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2007 Aug 01
Splom custom superpanels
...looks over-clunky, it works. Works, at least, in creating the superpanel: you can try it yourself by replacing z with a data frame or matrix of your choice and installing the lattice and RColorBrewer packages. However, when I try to insert this into the splom function, it all goes to pot. R scolds me for either missing subscripts, improper subscripts when I try to provide them, or missing data in the panel function, no matter how I define one (or don''t). Can anyone recommend a solution or show me how to make my superpanel function more palatable to splom? Thanks, Jonathan Wi...
2010 Nov 22
btrfs problems and fedora 14
I thought I would try btrfs on a new installation of f14. yes, I know its experimental but stable so it seemed to be a good time to try it. I am not sure if I have missed something out of all my searching but am I correct in thinking that currently: I. it is not possible to boot from a snapshot of the operating system and, in particular, the yum snapshots cannot be used for
2009 Sep 25
uniqueness validation perplexity
I want to write a validate routine to check to enforce that a position must be unique in a category. (In another category, it doesn''t have to and shouldn''t need to be unique.) I write this code which works happily for new items: def position_in_category_not_unique @items = Item.find( :all, :conditions => [ "category_id = ? AND position = ?", category_id,
2013 Mar 27
R 3.0; want to try again?
So with a major new version of R coming along, it seems like a reasonable point at which to try to pick up the "Let''s make a CRAN repo for the red-hat-like folks!" task again. The last time I tried to download Pierre-Yves'' package, I couldn''t get it to run in RHEL5.8; I went down a rabbit hole trying to make changes for my own use. Eventually, I simply
2006 Mar 15
GAM using R tutorials?
Hi all, I am trying to use GAM to work on some data... Are there any resources providing hands-on tutorial/guide on how to do GAM on data in R? Specifically, I am not sure about which model to choose, and smooth models with which effective degree-of-freedom shall I use... I knew there is a book titled: GAM: an introduction using R. Unfornately our local library does not have it... so
2007 Mar 20
A few issues
1) Is this the right place for kernel internals questions and if not, what is? (Refresher: I am relatively new to Linux kernel internals, but not kernels in general. I''ve work on Unix and proprietary kernels, including my first seven years as a professional developing a whole system from the ground up.) 2) I noticed this morning that my GLMatrix screensaver is not
2004 Nov 24
outbound shaping
Well it appears i have no clue what im doing. I thought i had the below script working to shape outbound ftp traffic....however, it is shaping inbound traffic too. I have NO clue why. Please comment if anyone has any ideas why this doesnt work. I want to shape only outbound ftp traffic and not inbound or lan traffic. #!/bin/bash #shaping passive and active outbound ftp traffic on
2007 Jun 10
Problems with UserDir directive on CentOS 5
Hi, I''m currently setting up a local LAMP server to test various apps. Starting from the out-of-the-box configuration of Apache, I test it, and it''s OK: http://localhost shows Apache''s default page OK in Firefox. Now I edit /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf and replace ''UserDir disabled'' by ''UserDir public_html''.
2006 Jan 17
5{|h,k| h[k] = ""} ... but for views?
...;' as follows: <%= favorite_food %> <%= favorite_color %> ... and I attempt to render it with a call of: <%= render(:partial => ''foo'', :locals => {:favorite_food => "Anything but natto."}) %> ... then I''ll be scolded since I didn''t provide a value for ''favorite_color''. I''d rather just give all unassigned variables a default value as described in the first paragraph. Anyone know of a way this can be done? -- Posted via
2006 Feb 18
Basic question: Where to initialize a flag?
I have found that if I initialize a flag in my controller (under def Initialize), it appears everytime I call a controller action, the flag is set to the initialize value (even though I''m not calling the initialized action). Am I observing this clearly? I don''t think I should initialize a flag in the index file. So where? Specifically, I want to know if this action is a