samba - Jul 2010

Saturday July 31 2010
9:33PM 1 Beginner setting up samba: NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE
7:09PM 0 Samba 4 + Samba 3
1:34PM 6 Need suggestion for domain controller
9:31AM 3 Alternative to Samba by Link***?
8:50AM 1 Samba4 Replication Policies
Friday July 30 2010
10:11PM 0 Slow with some applications
8:17PM 1 SAMBA4 DDNS update samba_dnsupdate issues
4:13PM 0 smbpasswd doesn't accept -'s in username?
1:03PM 1 [3.4.7/Ubuntu 10.04] Can modify but not create/delete
12:58PM 0 ANNOUNCE: cifs-utils release 4.6 available for download
11:43AM 1 getent acting unreliable with idmap_ad
Thursday July 29 2010
4:55PM 1 Kerberos: Principal may not act as server ERROR
4:46PM 0 i/o error
2:35PM 3 printer "Advanced tab" grayed
1:34PM 0 Terminalserver w2k3 is no longer dancing samba 3.4.7 anymore
8:31AM 1 Purging Windows cache after NetBIOS namechange?
5:56AM 0 samba 3.4.7 Ubuntu W2k3 as Memberserver
5:38AM 1 Samba server running in AD domain, local users can still access share
Wednesday July 28 2010
11:50PM 3 Problem connecting Computer to network
9:39PM 2 Does anybody use idmap_adex?
6:39PM 2 mounting as cifs not working in Debian, works in Windows though
6:15PM 0 Freak date/time format
4:14PM 0 getent doesn't list my users when using idmap_adex
3:18PM 1 2008 R2 Failover Clustering using Samba 4 AD
12:28PM 4 [Ubuntu 10.04] Share not visible from XP?
12:25PM 1 how many samba daemons should be ?
11:14AM 0 [Announce] Samba 3.6.0pre1 Available for Download
10:04AM 0 create_builtin_administrators: Failed to create Administrators
Tuesday July 27 2010
10:42PM 0 Samba4 net vampire
8:19PM 1 Files missing (not hidden)
8:07PM 1 windows 7 professional Samba share access denied
7:16PM 1 Multiple Workgroups and Subnets
6:05PM 2 Samba LDAP ignores group information
1:45PM 1 DNS update failed!
1:14PM 1 Changing password on unix client joined to AD
9:15AM 0 Samba 3.3.8/LDAP/Hide unreadable
6:41AM 0 Unable to retreive security events from 2008R2 Active Directory
6:22AM 2 Is possible to use samba4 and openldap without ldapi?
4:28AM 0 SMB2 and Samba4
Monday July 26 2010
11:20PM 3 samba 3.3 with LDAP - How To change passwor from WIndows
10:25PM 1 Problem re-writing on a SAMBA share.
9:05PM 3 Odd random roaming profile issues
8:17PM 1 SAMBA4 & Kerberos exchange question
6:28PM 0 Samba / LDAP passwords
2:39PM 0 cli_session_setup_blob: recieve failed (NT_STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER)
1:12PM 0 Procedure number is out of range
1:01PM 1 wbinfo -u and -g work, wbinfo -s works only for some users
12:03PM 0 Add user script executed after PDC authentification failed
10:01AM 0 WG: HOWTO centOS 5.5 samba4 dns dynamic update
9:34AM 1 HOWTO centOS 5.5 samba4 dns dynamic update
8:44AM 1 Help on Samba 4
7:27AM 0 WG: WG: samba4 phyton-dns error
6:33AM 0 WG: samba4 phyton-dns error
5:59AM 0 Samba 3.5.4 dependencies
1:37AM 0 ongoing problems with winbind since we rolled out RODCs
Sunday July 25 2010
11:51PM 0 Sharing USB/xp printer in samba domain
Saturday July 24 2010
1:49PM 0 Configure the LDAP demon in Samba4
Friday July 23 2010
11:40PM 1 %a variable and Windows 7
10:50PM 0 winbind ADS getent passwd fails, getent passwd <username> works, getent group gives partial list
9:58PM 0 Intermittent file rename problem with Vista, works with XP.
8:19PM 1 Windows client not accessible when changing ip address on samba PDC
4:00PM 1 Joining windows xp to Samba 4 PDC
4:36AM 0 SAMBA4 vampire
Thursday July 22 2010
9:13PM 0 Build problem
5:24PM 0 smbldap-useradd fails encryption
3:02PM 0 samba users can't be seen from client mashine
8:49AM 2 samba4 phyton-dns error
8:43AM 0 ADS join did not work, falling back to RPC
6:47AM 0 Some Xp Client do not save Profiles
Wednesday July 21 2010
4:08PM 0 smbcontrol -d 3 smbd reload-config permission denied message.
