samba - Sep 2008

Tuesday September 30 2008
6:25PM 0 vfs_recycle directory_mode and recycle docs
2:26PM 1 Browse QNX directories thro windows PC thro SAMBA
1:28PM 3 Samba mapped drive to XP on logon
12:26PM 1 can "root" still connect clients to a domain?
12:20PM 0 Expired account - ldap - smbldap
10:14AM 0 files or directories ending with dots or white spaces on a samba share
8:29AM 1 Could not join the domain - Samba and Openldap
8:24AM 0 printer unusable
8:03AM 0 Samba and PAM
2:52AM 1 ads authentication and Solaris
Monday September 29 2008
11:38PM 1 strang locking behaviour with macosx clients
10:36PM 1 internet explorer certificates
7:35PM 2 smbldap and password expiration
5:07PM 0 MAC OS X 10.4 and Samba
4:48PM 1 Samba over bridged ethernet VPN
4:06PM 0 LDAP Account Manager 2.4.0.RC1 released
1:30PM 0 idmap_ad - winbind - Wrong $HOME
7:45AM 4 static libgcc issue on solaris 8
3:14AM 0 Re: samba 4 named.txt Configure Server-side DNS
1:24AM 0 Samba with OpenLDAP: Failed to issue the StartTLS instruction: Connect error
Sunday September 28 2008
9:42PM 2 OSX client, Linux server, permissions problem
Saturday September 27 2008
10:38AM 1 Users can read/write to other user's directories
4:40AM 1 security=server comment
Friday September 26 2008
6:05PM 2 Few questions on configuring Samba as a PDC
4:40PM 1 Revisiting Samba's interaction with LDAP's ppolicy overlay
7:59AM 0 logon server
7:22AM 0 W2K8 ADS, sernet pkgs (debian)
6:51AM 0 Bizarre behavior trying to connect to samba share/service from windows XP
Thursday September 25 2008
9:16PM 0 Unable to log onto Samba Share as Local Administrator
9:09PM 0 Problem building 3.2.4 on Solaris 10
7:50PM 1 Samba Permissions
7:11PM 0 invalid username error when accessing a share causes delay (but works...)
5:41PM 0 I have no name Error
1:13PM 0 Question about Samba connections for 3.0 and 3.2
7:09AM 1 Fwd: Re: Samba 3.2.4 and alternate data streams
6:43AM 1 WG: vista cannot connect to samba
Wednesday September 24 2008
10:08PM 2 Samba 3.2.4 and alternate data streams
10:01PM 0 New User Can't access Domain Member Server
8:32PM 0 How to change samba password through
8:21PM 1 vista cannot connect to samba
7:55PM 1 Share name and file rights
7:55PM 1 Which security to use? Domain or ADS?
3:39PM 0 Re: hide dot files
10:03AM 1 "hide dot files" parameter
9:42AM 1 shares defined using LDAP instead of smb.conf?
8:53AM 0 3.0.28a problems with trusted domains
2:49AM 0 Re: Windows didn't join to Samba 4
Tuesday September 23 2008
3:00PM 2 Printer driver problem in 3.0.28/31
1:36PM 2 Problems with create and directory mode if mounted
11:51AM 0 (no subject)
8:44AM 2 Profile of the user are deleted when he switch on an other workstation‏
7:11AM 0 error codes
2:39AM 1 Samba 4 installation problem
1:58AM 1 (no subject)
12:37AM 4 need migration/upgrade help
Monday September 22 2008
7:43PM 2 Default Domain Not Working.
7:23PM 1 remote samba connection
6:56AM 0 acl owner
Sunday September 21 2008
10:11PM 1 What's "NT Trans Response : STATUS_CANCELLED", and why does it take so long?
9:19PM 0 tarball of the daily docs build
7:38PM 1 [SOLVED] Howto auth against an NT domain I don't control?
11:21AM 0 Howto auth against an NT domain I don't control?
Saturday September 20 2008
8:04PM 0 net rpc info failure accessing XP: NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE
7:44PM 2 loging user actions
3:36PM 0 inherit permission vs directory mask
2:21PM 0 Cannot browse, 'net view' fails, but 'net use x: \\server\share' works [ANSWER]
Friday September 19 2008
8:37PM 2 smbstatus - switched off computers are sometimes showed
4:23PM 1 WindBind and Multiple Domains ?
