samba - Aug 2010

Tuesday August 31 2010
9:29PM 0 create_canon_ace_lists: unable to map SID
8:54PM 3 permissions question
8:28PM 0 trouble with chown and samba
7:16PM 1 Examples for smbldap
Monday August 30 2010
11:21PM 1 failed to set machine spn: Operations error
10:15PM 0 "command length is incorrect" error popping up
10:11PM 3 New PDC
3:34PM 0 samba for AIX 5.3
8:52AM 0 Shares connection problem after Debian upgrade
2:48AM 0 map samba shares on windows 7 via ssh
1:01AM 7 Domain not available even minutes after workstation startup
Sunday August 29 2010
2:03PM 0 How to disable PW-dialog?
Saturday August 28 2010
10:23PM 0 Solved: but with question remaining was Re: Help needed: Ubuntu 8.04/Winbind broken under Windows 2008R2 PDC
10:09AM 0 samba4 bind patch: config.status: error: cannot find input file: bin/confgen/
12:01AM 0 Help needed: Ubuntu 8.04/Winbind broken under Windows 2008R2 PDC
Friday August 27 2010
7:04PM 1 Samba weirdness over different subnets
1:29PM 1 Set password expiration date
12:22PM 0 Shared file (.xls) not giving "File In Use" message
11:00AM 0 Configure Samba as Client of Samba PDC
10:27AM 0 net idmap restore
8:54AM 0 and spaces in group names
Thursday August 26 2010
11:57PM 1 Samba permission changes are not applied to active connections
7:44PM 1 Migrating samba domain to new computer.
4:51PM 2 Samba 4 and password policy pwsetting error
3:52PM 0 impossible to attach a computer to the domain
3:41PM 1 Change of kerberos encryption from DES to AES
10:58AM 1 Doubt on Samba and NFS configuration
2:03AM 1 smbd PANIC starting PAM
Wednesday August 25 2010
5:18PM 1 AD caching with Samba?
3:12PM 0 Samba 3.0.28a and LDAP on ubuntu 8.04
2:19PM 1 Tracking down random server drops...
1:27PM 3 Windows 7 on startup always loads temporary profiles samba 3.4.8
1:15PM 0 Map users folders from Samba sharing
10:09AM 1 Windows 7 with smb2 can not connect as guest ?
8:40AM 1 Moving to a new PDC, and if possible, rename the domain name
7:47AM 0 failed synchronizing profile
Tuesday August 24 2010
11:10PM 0 samba4 trusting samba3
10:09PM 1 macmini samba
10:04PM 1 Windows 7 Workstation cannot create local profile
6:17PM 0 Join domain through direct registry manipulation?
1:57PM 3 samba 4 questions (status, roaming profiles, etc)
12:17PM 1 Samba logs fill up disk with inotify errors, smbd 100% CPU
12:15PM 2 Word/Excel documents cannot be saved after Samba Upgrade
11:22AM 0 Unable to save Word+Excel files after Samba Upgrade
11:12AM 1 Disk full message with non full disk
10:35AM 1 Domain admin privileges: a strange bug in Samba?
1:51AM 0 Problems Joining AD/Domain
Monday August 23 2010
9:21PM 1 id mapping
7:23PM 3 Moving Samba PDC to new machine
6:24PM 0 Password server as another samba server
12:05PM 0 Password server as another samba server.
10:22AM 0 WG: Status of samba4 Alpha12 ctdb
Sunday August 22 2010
11:55PM 4 Problems related to error status_file_locking_conflict
5:37PM 1 How to filter files using roaming profiles
4:15PM 1 Is "samba3_vscan" compiled anymore, by anyone?
4:14PM 1 Difficulty compiling 4.0.0alpha11 on RHEL 5, "Py_ssize_t" undeclared in net.c
3:54AM 1 how to set folder redirection on Windows 7 with a Samba PDC
Friday August 20 2010
8:49PM 4 Can Samba lock files until copy is complete?
