samba - Jan 2014

Friday January 31 2014
7:33PM 1 Building WMIC
7:06PM 1 Samba4 as Backup DC, DNS problems
2:57PM 1 Can't become connected user!
Thursday January 30 2014
8:39PM 0 Need advise on cluster reconfig
7:14PM 4 Cannot Join Samba 4.1 to an existing Windows 2008 domain as a Backup DC
6:51PM 3 smbxcals
3:16PM 0 File locking problems - disable oplocks?
2:06PM 1 Glusterfs/CTDB/Samba file locking problem
10:00AM 1 How to join a Linux machine to a Samba4 domain
12:35AM 2 samba 3.5 pdc migration
Wednesday January 29 2014
9:33PM 2 Rename computer, but still shows up as old name
4:47PM 2 getent passwd and winbind not work
1:16PM 1 Kerberso tgt token life on samba4
12:54PM 2 Is SMB3 supported for smbclient 4.1.0
11:36AM 1 netlogon proxy only mode
Tuesday January 28 2014
7:46PM 1 restrict shares to joined computers
7:37PM 3 Joining Samba4 to Domain as DC with Small Business Server 2008 - error with Exchange ldap entries
7:19PM 3 samba4 [homes] | canonicalize_connect_path failed for service
5:54PM 0 windows netlogon error 3224: Manual join works, automatic renew of machine account not, probably unrelated error netlogon_creds_server_check falied.
3:28PM 0 post exec and session close
11:48AM 0 Winbind: daemon or not daemon?
11:22AM 3 Manage unix users from AD
10:20AM 0 smb.conf server services documentation
8:22AM 1 Upgrade
Monday January 27 2014
8:17PM 1 Wireshark NBNS Name Query OLD Domain Controller
6:52AM 2 New Wiki HowTo: Restoring deleted AD objects
Sunday January 26 2014
8:40AM 1 Configuring RHEL6 Samba4 DC for local accounts
Friday January 24 2014
9:05PM 2 Can't get permission on a share to work problem with groups
6:44PM 0 windows domain clients: changing primary dns suffix
2:01PM 1 Win7 login script not running
1:50PM 2 vfs_shadow_copy2 with different snapshot format
10:16AM 1 Extending the life time of kerberos tokens
Thursday January 23 2014
10:19PM 2 gpfs + sernet samba + ctdb + transparent failover confusion
5:39PM 0 Trouble automatic changing local machine account (manual join work!)
9:43AM 0 php script to migrate other attributes after running classicupgrade
Wednesday January 22 2014
10:48PM 1 Printing Preferences
9:58PM 1 Samba4 as DC and Neighborhood browsing (nmbd functionality) !
6:24PM 1 Google Developers Interview with me about Samba.
4:58PM 1 sssd / classicupgrade / computer accounts
9:57AM 1 2 factor authentication with samba
2:40AM 1 Error when adding user NT_STATUS_CONNECTION_REFUSED
Tuesday January 21 2014
3:08PM 0 SAMBA4 CentOS 6.4 as member server for Windows 2008 R2
1:04PM 2 AD domain member with sssd: any downside not running winbindd?
12:43PM 1 Generating keytabs for other hosts
7:35AM 1 DNS Setup
Monday January 20 2014
7:00PM 0 samba Digest, Vol 133, Issue 22
12:20PM 1 Samba4 and redircmp.exe
10:25AM 3 samba4 and sssd and user mapping
8:25AM 1 Groups and ldap
8:25AM 0 mixed setup with Windows and Samba 4 DCs replicating eachother, anot supported setup ?????
Sunday January 19 2014
11:16PM 2 AD share not accessible
5:23PM 1 Creating maching trust accounts
Saturday January 18 2014
12:03PM 1 "Store passwords using reversible encryption" from command line
10:10AM 1 Samba Xattr and Execute Bit always set.
Friday January 17 2014
8:19PM 3 Moving server to new box
6:28PM 0 error while mount/access DFS share
3:37PM 2 switch from bind9_dlz to bind9 flate file
1:49PM 2 samba4 anonymous ldap search
1:32PM 0 selinux and samba4, interpreting log?
