Xen devel - Jul 2007

Tuesday July 31 2007
7:51PM 0 FYI: Support for TLS/x509 in QEMU VNC server
8:11AM 0 Forward input devices directly to a domU
Monday July 30 2007
10:11PM 1 please pull ppc/xen-unstable.hg
5:43PM 0 Re: [Xen-changelog] [xen-unstable] [XEN] replace shadow_* with paging_* in common code
4:18PM 9 Windows XenU creation
2:36PM 0 [PATCH] [ACM] Some more fixes
1:24PM 0 vmx status report against changeset 15651
12:37PM 50 boot a existing windows in hvm domain
9:28AM 21 compile error of HVM pv drivers
8:51AM 0 [PATCH][4/4][IOMGR] Turn-based I/O request scheduler
8:51AM 0 [PATCH][3/4][IOMGR] Add I/O request manager interface into blktap
8:51AM 0 [PATCH][2/4][IOMGR] Add I/O request manager interface into blkback
8:50AM 0 [PATCH][1/4][IOMGR] I/O request Manager body
8:50AM 0 [PATCH][0/4][RFC][IOMGR] Virtual disk I/O management mechanism in Xen
Sunday July 29 2007
10:52PM 4 [Xen-ia64-devel] [Patch 0/3] Disable ACPI SRAT, SLIT on dom0 <take 3>
5:59PM 6 [Xen-ia64-devel] [Patch 0/3] Disable ACPI SRAT, SLIT on dom0 <take 2>
2:35PM 2 Execution Flow when Guest Page Fault
9:28AM 1 Using a predefined Linux kernel while doing make world
4:07AM 4 Which GCC is best for building Xen?
12:02AM 1 map_domain_page_global() and interrupts
Saturday July 28 2007
7:28AM 8 [PATCH]RFC: VGA accleration using shadow PTE D-bit to construct LFB dirty bitmap
6:03AM 7 xen-unstable compile error in linux-2.6.18-xen_x86_64 and x86
12:46AM 0 PATCH: Fix file descriptor leak in blktapctrl
Friday July 27 2007
8:28PM 4 Prototype to use QEMU for PV guest framebuffer
7:15PM 1 current_domain_id() from domU
3:31PM 5 [PATCH][SVM] HVM fix for SWINT event injection
1:17PM 1 XENPF_ numbering?
8:03AM 4 [PATCH]Do some checks and settings of CR0 according to VMX capability MSRs
5:54AM 0 [Xen-ia64-devel] [IA64] Weekly benchmark results [ww30]
1:35AM 9 xen unstable tree hasn''t new changes for weeks
Thursday July 26 2007
10:32PM 17 PV guest + shadow paging
10:32PM 0 [PATCH][xenapi] Implement Console.set_other_config
6:06PM 5 [Xen-ia64-devel] [Patch 0/2] Disable ACPI SRAT,SLIT on dom0
3:38PM 0 [PATCH] [XEND] Fix for creating VLANs using the Xen-API
3:14PM 0 [PATCH][linux-2.6.18-xen.hg]
3:04PM 0 [PATCH] [Xend] Do network startup earlier
2:56PM 3 vtpm_managerd and default passwords
1:47PM 3 [PATCH] [XEND] Modprobe vlan support before trying to use vconfig
Wednesday July 25 2007
3:41PM 3 Grant Table problem mapping dom0 mem to domU
2:54PM 1 DomU images
1:57PM 0 [PATCH] [ACM] Check a domain''s authorization to run
7:44AM 0 XEN ports to ARM architectures
1:47AM 5 Hot backup vs (local) live migration
1:29AM 1 Making a hypercall from a HVM Windows domain
1:07AM 0 [PATCH][xenapi] Implement missing Console method
1:00AM 0 [PATCH][xenapi] Fix console methods that use undefined variables
Tuesday July 24 2007
3:47PM 7 NMI delivery not correctly working
3:42PM 0 [PATCH] Add domain name check and UUID check to xm new command
3:38PM 8 fbfront
2:32PM 2 Solaris and barriers
Monday July 23 2007
3:26AM 1 How to stop XenD creating bridge devices on startup?