2:24PM 1 Pittfals Windows 7 and samba 3.3.8 (centos 5.5), LDAP BE - joining domain
1:10PM 0 Samba install on AIX
1:08PM 0 sendfile and oplocks
12:15PM 2 Are acl_xattr and admin users option incompatible?
10:26AM 0 Migrate AD to SAMBA 4
8:41AM 3 smbd -D hangs
8:03AM 1 how to set samba to not download the whole roaming profiles ?
Tuesday July 20 2010
8:37PM 2 make fails with samba-3.5.4 Solaris 9
3:04PM 1 Weird samba pdc problem.
2:35PM 3 Cannot browse domain user list with 3.5.4
11:36AM 0 Mac showing permission issue
11:00AM 0 Problem saving win Xp profiles
10:00AM 0 Can not delete file
9:47AM 0 Cross Platform Wrong Password
9:38AM 0 please wait for the user profile service... still
5:18AM 0 pam_smbpass & passwd seg fault
Monday July 19 2010
8:21PM 0 dsgetdcname failed: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED
5:06PM 0 Missing SAMBA documentation
4:12PM 0 OSCON - Anybody from Samba there?
2:58PM 0 sambaMungedDial attribute and VPN connections.
11:13AM 1 Oplocks
8:58AM 0 Machine password change fails
Sunday July 18 2010
8:39AM 1 Access from an AD group
8:36AM 0 Compiling and installing Samba 4
4:49AM 1 User security and public shares
Saturday July 17 2010
11:34PM 4 Samba + Winbind + Windows 2003 AD
4:39AM 0 net ads join loses after reboot
Friday July 16 2010
9:52PM 1 File sharing and subnets
5:19PM 0 Testing Samba performance
4:02PM 1 smb mount as root, access as non-root. Changed behaviour between samba 3.0.x and 3.4.x?
3:28PM 0 Samba-LDAP Password Expiration Reminder Script
2:05PM 1 login with email
12:29PM 0 Problem using multiple SAMBA + ADS file server
6:28AM 0 WG: WG: Samba, ldap and machine accounts
Thursday July 15 2010
7:40PM 0 samba4 + OpenLDAP
6:46PM 0 Identical Servers, Different Results
6:33PM 0 'nobody' account and windows dc
3:52PM 3 Windows 7 machine trust accounts expiring
2:55PM 1 Samba and Ubuntu 9.10
2:24PM 1 WG: Samba, ldap and machine accounts
1:27PM 1 Samba, ldap and machine accounts
12:14PM 1 Domain clients system hidden shares are accessable from other client systems.
7:44AM 1 Auto directory creation not working
Wednesday July 14 2010
7:49PM 0 cannot delete or rename after upgrade to 3.5.4
6:25PM 1 RAW_ACLS smbtorture test
4:08PM 1 undefined reference to `_talloc_free'
11:39AM 1 Share permission problem if user is member in more than 16 groups on AD
8:49AM 0 Samba4 + existing OpenLDAP possible?
1:30AM 2 Failed in "net ads join"
Tuesday July 13 2010
5:07PM 0 Digitally encrypt or sign secure channel data
4:17PM 0 Windows/Linux groups combined
2:56PM 0 "Close_remove_share_mode: Could not get share mode lock for file..."
9:25AM 3 Problem mapping Samba shares in Windows
9:00AM 1 winbind and authentication with local accounts
7:42AM 0 circumvent the proxy user
Monday July 12 2010
6:12PM 1 samba3 domain client not auth some users
3:09PM 1 Error 0x000003e6 when trying to connect to a printer from w2k8 (x64)
3:03PM 1 ntlm locking user accounts in 2003 AD
2:29PM 1 smbldap-groupmod problem
8:43AM 0 Load schema into Samba4 Ldap
4:19AM 1 Using +<group> in "valid users" is not working
Sunday July 11 2010
4:32PM 3 Samba4 FreBSD
9:47AM 0 Preserve create/modify dates in Samba 3.4.7
7:02AM 0 Trouble in upgrading from 3.0.x to 3.5.x
Saturday July 10 2010
3:25PM 1 Multiple VLAN/subnet recommendations
10:32AM 0 TDB corruptions
10:10AM 0 Anyone had success: Samba4, idmap_ldap (alloc only), idmap_adex
2:22AM 0 samba-vscan-clamav Centos 5.5
Friday July 9 2010
8:49PM 1 group permissions not setting correctly.