12:13PM 0 Deleting ADDC Cadaver from AD
11:09AM 0 mount: key has expired
9:43AM 1 DC Replication / samba4
8:50AM 1 Samba4, multiple domains and a forest
7:44AM 0 upgrade 4.1.3 -> 4.1.4 Replication errors WERR_BADFILE andreplication sync with windows Suc6, but other samba4 DC Fail
Thursday January 16 2014
9:26PM 1 Joining Windows Server 2012 to a Samba 3.5 or 3.6 domain
4:45PM 1 User folder automatic creation - should use skel, but no
4:30PM 1 samba linux share vs AD
4:03PM 1 Replication errors (WERR_DS_DRA_SCHEMA_MISMATCH)
3:56PM 0 Samba authentication across AD forests
2:22PM 1 samba-tool -k option requires an argument but which one:)
12:04PM 2 Join Windows machines to a Samba3 domain
11:46AM 0 Samba3 to Samba4 progressive migration
11:16AM 1 userPrincipalName question
11:03AM 2 samba 4.1.4 bind9 putrr: unhandled record type 0
10:19AM 1 ACL problem. Maps to user instead of group
Wednesday January 15 2014
1:09PM 1 Samba4 implementation
11:27AM 1 WERR_TIMEOUT Timeout with internal DNS
10:41AM 2 Samba 4 and Debian
10:16AM 3 Missing option in samba-tool user add
4:23AM 1 Samba 4.0.9 running on centos 6.5 (64bit) share access issues
1:51AM 1 Copy Users and Groups to another DC
Tuesday January 14 2014
8:41PM 1 Windows Folder Redirection & Samba 3.6
7:37PM 2 classicupgrade error: User 'Administrator' does not have SID ending in 500
3:25PM 2 Kerberos GSSAPI: Server not found in Kerberos database
1:27PM 2 Samba4 login logout time
11:36AM 1 How to move NT4-Domain from one samba-PDC to another
10:59AM 1 Users can't access files on shares
3:12AM 1 getent passwd & getent group returning UID and GID using Winbind 4.1.x series samba
Monday January 13 2014
2:47PM 1 segmentation fault in classicupgrade
2:31PM 1 Problem browsing shares "element not found"
1:57PM 1 4.2 git to stable 4.1 overwrite
1:50PM 0 Fedora 20, selinux and Samba
1:05PM 1 Samba 4.1.4 sernet packages on Ubuntu 12.04.3
10:51AM 1 force samba4 DC not to add all interfaces IP's to DNS?
3:16AM 0 Samba 3 to Samba 4
Sunday January 12 2014
5:56PM 0 deadtime has no effect, max smbd procs has no effect
Saturday January 11 2014
10:17PM 0 Samba4 functional levels
7:07PM 2 Access denied using IP when joined in MS domain with RODC
12:40AM 0 systemd - error on start: You should start smbd/nmbd/winbindd for domain member & standalone
Friday January 10 2014
2:11PM 1 samba 4.1.3 -- multiple bugs & 1, 297 coredumps -- coredump backtrace + full-backtrace included
12:05PM 1 ddns update fails for reverse zone
10:22AM 3 Samba 4 RPC hangs after a while
9:00AM 0 Mounting share from different server
8:36AM 0 [Announce] Samba 4.1.4 Available for Download
1:08AM 1 The need for Kerberos dynamic DNS updates
Thursday January 9 2014
7:53PM 0 Troubles Using Samba 3.6 as Stand Alone server
6:41PM 0 Samba4/AD Replication Issue
4:32PM 0 ANNOUNCE: cifs-utils release 6.3 ready for download
3:06PM 1 ERROR: Could not retrieve the actual domain, forest level and/or lowest DC function level!
Wednesday January 8 2014
8:35PM 1 Cross Compiling 4.1.0 issue
7:52PM 1 Unable to Set TTL for Name Server Record
7:38PM 1 Samba4 AD DC Domain name question
5:54PM 0 OSX 10.9, sticky-bit and deleting other people's stuff
3:21PM 0 VFS shadow_copy2 with samba 4.0.9
1:58PM 1 Unable to join the domain, problem with DNS records
11:11AM 1 Configure profile TS and environment tab with ADUC and samba 4
Tuesday January 7 2014
11:02PM 0 smbclient inconsistant auth issue
4:44PM 1 File Locking on Samba & Terminal Server 2008R2
12:54PM 0 profile TS and TS configuration
11:04AM 1 samba_dnsupdate: could not talk to any default name server
8:30AM 0 [Announce] Samba 4.0.14 Available for Download
Monday January 6 2014
10:56PM 0 getent passwd/group worsk but user authentication does not work (SAMBA4/SSSD) (Urgent request)
4:34PM 1 knit klist error (Not a directory while initializing Kerberos 5 library)
3:43PM 2 Samba4 AD/DC Replication
11:43AM 0 Samba 4.1.3 native compile error mips (Could not find the python development headers)
8:27AM 1 Using libsmbclient in a commercial product
Sunday January 5 2014
1:09PM 0 samba 4.1.3 - testsuite - target st/s3dc faild drop box log attached
Saturday January 4 2014
11:29PM 1 Samba 4.1.7 AD DC - Local Administrator == Domain Administrator ?!?
3:24AM 1 sudo issues after upgrading to samba/winbind 4.0.13 on Debian Wheezy
12:49AM 0 Complete Samba4 RC1 DC & Internal DNS Installation on CentOS 6.5, NTP, DHCP & Squid Proxy Server
Friday January 3 2014
1:01PM 2 create mask for specific files
Thursday January 2 2014
5:40PM 1 Incorrect client netbios name in %m
12:32PM 1 Samba 4.1.3 and MS-CLIENT 3
11:45AM 2 pam_winbind fails to authenticate domain users on my debian wheezy domain member servers
8:28AM 0 Can not join samba4 to a windows 2012 server with a 2008R2 schema
6:36AM 1 Strange problem with ddns AAAA delete