1:02AM 2 xenbus_xs.c: use-after-free
Sunday July 22 2007
11:26PM 1 drivers/net/xen-netfront.c: bogus code
5:09AM 11 Many same managed domain
Saturday July 21 2007
4:56PM 0 [PATCH] [ACM] Check boundary conditions - a fix
3:00PM 0 [PATCH] [ACM] Check boundary conditions
9:50AM 11 [Q]Which part of Xen is in slated for 2.6.23 kernel release?
Friday July 20 2007
9:15PM 0 [PATCH][ACM] Coding style cleanups
9:08PM 0 [PATCH] [ACM] Allow the loadpolicy operation once
1:06PM 0 [PATCH] Re: [Xen-staging] [xen-unstable] [XEN] replace shadow_* with paging_* in common code
9:54AM 0 [PATCH] [PVFB] Fix shift key for graphical vnc display
9:45AM 2 [PATCH] [IOEMU] Fix shift key for graphical vnc display
9:21AM 0 [PATCH] Fix ACPI poweroff failure
8:26AM 0 [Xen-ia64-devel] [IA64] Weekly benchmark results [ww29]
7:23AM 0 [PATCH] Fix hypercall migration
3:08AM 1 [PATCH] paging.mode bit fix for hardware assisted paging
Thursday July 19 2007
9:42PM 4 compilation trouble with latest xen
5:09PM 8 PATCH: Enable QEMU booting of blktap disks
3:57PM 0 [PATCH] [xend / libxen] Add support for labeling of virtual network interfaces
11:56AM 0 [PATCH] Give back memory to dom0 after a failed balloon attempt
10:04AM 5 [PATCH 4/4] Enable ACPI sleep in XenLinux
10:04AM 0 [PATCH 3/4] Create -xen version for necessary arch files
10:03AM 0 [PATCH 2/4] SMP support to Xen PM
10:02AM 0 [PATCH 1/4] ACPI sleep info and interface
10:01AM 6 [PATCH 0/4] rest of xen host s3 patches
9:41AM 1 [PATCH] Improve xm vcpu-list command for inactive managed domains
8:10AM 0 [PATCH]fixed xm incorrect error information
6:31AM 6 Anyone succeeds HVM on latest x86-64 xen
1:29AM 0 [PATCH] [MAN] Explanation of recent extensions to xm subcommands
Wednesday July 18 2007
10:45PM 4 Xen Paravirt
10:06PM 0 Capturing hypervisor idle cycles with oprofile
7:58PM 4 Xen domU support merged into upstream Linux
3:54PM 1 Next release(s) of Xen
12:37PM 2 Problem with building the newest xen source on IA64
12:04PM 0 How to get a framebuffer console on dom0
8:24AM 5 SoftIce on HVM
4:00AM 2 TPM , Qemu and hvm guests
2:48AM 0 [PATCH] [Xend] More security-related fixes
Tuesday July 17 2007
10:41PM 0 [PATCH][xend] Save memory values changed via Xen API
10:10PM 0 [PATCH] [Xm-Test] Additional tests for the xm-test suite
6:46PM 5 xenoprof support patch issue for oprofile 0.9.3
5:53PM 0 Patch NVIDIA 100.14.11-1
1:37PM 0 Changeset 14280 in Xen 3.1?
1:16PM 3 [PATCH] xen frontend driver module autoloading
5:08AM 3 Hvm Guest Image
1:25AM 1 Your fix to RTL8139 Rx checksum fixed 32bit Vista network issue.
12:18AM 0 [PATCH] [VTPM] Make vTPM hotplug scripts use the UUID of the vTPM instance
Monday July 16 2007
11:17PM 2 irqbalance?
