Xen users - May 2011

Tuesday May 31 2011
4:12PM 13 Linux 3.0-rc1 - what Xen components went in.
4:12PM 0 Re: Problems sending to list ?
3:48PM 0 XCP - Base Iso seem to contain broken packages
12:47PM 1 DMIDecode on Xen 4.1.0 not working (has /dev/mem handling changed from Xen 3.x to 4.1.0?)
12:44PM 3 Hotplug scripts not working
12:31PM 0 [XEN-NVIDIA] Update 270.41.06 Failed
11:50AM 0 Re: Problems sending to list ?
10:48AM 0 Debian guest
10:26AM 0 Re: undefined reference to `xen_pcpu_index''
7:24AM 3 Network Problem after DomU migration
1:34AM 4 Installing Xen 4.0.1 on Xen Server FP1
Monday May 30 2011
10:17PM 4 OpenSUSE 11.4 (2.6.39-30.1), Xen 4.0.2 - Device 0 (vif) Could not be connected
5:36PM 4 Can''t specify Domain-0
3:53PM 0 (no subject)
3:51PM 0 (no subject)
12:38PM 5 Installing xe on ubuntu/centos etc
11:16AM 0 Problem Xen 4.0-amd64 + Drbd + Heartbeat 3.0.3-2 with Debian Squeeze
10:25AM 2 RE: Xen PCI Passthrough
6:26AM 1 Cannot get sound in a Windows DomU
Sunday May 29 2011
3:45PM 0 download images from?
Saturday May 28 2011
10:10PM 2 Does XEN 4.1 suport sEDF scheduler?
8:14PM 1 ionice and blkback
5:02PM 0 Fwd: Xen PCI Passthrough
11:33AM 1 xen kernel compil
Friday May 27 2011
5:52PM 1 Running VMs concurrently
5:06PM 1 GRUB2 configuration for Xen 4.0.x
3:44PM 0 Run multiple VMs
3:25PM 13 4.0.1, Debian Squeeze, and p[yv]grub
12:50PM 6 PVOPS dom0 requires nomodeset to boot but video requires modesetting driver
1:55AM 0 Xen install os
Thursday May 26 2011
9:01PM 0 dom0 linux system consoles; running domU problems
9:01PM 0 Problems with PVUSB drivers
8:49PM 2 Windows 2003 server CDROM and XEN
8:28PM 0 No eth0 device in Xen Dom0
6:03PM 0 General question - Sound and webcam - is that really works?
9:48AM 0 vm''s losing network adapter
4:59AM 0 Install HVM image from media
4:54AM 1 XEN Installation
Wednesday May 25 2011
10:10PM 2 Could someone please help?
6:33PM 0 Distributions proven to work fine with Xen4 and DRBD?
2:54PM 6 Custom kernel XEN
1:59PM 0 kernel BUG with Linux 2.6.32-5-xen-686 and XEN 4.0-i386
12:55PM 4 OpenQRM to manage XCP?
10:44AM 10 SolusVM Stats
6:42AM 7 tty device is not owned by group tty
5:46AM 0 Where''s the GPG Public Key?
5:12AM 3 Re: (XEN) Scrubbing Free RAM........................ Reboot
1:10AM 5 Bringing up management interfaces xenbr0...RTL8169
Tuesday May 24 2011
9:21PM 2 PCI e Passthrough
7:00PM 2 Re: K/Ubuntu 11.04 or DEBIAN based ditro and XEN 4.1 - Possible?
6:22PM 1 PCIe NIC Passthrough
2:29PM 5 VM and VDI deleted, but Space on Storage still used
1:28PM 0 Multicast problems when VM are located on different Xen servers
1:00PM 2 fc14 and xen
12:25PM 0 PVOPS dom0 Crash During Boot Unhandled Page Fault
9:37AM 0 XEN 4.1 performance issue
9:05AM 0 Migration with Open vSwith
7:18AM 2 XCP 1.0: There was an error while attempting to make a request from the logical volume.
Monday May 23 2011
4:31PM 19 Bad TCP accept performance
9:32AM 4 Question Fe and BE device
9:24AM 5 Xen on IBM and HAL...
9:09AM 4 domUs don''t boot correctly to end
4:43AM 0 xen4 , framebuffer and grub2
3:12AM 0 Graphics issue with Xen 4.1 + on Thinkpad x220
Sunday May 22 2011
8:45PM 0 Bringing up management interfaces xenbr0...