5:27PM 1 Another WINS Question/Issue
11:38AM 6 two PDCs
12:31AM 3 smbcquotas tells me that "quotas are not enabled"
Thursday July 8 2010
9:33PM 2 Regarding S4 and
7:41PM 3 One account can access samba, another can't.
5:06PM 0 Error in user authentication
4:14PM 4 File owner SID instead of name showing for one user
11:19AM 1 Migrate to NTLM V2
9:13AM 0 DNS update fails with Kerberos 1.8 on Ubuntu 10.04
3:59AM 0 YeeFreakingHa!
1:32AM 2 How to regenerate passdb.tdb
12:08AM 1 Access to administrative shares on Windows
Wednesday July 7 2010
6:59PM 1 Samba4 and DNS
6:23PM 0 Can't connect with rpcclient
5:37PM 1 samba entry in ldap
4:55PM 0 samba 3.4.8 solaris 10 no windows security tab
4:48PM 5 Problem After Upgrade - NT_STATUS_FILE_IS_A_DIRECTORY
2:59PM 0 Settings up a Domain Member server, to act as a file server
1:10PM 0 kerberos_kinit_password: preauthentication failed
10:54AM 3 domain change
10:05AM 0 Question about IPC$ connection
7:51AM 1 The specified server can't perform the requested operation. Problem Accessing samba from windows 7 and vista
5:48AM 0 Can't mount samba drive or join domain with W2K3 server
Tuesday July 6 2010
5:50PM 2 Throughput problem with Samba 3.3.1 on NetBSD
3:05PM 0 protocol negotiation failed: NT_STATUS_END_OF_FILE
2:12PM 1 Samba Scenario
1:37PM 0 Browser Elections Failing
1:09PM 0 *update* SMB Trans2 Response STATUS_OBJECT_NAME_NOT_FOUND Problem
1:00PM 2 WG: Cross subnet browsing + OpenVPN
12:54PM 1 wbinfo -g gives no output , ndr_pull_error
12:30PM 2 net ads testjoin
12:12PM 3 Cross subnet browsing + OpenVPN
12:07PM 1 Cross subnet browsing + vpn
11:11AM 0 tree connect failed: NT_STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME
8:22AM 0 smbldap-usermod timeout for Terminal Server
8:18AM 0 Samba clients losing domain membership
Monday July 5 2010
7:01PM 0 Client Windows accessing Samba Share (krb5/ad2008/winbind)
6:26PM 1 sambaLogonScript [another] problem
6:25PM 0 samba Digest, Vol 91, Issue 5
5:50PM 0 samba group members
2:45PM 0 Possible to use idmap hash with nss info adex (and have them cooperate not just coexist)
12:35PM 0 Errors while provisioning Samba4
9:40AM 0 Migrate windows 200 AD to Samba / LDAP
8:14AM 1 windows 7 samba domain
3:55AM 0 Risks of NT4 -> Samba Migration
12:27AM 3 Identical user entry in pdbedit (tdbsam)
Sunday July 4 2010
1:52PM 0 Samba4 + OpenLDAP + Dovecot
5:15AM 0 Removing a Samba4 DC from a Samba4 domain
Saturday July 3 2010
4:14PM 0 Samba 3.0.33 ignoring group ACL after joining to AD
2:10PM 6 sambaLogonScript problem
12:40PM 0 How to define an UID range for BUILTIN accounts
10:29AM 2 passdb.tdb support
7:46AM 6 Set ACLs on Samba share from Windows
Friday July 2 2010
12:56PM 1 check_reduced_name
12:45PM 0 WG: Synchronisation using LDAP
12:43PM 2 Fail to join a Windows 2008 R2 to a Samba+LDAP PDC version3.5.4
12:33PM 1 Fail to join a Windows 2008 R2 to a Samba+LDAP PDC version 3.5.4
11:39AM 2 Synchronisation using LDAP
Thursday July 1 2010
2:04PM 1 net ads testjoin without asking for password
2:04PM 1 Enabling logs in pam_smbpass in samba source code
1:01PM 2 Default Hidden Disk Shares
10:34AM 0 plreoblem how to reset the password of samba ldap user
6:40AM 0 Intermittent authentication error
4:38AM 1 Samba as a Client Accessing Windows 2008 Roaming Profiles