Rails - Aug 2014

Sunday August 31 2014
9:09PM 0 creating an OrderedHash
6:22PM 0 How to configure default options of "ckeditor_rails" gem
5:18PM 0 Regenerate Model / View for new columns
7:07AM 0 Restarting Terminal when creating new attribute in atom question
3:48AM 0 create and update for nested models using strong parameters
2:57AM 0 Announcing nondestructive_migrations
1:01AM 0 New logo for Ruby On Rails ?
12:40AM 0 Creating my first blog with ruby on rails
Saturday August 30 2014
11:00PM 0 Wix Style Web Page Builder Gem
1:20PM 0 is_a? returns false, though I think it should return true
12:28PM 0 ERROR Errno::ECONNRESET: Connection reset by peer @ io_fillbuf.
Friday August 29 2014
8:24PM 0 devise : simple log in system
7:01PM 0 How to use a variable in several controllers?
Thursday August 28 2014
1:14PM 0 eval(hyperlink) question
8:03AM 0 How to include a vendor multi-module JS library in Rails?
Wednesday August 27 2014
6:22PM 0 Activity tracker with fast and extensive query mechanism
6:20PM 0 Stack level too deep error
7:32AM 0 Could not install Rmagick Gem in rails 4 (Ubuntu 13.04)
Tuesday August 26 2014
3:14PM 0 Gem Mongoid: multiples order_by in embbeds_many not work?
1:17PM 0 app like seeddms
1:09PM 0 Left Outer Join with multiple tables and group by counts
10:48AM 0 looking for virtual servers
10:39AM 0 Copying javascript files to destination assets directory (almost) without assets pipeline
Monday August 25 2014
1:42AM 0 BUY COUNTERFEIT MONEY( angelsbmr-Re5JQEeQqe8AvxtiuMwx3w@public.gmane.org )EUROS,DOLLARS,POUNDS ETC
Sunday August 24 2014
4:08PM 0 mobile development on ruby
2:30PM 0 form selection- nested attributes
Saturday August 23 2014
10:32AM 0 Ruby on Rails Developer needed in Belfast
Friday August 22 2014
8:56PM 0 Sprockets::FileNotFound in Preorder#index
8:55PM 0 Oauth2 workflow for sinatra + angular.js app
3:17PM 0 Help with ckeditor image upload
7:06AM 0 Rails Errors
5:58AM 0 extconf.rb failed error during $bundle install
Thursday August 21 2014
9:41PM 0 Can't access Substruct admin or reset login
8:36PM 0 service scheduling app
7:29PM 0 RE: Rails conferences and remote work
2:19PM 0 Deploy Issue with Ruby 1.8.6 - Capsitrona
1:24PM 0 ERROR Errno::ECONNRESET: Connection reset by peer @ io_fillbuf
Wednesday August 20 2014
8:57PM 0 Why does the the cookie_string have two entries for my site?
3:51PM 0 Using scaffolding with Ruby 4.1.0 on existing Db
2:52PM 0 Rails 4.1.6.rc1 and 4.0.10.rc1 have been released!
8:08AM 0 Job - London
7:44AM 0 How to solve can not redirect to nil error?
6:55AM 0 Edit form problem
6:25AM 0 multipage form with devise and another model
4:14AM 0 Multiple domains
Tuesday August 19 2014
9:10PM 0 Why are listings not saved in category?
7:58PM 0 Stylesheet Rendering Issues
2:43PM 0 good online ide for Rails
12:37PM 0 Teatro.io - features preview cloud servive for web application in one click
7:33AM 0 Rails 4 nested attributes multiple records insert instead updating
Monday August 18 2014
8:28PM 0 Rack, Change of Maintainer & Status
7:26PM 0 SyntaxError on has_many association with block when trying to order
5:41PM 0 Rails 4 nested attributes multiple records when updating
10:32AM 0 (JOBS) Hiring RoR Senior Developers - Chennai
7:24AM 0 Pass variable to layouts
1:26AM 0 Broken has_many
Sunday August 17 2014
1:00PM 0 Design Question: User-managed static pages
9:31AM 0 Rails on Fedora 20
Saturday August 16 2014
8:32PM 0 text_field_tag question
10:03AM 0 Issues with catenating the results of two queries + will_paginate
Friday August 15 2014
8:12PM 0 My Rails Learning Experience- What are your thoughts on help options?
