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2006 Mar 13
Callerid on transfer
Hello, Suppose customer A calls attendant. CallerID of A is displayed at the attendant. But, when attendant does a consulted transfer to, let's say, B, the callerID of attendant is displayed at B. When the consulted transfer is succesful, the callerid of attendant is STILL displayed at B. Is it possible to, after a successful transf...
2005 Jan 18
Attended call transfer
Hi All, Does any one know if attended call transfer has been added into the STABLE release of asterisk yet? Potentially using a mix of phones would create confusion in a user base, any ideas on attended transfer or how to achieve this / mods to dial plan etc would be greatly appreciated. I have been on an almost vertical le...
2007 Aug 09
trying to find records that haven't been updated in 2 weeks
My app has some students that have attendances. I''m trying to find students who have not attended class in the last 2 weeks. Here is my code that is not working: students = @missed_attnd = [] students.each do |student| unless student.attendances.empty? @missed_attnd << student if student.attend...
2018 Aug 08
Queue breaks Dynamic_Features on Attended Transfer
Hi, I think I've identified an issue and just want to check before completing a bug report. Prior to a call entering a Queue, I set __DYNAMIC_FEATURES=NewRecordApp. AgentA answers and is able to use that feature code. If AgentA performs an attended transfer of a call from a queue to AgentB, the feature code no longer works. Cases that do work are as follows... Calls using both Queue() and Dial() applications, prior to transfer, feature code works. Calls using the Dial() application, both Blind and Attended transfers still allow the feature...
2009 Jun 15
Opinion on Attended transfer in features.conf
Hi, In 1.6.1, it seems Attended Transfer do not behave exactly behave like Blind Transfer when transferer hangs up before callee answers : - in Blind Transfer, caller (ie transferee) is hearing Ringing tone when callee's phone is ringing - in Attended Transfer, caller (ie transferee) is hearing Music On Hold when callee'...
2005 Jun 13
SNOM, Asterisk and Attended transfer (bug?)
Hi, I am using a number of snom190 phones, and an asterisk "gateway" server, and recently started experimenting with call transfers. The snom phones provide support for attended and un-attended call transfer, so I would rather use that than call-parking. I have found that un-attended transfer works fine, and that attended transfer works fine if the originating phone call is NON-SIP (ie. ISDN) I hope that some of this makes sense... When I look at the SIP trace for the...
2005 Oct 13
PRI calls to Automated Attendants Dropped
I have 2 * boxes. 1 has 2 PRI's from the Telco, and a PRI to the 2nd * The other has ZAP channels to Channelbanks for endusers. If someone on the second box calls a Toll Free number (it probably doesn't matter that it is toll free) that is auto answered by an auto attendant (QVC, a Bank, the Airlines, Credit Card Companies....) then the call gets dropped with in a couple of seconds of placing the call (the auto attendant barely gets started). Has anyone ever heard of this? I heard of people not hearing the auto attendant on some systems (not asterisk) because...
2008 Feb 27
Attended transfers through a GUI
Greetings list, I've been playing around this afternoon with Flash Operator Panel, trying to get it to do attended transfers. I am running the latest version. Has anyone managed to get this working reliably, and if so, would you mind sharing how you did it please? Alternatively, are there any other GUIs (free or commercial) that reliably support attended transfers? I'm trying to replicate as much of th...
2004 Apr 08
Auto Attendant??
I'm having trouble finding documentation for the auto attendant does anyone have an idea where there might be some???
2011 Nov 16
Polycom Attended Transfer
When you perform an attended transfer, the extension of the person transferring is displayed to the co-worker. Can I override the caller ID to display the caller's callerID during a blind transfer? Thanks, --E -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL: <http://lis...
2006 Oct 12
Attended transfer hanging PRI channel
The attendant attempts an attended call transfer (all phones are IP501). The attendant pushes "hold", "transfer", dials the extension and announces the call. When the attendant pushes "transfer" the second time, the original call is lost. The reason this is a big problem i...
2008 Apr 04
Advice on best operator phone (with attendant console)
One of our clients is using a Grandstream GXP2000 with an attendant console. We have used the same phone with past clients successfully however this particular operator processes around 200 calls a hours and the GXP2000 for sure does not like the quick line shuffling and call volume. We get the following problems randomly: 1. menu stops working 2. transfer key...
2010 Jun 02
How do you hangup a call without terminating your session?
Asterisk 1.6 CentOS 5.0 All - I'd like to offer my users the ability to hangup a call by pressing **. I'm using an attendant, so when ** is dialled I'd like processing to return to the attendant so the user can place a subsequent call. I have setup features.conf to include: [featuremap] disconnect => ** My Dial command looks like this: Dial("SIP/14165551212@<MyProvider>,30,TgH,"...
2006 Nov 01
Remote-Party-Id and Attended Transfers
Has anyone noticed that Asterisk seems to always set the remote-party-id in a SIP invite to be the same value as the From: field? In most cases that isn't a problem. However, in the case of an attended transfer it IS a problem. The remote-party-id should be the party who initially called and the From: should be the party doing the attended transfer. This seems like a bug. - Doug.
2006 Jan 23
Bug in attended transfer or as expected?
Hi all, I have had quite a few customer complaints about attended transfer cutting off callers. The problem is when reception is busy she doesn't always wait for someone to answer the call, however hanging up a ringing transfer on attended also hangs up the caller. I have checked the scripts I don't *think* this is a dial plan error but if anyone has...
2006 Mar 30
multiple auto attendants
Hi I was given the task to try and build a VOIP solution to an office building with multiple tenants in all sizes and shapes. Some of them will require auto attendants and some will simply want direct lines to their phones. The question I have is: Can asterisk be configured to handle multiple auto attendants? TIA Paolo
2004 Nov 23
Quick Questions - IVR=Auto Attendant?
Are IVR and "Auto Attendant" interchangeable terms? They both do the "Press 1 for" thing. Sales is asking me how to word it and I've always used both terms interchangeably.
2006 Apr 19
Asterisk DTMF anomaly
Greetings, I'm using asterisk to connect our three locations together with a sort of inter-company auto attendant connected like this: PBX (fxs) <-> Sipura 3k (fxo) <-> Asterisk <-IAX-> remote asterisk It works like this: Person picks up their phone and dials a number to get to the auto attendant (I don't have any FXO ports available on our PBX to do it the "right" way)....
2004 Aug 19
GrandStream BT101 Attended Transfers
I know this must have been asked before, but I was just wondering, the manual says it can do attended transfers, has anyone gotten this to work successfully? How did they do it? Is it possible to do attended transfers with the 'T' dial option? If so, how? -Chris Chris Shaw IS Manager Water Tech Industries Phone: (888)-254-8412 Fax: (503)-261-9118 E-Mail:
2005 Jul 21
attended transfert
hi i would lke implement attended transfert (or consultative transfer) on asterisk server, but i don't find doc about this. Could you help me with some doc about attended transfert? thanks