Rails - Sep 2014

Tuesday September 30 2014
4:53PM 0 New Project needs push notifications
3:21PM 0 [JOBS] Ruby on Rails Developer position at the University of Minnesota's College of Education
9:24AM 0 Deploying Rails Application on Hostgator
3:15AM 0 How to avoid N+1 queries in Rails "each" loops?
Monday September 29 2014
8:39PM 0 ActionController inherit before_filter
2:03PM 0 Rails live video streaming..
9:00AM 0 Rack-offline issue in rails 4 with more details
7:11AM 0 Help in deleting data from database
4:40AM 0 Help please ASAP getting stuck on showing articles
Sunday September 28 2014
3:34PM 0 caching not working with rack::offline in rails 4
12:58PM 0 Verification if RSpec is installed correctly on Ruby
12:50PM 0 Verification if Cucumber is installed correctly on Ruby
4:17AM 0 Models for trivia game app
1:10AM 0 self-referential or other ways for same resource pair
Saturday September 27 2014
7:35PM 0 money gem question
Friday September 26 2014
7:55PM 0 Rails developer needed in Columbus, OH
1:07PM 0 Clender help/advise
12:19PM 0 how to asign strong perameters using radio button checked value in rails
9:42AM 0 Ruby on Rails Developer for Tech Start Up in Basel - Switzerland wanted. Visa sponsorship - only EU
5:51AM 0 A simple Pomelo clone written in Ruby using EventMachine.
Thursday September 25 2014
8:20PM 0 Rspec for polymorphic classes
3:41PM 0 Abstract vs Polymorphic
11:39AM 0 Back Button
9:02AM 0 Vacancy - Lead Developer for our Ruby On Rails Team
7:12AM 0 Couldn't find 'migration' generator
Wednesday September 24 2014
6:02PM 0 Check if Active Directory user account disabled
4:18PM 0 Ruby rails
2:13PM 0 Rspec Active Record Problem
11:12AM 0 Controller / irb
5:07AM 0 Please help to me handling special characters in rails-sql
5:04AM 0 Liquid templates - idiomatic rails
Tuesday September 23 2014
10:17PM 0 User on settings page
5:56PM 0 [JOBS] Seeking Contract to Hire Ruby Developer in Minneapolis, MN
9:31AM 0 ThinkingSphinx ConnectionError
Monday September 22 2014
9:18PM 0 The inefficiency of horizontally scaling websockets with the websocket-rails gem
9:47AM 0 Business partner - Senior Developer wanted
6:21AM 0 Looking for whiteboard canvas to be integrated with ROR.
1:18AM 0 [JOBS] Seeking talented Ruby on Rails Engineers
Sunday September 21 2014
12:25PM 0 Setting the default form builder
Saturday September 20 2014
7:49PM 0 Help with ActiveRecord Database tables
7:37PM 0 Doubts on what association to choose
2:55AM 0 Help - using getting started with rails guide.
Friday September 19 2014
3:46PM 0 [JOB] Ruby on Rails developer in Washington DC
2:07AM 0 Cannot load rspec/core/rake_task
12:31AM 0 [JOBS] Rails work available with Surplustronics in Auckland
Thursday September 18 2014
11:51PM 0 Migration Trouble
8:54PM 0 Looking for Ruby on Rails Programmer (ROR) - Fulltime + benefits
6:51PM 0 Hello.. Please let me know if anyone is looking out for a job as Ruby on Rails Developer in MN.
6:49PM 0 Backend support for game
5:08PM 0 How to deal with css files only for specific pages.
11:39AM 0 Web Server Error
8:35AM 0 ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid (OCIError: ORA-00001: unique constraint (xxxxxxxx) violated:
Wednesday September 17 2014
10:32PM 0 How to merge records in Mongoid
7:23PM 0 So why 3000?
12:18PM 0 FUll Calendar
11:23AM 0 Rails4 Subdomain with devise authentication?
6:02AM 0 Starting up the Web Server Error
1:20AM 0 Notification System(social-network-like)
Tuesday September 16 2014
5:22PM 0 Learning Rails, how to walk through relations in template?
2:59AM 0 $ rails --version : Output checking
2:03AM 0 Logic duplication in scopes & predicates
Monday September 15 2014
8:07PM 0 Ruby / Rails Developer - Contract Opportunity
4:34PM 0 Rails 4: generic route
9:12AM 0 My First Project Help
Sunday September 14 2014
7:22PM 0 No route matches [POST] "/register/sign_up"
3:07PM 0 Cannot install Rails
5:35AM 0 Implementing match-making with Ruby on Rails
2:11AM 0 pushing a local repository to github
Saturday September 13 2014
12:59AM 0 How to make spec and dummy in ruby gem project
Friday September 12 2014
6:48PM 0 Rails 4.1.6 and 4.0.10 have been released!
Thursday September 11 2014
5:05PM 0 Rails app on server
5:00AM 0 Buy high quality Counterfeit EURO,DOLLARS, POUNDS etc (nfernet1-Re5JQEeQqe8AvxtiuMwx3w@public.gmane.org )
2:23AM 0 Chat-room style app with Ruby API backend
Wednesday September 10 2014
6:06PM 0 Long term contract RubyOnRails developer wanted!
3:28PM 0 [ERROR] Unpermitted Parameters: profile (NestedAttributes)
5:09AM 0 Support for Posiflex Thermal Printers in a Rails app
Tuesday September 9 2014
8:17PM 0 Sites listing Ruby on Rails challenges
Monday September 8 2014
8:06PM 0 Attr Accessor in Rails 4
6:30PM 0 Rails 4.1.6.rc2 and 4.0.10.rc2 have been released!
1:57PM 0 Are you a rails programmer that wants to explore EXOTIC ASIA?
1:50PM 0 Forgot to define action - but no error! How is this possible?
1:27PM 0 NoMethodError in Websocket controller
8:56AM 0 Moving an old rails app from windows 2003 server to windows 2008 server.
Sunday September 7 2014
11:27PM 0 Update problems of my Rails3 application to Rails4
7:14AM 0 what is the best way to put this into models
Saturday September 6 2014
10:01PM 0 Foundation "switches"
7:28PM 0 Understanding Rails internals
2:56PM 0 problems while creating a new project in rails
12:11PM 0 Open source support system architecture (ROR) query
Friday September 5 2014
11:18PM 0 Two players card game
6:24AM 0 active_support/secure_random LoadError
Thursday September 4 2014
5:45PM 0 What is best way to define AR scope for this?
12:26AM 0 [JOBS] Seeking Ruby developer for partnership on healthcare project for local 501(c)3 non-profit
Wednesday September 3 2014
6:41PM 0 Token authenctication
5:48PM 0 Summernote not working
5:38PM 0 Select with an alias does not show alias column in "having".
3:07PM 0 Redirect to same server with different port
1:32PM 0 rake:db using mysql3
Tuesday September 2 2014
8:29PM 0 Rails Developer for hire, remote
8:15PM 0 void value expression on model
2:18PM 0 Rails 2.3.5 Implementing Google Tag Manager
12:26PM 0 Password filtering does not work
7:24AM 0 Devise Custamization
2:45AM 0 how to install rails 4 via shell in ubuntu
Monday September 1 2014
10:26PM 0 no method error - undefined method
7:49PM 0 Output of *_path not html_safe?
1:09PM 0 Intergrating Google API's in a simple Rails app
12:02AM 0 Active Job Backport