rspec users - Oct 2007

Wednesday October 31 2007
4:53PM 5 Rspec Release Plan (was Am I missing something with Heckle?)
4:34PM 6 Autotest busted with Rspec/Rails trunk
3:51PM 0 testing "XML views"
2:30PM 12 autotest displays no output
12:05AM 16 Am I missing something with Heckle?
Tuesday October 30 2007
8:38PM 1 flash should be empty (typeError)?
2:20PM 7 RSpec Texmate Bundle errors
6:31AM 1 Facets and/or Nested Describes
Monday October 29 2007
6:53PM 2 rspec throws exception (nameError)
1:04PM 7 rake spec default environment
Sunday October 28 2007
10:27PM 4 A better way to stub out constants
3:21AM 2 failing test with nested controller routes
Saturday October 27 2007
10:53PM 2 spec_distributed with rails
5:12PM 2 Strange warnings with view specs
5:10PM 3 rake spec:rcov failing
Friday October 26 2007
11:26PM 2 Examples of writing controller specs that use authentication
5:23PM 7 rspec_autotest failing
4:46PM 1 Spec custom finders
4:39PM 7 Weird failing spec
2:04PM 3 Textmate Formatting has gone away
1:45PM 2 rspec and capistrano
1:35PM 3 Specing with Subdomains as Account Keys
10:55AM 5 specing rescue, ensure and else blocks of an Exception
12:51AM 4 spec_server doesn''t update ''required'' files
Thursday October 25 2007
5:28PM 0 MountainWest RubyConf 2008
2:23PM 1 Mocking/Stubbing help with subdomain as account key
8:23AM 1 Plain Text Stories: Part III
7:21AM 0 How to spec a render:update call
6:11AM 0 specs for RJS
5:30AM 3 "WARNING" after each spec
4:42AM 1 Mocking within a Proc/Block?
3:58AM 6 Rollbacks, Sqlite3 bug
1:06AM 3 Setting session values
1:03AM 3 Specs with -X fail
1:00AM 3 Mocking Workers in Backgroundrb
Wednesday October 24 2007
10:49PM 3 How do you specify a rubygem is being required?
9:34PM 1 Alternate File "require" line in TextMate bundle
3:20PM 1 Stubbing Kernel.` (backquote)
1:56PM 3 Using Mechanize in Story Step Implementations
8:57AM 0 RSpec''d plugin in a non-RSpec rails app?
5:07AM 3 changes to Story Runner steps
4:35AM 3 Working with the response DOM
Tuesday October 23 2007
8:31PM 10 How is everyone structuring stories?
3:34PM 9 Running rails specs outside of the normal project tree
3:07PM 6 Problem Upgrading from 1.0.5 to 1.0.8
Monday October 22 2007
4:10PM 1 installing rspec/rspec_on_rails as system wide generator (or similar)
3:06PM 13 An error on edge at -r 2767
4:29AM 0 Pending should_receive shows as FIXED
2:49AM 1 View spec response has no content?
Sunday October 21 2007
11:33PM 18 plain text stories
4:48PM 0 Quick facets hack
1:32PM 10 Preferred mock framework
10:01AM 8 Interesting shared behaviour side-effect
Saturday October 20 2007
7:30PM 1 Using unit_record and rspec (previously "Keeping unit tests from hitting the DB")
2:19PM 3 TextMate bundle in MacroMates repo
2:18PM 14 Problems with form_for and partials
Friday October 19 2007
6:45PM 11 Patch idea for rspec_on_rails
4:18PM 3 Stubbing a Kernel method?
1:25PM 27 Assumption tests
Thursday October 18 2007
10:14PM 4 Mocking models provided in Rails plugins
2:51PM 6 spec:models depends on development db:migration
1:23PM 1 RSPec and rails 2.0 plan
12:58PM 0 rake spec:models failing
11:04AM 4 Feeding the framework ?
8:33AM 12 first cut at blockless given/when/then
Wednesday October 17 2007
8:00PM 16 rspec causing validates_presence_of to validate twice?
4:27PM 15 Any tips on teaching BDD with RSpec?
3:34PM 0 blog on TDD from acceptance/functional testing
3:08PM 0 helpful blog on Acceptance Testing/Unit Testing
2:41PM 9 plain text stories: motivation number 27
5:04AM 0 should_receive
5:01AM 4 works in script but not in rake
Tuesday October 16 2007
10:23PM 10 Scenarios Plugin Pre-Announcement
9:53PM 5 RailsStory - lessons learned
7:11PM 2 Spec dirs not in path?
