samba - Oct 2008

Friday October 31 2008
2:28PM 1 NFS and Samba not working since Samba 3.0.24 ?
10:56AM 0 Allowing Squid to Authenticate to Samba 3 acting as a PDC.
8:47AM 0 winbind passwd entries in solaris
Thursday October 30 2008
5:00PM 2 Questions about Samba 3.x on AIX 4.3.3
4:47PM 1 smbd crashes on startup
4:25PM 0 Samba + Nested Groups
2:08PM 0 WG: Application settings saving for PDC.
11:43AM 1 machine policy?
10:08AM 1 Application settings saving for PDC.
8:13AM 1 (no subject)
Wednesday October 29 2008
9:59PM 0 Web Front-end
9:34PM 0 PDC Shows two workgroup names
9:10PM 1 time sensitive error "the specified network name is no longer available."
8:26PM 0 mounting a win 2003 share
6:09PM 1 ntlm_auth fails to find PDC on same computer
5:45PM 1 Problems upgrading SAMBA
4:34PM 1 OT?: Binaries from sernet
4:10PM 2 Problem using samba with ldap
10:49AM 1 Strange problems with Samba 3.0.32 as ADS member of W2k3 domain
2:08AM 1 Basic server role question
Tuesday October 28 2008
10:43PM 0 samba 3.2.3: win2k join fails, xp join works
10:04PM 2 mac os 10.5.5 and symbolic link to www
7:49PM 1 The network path was not found
7:38PM 0 Samba 3.2.4 - Problem with Security ADS
11:45AM 1 "Failed to set servicePrincipalNames" join ADS issue.
1:29AM 1 The way things used to work...
Monday October 27 2008
8:03PM 0 Documentation error
2:33PM 1 PDC announces two netbios names?
1:05PM 0 Windows Clients Can't join a Samba-OpenLDAP Domain (bad passwod after 30 seconds)
2:28AM 1 how to setup an open share?
Sunday October 26 2008
5:42PM 0 Samba findsmb and smbtree inconsistent
9:27AM 1 Installing windows drivers into print$ on OS X 10.5 Leopard
2:51AM 0 Issues with Samba, LDAP and file shares
Saturday October 25 2008
10:42AM 0 Samba with two workgroups (or domains)
Friday October 24 2008
10:46PM 3 more smbd CPU mystery
9:05PM 0 Strange! "No such file" error on smbfs.
5:48PM 1 Problem joining NT4 workstation to a Samba PDC
5:02PM 1 smbd
4:04PM 1 18179: session setup failed: ERRDOS - ERRnoaccess (Access denied.)
2:01PM 3 SAMBA: how do I tell SAMBA to not prompt for id/passwords when connecting from windows (vista)
1:59PM 5 pdc
11:45AM 0 Samba and Domain trusts
6:51AM 2 force user and read only
Thursday October 23 2008
9:27PM 3 high cpu load
7:39PM 1 recursibve listing of file owner, possible?
6:34PM 1 Sending / Receiving WinPopup on Ubuntu Linux Workstation
6:12PM 3 Interdomain trust between Samba and W2003 ADS in native mode
3:22PM 0 desktop.ini in startup folder
2:43PM 1 question about smbmount as user
1:37PM 2 unix password sync not working
9:38AM 0 Unable to logon using ssh when changing password server
8:48AM 3 PDA-Logon: mal formed packet
8:04AM 1 Join AD: no logon server
2:55AM 1 join fails samba 3.2 & ADS 2003R2 SP2
12:11AM 0 IP address
Wednesday October 22 2008
10:40PM 2 smbd high cpu load
6:58PM 0 file and directory permissions?
6:49PM 1 BUG: Bad passwords from Vampire / NT migration
4:26PM 1 samba performance degrade
4:15PM 0 Group-based shares
10:11AM 0 Multiple domains on the same subnet
6:58AM 1 Tool to change password for samba users
Tuesday October 21 2008
8:58PM 0 Windows not being able to see all samba groups
6:55PM 0 Samba server authenticating to W2k3 ADS
6:32PM 3 Samba 3.2, Samba 3.3 release planning
5:41PM 3 winbindd: Exceeding 200 client connections, no idle connection found
5:40PM 1 Problem with Save-As in Photoshop/InDesign on a samba server.
5:40PM 1 Multiple IP addresses in DNS record
4:08PM 0 read only issue
3:55PM 2 samba idmap ldap backend
12:31PM 1 Remote announce
11:25AM 0 WG: Create user home directory or user-own folder on sambaserver on first login to samba
11:03AM 0 samba + kerberos
10:21AM 1 Create user home directory or user-own folder on samba server on first login to samba
7:05AM 0 3.2.4 CreateDirectory panic
1:35AM 1 samba4 on ubuntu intrepid, winbind success only in single process model
Monday October 20 2008
11:52PM 0 Unable to update SID using pdbedit
10:18PM 0 Re: Samba integration with nfs4 and kerberos
9:38PM 3 valid users and file permissions
9:23PM 0 inherit acls and inherit permissions = execute bit always set?