11:15PM 55 [patch 00/44] Xen guest support for 2.6.23
6:02PM 0 [VTD] patch to fix a bug in previous vt-d patch
11:28AM 2 [PATCH] [XM] [resubmit] Pass --skipdtd parameter to ''xm new'' application
Sunday July 15 2007
4:26PM 2 [Patch] vnet-module ( for 3.1 && unstable )
8:43AM 0 [PATCH] Improve xm uptime command for inactive managed domains
Saturday July 14 2007
2:26PM 0 [PATCH] [XM] Pass --skipdtd parameter to ''xm new'' application
7:16AM 1 Passing data from hypervisor to dom0 application
1:56AM 3 Error creating HVM domain in Xen-3.1
Friday July 13 2007
4:45PM 3 HAP Failure with 64Bit Windows 2003
4:16PM 17 early_cpu_init() and identify_cpu()
11:50AM 0 [PATCH] [API] XendConfig does not create VDI
11:42AM 0 [PATCH] [XendAPI] INTERNAL_ERROR "(3, ''No such process'')"
11:27AM 2 [PATCH 4/4] [XEND] add scsihost interface
11:27AM 0 [PATCH 3/4] [LINUX] add scsi backend and frontend RING interface
11:27AM 0 [PATCH 2/4] [LINUX][scsifront] add scsi frontend driver
11:27AM 0 [PATCH 1/4] [LINUX][scsiback] add scsi backend driver
11:26AM 2 [PATCH 0/4] PV SCSI driver (scsiback/scsifront)
6:55AM 7 vmx status report against changeset 15521 - 2 new issues
3:02AM 0 [PATCH] [Linux, blktap] fix page reference count/file rss count leak
2:09AM 0 [PATCH]Implement domctl_sendtrigger_nmi for x86 hvm
Thursday July 12 2007
8:54PM 2 Xen source code structure
8:50PM 0 [PATCH] Stop clobbering AMD TSC offsets
8:10PM 0 [PATCH] [Xend] Fix problem when destroying VMs using the Xen-API
5:29PM 0 [PATCH] [Build] Remove ACM option for NULL and STE+CHWALL policy
4:15PM 0 [PATCH] linux: remove unnecessary inclusion of kthread.h
4:13PM 0 [PATCH] linux: move swiotlb.c to lib/swiotlb-xen.c
4:06PM 0 [PATCH] linux: adjust make logic
3:09PM 0 [PATCH] [ACM-security] Some fixes
1:35PM 2 unresolved symbols in PV driver for HVM
12:26PM 0 [PATCH] [LIBXC] Fix xc_map_grant_refs() function
12:19PM 1 infiniband tree
10:46AM 16 Xen 3.1 - Can''t run Fedora Core 1 PV
9:31AM 8 Will hap_alloc fail?
5:51AM 1 [PATCH] Fix incorrect usage on clear_in_cr4
12:13AM 6 [PATCH] Allow blktap to be able to be booted as system volume for PV-on-HVM(TAKE 2)
Wednesday July 11 2007
10:06PM 0 [PATCH] [Docs] Documentation of extension of the Xen-API for managing security policies
9:19PM 1 Shadow pagetable code
6:40PM 5 determining if kernel is dom0 kernel or not.
4:09PM 0 Question regarding blkif structure
10:09AM 0 [PATCH 3/10][RESEND2] Add HVM support for xen host s3
9:50AM 0 [PATCH 3/10][RESEND] Add HVM support
9:44AM 0 [PATCH] [VTPM] Fixed typo in VTPM manager
9:29AM 0 [patch] fix old comment
5:56AM 0 [PATCH] Fix xm trigger command for inactive managed domains
5:18AM 0 [PATCH] Fix xm dump-core command for inactive managed domains
Tuesday July 10 2007
11:14PM 0 [PATCH][xenstore] adds a -w (wide) flag to xenstore-ls to support seeing full contents of xenstore entries
9:47PM 0 [PATCH] [XM] Tools support for extensions of the Xen-API for managing security policies
6:30PM 2 dom0 scheduling
5:54PM 0 [PATCH][QEMU] Fix QEMU''s write cache reporting
3:52PM 5 [PATCH] vmwrite high 32 bits of 64bit VMCS fields when in PAE mode
3:46PM 0 Interrupts to dom0
3:43PM 0 Re: Will xen support MIPS?