1:19PM 2 PID-File smbd/nmbd
1:11PM 0 Windows XP SP3 Freenas and Centos same problem copying large files
12:42PM 0 acl reset
10:35AM 1 LDAP-Backend: How to store 'employeeNumber' in 'sambaGroupMapping'?
5:50AM 1 joining samba server to Active Directory for
5:34AM 2 LDAP user search request includes domain
4:20AM 0 Can't authenticate users from both domains in forest
Thursday September 18 2008
9:31PM 0 Migrating from Samba PDC to Windows Server 2003?
9:18PM 1 Samba user file Red hat 5 EL
8:07PM 0 Using local Windows and AD accounts with SAMBA
7:42PM 0 Problems during "make install"
5:25PM 1 Fwd: Sol9 make failure of samba 3.2.2 with gcc 3.4.6 --
4:24PM 1 Samba with 2 NICs
2:52PM 2 [ANNOUNCE] Samba 3.2.4 Available for Download
2:28PM 3 Rid generation
12:36PM 1 print job counter never decreases
8:11AM 0 domain user?
8:10AM 4 WG: WG: Strange!!! Clients only log on to samba bdc
7:03AM 0 Update from 3.0.29 to 3.2.3 --> smbd panic
6:00AM 1 WG: Strange!!! Clients only log on to samba bdc
4:14AM 1 primary group
1:47AM 1 Leopard SMB File Move Permissions Bug ?
Wednesday September 17 2008
10:59PM 2 Slow "run as ...", firewall issues.
9:27PM 1 red hat 5 EL
2:54PM 0 samba server peer disconnect
1:50PM 1 winbind problems
10:00AM 0 Samba PDC + Kerberos
8:00AM 1 Difference between samba 3.2.x and samba 3.3.x
7:57AM 0 move or copy a directory (and her files) and ACL
6:19AM 0 Strange!!! Clients only log on to samba bdc
6:11AM 1 WG: Samba LDAP entries for Password Change
Tuesday September 16 2008
11:51PM 0 Unable to Create a LocalGroup, NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED
10:37PM 1 Why are some error messages printed to stdout?
10:37PM 1 Question "Access Denied"
8:14PM 1 Solaris 8 & samba 3.2.3: present but cannot be compiled
6:46PM 0 testjoin fails, but join works
3:01PM 1 what's good for security=ads ?
2:28PM 1 Samba LDAP entries for Password Change
12:30PM 1 sync always, strict sync, cache question
6:29AM 1 dabase file and oplocks
5:46AM 0 Migrating AD Users/Groups to samba-ldap server
Monday September 15 2008
9:37PM 2 samba migration woes
9:25PM 2 write only permissions
9:13PM 0 Mac OS 10.5.5
7:52PM 2 Network Help
7:14PM 0 net rpc vampire x Windows 2003 Server
5:15PM 0 call_nt_transact_ioctl(0x9005c)
3:26PM 0 rcsmbd4wins smaba 3.031 infinite error loop sys_gethosbyname:Unknown host
12:49PM 4 inherited acl
9:36AM 1 parameters default value
12:47AM 0 SAMBA and AIX. Reconnect from W2k3 Terminal Server
Saturday September 13 2008
5:45PM 0 thanks
5:36PM 0 FW: Manual replication of PDC
4:27PM 1 winbind configuration
12:07PM 1 openvpn
Friday September 12 2008
6:30PM 1 Problems getting list of shares
5:40PM 2 Solaris 10 - Samba authentication Question
2:09PM 0 CUPS log files flooding
1:55PM 5 Samba Shortfalls?
1:03AM 2 smbldaptools not creating unix group/users
12:10AM 1 search engine for a fileserver
Thursday September 11 2008
11:06PM 1 long delay accessing print properties on client
10:18PM 1 Trouble finding all smb shares on network
2:27PM 0 @ signs in usernames/multi-tenant samba
2:22PM 1 Two samba related openldap overlays
12:33PM 2 odd mac situation
Wednesday September 10 2008
6:08PM 1 samaba winwind
2:42PM 1 Samba + NFS + APACHE + PHP5 + Symfony
2:25PM 2 samba and ssl certificates?