7:36PM 1 Two questions
7:35PM 0 Samba Nfs4 kerberos intergation
6:39PM 1 Change of server - Backup Help
5:53PM 2 Closing sessions and smbstatus
3:23PM 2 Logon Script Via Group
3:22PM 0 strange message in a samba log
2:06PM 1 Samba 3.2.4
8:50AM 2 Newbie question for samba 3.0.28 configuration
7:01AM 1 Browsning problems from Vista
5:36AM 2 one ldap server and multiple samba PDC domains
4:09AM 0 Re: Vista Samba 4
4:01AM 1 Question about switching from Windows 2k Server to SAMBA 3 under Centos
Sunday October 19 2008
10:12PM 0 Account locking out not working[LDAP backend]
10:00PM 0 usrmgr force password change for new user
6:53PM 1 samba4/Win2008: error -> directory property cannot be found in the cache
Friday October 17 2008
6:53PM 0 permissions(?) problem? with samba and linux client (=>2.6.24)
3:09PM 2 problem usrmgr Version 3.2.4
3:09PM 1 problem usmgr Version 3.2.4
2:19PM 2 Different IPs on a samba server #2
11:36AM 0 compile client only
11:08AM 0 SID genereation
10:49AM 0 smbd reads entire directory when creating files?
7:56AM 1 Samba with more than one Active Directory
Thursday October 16 2008
9:49PM 0 ldap clarification
6:16PM 0 (no subject)
2:12PM 0 WinXP SP2 become a master browser at will
1:56PM 1 Samba with different IP networks
12:23PM 2 samba file server in active directory domain - manage acls
10:15AM 2 Manage password change without windows...
9:32AM 1 LDAP backend and sambaGroupType for builtin groups
8:06AM 1 Problems with file locking over gnome-vfs (esp.
6:44AM 3 How does the "guest account" param work?
12:22AM 1 After some help with Samba and LDAP
Wednesday October 15 2008
10:08PM 0 chdir failed errors
9:26PM 0 Timeout on reconnection?
8:04PM 0 LDAP Account Manager 2.4.0 released
7:36PM 2 SMBD panic with INTERNAL ERROR: Signal 6 for ARM 922T
6:00PM 1 cli_nt_create failed on pipe \spoolss. NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED
4:46PM 0 net ads join, machine password non-expiring
3:46PM 1 Domain Logon Credential Caching
3:00PM 0 Samba on Linux - shows up as Domain Controller in ADS
1:49PM 4 Bad passwords from Vampire / NT migration
1:25PM 0 Login Linux vs WinXP
1:20PM 2 XFS tree quota and samba free space report
12:13PM 0 slowdown in the network with Samba 3.0.26a
5:05AM 0 The network resource type is not correct
Tuesday October 14 2008
10:43PM 0 Problems getting vampire to work with Windows 2000 server
5:22PM 0 Samba + LDAP - Any way to create username alias?
4:17PM 1 Samba PDC - Usernames with over 20 characters are not working with Vista SP1
3:21PM 5 Profile loading/saving on gigabit network only runs at fast ethernet speeds! Help!
2:51PM 0 Windows password complexity dialog displays incorrect information (using crackcheck)
2:08PM 1 Eficient method to run [net time \\server] on logon script with winxp+domain ?
10:17AM 0 samba with kerboros and ADS
6:34AM 0 swat cann't start
Monday October 13 2008
11:39PM 1 Samba builtin groups and LDAP
5:19PM 1 Server Maps by IP but not by Name for Domain Users
4:49PM 0 Samba + LDAP PDC Vista SP1 logins stopped working
4:37PM 1 AD to authenticate users against Samba + LDAP
3:44PM 1 Print server communications back to the client during printing
2:01PM 1 heimdal/AD documentation
1:23PM 0 Write/Modify issues
10:46AM 3 Cluster: node to node switching
9:02AM 2 netlogon script not running...(upgrade from 3.0.25b to 3.2.4)
8:42AM 1 samba member of workgroup
7:33AM 2 samba+cups failure - no printers in the share list
Sunday October 12 2008
9:13PM 4 Multiple Samba accounts with the rights of a single Unix account?
8:52PM 0 Don't change password in PDC
5:55AM 6 Compile help for Solaris 10 x86, samba 3.0.28a deficient?
Saturday October 11 2008
5:01PM 1 ldapsam:editposix
1:00AM 0 Can non-root users set their own "create mask"?
Friday October 10 2008
8:17PM 0 Hosts Allow/Deny
4:53PM 3 Server crash - Is it a Kernel or Samba problem?
1:51PM 0 package bug opensuse 11 ?