3:18PM 0 [PATCH] Ignore xenbus system state transitions on shutdown
2:18PM 0 [PATCH] simplify vmx host state setup code
1:36PM 0 [PATCH] [libxen] C-bindings for the extensions of the Xen-API for managing security policies
8:58AM 0 Re: [PATCH] Permissive devices in Xen
8:47AM 2 [PATCH] vcpu pin weight considerstion TAKE3
7:38AM 0 [PATCH] Fix xm pause/unpause command for inactive managed domain
5:36AM 0 [PATCH] Re: [Xen-staging] [xen-unstable] Extended the physinfo sysctl to export NUMA cpu_to_node topology info.
3:57AM 1 Re: [Xen-staging] [xen-unstable] Extended the physinfo sysctl to export NUMA cpu_to_node topology info.
1:47AM 3 [PATCH]Clean up es7000 specific bootup code
12:39AM 3 Quest for a better FAQ
Monday July 9 2007
9:16PM 21 mthca use of dma_sync_single is bogus
8:11PM 1 todays xen-unstable is throwing gcc errors when compiling on PPC
8:02PM 2 Shadow pagetable code changes since 3.0.2
6:21PM 0 [PATCH] [XEND] Missing last line in patch
4:25PM 3 Import Error after starting "xm new"
3:23PM 13 [PATCH] Allow programatic iomem permissions
2:27PM 0 [PATCH] VMX: fix exit code patch on GP fault injection again
1:27PM 0 [PATCH] [Xen-API] Extension of the Xen-API for managing Xen Security Policies
9:51AM 1 tap interfce in xen
9:11AM 7 vmx status report against changeset 15484 - 1 new issue
7:58AM 6 Xendomain Bug
7:47AM 0 [PATCH] Fix xm sysrq command for inactive managed domain
Sunday July 8 2007
10:44PM 5 Mini-OS and serial output
7:03AM 2 Netback & NetFront Driver
1:05AM 6 Permissive devices in Xen
12:54AM 42 Question regarding SLAB corruption
Saturday July 7 2007
4:22PM 0 [PATCH] No VMExits on SYSENTER MSR accesses
3:57PM 0 [PATCH] fix exit code patch when a GP fault is generated
1:45PM 0 User Space Grant Dev Driver
Friday July 6 2007
9:36PM 0 [PATCH] a clean up to vmx.c
9:35PM 18 Push for Better Documentation
9:29PM 4 please pull PowerPC trees
8:47PM 1 Hacking XenEnterprise / Please Help
8:35PM 0 [PATCH] fix for bz #858 - hanging domUs with gcc 4.2
8:25PM 13 Re: [Xen-changelog] [linux-2.6.18-xen] Add "#ifdef ARCH_HAS_DEV_MEM" to archtecture specific file_operations.