4:57PM 3 Users mapping in security tab
4:40PM 2 samba 3.4.8 / solaris / unix secondary groups
2:29PM 0 No subject
2:29PM 0 No subject
2:29PM 0 No subject
2:29PM 0 No subject
12:43PM 0 samba and kerberos tickets
11:08AM 0 NT_STATUS_NO_SUCH_USER floding my /var/log/messages
6:19AM 1 smbd version 3.5.4-62.fc13 can NOT bind to IPv4 endpoint( ), but it bind to IPv6 endpoint ( :::445 )
Thursday August 19 2010
11:38PM 0 AD Groups Failing to Authorize in Valid Users (does not start with S-)
9:20PM 0 Non-domain MFPs cannot access server
7:38PM 0 Roaming profile on Windows 7 not loading "computer was not able to set up a secure session with a domain controller"
7:29PM 1 Error: _netr_ServerAuthenticate2: netlogon_creds_server_check failed.
6:53PM 0 How to use TCP IP print port in samba
2:33PM 1 zfsacl and nfs4 settings
1:24PM 1 Samba + set POSIX ACL's over Windows
12:21PM 3 Windows Server + Samba
10:16AM 0 IDMAP/GID2SID/1004 couldn't be found
4:25AM 1 authentication from one samba to another
2:11AM 0 Help Samba Configuration
1:37AM 2 help making fileserver
Wednesday August 18 2010
5:58PM 1 netbios uses incorrect broadcast value and termintaes
3:11PM 2 Samba 3.4.7 in Ubuntu 10.04 and WinBindd
12:49PM 1 Error: You do not have permission to change your password
10:59AM 3 Windows Vista keeps on deleting cached roaming profile
9:46AM 0 delete machine script
Tuesday August 17 2010
8:33PM 6 enable client to join domain with no or any password?
4:58PM 1 NT_STATUS_INVALID_HANDLE with wbinfo -a
3:26PM 1 UID syncing issues with CTDB
3:01PM 1 Is Samba supposed to work like this?
8:23AM 0 HOWTO give rights access using computer name ?
Monday August 16 2010
7:52PM 0 (force) create mode not instantly applied
5:26PM 0 Authenticate to existing LDAP server
3:58PM 0 Symlinks, W2K8 server, Linux client
3:16PM 1 Problem with adding printers
1:47PM 1 samba4 + ubuntu 10.0.4
12:51PM 1 Samba 3.5.4 strange access problem
12:38PM 1 getent and a lot of users
10:56AM 1 Bug in Samba4? (idmap Domain Users
10:25AM 0 ACL is invalid for set
7:43AM 1 WG: HOWTO samba4 centos5.5 named dnsupdate drbd simple failover
5:30AM 0 Windows 7 Domain adding problem
Sunday August 15 2010
11:03PM 0 "valid users" by computer name
Saturday August 14 2010
3:52PM 0 Allocate RID problem: algorithm vs NextRid
Friday August 13 2010
7:52PM 2 samba-3.5.4 + OpenLDAP
4:02PM 0 Cant access to resource (FAILED with error NT_STATUS_NO_SUCH_USER) PLEASE HELP!
3:07PM 1 Samba - GID on files created in a directory
1:04PM 0 WINS unicast name restration storm
12:25PM 1 wbinfo -a works but wbinfo -i doesn't
12:14PM 0 Running 2 SAMBA4 DC Replication WERR_BADFILE error
10:47AM 0 Samba4/Samba4 DC RP Password changing only on one DC
10:41AM 0 add schema to samba4
7:31AM 2 Problem integrating Samba with External LDAP
Thursday August 12 2010
11:46PM 2 How to change the home shared name
9:24PM 0 Winbind 3.5.4 and SFU
12:58PM 0 Help me
12:42PM 0 netbios name
2:33AM 1 Samba 4 Start Up error
12:26AM 1 Vampire into OpenLDAP or migrate LDB to OpenLDAP
Wednesday August 11 2010
8:19PM 0 Graceful WINS resolution across disconnected networks
8:17PM 1 Roaming profiles, linux client...
