Rails - Oct 2014

Friday October 31 2014
11:32AM 0 Growing Start Up - £1m Funding - Goolge, BBC and Jamie Oliver are Clients!
Thursday October 30 2014
7:00PM 0 Rails 3.2.20, 4.0.11, 4.1.7, and 4.2.0.beta3 have been released
5:56PM 0 has_many through association on unsaved objects
4:11PM 0 Unable to delete the table created.
3:14PM 0 rails prefix url
Wednesday October 29 2014
10:17PM 0 Need Quality E-Commerce Samples
6:22PM 0 rails version and copying app
4:27PM 0 auto-reloading and local gems
5:32AM 0 Integrating Redmine with ticketing system
4:35AM 0 Looking for Ruby on Rails coders [JOB]
Tuesday October 28 2014
7:21PM 0 Testing before filters with RSpec custom matcher
3:04PM 0 Search dialog in Website for advanced search in model
2:12PM 0 Convenience methods
1:14PM 0 Getting doublets of records while using an offset
11:51AM 0 schema.rb - datetime vs timestamp
6:10AM 0 Ruby on High Speed Rails: Debian Stable Vagrant box
1:17AM 0 Creating multiple views for a database table .. routing not working
Monday October 27 2014
7:24PM 0 :to argument to match() -- how is it converted to class/method name
2:22AM 0 Async web responses in Rails - discussion - inspired by Rails Enqueue API
Sunday October 26 2014
12:07AM 0 How to present search criteria before displaying list?
Friday October 24 2014
6:14PM 0 [JOB] Ruby Developer Position in Northern Virginia/DC Area
3:29PM 0 Build activity streams with Rails and getstream.io
Thursday October 23 2014
5:05PM 0 auto_discover_link_tag ignores url_options
5:16AM 0 Does anyone know how to use Net:HTTP make soap request?
Wednesday October 22 2014
8:06AM 0 View context issue when inheriting from an engine controller
6:18AM 0 Store query globally
Tuesday October 21 2014
9:04PM 0 building join queries and using the association name in the where method
8:54PM 0 Help with small rails app
7:12PM 0 Debian Stable Vagrant box for Ruby on Rails
5:18PM 0 [JOBS] Ruby on Rails Technical Developer
3:38PM 0 Securely redirecting to the same page with one param changed
2:14PM 0 Rais Rumble Applications
7:08AM 0 Newbie : how to use MongoDB instead of SQLite3 ?
12:23AM 0 Tableless Models
12:03AM 0 Rails console gets exception when loading oci8. Rake and irb work ok
Monday October 20 2014
10:56PM 0 Controller::UrlGenerationError
5:34PM 0 getting userID from session into newly created records
Sunday October 19 2014
6:31PM 0 ANN: Raptor, a new Ruby web server, ~4x faster than Unicorn, ~2x faster than Puma, Torquebox
3:23AM 0 Does anyone know RoR reporting tools?
1:18AM 0 Hi, let me help you as your Junior Rails dev teammate
Saturday October 18 2014
8:49PM 0 Request headers name normalization
8:06PM 0 NameError: uninitialized constant ActiveRecord::FixtureSet::RenderContext::Fixtures
2:09PM 0 Ajax bootstrap modal in rails 4.. Newbie here!
Friday October 17 2014
7:46AM 0 Radio button required field class
Thursday October 16 2014
6:39PM 0 Why not use a different DB user for migrations
1:16PM 0 Ruby on Rails (ROR) Development Services
11:49AM 0 question on 'create_table' with limit option
Wednesday October 15 2014
10:58PM 0 Rendering 'update' form partial using AJAX
9:01PM 0 before_update callback is called when new record is created
8:56PM 0 Problema con variable en ruby on rails
4:50PM 0 Rails 4 testing- RSPEC + Capybara + current_user
7:46AM 0 PG::ConnectionBad: could not connect to server: No such file or directory
2:05AM 0 Can't connect to localhost:3000
Tuesday October 14 2014
8:26PM 0 Rails & rescue from memory leaks
2:11PM 0 [JOB] Sr. Developer in Bethesda, MD
Monday October 13 2014
3:47PM 0 Updating a production
Sunday October 12 2014
11:39PM 0 Posting rails application online
5:13PM 0 Senior Ruby on Rails Developer - Berlin - Visasponsoring
1:32AM 0 One huge table or separate tables? design issue
12:02AM 0 what is the best way to create a rota
Friday October 10 2014
7:05PM 0 JOBS VA, MD, DC -Hire or Contract federal funded projects.
3:30PM 0 Logging in to WordPress from Rails
1:19PM 0 [Test][Javascript][noob-question]
1:08PM 0 ActiveSupport::Concern small question
9:42AM 0 instaling rails 4.0.8
3:17AM 0 Get the class name of the class who called the parent instance method.
Thursday October 9 2014
11:14PM 0 How to use has_many :through association??
12:05PM 0 Problema multiples foreing_key en misma tabla
10:26AM 0 display ppt file in rails application
3:37AM 0 Why doesn't form_for default to 'create' action?
12:37AM 0 Hobo and other gems for rapid prototyping
Wednesday October 8 2014
9:21PM 0 Can not find file sqlite3_native.so
5:03PM 0 serving html pages with <script> tags pointing at my .js files
3:06PM 0 Instance variable looses value upon render
1:40PM 0 Hello, How to choose values based on the selected above?
1:29PM 0 Help Me
1:20PM 0 Rails 3 belongs to validation
1:04PM 0 Ruby on Rails performance on lots of requests and DB updates per second
3:50AM 0 New gem: copy_rails_tutorial
Tuesday October 7 2014
5:56PM 0 building an app with someone else's web design
1:24PM 0 Get multiple values checkbox tag
12:07PM 0 [JOB] Looking for Ruby on Rails Senior Developer/Developer (London,UK)
1:14AM 0 Accessing and updating Devise current user in a different controller
Monday October 6 2014
7:47PM 0 [JOB] API Developer Evangelist in Bethesda, MD
12:17PM 0 [Feature idea] Truncating timestamp precision
10:53AM 0 Devise gem User Authentication
10:19AM 0 Install ROR on Linux
4:14AM 0 Could not find a JavaScript runtime
Sunday October 5 2014
4:47PM 0 Cannot access image_path in library class
Friday October 3 2014
4:53PM 0 Access asset from asset-pipeline inside a gem
8:15AM 0 What makes YOU a happy Ruby on Rails developer?
5:57AM 0 Gem: Bootstrap-Material-Design Released
3:10AM 0 Carrierwave save nil value on database
1:31AM 0 [JOBS] Remote Mid to Junior Role - reinteractive - Rails & Systems Operations
Thursday October 2 2014
11:09PM 0 template inheritance and nested view directories
1:31PM 0 Instant messaging/2 way Chat in Rails
1:11PM 0 [JOBS] Ruby on Rails and Java Developer required in London
10:07AM 0 Rails and Jquery
Wednesday October 1 2014
4:05PM 0 Model::import raises NameError
1:16AM 0 Active Nil ID
12:59AM 0 [JOBS] Senior RoR Developer .Good with Android and knowledgable with Front-End. Sydney CBD