Rails - Jul 2014

Thursday July 31 2014
10:46PM 0 Ruby no GoogleAppEngine??
7:18PM 0 Can somebody explain to me the hype behind using Ruby on Rails to create web apps?
6:36PM 0 Create select with country and also aoutomatically get the state select
2:50PM 0 guides.rubyonrails.org
12:21PM 0 How to call stored Procedure(mysql) in rails
11:39AM 0 Javascript call in mail Url
Wednesday July 30 2014
9:52PM 0 Ruby on Rails syntax
9:47PM 0 Syntax question.
6:40PM 0 connecting Rails app to SQL Server
1:33AM 0 Variable + string to specify variable
Tuesday July 29 2014
7:53PM 0 ActiveRecord/Supporty-4.1, undefined method `assertions'
Sunday July 27 2014
6:12PM 0 rake test:prepare fails in Rails 4.0.8
4:51PM 0 Dropdown menu does not work
12:13PM 0 (Occasionally) display DateTime as local time
10:21AM 0 object.errors not work in Bootstrap Form Helper
3:01AM 0 Ruby On Rails Install on Win 7 32 bit error
Saturday July 26 2014
11:45PM 0 A model's validators as json
9:44AM 0 CKEditor on Heroku
3:21AM 0 Customise message for validates_uniqueness_of
Friday July 25 2014
2:28PM 0 Where did create_record method go in Rails-4.1
9:23AM 0 new to Ruby - inserting un-clickable images into footer
6:11AM 0 rake asset:precompile for rails 2.3.18
12:20AM 0 Getting CORS OPTIONS 422 (OK) when config is setup correctly
Thursday July 24 2014
11:50AM 0 MVC structure in Ruby on Rails
11:40AM 0 Unable to install debugger
6:23AM 0 Testing without RSpec
Wednesday July 23 2014
10:42PM 0 understanding image uploader form
10:11PM 0 Ruby on Rails developer needed for start up (JOB)
5:05PM 0 heroku push Mongo::ConnectionFailure: Failed to connect to a master node at
2:04PM 0 Your opinion on which technologies to use when building web applications
11:41AM 0 HAML or erb
9:59AM 0 heroku[router]: at=error code=H10 desc="App crashed"
8:35AM 0 Git branching and migrations
3:42AM 0 Scaling/optimizing a slow ruby on rails application
2:59AM 0 Scaling/optimizing a slow ruby on rails application.
Tuesday July 22 2014
4:14PM 0 Unable to install pg gem: Could not create Makefile due to some reason
1:18PM 0 rake mutlipart issue in rails 3.0.3
8:02AM 0 Authentication failed. when login heroku
6:12AM 0 How to migrate installed gems to higher ruby version on Ubuntu ?
Monday July 21 2014
11:55PM 0 Devise - Omniauth - FB Auth
11:08PM 0 Rspec failing to find the model
7:22PM 0 Displaying timstamp in rails view
4:19PM 0 undefined method `authenticate' for nil:NilClass
3:21PM 0 How to use Fiddle to call .dylib
1:57PM 0 How make Rabl works with ActionController::Metal
8:15AM 0 How would i get data from date?
8:01AM 0 Huge assets compilation perfomance lag then upgrade to 4.1.4 54720ms vs 879ms
2:04AM 0 NoMethodError in Devise::Sessions#new
Sunday July 20 2014
1:20PM 0 How to link to captured audio file?
2:11AM 0 Duplicating strange bot error
1:00AM 0 view for has_many and belongs_to but with only one associated record
Saturday July 19 2014
3:41PM 0 Datepicker is not working
6:27AM 0 Add model support for POROs to Rails core? (like ActiveAttr or Virtus)
12:00AM 0 Reset DB and now cant create admin role!
Friday July 18 2014
1:48PM 0 JOBS - New perm Ruby role within Philly! Awesome growing company culture, even better people!
12:37PM 0 RubyDay Italia, Sept. 26th 2014
12:05PM 0 Regarding fetching the polygon data from google map and save in postgis
7:50AM 0 How to do program in different way?
6:36AM 0 Contact page creation
1:37AM 0 update_attributes question
Thursday July 17 2014
11:44AM 0 test 7,9 schould be failing but is a success (Michael Hart tutorial)
11:27AM 0 ActiveRecord: moving all children to a new parent
3:05AM 0 Additional Ruby on Rails tutorials
2:47AM 0 Spare time + skills = good opportunity?
12:55AM 0 Looking for Ruby on Rails developers in San Jose CA
Wednesday July 16 2014
8:59PM 0 SQL OR in RoR
5:19PM 0 Startup Weekend: We are looking for developers and designers!
2:28PM 0 [JOBS] Ruby on Rails Developer (Team Leader) in Białystok
1:38PM 0 Unzipping a file on S3
10:22AM 0 Poszukiwany Senior Ruby on Rails Programmer. Miejsce pracy - Białystok
10:03AM 0 Alias mail method in class Mailer < ActionMailer::Base
8:40AM 0 jQuery simpleZoom Plugin in rails
8:39AM 0 jQuery simpleZoom Plugin
7:52AM 0 File to import not found or unreadable: bootstrap. Michaeal harts tutorial
Tuesday July 15 2014
8:44PM 0 RoR Developer Needed- North Chicago Suburb
6:40PM 0 Share information between users
6:19PM 0 HELP Installing older versions of rails on OSX?