6:20PM 0 Bringing up management interfaces xenbr0: cannot set large...
Saturday May 21 2011
4:19PM 1 dhcp configuration issue
Friday May 20 2011
9:27PM 26 RHEL6 xen and dom0 kernel to test
6:51PM 9 Alternatives to a dual-primary DRBD setup
5:26PM 0 XenSummit Call For Participation - DEADLINE APPROACHING
4:38PM 13 XCP bandwidth management
10:32AM 5 Ubuntu Lucid as PV domU on Xen4.0
9:56AM 7 Finally cracked the mystery of motherboards with Vt-d support
9:36AM 1 Help! Xen dom0 kernel-2.6.38 shows blank screen!
6:08AM 4 Re: Xen, ustable and VGA passthrough
3:33AM 0 domU boot failure using the new compiled kernel
Thursday May 19 2011
5:24PM 3 Graceful Shutdown For Windows Domain?
2:30PM 1 error while compiling xen-4.0.1 on Ubuntu Lucid 64bit
4:23AM 4 K/Ubuntu 11.04 and XEN 4.1 - Possible?
Wednesday May 18 2011
8:43PM 1 disk IO profiling in guest suing sar command
8:35PM 3 XCP jumbo frames in vm
3:22PM 3 Weird xl mem-set behavior
2:58PM 3 Using the script param of the vif config
2:45PM 5 XL Toolstack console doesn''t work. XM Toolstack console does work.
11:47AM 90 Patches for VGA-Passthrough XEN 4.2 unstable
12:26AM 0 RE: Problems creating a Fedora 14 domU using XCP 1.0and xe
Tuesday May 17 2011
6:35PM 13 centos 5.6 upgrade to 4.1 - no DomUs listed
4:13PM 2 Looking for tips: building a workstation around Xen and GPU pass-through
2:19PM 1 FC card drivers in XCP
1:21PM 4 Blank screen (but not frozen) on boot with Xen 4.1 and 2.6.38 pv_ops
8:34AM 0 (no subject)
8:05AM 0 4.0.1 and 4.0.0: resume not possible, machine stays in ---s-- forever
3:14AM 6 Problems creating a Fedora 14 domU using XCP 1.0 and xe
Monday May 16 2011
8:26PM 0 Possible minor bug in xen-blkfront
4:01PM 0 Network problem in domU
3:42PM 0 Network problem in domU pcifront
1:52PM 0 Xen hvm with qcow2
1:18PM 0 New Tutorial - High-Availability 2-Node Xen cluster using RHCS and DRBD
12:47PM 1 An Invitation to Neuroscientists and Physicists: Singapore Citizen Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming) Reports First Hand Account of Mind Intrusion and Mind Reading
11:16AM 0 XEN VM Display
4:56AM 4 Xen enviroment consultation
2:37AM 0 Debian kernel bug - task blocked for more than 120 seconds
2:21AM 6 tap:aio driver for kernel2.6.32.x
Sunday May 15 2011
4:34PM 0 Update on VGA Passthrough
12:36PM 32 PV networking issue in and 2.6.39-rc7
12:20PM 2 xen4.1 xencommons xend init script issue
Saturday May 14 2011
11:05AM 9 DomU clock out of sync
Friday May 13 2011
11:11PM 0 xm create works, xl create does not
7:48PM 6 Xen 4.1.0 + stable-2.6.32.x kernel = crashes, hangs, reboots
4:51PM 2 XenServer Denial of Service patch details?
3:58PM 0 Need help with -PIE patch
3:38PM 11 migrate virtual machine to another server
2:36PM 11 Linux 2.6.39 - what Xen components went in.
7:48AM 0 xenlight error
5:39AM 0 continously schedule aer pcifront service
4:25AM 2 XEN Dom 0 boot and Out of Memory issueā€¸
3:52AM 3 XEN Dom 0 boot and Out of Memory issue
Thursday May 12 2011
7:59PM 0 XCP quiesce questions
7:39PM 4 Weird bridge problem Xen 4 + Debian Squeeze + HVM
5:13PM 0 HVM - where is domU memory assigned from?
4:11PM 2 Qlogic FC cards on XCP
2:01PM 2 xl block-list error.
4:50AM 10 disk devices are always /dev/xvdX
1:56AM 0 New to Xen Community - Need help configuring
Wednesday May 11 2011
8:07PM 0 Kernel panic?