8:18PM 4 question regarding dom0 scheduling
4:24PM 0 [PATCH] [XEN][LINUX] Refactor grant table allocation into arch-specific code
3:24PM 2 [XenPPC] [PATCH][POWERPC] Fix missing ''{'' for mm.c in xen-unstable
2:15PM 0 [PATCH] Add global default keymap setting
12:41PM 5 VMX: emulated guest use SYSENTER MSRs
10:50AM 4 [PATCH] Allow blktap to be able to be booted as system volume for PV-on-HVM
7:05AM 0 GNTTABOP_map_grant_ref and GNTMAP_contains_pte flag
6:52AM 0 [Xen-ia64-devel] [IA64] Weekly benchmark results [ww27]
2:44AM 0 [PATCH] Improve xm sched-credit command for inactive managed domains
2:05AM 0 vmx status report against changeset 15468
Thursday July 5 2007
11:22PM 1 [-mm patch] make arch/i386/xen/mmu.c:xen_pgd_pin() static
11:22PM 1 [-mm patch] arch/i386/xen/mmu.c must #include <linux/sched.h>
11:22PM 1 [-mm patch] arch/i386/xen/events.c should #include <asm/xen/hypervisor.h>
10:27PM 16 [PATCH 0 of 6] PowerPC Linux patches, rev 2
10:10PM 0 cpufreq & ACPI
9:53PM 0 Status of ARM Xen port
9:08PM 14 [PATCH 0 of 6] PowerPC Linux patches
7:19PM 0 migration notification inside DOMU kernel
6:41PM 10 Stimulating domains to send gratuitous ARPs
1:47PM 0 [PATCH] linux/x86: use sysenter/syscall for 32-bit apps on 64-bit Xen
1:08PM 0 [PATCH] use shoft name format when reference to vcpu vmx union member
1:07PM 2 [PATCH] x86-64: syscall/sysenter support for 32-bit apps
12:53PM 1 question on c/s 15181
12:50PM 1 [PATCH] Fix xm save command for a inactive managed domain
10:04AM 3 bus_to_virt()
10:00AM 0 Routing vs Bridging
Wednesday July 4 2007
7:00PM 1 2.6.22-rc6-mm1: Xen + Numa = compile error
2:16PM 0 [PATCH] Fix a typo
12:27PM 3 ''block'' script broken: wrong error message
11:50AM 1 Cannot destroy a domain created with Xen-API
11:43AM 3 [Xen-ia64-devel] [Patch] ARCH_HAS_DEV_MEM patch for Xwindow on IA64 machine
11:05AM 3 A wrong assert in get_ioreq()?
10:16AM 8 Grant Tables & mm.c
7:55AM 1 Fix xm block/network-attach command for inactive managed domain
6:36AM 0 [PATCH] Fix op_domain_sched_credit_set() in SrvDomain.py
5:36AM 0 vmx status report against changeset 15466 - 2 old issues fixed, 1 new issue
Tuesday July 3 2007
9:21PM 2 Unable to start more than 103 VMs
1:05PM 0 Re: [Xen-staging] [xen-unstable] xendomains: Better sanity checking of potetntial save records.
10:21AM 0 [PATCH] x86-64: bump STACK_SIZE to 32k
7:29AM 0 [patch] Use per-cpu vmcs pointer to avoid uncecessary vmcs loading
6:51AM 5 switch out of 32e mode issue
5:49AM 0 [PATCH] Save scheduler parameters of managed domain to config.sxp
Monday July 2 2007
8:25PM 3 Walking an HVM''s shadow page tables and other memory management questions.
7:40PM 3 Is a gateway necessary for Xen networking?
4:03PM 2 [PATCH] add mov instruction decoder in protected to real mode in vmxassist
3:16PM 1 Exporting PCI device
10:51AM 4 [Patch] Fix keymap support for PVFB.
9:21AM 0 [PATCH] Fix keymap for Windows keys
9:00AM 2 vmx status report against changeset 15437 - 2 new issues
7:42AM 0 Start of day (Memory and CPU setup)!
6:20AM 1 Failed to install HVM Ubuntu on Xen 3.04 due to "no screens found"
5:05AM 1 [PATCH] Fix CS15435: duplication definition check for devices
Sunday July 1 2007
11:00PM 1 ''qemu-dm'' process just died
3:24PM 5 Xen 3.04 fails to boot Win2k
3:16PM 4 Changeset 15435 causes HVM can''t boot from CDROM