12:13PM 2 UID&GID no same at two server...
11:40AM 0 samba - fetch NT ACLS permissions
2:20AM 1 Samba, pam, NIS and password changes
Tuesday September 9 2008
10:01PM 3 parallel administration tool for PCs?
8:58PM 2 Failed to retrieve password from secrets.tdb with anonymous bind
7:09PM 0 Samba+LDAP: Vista clients logging out upon logon
5:59PM 1 Samba 3.2.3 as a PDC will not load profiles with Vista
3:47PM 1 shadowLastChange problem with Samba+OpenLDAP
2:52PM 1 Samba 3.0.28a onwards "allow trusted domains" has no effect?
1:35PM 0 Terminal Server login with Samba & OpenLDAP as PDC fails
12:44PM 2 XP cannot read files after upgrade to Debian Samba 3.2.3
12:30PM 2 Samba VFS recyclebin hide
10:15AM 0 Panic or segfault in Samba
8:28AM 0 protocol negotiation failed
6:16AM 1 WG: XP Client sees two files with same name.
Monday September 8 2008
7:30PM 0 Share access on new server
10:42AM 0 Help request from non-expert: mounting a samba drive with the right charset for accented filenames
8:10AM 1 Clients disconnecting and msword problem.
8:07AM 0 (Re-open Bug #3056) Tries to re-create Builtin-Groups over and over again
5:50AM 0 some questions
3:48AM 0 wrong userPassword hash generated by smbpasswd (pam_password=exop and smbk5pwd ) on a samba+ldap PDC running on FreeBSD
Sunday September 7 2008
11:41PM 0 Samba out of the box ?
2:24AM 0 Re: winbind separator problem -after reboot -Solved
12:22AM 1 winbind separator problem -after reboot
Saturday September 6 2008
9:57AM 0 XP Client sees two files with same name.
Friday September 5 2008
9:56PM 0 OPLOCK1 and OPLOCK2 tests failing
9:48PM 0 The specified network name is no longer available
8:33AM 1 How to add registry file via netlogon script ?
7:40AM 0 smbmount: reading changes ntfs journal
1:18AM 2 On way trust issue
Thursday September 4 2008
10:48PM 2 why both smbd.log and log.smbd?
10:41PM 1 Samba Group issues - LDAP
9:26PM 0 roaming profiles problem
6:52PM 1 open_fake_file_shared: access_denied
5:30PM 0 huge number of port 139 messages in nmbd.log
4:12PM 0 recycle not working
3:55PM 3 Inexistant file displayed by samba
3:31PM 1 method to simulate domain logon from a node?
1:44PM 1 net ads join failed
12:35PM 0 Inherit Owner
11:35AM 0 sidHistory
10:12AM 3 Samba server as part of AD domain keeps asking for username and password
Wednesday September 3 2008
3:41PM 0 Winbind + Win2003 ADS + Trusted Domain Issue
3:20PM 0 access denied with ntback and samba shares
3:01PM 2 how was my samba compiled?
2:43PM 1 Anonymous connection to Samba PDC?
2:37PM 1 User permissions - nil authorised users
1:38PM 0 WG: universal netlogon script
1:12PM 5 universal netlogon script
10:08AM 1 smbpasswd web frontend
9:36AM 0 addprinter from rpcclient fails
8:44AM 1 samba start randomly a second nmbd process
Tuesday September 2 2008
10:56PM 3 upgrade broke XP workstation logins, variably
9:25PM 0 Samba and file system permissions (secondary/auxillary/non-primary groups)
7:40PM 1 Winbind 3.2.3 error with trusted domains
2:05PM 0 Connection to sambaserver failed
8:42AM 4 Permission denied on mounted CIFS share
5:29AM 5 Unable to Join Domain
2:47AM 1 Samba how to configure
Monday September 1 2008
3:58PM 0 Problem running the packaging script for the first time
10:04AM 1 winbindd freezes on name requests
5:14AM 1 samba + LDAP issue
1:11AM 1 the field ttl in struct referral doesn't work