3:53PM 0 CfP 6th Workshop on Virtualization in High-Performance Cloud Computing (VHPC''11) - Deadline Extension
1:34PM 3 PKCS#11 passthrough for Smartcards
12:15PM 1 performance degradation of xen
11:50AM 4 pcifront problem in Ubuntu 10.04 domU
9:22AM 0 Xen.org Governance Proposal
8:28AM 0 xl start fails
1:21AM 1 bug in scsiutil.py + patch
Tuesday May 10 2011
3:05PM 3 DRBD, Xen, HVM and live migration
1:12PM 0 hp b110i raid controller
12:06PM 4 BUG after create snapshot in a script - Xen 4.01 - 2.6.32-5-xen-amd64
11:52AM 3 ERROR: -91 after Kernel Upgrade
Monday May 9 2011
10:20PM 0 Xen and WakeOnLan
8:57PM 8 lost root password in guest
8:41PM 30 XCP: Insecure Distro ?
8:17PM 0 Xen 4.1.0 domU shutting down on restart
12:53PM 0 Problem with XCP 1.0 and igb module
12:28PM 0 Slow disk writes on domu.
12:01PM 0 RE: PCI passthrough on PV domU crashes with iommu=soft (fixed)
11:24AM 0 some help but in italian.
10:25AM 1 nic on domu is up but not running
10:21AM 1 Is this bug fixed: 3gb memory limitation on domu with pci
8:40AM 0 Unable to see the DOM 0 display
2:27AM 3 how to disable batching of page table entries updates for guest OS
Sunday May 8 2011
9:55PM 0 change vm hardware (NIC model)
9:50PM 1 XCP 1.0, Guest access to local device.
Friday May 6 2011
10:12PM 3 XCP fedora
7:15PM 0 XCP yum update
3:10PM 1 How to tell if my Xen VM is running in Paravirtualzation
3:06PM 13 nvidia drivers do not seem to work on xen kernels
2:47PM 2 virt-install error while starting vm installation on Centos 5.5, xen3.2
8:02AM 0 moving xen 3.2 img file to 4.0 host
6:59AM 1 IPV6 Details on Xen Hypervisor
1:39AM 0 XCP VM crash dumps
Thursday May 5 2011
7:40PM 4 HVM vs PV (Xen Full virtualization (HVM) Xen Paravirtualization (PV))
4:06PM 1 Check list need to be done when cloning Xen VM (Para)
2:28PM 0 PCI passthrough on PV domU crashes with iommu=soft
12:24PM 0 Monitoring hardware in Domain-0 - core temperature specifically
12:17PM 6 Intermittent network in HVM domU
11:58AM 7 Xen VM Create Question
10:33AM 4 XCP: 4TB local storage
9:21AM 2 Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!
8:14AM 2 AW: debian Lenny -> Squeeze domU mdX software raidmigration - failed to assemble arrays
3:06AM 0 XCP 1.0.0 "license expired" in xencenter 5.6fp1
Wednesday May 4 2011
6:41PM 2 Compiling xen on x86 solaris
4:08PM 8 Xen 4.1.0, multiple network interfaces, network-bridge failing to create multiple bridges
8:43AM 1 vga passthrough on some graphic card result in guest slow
Tuesday May 3 2011
2:41PM 0 Infiniband IO Virtualisation and Xen
2:17PM 0 Can we install xen3.0.2 on Centos5.5
10:23AM 2 Regarding VM communication
10:03AM 0 XenServer 5.6 FP1 - CPU utilization using sar
6:45AM 2 xen 4 , some vm guest not access consol (ssh or xm console)
6:29AM 28 VGA passthrough on unstable
6:25AM 3 Issue with Xen networking bridged mode
1:11AM 1 Guest VM hangs
Monday May 2 2011
10:38PM 1 Xen 4.1.0 - VGA Passthrough ATI Radeon 4550 - Partial Success
5:12PM 2 debian Lenny -> Squeeze domU mdX software raid migration - failed to assemble arrays
1:43AM 1 Xen 4+ vs. Xen 3 (Was Re: active list?)
Sunday May 1 2011
11:16PM 2 The SR operation cannot be performed because a device underlying the SR is in use by the host.
5:57PM 0 failed adding local storage disc to XENserver 5.6
5:36PM 0 Solved: Re: problems installing xen on RHEL 5.5 from binary RPM.
12:05PM 0 HVM + 2.4.27 guest + interrupt question
4:48AM 5 CentOS 5.6 Xen 4.1 Create VM 5.6 hangs