rsync - Mar 2008

Monday March 31 2008
1:54PM 2 another iconv question
10:12AM 1 RFE: Lockfile option for use in cronjobs
7:30AM 1 Rsync 3.0.1pre3 released
3:35AM 2 transfer stats wrong?
Sunday March 30 2008
7:07PM 1 using rsync on raw device
6:39PM 3 replicating a live directory
7:06AM 2 Rsync on windows
Friday March 28 2008
11:05PM 1 3.0.0pre2 error on module, fine on subdir
5:34PM 0 Hard Links on Windows?
4:57PM 1 Windows backup API in rsync port?
3:57PM 4 rsync: writefd_unbuffered failed to write 4 bytes [sender]: Broken pipe
11:43AM 3 Major rsync issue - overwriting files!!!
3:53AM 1 bwlimit on rsync locally
Thursday March 27 2008
6:45PM 0 Filter syntax question
4:49PM 2 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5356] New: SELinux extended attributes incompatibility: Linux kernel 2.6.9 and 2.6.18
2:33PM 1 overflow: linkname_len
8:05AM 0 Can the transliteration patch be added to the mainline code?
1:05AM 0 Rsync 3.0.1pre2 released
Wednesday March 26 2008
9:24PM 1 rsync 3.0.1pre -H fails assertion
1:58AM 1 Installation and configuration of rsync in AIX
12:48AM 2 Max files/buffer overflow
Tuesday March 25 2008
4:16PM 3 rsync errors
2:28PM 1 rsync daemon did not chdir back after chdir in module path
12:26PM 0 Rsync failures when things are going too fast ?
9:33AM 1 [ Cron <chris@home> rsync -r --exclude /In/ --exclude /Lirsync error message that I don't understand
5:22AM 0 Rsync 3.0.1pre1 released
Monday March 24 2008
1:12PM 2 --no-dirs seem not to explude "d"
Sunday March 23 2008
6:54PM 3 Issue with rsync 3.0.0 and iconv
1:56PM 1 [PATCH] allow to change the block size used to handle sparse files
Saturday March 22 2008
9:06AM 2 How does flist work
Friday March 21 2008
4:20PM 0 rsync 3.0.0
10:46AM 3 rsync hanging at "generate_files phase=1"
Thursday March 20 2008
8:52PM 2 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5343] New: rsync does nothing after first time
11:19AM 1 iconv
Wednesday March 19 2008
6:56PM 1 rsync --server -e VERSION issue
5:14PM 2 rsync fails to exclude... sometimes?
2:20AM 0 [PATCH] Unsnarl missing_below/dry_run logic.
Tuesday March 18 2008
5:53PM 1 static compile of rsync
3:14AM 0 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 4561] Add options --tweak, --no-tweak, --no-tweak-hlinked
Monday March 17 2008
8:35PM 0 [PATCH] Attempt to rewrite the description of the filter parameters in rsyncd.conf.yo.
3:37PM 0 [PATCH] Fix typo in rsyncd.conf man page.
3:16PM 3 rsync Windows UNC
Sunday March 16 2008
9:00AM 2 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5327] New: rsync hangs when using --remove-source-files with a bunch of files
Friday March 14 2008
9:39PM 2 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5325] New: cannot find popt.h at compile time
7:38PM 0 get_xattr_names not permitted
2:21PM 11 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5324] New: with option --xattrs the process rsync is more long time
1:42PM 1 Rsync Failed 3072
12:12PM 2 Incremental file updates over a network, NFS?
12:23AM 1 Possibile rsync --link-dest or --compare-dest bug
Thursday March 13 2008
7:30PM 0 [PATCH] More itemize clarifications.