6:57PM 0 user -notes relationship
5:02PM 0 Rails 4: accepts_nested_attributes_for / nested forms
2:05PM 0 Add HTML formatting to text_fields
7:46AM 0 openstreetmap as link
1:28AM 0 What is the question mark inside this regex doing?
12:52AM 0 how can a user contact another user
Thursday August 14 2014
9:31PM 0 Can't mass-assign protected attributes: item
8:58PM 0 Populate form with object
6:46PM 0 cannot load such file -- config/boot (LoadError)
11:14AM 0 No routes match to action
10:10AM 0 Need help for Resque job.
Wednesday August 13 2014
9:32PM 0 Issue with hstore returning as string on postgres database, rails app
8:23PM 0 [Error][Rails 4] Undefined method `attr_accessible'
11:47AM 0 begginer , need help with ruby installation(cmd)
6:20AM 0 conditional layout question ? sidebar visible on all pages except the login page.
Tuesday August 12 2014
9:19PM 0 How do I install Ruby on Rails on a CentOS server?
8:36PM 0 RestClient and passing cookies
8:20PM 0 stack size too deep
9:02AM 0 custom button. How to do this ?
Monday August 11 2014
1:04PM 0 Shopping Cart
8:54AM 0 jQuery Plugins For Simple Image Gallery
2:32AM 0 Rails 2.3.5: Trouble passing params to controller method through link_to tag
Sunday August 10 2014
10:51PM 0 Multi Select Array - Form - Bootstrap Multiselect
7:13AM 0 Ruby on Rails HTML problem
4:35AM 0 Weird gem issues
Saturday August 9 2014
7:22AM 0 How avoid concurrency belongs_to and has_many association?
Friday August 8 2014
3:58PM 0 Rules Engines
10:59AM 0 Calling link_to from rake task
10:17AM 0 will_paginate edit first page
9:13AM 0 form_relayer 0.0.1
7:15AM 0 Form Fields Database save
5:54AM 0 When I start a rails server and try a test app, changes to controller files arent reflected
1:47AM 0 Spreadsheet of Ruby on Rails resources
Thursday August 7 2014
6:48PM 0 I see two times the head section when porting a html piece in erb
2:08PM 0 [JOBS] Looking for internship
6:23AM 0 Strange error at render partial
Wednesday August 6 2014
4:02PM 0 Issue in exporting checkbox values (in list) from view to controller
3:45PM 0 [JOBS] Senior Ruby Developer
2:50PM 0 Backup as a Service for Rails
8:29AM 0 Merge multiple csv file into one file
6:39AM 0 undefined method `lessons_path'
1:26AM 0 Should includes work with a query that returns the same object more than once?
Tuesday August 5 2014
10:53PM 0 Error after calling bundle install (Ruby on Rails installation) (Mac OS X)
6:01PM 0 TemplateVamp problem. How to make partials of it.
2:38PM 0 Error When Trying To Activate FactoryGirl Syntax
11:43AM 0 Installing on Ubuntu
11:29AM 0 Proof that Rails is mainstream! :-)
7:18AM 0 Move link_to data from URL to body
6:45AM 0 How increase efficiency in develop
4:06AM 0 Ruby on Rails 4: options value in form_for helper
1:22AM 0 Getting started
Monday August 4 2014
11:53PM 0 how to get a form's id?
3:52PM 0 Session record not getting deleted
12:57PM 0 Executing ruby script before rails gets loaded
12:42PM 0 General Information About RoR
4:43AM 0 Trouble posting data to database
Saturday August 2 2014
10:50AM 0 can not redirect to nil
1:11AM 0 How to approach the creation of a rails specific gem?
Friday August 1 2014
6:18PM 0 Anyone want to work on a group project together? [Bootcamp Developer Here]
6:15PM 0 Where do I place the javascript file that is only required for one (or just a few) view(s)?
2:44PM 0 password validation triggered even I update non-password attribute
10:45AM 0 DEVELOPER WANTED for football management game
3:32AM 0 Exciting opportunity/project for developers