4:48PM 2 Does a mock model have to satisfy contraints
3:04PM 6 RailsStory runner - empty response
3:01PM 3 Controller iterating through returned records and appending to each
1:37PM 0 new screencast on rspec
6:45AM 2 Named routes in controller not working?
6:12AM 1 Stub ActionController::Base#params
4:14AM 6 Failure trying to test ApplicationController
2:44AM 3 generate script_controller not creating test code
2:35AM 12 Example for attr_accessible?
Monday October 15 2007
9:30PM 0 intro article
6:39PM 1 TextMate File Type Detection for RSpec & Rails
6:38PM 14 Top Quoting?
5:32PM 3 Spec::Rails::DSL::HelperEvalContextController: missing defau
10:59AM 0 Story Runner: ''When..Then..Then..Then'' stories
9:47AM 2 Story Runner: Two ''then'' steps output as ''then..and'' :)
6:27AM 4 Stories location
Sunday October 14 2007
8:12PM 40 Step matchers
3:47AM 1 Story Runner: DRYing items used in many stories
Saturday October 13 2007
2:21PM 1 specing system
3:58AM 13 Story Runner: Readability of output with multiple params
3:50AM 3 [RSpec] Unexpected behavior using TextMate Bundle...
Friday October 12 2007
7:19PM 3 Strange mock_model behaviour with ActiveResource model
5:38PM 0 Speccing a rake task
4:42PM 1 Edge rspec - running Test::Unit tests
2:33PM 6 locals in partials
Thursday October 11 2007
8:46PM 4 [RSpec] Question about using TextMate Bundle...
6:48PM 2 Login testing ideas
5:51PM 2 Incompatibility Issues after updating CURRENT
2:33PM 3 Autotest and RSpect
Wednesday October 10 2007
11:28PM 9 Rspec Textmate bundle errors
9:45PM 2 RSpec seems to be having a hard time loading Helper classes
Tuesday October 9 2007
6:29PM 23 Testing layouts with RSpec on Rails
Monday October 8 2007
7:54PM 0 Can''t debug specs in Netbeans
6:05PM 6 stub actions that depend on the parameter
5:07PM 6 spec''in controllers request for nested routes
3:15PM 0 (no subject)
3:14PM 17 (no subject)
2:37PM 0 Using mocks in classes
Sunday October 7 2007
7:43AM 0 Is there a way to use the rescue_action defined in a controller in the controller''s specs?
3:31AM 2 Specing exit codes
Saturday October 6 2007
6:31PM 4 spec''ing views, mock_model associations
12:31PM 4 NO NAME (Because of --dry-run) output
Friday October 5 2007
9:44PM 13 spec''ing view render partial collection, local variable not found
8:53PM 9 I can''t make RSpec 1.0.8 run in Rails 1.2.3
8:11PM 0 RSpec Trunk - Successful : Rake Aborted
7:50PM 2 Rails, rSpec edge problems
7:30PM 1 Rake & Story Runner
6:35PM 2 Stories VS Scenarios
1:19PM 20 RSpec Book(s) on the radar
9:58AM 4 have_xml_tag
5:42AM 7 Easy AR association stubbing
Thursday October 4 2007
11:56PM 3 Is stubbing a call to super possible?
11:31PM 2 nested describe blocks
10:11PM 1 PUT- or POST-ing xml
4:41PM 7 Using Predicates to look at an array..
11:37AM 1 Cookies in RSpec
10:33AM 5 Specs and Libs
3:40AM 16 Spec/Test Speed
Wednesday October 3 2007
8:23PM 4 TextMate language weirdness
Tuesday October 2 2007
6:02PM 6 Rails 2.0 Preview Release and RSpec Trunk
5:59PM 4 align the runner
4:37PM 3 Note on Rails 2.0 Preview
3:29PM 6 color output?
11:13AM 0 Rails 2.0 & rspec edge - not protected_against_forgery?
2:10AM 1 flash in story runner
Monday October 1 2007
10:26PM 3 Tarball anyone
5:30PM 1 have_tag and line numbers
4:04PM 0 View Spec - Misbehaving
5:26AM 15 how to spec views