1:00PM 0 Authentification problems with ldap
12:52PM 1 winbind does not list users from trusted domain
9:41AM 0 Windows 2003 Domain and Functional Level
7:01AM 0 kinit succeeded but ads_sasl_spnego_krb5_bind failed
Thursday October 9 2008
9:08PM 2 samba v2 works, v3 does not - Unix groups
8:49PM 2 Samba PDC + LDAP: adding user to local admin group
8:47PM 0 Samba+AD: Drives will not map on login
7:56PM 0 anyone have experience with a cisco asa and samba?
5:46PM 1 Samba 3.4.2 Installation Issue
4:27PM 4 problems connecting to https list server
2:51PM 3 cifs problems
1:25PM 1 share isn't displaying filename changes
12:34PM 2 Using Samba PDC from Netapp filers ?
11:39AM 1 tool to track network printer
10:51AM 2 sambaPwdLastSet=0 vs sambaPwdMustChange=0
9:40AM 1 dfree causing write access problems
7:35AM 1 Problem installing samba
6:57AM 1 Samba/Winbind join domain requires password at every reboot?
2:38AM 1 Samba PDC, can't login into WinXP without network connection
Wednesday October 8 2008
11:14PM 0 client/server signing disabled or not - domain Controller is down or unavailable
6:24PM 1 "nss_ldap" make fails on Slakware 12.1
5:30PM 0 Samba + AD + FreeBSD 7
4:09PM 1 High CPU usage on 3.2.3
2:30PM 2 In place upgrade
2:05PM 1 File permissions and Unix umask.
1:35PM 3 Samba as PDC+OpenLDAP: unique login?
9:55AM 0 idmap and single gid
6:54AM 0 Unix group vs. domain
3:43AM 0 Samba 3.x reports "not implemented" when Server 2008 SMB client requests FSCTL_GET_OBJECT_ID
Tuesday October 7 2008
11:15PM 1 opensuse 11 samba 3.2.4 ldap add machine
8:55PM 2 samba in wxp environment
6:16PM 0 Gotten getent to work but uid off by 1
4:58PM 1 Another getent problem
10:19AM 0 Many strange errors in logs
6:42AM 1 failed to lookup DC info for domain '' over rpc
4:33AM 0 user samba
Monday October 6 2008
10:19PM 0 Broken links in online docs
8:34PM 1 CIFS Mounting Issues
6:30PM 1 setgid bit disappears
1:52PM 0 make test fails on Solaris 10 for 3.2.4
11:17AM 1 samba accounts management API
Sunday October 5 2008
10:50PM 1 Cannot get shares to show up
7:32PM 2 Performance tweaking from Ubuntu to a Macbook vs. Windows through DLink DIR-655
12:32AM 2 Compiling 3.2.4 --with-krb5=/usr/lib/krb5, not working
Saturday October 4 2008
6:20PM 1 Lost most data on Windows XP machine switching to domain
3:36PM 2 smbclient kerberos issue
3:17PM 0 Print drivers in 3.2
1:03PM 1 Password server is not connected - "cli not initilised" issue
12:00PM 2 Samba 3.2.1 not detecting interface in Solaris 10 x86
11:24AM 0 Kerberos working on samba 3.2.3 PDC, but failing when joining the domain
3:46AM 2 posix acls and reiserfs
Friday October 3 2008
9:01PM 2 Nmbd is using the wrong ip address as source
6:48PM 0 Users Profile instead of
2:44PM 2 Writing to shares directly
2:28PM 1 processes not closing
1:51PM 1 Will 3.3.x vs 3.2.x
1:40PM 0 squid ntlm_auth not working on versions above 3.0.26
12:04PM 0 logging user login and logout time on Samba 3 DC
11:10AM 1 Problems with Share Modes "fill_share_mode_lock failed"
7:00AM 0 copying machine trust account password from windows to samba
Thursday October 2 2008
5:42PM 2 Samba LDAP Tools
5:30PM 0 Why do I see two Workgroups in Windows?
4:41PM 1 Vista Joining Samba Domain 3.0.24-6etch10
3:36PM 1 Noob question about cached credentials
2:23PM 6 Samba & LDAP, with XP and Linux clients
2:13PM 0 Member Server Problems
1:52PM 0 joining the domain failes with 3.2.3
1:27PM 0 Samba 3 & Windows Vista Guide
1:06PM 1 Synchronize nt 4 with samba 3
12:59PM 1 Samba WINS Server losing all elections against
12:59PM 2 samba : Strong(er) authentication required
12:21PM 2 [ANNOUNCE] Samba 3.3.0pre2 Available for Download
11:27AM 0 PDC + BDC + LDAP. Advise need.
8:41AM 2 Server Migration Problem
6:38AM 1 samba + ADS in native mode
Wednesday October 1 2008
9:01PM 1 file share issues
6:30PM 0 Samba PDC - first Domain Admin
5:11PM 2 samba-3.2.4 Solaris 9: configure gets error: Active Directory support requires ldap_initialize
1:53PM 1 Samba authentication using ADS
2:54AM 1 nmbd fails to start - permission denied