rsync - May 2014

Saturday May 31 2014
1:38AM 1 [Bug 10643] New: cmp_time() returns incorrect result due to integer overflow
Friday May 30 2014
11:59PM 1 OS X and rsync: unpack_smb_acl errors and --numeric-ids
Thursday May 29 2014
2:03PM 0 feature request: hardlink (link-dest) feature on server side
Wednesday May 28 2014
6:21AM 0 Flush delete command on rsync exit with --remove-source-files
Tuesday May 27 2014
6:01PM 0 [Bug 10638] New: Add include/exclude files by mime type
3:06PM 1 [Bug 10637] New: rsync --link-dest should break hard links when encountering "Too many links"
2:08PM 1 [Bug 10636] New: Feature request: Show current source path on receipt of Posix signal
Monday May 26 2014
11:02PM 0 Rsync 3.1.1pre2 released
2:47AM 1 rsync for windows doesn't like "--rsh"?
12:41AM 2 [Bug 10629] New: rsync follows symlinks that point to same directory / endless loop
Wednesday May 21 2014
7:39AM 0 [Bug 10621] New: Allow Filter Rule Imports Relative to Importer
Friday May 16 2014
8:28AM 1 [Bug 10611] New: No error code returned when removing source file failed
Monday May 12 2014
10:57PM 0 Incremental RSYNC on symbolic links only filesystem
Friday May 9 2014
11:10PM 4 [Bug 10603] New: rsync between local folder and mounted nfs folder sometimes overwrites newer files
5:45PM 1 [Bug 10601] New: Retry Delay for Vanished Files/Directories
Wednesday May 7 2014
8:13AM 1 directory permissions not set until all files copied
Tuesday May 6 2014
10:27AM 0 can rsync server side returns some status code to rsync client?
Monday May 5 2014
1:02PM 1 configure issue when libattr is in a non-standard location?
Thursday May 1 2014
1:57PM 0 [Bug 10581] New: --fuzzy-delay and --fuzzy-limit for fuzzy match tuning
1:09PM 4 [Bug 10580] New: Total file size reported wrong with --stats --info=progress2