samba - Jan 2011

Monday January 31 2011
8:26PM 2 Samba only access by ip but not hostname/server string
6:11PM 1 Need to Locate the GNU SMB Library Source Code
2:12PM 1 samba4 - dnsupdate
11:27AM 1 Samba+LDAP+Password
7:54AM 2 BDC Server Settings Doubts?
Saturday January 29 2011
10:54PM 0 re-share cifs mount over samba
9:12AM 1 Errors during "make quicktest" operation.
Friday January 28 2011
7:55AM 2 Samba File Server as Domain Member of Samba PDC
7:13AM 1 Default file permissions for Mac OSX
Thursday January 27 2011
8:27PM 2 Basic question for user/pass authentication
3:42PM 1 Fwd: Re: Samba 3.4 / 3.5: Printer settings getting lost on server
3:25PM 1 Share name length limit?
3:22PM 1 ACLs under windows 7 - you do not have permissions to access
9:26AM 1 samba acl restore error
Wednesday January 26 2011
2:08PM 0 Samba Shares access problems
1:34AM 3 Changing passwords from Windows
Tuesday January 25 2011
8:58PM 2 Windows 7/Samba unable to log in via name, works by IP
2:11PM 1 ERRNO=Operation not permitted in Logs
11:21AM 1 Logon hours allowed
12:54AM 3 Shutting down WinXP Pro instance
12:02AM 0 Linux acls problem with windows 7 and vista
Monday January 24 2011
8:20PM 2 The RPC server is unavailable
6:18PM 1 Trouble installing SWAT on a Samba 4 Alpha 13 buildonUbuntu Server
5:12PM 1 Upgrading from 3.0.23 but group_mapping.tdb is empty on current config
4:59PM 1 some users can login
2:52PM 4 Trouble installing SWAT on a Samba 4 Alpha 13 build onUbuntu Server
Sunday January 23 2011
8:11PM 1 [Announce] Samba 3.4.11 Available for Download
6:05PM 1 Multiple domains issue
4:58PM 4 store profiles on a third server
11:54AM 0 Samba files_struct: "bool modified" and "bool update_write_time_on_close"
5:39AM 1 Trouble installing SWAT on a Samba 4 Alpha 13 build on Ubuntu Server
Saturday January 22 2011
11:05AM 0 [Announce] Samba 3.4.10 Available for Download
2:46AM 0 Account lockouts
Friday January 21 2011
11:56PM 0 Problems with a trust relation between sambaandsambadifferent subnet
11:20PM 1 Problems with a trust relation between samba andsambadifferent subnet
7:15PM 0 ANNOUNCE: cifs-utils release 4.8.1 available for download
6:46PM 1 Problems with a trust relation between samba and sambadifferent subnet
5:53PM 0 Can not set SPN errors (again)
3:25PM 1 Problems with a trust relation between samba and samba different subnet
12:46PM 1 is mandatory to execute smb service before that nmb?
1:26AM 1 Possible bug in nss_winbind with ad backend and rfc2307
Thursday January 20 2011
9:14PM 1 libwbclient not found
8:04PM 2 idmap troubles with any version 3.30 or later
5:14PM 2 Permission to access shared folders on XP client
3:50PM 1 Samba name/address mismatch
3:41PM 3 Managing win7 machines..
2:30PM 5 Samba hangs the boot on Gentoo.
8:59AM 5 fetch passwords from AD and group membership from /etc/group
6:56AM 0 Mac/Windows compatability problem
5:17AM 1 Cannot rename directory - Samba acting two different ways on identical systems
12:48AM 1 SMB2 Negotiate Request
Wednesday January 19 2011
11:06AM 1 Maximum number of trust relationships
2:51AM 0 Linker error (ld) when compiling samba 3.5.4
1:40AM 1 trust relation between 2 networks firewall issues!!!
Tuesday January 18 2011
10:56PM 2 ADS OS fields with samba 3.3.2
9:44PM 1 UID Matching
9:39PM 1 Compiler error while building Samba 3.5.6
8:04PM 3 confusion and problem with Samba v3.3.8 as PDC with ldapsam backend
6:14PM 1 What version plays well with Windows 7?
6:03PM 1 LDAP & PDC: Can join domain, but cannot login afterwards.
4:18PM 1 How to minimize authentication traffic
12:34PM 0 Upgrade from 3.0.14 to 3.5 causes slow login
10:09AM 0 Sorting Filenames - SMB
Monday January 17 2011
5:04PM 2 Auth on OpenLDAP with idmap without Windows
4:14PM 2 Question on how to get Samba to use larger pread/write calls.
4:06PM 5 samba not knowing new users
3:37PM 1 samba shares fail after active directory reboot
3:31PM 1 Samba 3.4 / 3.5: Printer settings not available for normal users
10:27AM 3 Winbind uselessly using up Idmap range in ldap
7:43AM 0 Winbind failed
12:43AM 2 PDC broke after upgrade
Sunday January 16 2011
2:01AM 0 ANNOUNCE: cifs-utils release 4.8 available for download
Saturday January 15 2011
8:15PM 1 smbldap-tools and phpldapadmin
Friday January 14 2011
8:04PM 2 Some direction of Samba4 Sid to Uid/Gid ?
