iso seem to contain broken packages how to proceed
5:08PM 0 XCP server hangs at boot
4:29PM 0 Re:f
3:13PM 0 User domain hangs
7:44AM 4 Access domU from dom0
7:34AM 0 Getting console of a Guest
Thursday June 2 2011
11:56PM 0 XCP and FC based Sans
10:50PM 2 xen 4.1 (src) and runlevels on deb 6
8:51PM 3 Windows VM extremely slow
3:36PM 2 kernel-2.6.39
8:39AM 19 Xen 4.1.0 compiled from source on Debian Squeeze 6.0
8:24AM 0 Debian 6.0 + Xen4.0 + FreeBSD hvm amd64 -> fpudna: fpcurthread == curthread XXXX times
Wednesday June 1 2011
5:15PM 8 Inter VM communication
2:31PM 0 Xen 4.1.0 on CentOS 5.6
12:58PM 0 Multiple bridge, network and server
2:52AM 0 Booting Xen 4.0.x with GRUB2 on Ubuntu 10.04