samba - Dec 2010

Friday December 31 2010
3:38PM 4 Pdbedit problem
1:03PM 2 Remote connection to Samba service doesn't work
3:34AM 2 error adding a user
2:19AM 2 Killed HP LH4000 envelope feeder upgrading Ubuntu 9.04 --> 10.04 LTS
Thursday December 30 2010
10:29PM 1 File Permissions 770 vs 760
8:56PM 2 require membership to two groups
7:48PM 0 Need Help Getting Windows XP To Use Samba Properly[Closed]
7:24PM 1 A device attached to the system is not functioning - Whenadding a computer to the domain
6:35PM 1 A device attached to the system is not functioning - When adding a computer to the domain
12:39PM 1 Could not find base dn trying to join a machine into the domain
12:35PM 1 Samba OpenLDAP TLS
7:01AM 2 Questions about ldap organizational units
3:36AM 1 Auto-Removal of Straggling File locks due to Ungraceful Client Disconnects
12:51AM 0 Domain Member Server not showing domain users/groups andnot honoring domain user accounts
12:07AM 0 Domain Member Server not showing domain users/groups and not honoring domain user accounts
Wednesday December 29 2010
7:15PM 0 PDC unreliable - Connection interruptions, many error messages
5:52PM 2 Samba crashes & floods logfiles: "smbd/notify_inotify.c:244(inotify_handler) - No data on inotify fd?!"
3:29PM 1 confusion about using samba as NT4 PDC with ldapsam backend
2:14PM 0 FW: Need Help Getting Windows XP To Use Samba Properly
8:46AM 0 Facing problem to compile samba-vfs on ubuntu.
8:36AM 1 Is ACL+extended attributes exclusive with mask/mode family options?
1:38AM 2 local users in a domain...
Tuesday December 28 2010
10:48PM 0 Missing Samba documentation pages: migration
6:39PM 17 Need Help Getting Windows XP To Use Samba Properly
4:45PM 0 Problem Roaming Profile
11:44AM 1 Newbie : bad uid in the smbpasswd file ?
Monday December 27 2010
4:24PM 0 Weird problem of slowness on 3.2.5
4:04AM 1 new SID?
4:03AM 1 still confused about domains and SIDs
Sunday December 26 2010
1:55PM 0 multiple calls to single file
1:03PM 0 "security = share" is deprecated? (a simple question for a newbie)
Saturday December 25 2010
4:32PM 3 cant login with my samba password only with my linux password
Friday December 24 2010
11:11PM 0 Possible to mount home user account using another account?
7:13PM 1 changing SID breaks some permissions
3:46PM 0 Samba breaking hard links - desired behaviour?
12:34PM 1 iPDF cluttering up file system
8:32AM 2 printer drivers from windows 7 MMC?
12:00AM 1 reducing smbd memory footprint
Thursday December 23 2010
6:21PM 2 a simple question for a newbie
5:09PM 1 Lock problem with 2 files opened in the same folder
2:24PM 0 "oplocks = No" don't works
12:51PM 0 KRB5 Problems
9:06AM 1 few quick domain questions
6:23AM 1 How can one set/reset machine account passwords
4:54AM 1 Server being kicked out of the domain every couple of days...
Wednesday December 22 2010
11:28PM 4 Multiple LDAP backends with different search base
8:58PM 4 Multinetwork environment without WINS server
4:45PM 0 Samba 3.3.9 and windows search 4.0
10:51AM 0 random disconnects from ADS server in domain forest
10:38AM 0 Fwd: Urgently Required System Administrator
5:29AM 0 Connection to \\localhost\netlogon failed - NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE
3:08AM 1 Oddness with SMB, PsExec, Win 7, etc...
12:06AM 1 Samba security issue
Tuesday December 21 2010
11:20PM 2 Windows domain clients on Samba server
5:35PM 5 solaris 10 winbind authentication with ADS
7:26AM 1 web based backend
1:30AM 3 name resolution: dns name different to windows machinename
Monday December 20 2010
1:28PM 0 Problem using smb_audit with samba3-3.5
10:19AM 4 problem connecting DFS-share with winXP - successful with Vista & 7
10:17AM 1 name resolution: dns name different to windows machine name
7:56AM 1 howto? howto switch domain controllers in an ldap directory?
1:03AM 1 Ldap Users only?
Saturday December 18 2010
9:04PM 1 samba 3.5.6 - ''smbclient -U% -Llocalhost' results in error - using hostname works fine, new feature?
6:59PM 1 Unable to mount SMB shares under Mac OS 10.6.5
2:47PM 2 samba to act as bdc for w2k8 AD?
12:19AM 2 Need a little help with Samba 3.5.5 on FreeNAS 7.2.5543
Friday December 17 2010
2:08PM 3 Samba, id, uid, Active Directory and CentOS 5
12:34PM 1 Issue in manipulating records with TDBTOOL
12:33PM 2 How to bind properly to Samba4 LDAP server?