3:02PM 3 untransferred files
12:42PM 7 Suggestions for basic rsync configuration
12:25PM 1 Group name vs. GID
1:57AM 1 Can a rsync server use MySQL for authentication
Wednesday March 12 2008
3:03PM 2 (cw)rsync 3.0.0 incompatible with 2.6.9
1:19PM 2 tired of typing long paths
4:05AM 2 seeding
3:45AM 0 Uppercase directories on windows don't work
Tuesday March 11 2008
8:43PM 1 syncing multiple instances of code in same tree
5:25PM 2 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5318] New: Rsync assertion in check_prior() when using --append
2:00PM 1 error allocating core memory buffers with certain iconv args
4:53AM 0 [PATCH] Improve --help descriptions of --*-dels options.
4:53AM 0 [PATCH] Comment an obscure bit of code that sets the --suffix-dels default.
4:53AM 0 [PATCH] Protect files ending with --suffix-dels as well as --suffix.
2:55AM 1 [PATCH] Add --no-y.
2:42AM 0 Rsync 3.0.0 universal binary availible?
1:00AM 0 Rsync maintainability
Monday March 10 2008
4:56PM 2 PGP keys?
4:56PM 2 New rsync option checksum-path
10:43AM 2 The server is configured to refuse --iconv
4:23AM 2 Rsync itemizing "t" (should be "T") when lutimes fails on recreated symlink
12:25AM 2 Do we need excluded_below?
Sunday March 9 2008
5:38PM 1 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5316] New: Segmentation fault on transfer from/to different machines
2:52AM 5 --backup-dir-dels=DIR patch
Saturday March 8 2008
12:49PM 1 rsync 3.0 and rssh
Friday March 7 2008
10:01PM 1 Deleting modified files
1:34PM 1 --detect-moved patch and --link-dest
5:11AM 1 --server combined with -e option
3:32AM 2 rsync3 universal binary for Mac OS X?
Thursday March 6 2008
6:39PM 1 Where is the signing key for rsync?
4:56PM 2 rsync: Please add an option to ignore vanished files
4:39PM 1 rsync: always modify atime of all destination files
7:59AM 4 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5309] New: double free or corruption while using rsync 3.0.0 stable
3:37AM 0 Incremental backups too large
Wednesday March 5 2008
10:32PM 0 Rsync 3.0.0 and Mac OS X
9:55PM 0 --fake-super and xattr between Linux and Solaris 10
8:52PM 1 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5304] New: failed to set times (symlinks)
8:19PM 1 Directory with ! in filename
1:50PM 2 update rysnc 3.0 on ubuntu 7
Tuesday March 4 2008
11:00PM 3 Could you make the 2.6.9 source available via http again?
6:07PM 1 when rsync is called with -4 or -6, pass that on to ssh [PATCH]
6:06PM 0 RSync on Netware
4:43PM 1 Several changes missing from [HEAD] fileflags.diff
11:17AM 1 preserve ctimes of *unchanged* directories on receiver
9:05AM 5 crypting remote data
Monday March 3 2008
10:52PM 0 3.0.1 Test Success MacOS X 10.4.11
9:33PM 1 Passed all tests with flying colors on Mac OS X 10.4.11 - synopsis of installation and testing
8:17PM 1 rsync 3.0.0 apparently crashing when running a single-use "daemon" server process
3:49PM 2 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5301] New: rsync 3.0.0 copyright dates not updated to 2008
2:38PM 1 PST Rsync Issues
2:35PM 1 --append option description in manpage typo
12:27PM 1 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5300] New: --xattrs-exclude and --xattrs-exclude-from
10:14AM 1 delete without copy
5:06AM 7 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5299] New: 2.6.9 client cannot receive files from 3.0.0 server
Sunday March 2 2008
10:16PM 2 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5298] New: xattrs and acls do not work well together along with fake-super, even worse on XFS
7:49PM 1 3.0.0 test failure MacOS X 10.4.11
4:50PM 1 Wrong uptodate
2:30PM 1 using rsync for mirroring: deleted files from source and kept in dest, better handling?
4:08AM 1 Rsync sending complete file?
12:12AM 3 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5297] New: merge test fails
12:08AM 3 congrats!
12:02AM 6 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5296] New: Failed to create rounding.h!
Saturday March 1 2008
9:31PM 6 Rsync 3.0.0 released