7:40PM 1 SAMBA / CUPS Printserver
12:22PM 1 same uid - RID
9:34AM 2 Upgrading samba 3.3.x to 3.5.x old smbpasswd file and domainaccounts
Thursday January 13 2011
9:35PM 5 upgrade from 3.4.3 to 3.5.4 disables access for Windows CE 3.0 client
9:13PM 2 Cannot list shares on a host
7:36PM 1 Error compiling Samba 3.5.5 on HP-UX 11.11
5:10PM 1 help with configuring PAM
1:47PM 2 another question about account locking
12:24PM 5 MS Access
10:16AM 1 Client Disconnect periodically
8:39AM 2 creds_server_check: credentials check failed on Win7-32bit and samba-3.0.28a on ubuntu-8.04.4
3:28AM 2 Problem: how to make users use unique passwords
2:53AM 1 can connect to 2 samba servers by name but to one by IPonly
Wednesday January 12 2011
8:26PM 0 server signing broken for non-kerberos auth
8:01PM 0 working with the net commands... trouble.
7:09PM 1 Reloading smb.conf smdb only
6:31PM 0 Samba 3.5.6 + chmod g+s not working on some clients
6:14PM 3 ubuntu doesn't daemonize smbd
4:00PM 3 Samba PDC
3:57PM 0 Windows and Linux account locking with an LDAP backend
3:11PM 0 log.smbd filled with same message after 3.2.4 -> 3.5.4 update
12:26PM 3 Samba migration to a new server
8:01AM 2 Samba Share Access Delay !
7:49AM 2 smbldap-tools security: how to keep passwords in smbldap_bind.conf secure?
7:42AM 0 Samba Disk Full Issue
2:44AM 1 Automounting DFS path published shares under RHEL 5 with Samba?
2:07AM 1 Strange problem - print_job_start: job start denied by time check
Tuesday January 11 2011
11:23PM 1 Samba4 with python2.7 and python3
8:07PM 5 Connecting an iMac to os/2
7:07PM 3 [Resolved] Reestablishing trust with PDC
5:02PM 0 100% CPU using OSX client
2:10PM 1 Samba/Winbind Question
11:03AM 0 Next uid with sambaUnixIdPool
Monday January 10 2011
6:45PM 2 Reestablishing trust with PDC
5:55PM 1 Xerox Workcentre pro 5740 PCL6 driver installation fails
2:35PM 2 suppress messages from syslog
11:50AM 4 why the domain administrator has to has uid 0?
Sunday January 9 2011
9:49PM 0 LDAP Account Manager 3.3.0.RC1 released
3:57PM 1 DFS - access shares via \\domain\dfsroot\...
3:13PM 2 suitable samba version for windows 7
11:08AM 1 When is a machine SID created?
2:13AM 4 IIS Change Notifications
Saturday January 8 2011
10:21PM 0 samba4, GPO and SYSVOL permissions errors(Timothy McDaniel)
6:09PM 0 Samba and OpenLDAP - success?
10:46AM 2 tdbdump, tdbbackup
1:55AM 1 One shared folder to be HA over CIFS to windows clients
Friday January 7 2011
8:52AM 1 Read-only alert for MS Office files on samba share
3:58AM 1 samba acl support
Thursday January 6 2011
9:10PM 1 Windows 7 client losing trust with domain
2:34PM 1 samba4 - public share.
9:49AM 1 Read only problem on MS Office files
9:36AM 1 HELP: Samba & flat file Visual FoxPRO BDD :(
4:55AM 2 Mapping characters for non-DOS names under UNIX
4:04AM 0 mapping chars for non-DOS names under UNIX
3:42AM 2 can connect to 2 samba servers by name but to one by IP only
1:44AM 0 samba 4 problems after update
12:32AM 0 Users, Groups, and Computers
Wednesday January 5 2011
10:31PM 0 smb_pass
9:52PM 2 Domain trust between a Samba PDC domain and W2K ADdomain
8:01PM 1 Problems changing permissions
6:27PM 0 Migrating Samba-3 to a New Server
6:24PM 0 How can I point users to different servers for their profile?
4:39PM 0 Roaming profile problems - XP profiles not being saved (Windows 7 profiles work)
4:34PM 2 Odd printing issue
3:09PM 3 ntlm_auth Version 3.2.5
1:57PM 2 samba and the Internet discussion
12:59PM 1 Promote samba-3 BDC to PDC
12:03PM 1 Server migration
9:50AM 2 samba4, GPO and SYSVOL permissions errors
8:14AM 2 Migrating domain in Windows 2000 (without extension) to SLES Samba4 Got!.
7:29AM 1 e-pub or downloadable xhtml of the manuals?
2:07AM 0 Problem with psexec (which is using the SMB2 protocol)
Tuesday January 4 2011
10:03PM 1 log level = 20 not showing auth, etc...
9:32PM 1 Samba 3.5.6 with Win7 failure (XP works)
8:45PM 1 What PAM service is used when compiled --with-pam ?
1:06AM 1 %N 3.0.28 on centos/rhel 4.7 (wanting to split up the profile shares to multiple servers)
12:47AM 1 authentication using both ADS and smbpasswd
Monday January 3 2011
10:12PM 1 winbind and group permissions
2:32PM 1 A device attached to the system is not functioning -When adding a computer to the domain
9:13AM 1 samba 3.5.6 and AIO on Linux
Sunday January 2 2011
7:28PM 1 Accessing files via symlink, does client see a difference?
12:52PM 1 Samba4 with freeradius
Saturday January 1 2011
7:54PM 1 Windows 7 and file ownership
7:39PM 0 Trust Relation between win2k3 and samba 3.3.x Printers doubts?
12:19PM 1 Solaris users: any way to join a samba domain?