5:53PM 0 Nested Iterator
5:13PM 0 ruby on rails
1:54PM 0 Dynamic Stylsheets
6:11AM 0 ActiveRecord::Base
5:27AM 0 customize fedena
Monday July 14 2014
7:34PM 0 how to make this form
3:32PM 0 require 'dl' doesn't work
2:00PM 0 Unobtrusive Javascript in rails 4
1:07PM 0 Validation in a 3-level association
11:00AM 0 Upload UTF-8 encoded textfile
Sunday July 13 2014
10:03PM 0 cannot connect to local host
11:45AM 0 layout rendering problem
Saturday July 12 2014
11:09PM 0 Bootstrap progress bar
11:44AM 0 cannot see my own layout (hierapolis gem)
5:02AM 0 trying to figure out an installation bug
Friday July 11 2014
9:26PM 0 Refactor Link Table relationsip
7:21PM 0 Experienced Developer, Avail. half time mpw
6:35PM 0 Tricky Inheritence
12:24AM 0 Ruby on Rails to Handle Multi-site Solution
Thursday July 10 2014
2:58PM 0 STI where inheritance column values are not the same as the name of the class
12:03PM 0 Signature/Expires/Access Key ID appearing in URL Params aws paperclip
9:38AM 0 paper clip aws s3
7:33AM 0 Client Side Validation gem - adding custom validator for select
6:17AM 0 Rails 2.3 Issue with bootstrap radiant CMS
Wednesday July 9 2014
12:27PM 0 question_parts: a N+1 problem when updating a model with a relationship
7:06AM 0 how to achieve in rails way.?
5:01AM 0 The user index does not display delete links
3:36AM 0 Beginer Issue: NoMethodError in Posts#show
Tuesday July 8 2014
5:14PM 0 Do you use any Ruby Version Manager at production?
5:13PM 0 how to make this the ruby way ?
5:06PM 0 How to use chruby with sudo and foreman?
4:05PM 0 New service Teatro.io
2:36PM 0 Heroku vs. local WEBrick: How could be this error be undetected?
9:07AM 0 Sublime Text - Licença Grátis
7:54AM 0 Installing Ruby 1.8.6, Rails 2.3.5, gem 1.3.6 in ubuntu 13.10
5:11AM 0 Error table when loop from database
4:15AM 0 Get SQLite error using heroku db:push when I'm using PostgreSQL as development db
2:31AM 0 Error Facebook Authentication
2:27AM 0 how can get data from localhost:3000 in ruby on rails to heroku
2:21AM 0 how can i get data from localhost:3000 in ruby on rails to heroku
1:24AM 0 How can i use the same name? After clearing the rails App.
Monday July 7 2014
8:24PM 0 Upstart script exported by Foreman not working properly, respawning too fast
4:42PM 0 Cant install rails.
3:28PM 0 Urgent !! Ruby Developer_Chicago, IL_Phone Hire
1:15PM 0 Changing display text of submit button without changing value passed to controller
12:50PM 0 Awesome Ruby
11:04AM 0 Application trace in the error page for a Rails engine
9:31AM 0 Can I do <%=.%> interpolation without getting a <p> tag?
9:21AM 0 Difference between Cookies and Sessions
Sunday July 6 2014
9:57AM 0 Messages "Binary data inserted for `string`", but encoding looks OK to me
Saturday July 5 2014
9:28PM 0 Ruby on Rails Tutorial by Michael Hartl. Lesson 5 sign up button not working.
8:34PM 0 Editable grid
6:45AM 0 Embarrassingly Simple Question
6:32AM 0 What is the actual use of ActiveRecord::SpawnMethods#except ?
Friday July 4 2014
11:26AM 0 Active Record sorting using Ruby sort function
11:01AM 0 Ruby jobs in London
Thursday July 3 2014
8:57PM 0 Ruby / Rails Advocacy
6:56PM 0 How can I use the cascadeplatform and Ror
2:18PM 0 Working with Large Data Collection and Performance
2:16PM 0 Updating Rails 2 to Rails 3 or 4
8:36AM 0 British General Consul Visits Soran University
8:31AM 0 Re: Datamatrix generator
8:24AM 0 Rails migration files generate into corresponding modular directories
6:34AM 0 omniauth-google-oauth2 cause frozen at google allow access page
5:58AM 0 Shall I use Rails 4.x.x
Wednesday July 2 2014
7:56PM 0 Rails 4.0.8 and 4.1.4 have been released!
7:13PM 0 Ruby developer job in a London startup
6:09PM 0 Ruby language is now available on all the Skilleo code challenges!
5:18PM 0 [Sec ANN] Rails 3.2.19, 4.0.7 and 4.1.3 have been released!
4:22PM 0 duplicate AR log messages when in console
1:55PM 0 Bundler could not find compatible versions for gem "activesupport"
12:37PM 0 Active Record: Eager Loading (syntax question)
11:58AM 0 counting the result of a join
10:32AM 0 deploying rails application with tomcat: URL
7:18AM 0 Re: Datamatrix generator
1:49AM 0 Experienced rails developer looking for freelance project
12:26AM 0 Generate a PDF of a view in delayed job
Tuesday July 1 2014
2:17PM 0 WARN: Unresolved specs during Gem::Specification.reset:
3:15AM 0 large dataset with no primary key, how do i group by efficiently?
1:23AM 0 [JOBS] Front End Work - CSS/SAAS/HAML/RAILS