2:36PM 1 How to configure winbind to work with two domain controllers?
1:13PM 2 Samba/Winbind issue
11:27AM 1 Samba idmap against ad
8:18AM 1 HOWTO close session(s) to a specific share from samba server side?
7:38AM 3 samba 4 dns-update issue
5:39AM 1 Samba 3.0.37 with Windows Server 2008
Tuesday August 10 2010
11:50PM 1 samba posix_acls.c file and dir permissions
10:12PM 1 Dumb questions
8:52PM 3 Windows 7 connect to FreeBSD samba
2:20PM 0 samba pdc for samba clients - job
10:06AM 1 admin users = user0 (how force admin permission?)
7:10AM 1 home share issue: //server/homes errs, while //server/<username> works
4:06AM 0 Samba4 - Problem trying to add Win 2008 R2 server to Samba4 AD-DC
Monday August 9 2010
11:47PM 2 windows 7 64 bit xerox print drivers
7:42PM 0 Youtube Video - Follow
6:56PM 1 samba and ms server 2008
5:58PM 1 Samba4 removing a DC from domain!?
5:25PM 1 best way to deal with Windows 7 (.V2) profiles?
4:40PM 0 AD to Kerberos + LDAP + NFS migration
2:10PM 2 HOWTO samba4 centos5.5 named dnsupdate drbd simple failover
12:48PM 2 Server Migration
12:18PM 3 Automatic change of machine passwords seems to brake trust relationship for Windows 7 clients
9:24AM 0 pdbedit: manually change password
7:48AM 1 Changing shares permissions
4:37AM 4 Youtube Video
3:45AM 0 No "Group Policy" tab in OU properties
2:17AM 0 Problems with share access on Ubuntu 10.04
Sunday August 8 2010
7:38PM 0 negative effects of using idmap_tdb in large forest
1:44AM 0 Project: writing a vfs module to preverse permissions with MS Office
Saturday August 7 2010
11:32PM 1 Question re kerberos and plain password login
7:57PM 1 Samba4 questions (idmap, forest, inter-domain trust)
Friday August 6 2010
8:49PM 0 Constraint violation
8:00PM 1 local admin rights for roaming profiles
2:11PM 2 group members
9:57AM 0 repeating .log entries
Thursday August 5 2010
11:42PM 2 SAMBA and SMB Signing
11:02PM 1 Roaming profiles shared between WinXP and Win7
4:31PM 1 Samba4 replication PDC/BDC Status
4:05PM 0 Incorrect NetBios Hostname on LDAP packet
3:13PM 0 samba-3.3.10 - Strength Problem with access on one share
3:00PM 0 Disapearing print share
2:06PM 1 Throughput problem with Samba 3.3.4 over VPN
Wednesday August 4 2010
10:03PM 1 [3.4.8/Debian Testing amd64] dpkg-build-package fails with linker error
4:11PM 1 Domain trust between a Samba PDC domain and W2K AD domain
12:42PM 1 PDC Migration
9:54AM 1 Samba and ZFS
9:27AM 0 Strange Win7 message <SOLVED>
8:52AM 1 'force create mode' not working when 'unix extensions = yes'
5:31AM 0 Strange Win7 message
Tuesday August 3 2010
10:39PM 2 Error: Incorrect password length
9:19PM 1 ldap ssl = off ??
11:23AM 0 SePrintOperatorPrivilege
9:14AM 2 Samba4 alpha12 Home Directory?!
Monday August 2 2010
2:06PM 1 Import samba 3 to samba 4
1:05PM 0 HOWTO centOS 5.5 samba4 dns dynamic update/Replication
11:27AM 0 Samba errors
9:21AM 1 Must restart nmbd to connect