Thursday December 16 2010
11:20PM 0 Running a sleepy server (was: smbd on a battery-powereddevice)
9:36PM 2 Running a sleepy server (was: smbd on a battery-powered device)
3:56PM 3 Samba upgrade question
1:08PM 3 Samba upgrade HowTo requested
9:15AM 2 Samba printer management commands
7:48AM 0 Win2008 R2 in samba domaain slow login
6:35AM 1 samba4 setup with external backend
6:18AM 1 Your home directory is listed as :'home/xxxx' but it does not appear to exist
Wednesday December 15 2010
11:00PM 1 samba 3 and active directory computers
9:19PM 2 winbind / trust questions and issues
6:18PM 1 Problem by using Samba 3 with Default User.v2 Profiles / Windows 7
5:42PM 0 Should Samba PDC domain appear under 'Active Networks' in Windows 7?
3:49PM 0 Can PDC Samba affect client-client print sharing?
2:38PM 1 samba - xp -ad issue
2:22PM 0 OpenLDAP and Samba configuration woes
11:51AM 3 Centos-DS as backend
11:14AM 0 vampire failed Alfa13
8:31AM 1 Problem compiling Samba from source
Tuesday December 14 2010
10:55PM 1 Samba slowness serving SAN-based GFS2 filesystems
9:21AM 0 client xp not remember password
8:33AM 1 domain controller's unavailability
Monday December 13 2010
8:37PM 1 smbd on a battery-powered device
6:39PM 1 Winbindd log error
4:35PM 0 Logs Filling With Errors - Login Working Fine
Saturday December 11 2010
9:16PM 0 libsunacl--for FreeBSD
7:57PM 1 Root Access forWindows Domain Admins
7:32PM 1 PDC on 3.0.8 upgraded to 3.5.6-70 now getting 'Access Is Denied' from clients
7:01PM 3 Keeping Windows ACL's when migrating to SAMBA Server
12:47PM 0 winbind with server 2003
Friday December 10 2010
8:15PM 0 Fwd: Re: samba4 AD controller, production
10:43AM 4 Windows XP Profile-Samba 3
7:16AM 0 corrupt security data warning and Samba 3.5.6
5:08AM 2 Can Samba “security = user” be used for guest share without a Windows login prompt?
3:46AM 1 maximum NTLM_AUTH/Winbind concurrent request
Thursday December 9 2010
3:06PM 0 Bug - Forcing password change with Samba 3.4.x ?
12:50PM 1 Group permission
9:09AM 0 Exporting users profiles
7:52AM 0 winbindd(8)-> groups: cannot find name for group ID ... [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
12:37AM 1 cifs and Netapp DFS-shares problems
Wednesday December 8 2010
7:41PM 2 Improving Samba write performance on Linux
5:28PM 3 Samba4 smb.conf questions
2:46PM 0 Samba Install Help -Urgent
1:06PM 0 winbind with ldap backend on samba 3.5.4
Tuesday December 7 2010
10:28PM 0 Samba 3.5.6 file error/no disk space message
6:20PM 1 OT: permission denied when opening PDF docs with Acrobat Reader X potected mode
5:14PM 0 Windows7 roaming user profile can loose parameters after reboot samba server?
7:47AM 2 PDC (CentOS 5.5, Samba 3.5.6): no domain group names sent to Windows 2003 members
6:49AM 3 Samba4 LDAP LDB Indexes
5:27AM 2 Linux, Windows AD domain, and IDs
Monday December 6 2010
1:28PM 1 Share Problem
12:54PM 1 winbind filling up log with "Possible deadlock: Trying to lookup SID xxx with passdb backend"
10:32AM 1 Trust does not work anymore after upgrade to 3.4.9
9:16AM 0 Add options to /var/run/samba/smb_krb5/krb5.conf_DOMAIN?
Sunday December 5 2010
5:08PM 4 samba 3.5.x, pdbedit smb.conf and profiles
4:42PM 0 Extending Samba4 schema
6:06AM 2 Windows ACL's on SAMBA file server
Saturday December 4 2010
4:52PM 3 samba4 AD controller, production
3:26PM 0 Samba as PDC and FDS
3:39AM 0 can't change "client use lanman auth"?
Friday December 3 2010
12:19PM 1 error in module acl: insufficient access rights (50)
Thursday December 2 2010
6:55PM 0 Open Excel Word
2:27PM 0 Home directory weirdness after upgrade from 3.0.33 to 3.5.6
12:11PM 4 Please Help me (share linux to MS-DOS)
11:41AM 0 Expiring password problem with AD config
11:10AM 0 how to let windbind to use LOCAL groupmaps?
10:45AM 0 shares are mounted but not always shown in "My Computer"
8:27AM 0 Add samba4 as DC to Windows 2000 SP4 (which is DC)
7:38AM 1 samba 3.5.6, winbindd and getent/id
7:15AM 1 PROBE domain
Wednesday December 1 2010
9:41PM 2 Help with Samba4 running logon script
8:40PM 1 Printer Driver Delivery - Printing Preferences Error
2:31PM 1 Windows 7 problem accessing domain member samba serve r on different subnet
11:23AM 2 kerberos @ samba4 DC
11:10AM 4 Domain-name appended into username when "selecting users or groups"
9:38AM 1 Permissions problem
5:21AM 0 Windows 7 problem accessing domain member samba server on different subnet
4:36AM 0 samba 3.5.6 authentication with AD 2008