Rails - Nov 2014

Friday November 21 2014
6:01PM 0 JQuery ui accordion not working in ajax call in ruby on rails
4:12PM 0 db:migrate
11:53AM 0 New website for ruby on rails jobs
Thursday November 20 2014
11:51PM 0 Hiring Ruby / Rails Developers in Orange County! Build Game Systems in Web Technologies.
9:18PM 0 My new Rails app: Lose Money Fast
7:13PM 0 Any reason to use minitest instead of Rspec
3:56PM 0 Mysql2::Error: This connection is still waiting for a result, try again once you have the result
2:55PM 0 gem 'devise' error
Wednesday November 19 2014
10:40PM 0 date_select -> params ok but nil
7:35PM 0 Concurrency in Ruby on Rails 4
7:32PM 0 Rails and have been released
12:49PM 0 incompatible character encodings: ASCII-8BIT and UTF-8
Tuesday November 18 2014
10:07PM 0 rails server
9:37PM 0 [JOBS]
8:31PM 0 Free tickets to hack.summit() - A Virtual Programming Conference Featuring Top Programmers
8:22PM 0 Mail notifications to self Net::SMTPAuthenticationError
6:31PM 0 Rake tasks
3:52PM 0 Looking for a Ruby Programmer in Rhode Island
1:28PM 0 Hiring Ruby on Rails Developer -nerdapplabs-Noida
Monday November 17 2014
5:17PM 0 Advanced string comparison using
4:13PM 0 Rails 3.2.21, 4.0.12, and 4.1.8 have been released
10:25AM 0 Writeexcel gem - bitmap image not writing into the spreadsheet
Sunday November 16 2014
6:58PM 0 Ruby test a single file through terminal
4:43PM 0 Fetch followeres in circle in Google Plus in rails
2:52PM 0 Commenting out default generated fixtures
9:35AM 0 I created an anonymous community only for engineers, check it out!
3:14AM 0 Auction associations and methods
Saturday November 15 2014
1:51PM 0 Reading I18n file content in rails controller
9:36AM 0 Error: The path `/home/user/projects/rails_engine/vendor/engines/blorgh` does not exist.
Friday November 14 2014
7:22PM 0 Engines: How to write tests that depend upon main app models?
8:27AM 0 Rails better way to have migration
4:37AM 0 Metaprogramming Q: Calling an external class method on after_save
1:03AM 0 How to generate database.yml
Thursday November 13 2014
9:02PM 0 Heroku article on creating a direct to S3 upload
6:44PM 0 Using Migrations to load user data?
4:25PM 0 image resize
3:30PM 0 SortHelper combined columns
1:29PM 0 Ruby - Iterating over a Nested Hash
10:34AM 0 Rails4 - How to design model to save multiple items for a table's column?
7:35AM 0 heroku not supporting website from othr web source..
Wednesday November 12 2014
4:20PM 0 Fixtures best practices: need to find sample open-source web app
Tuesday November 11 2014
4:13PM 0 ROR Mailers- Newby to Ruby needs help
9:45AM 0 Logout Does not working in Production Environment
6:13AM 0 OpenSSL certificate error in sending email using gmail smtp
Monday November 10 2014
8:05PM 0 undefined method `symbolize_keys' for
2:05PM 0 RoR vs SMS
Sunday November 9 2014
2:28PM 0 What is a purpose of Rails.root/tmp/sessions ?
6:54AM 0 Rails4 - How to receive and send JSON data securely through Ajax and store it?
1:12AM 0 Job || Looking to Hire a Rails developer in dallas or Texas
Saturday November 8 2014
3:02PM 0 How to i18n dropdown menu values. populated from database table.
1:21PM 0 Excon::Errors::SocketError in Controller#create getaddrinfo: Name or service not known (Socketerror
8:08AM 0 Junior and his project
Friday November 7 2014
9:12PM 0 JOB: Seeking experience Ruby on Rails SW Engr. Sign On Bonus!! Referral Bonus!!
8:50PM 0 JOB: Ruby on Rails SW Engineer - Raleigh NC
10:33AM 0 Installing hiredis on Windows
9:01AM 0 Looking for Senior RoR developers for leading IaaS Software vendor
8:05AM 0 Anybody knows what happend to planetrubyonrails.com
3:05AM 0 Query thru association
Thursday November 6 2014
11:11PM 0 ViewInspect - a gem for tracking DOM source location
10:05PM 0 Scaffold invoking Custom Generator
6:40AM 0 How to find the count of the associated models with less number of queries being executed?
12:27AM 0 Front End Web Developer m/f ID04
Wednesday November 5 2014
10:21PM 0 Uber Style Web App
3:10PM 0 Problems with Instance Variable in Controllenr
10:08AM 0 Problems with gem installation when verify_certificate_identity
Tuesday November 4 2014
9:51PM 0 Ruby on Rails Opportunity
7:46PM 0 Experimental JS library with Rails
5:05PM 0 Devise Gem Auto login
8:04AM 0 Live Streaming
1:23AM 0 Displaying ruby code in a view
Monday November 3 2014
3:45PM 0 copy app to another server
1:57AM 0 form_for not passing id?
Sunday November 2 2014
8:12PM 0 No More Javascript Petittion website
3:01PM 0 Database design suggestion required
Saturday November 1 2014
11:07PM 0 Using Dropbox in Rails
7:39PM 0 difference between in_groups and in_groups_of Rails