Rails - Mar 2012

Saturday March 31 2012
8:28PM 6 includes and eager loading not working in simple setup
8:00PM 0 catch a stacked variable by a controller
6:59PM 1 How to set up these associations and nested form
6:27PM 0 Missing Template Error on render_to_string - Rails 3.2.2
5:25PM 0 libtiff issues (newb)
5:11PM 2 Cannot set an attribute in my Join table .... do you think it matters which controller I use?
12:37PM 0 HTTP Streaming & i18n.t
11:19AM 2 I18n.t('countries.NO') broken?
3:00AM 5 Error installing Rails on Ubuntu 11.10 (Gem::DependencyError)
Friday March 30 2012
7:07PM 0 How do I replicate my console exercise in my view and controller?
6:19PM 1 cancan breaks scoped mass assignment
2:38PM 0 need help with find similar records
1:08PM 0 jquery validation function not working properly with rails 3.2.1
11:01AM 1 many-to-one relationship
9:43AM 0 Facing probme with image upload rails 2.3.4, ruby 1.9.2 with papaerclip
8:07AM 1 call method with link_to
6:52AM 3 authenticate not working in rails
1:26AM 2 installing ruby and rails framework
Thursday March 29 2012
9:50PM 2 ActiveRecord Bug — Dropped Connection with two conditions
9:12PM 3 controller missing - locale
8:52PM 3 Help Converting from SQL to Rails syntax
7:19PM 0 Rails 3 association with order by field with belongs to relation
6:06PM 3 Not sure about event machine workings
4:12PM 2 Rails 3.2 and Streaming using response_body
1:22PM 0 dates early 1970
11:34AM 0 Returning all fields indexed in solr using acts_as_solr
11:03AM 0 Arbitrarily nesting some attributes in rabl
7:44AM 3 Updating to 3.2.3.rc1 failing
3:49AM 1 Unable to install rubygems
12:56AM 25 Unable to deploy to Apache
Wednesday March 28 2012
7:22PM 1 Using @current_user in tests
6:52PM 0 [GIG] $500 For Speed Improvements
6:13PM 0 How does a has_many :through association and its join model attribute interact?
4:13PM 0 [JOB] Multiple in NYC
3:43PM 2 difference between build_ and .build
1:00PM 0 Performance for SOAP and HTTP
11:54AM 1 How to use One controller's CRUD methods from another controller?
11:31AM 1 collection_select
10:11AM 2 how to use wicked_pdf
7:55AM 1 Unable to invoke rake task from cron
2:59AM 0 How to change error message of authlogic only n certain cases
2:16AM 2 How to add data-some thing with link_to method
12:46AM 0 best_in_place
Tuesday March 27 2012
9:10PM 1 Model associations and arrays of hashes
6:25PM 7 Deploying RoR app
5:16PM 5 Rails 3.2.3.rc1 was released!
2:17PM 4 render :js => "window.close();" wont work
2:03PM 0 Re: [Bangalore RUG] Rails Internationalization problem while submitting the form.
12:35PM 1 Help with force_ssl
12:19PM 6 test Couldn't find User without an ID
11:39AM 0 Running just one test in Test::Unit
11:27AM 3 jQuery unload() wont work.Help.
11:22AM 4 Upload
10:56AM 3 Scaling Upload in Rails Application?
10:43AM 2 Device Convention for Scope ?
9:50AM 2 uninitialized constant Reservations
7:11AM 0 Can I conditionaly initializer ?
6:04AM 10 `autodetect': Could not find a JavaScript runtime. See https://github.com/sstephenson/execjs for a list of available runtimes
12:38AM 0 Offline apps and Asset pipeline Problem in rails3.2
Monday March 26 2012
11:35PM 1 rails test failure
11:35PM 0 Ruby rails - net-ldap search not working
9:58PM 2 what's wrong with this?
9:38PM 1 strange javascript rendering
9:08PM 1 Rails 2.x: load custom task defined in a gem
6:50PM 1 gem install autotest-fsevent ----- FAILED on Windows XP
5:46PM 0 Dynamically Rendering the forms using an external configuration file
5:38PM 0 Groupon open source solution?
4:48PM 3 render :json not sending any data back ...
1:49PM 1 how can i custom form_for ?
12:37PM 3 gem install nokogiri on Windows XP
9:04AM 1 Models in sub-folders in Rails 3
5:11AM 0 why ???zsh: command not found: rails
4:18AM 1 command 'subl Gemfile' does not work
1:11AM 3 Recovering from a database failure
Sunday March 25 2012
9:35PM 1 Sub Directories in the Assets Folder
6:35PM 2 An idea for the Rails community
5:48PM 1 Products and categories for e-commerce shop
5:38PM 4 Fear of sharing
1:16PM 1 Parameter not stored
8:52AM 2 Database and model design for multiple user roles
6:40AM 2 Undefined method 'menu'
4:54AM 1 JRuby in Google Summer of Code...proposals open TODAY!
Saturday March 24 2012
7:01PM 0 sass-rails + sprockets seems to work just fine (for straight-up CSS)?
5:26PM 0 Adding a timestamp to an uploaded image
6:56AM 1 pass iframe through sanitize
Friday March 23 2012
9:48PM 1 difference between merging a hash in ruby and using merge_conditions of activerecord
3:52PM 0 How to update a model object “the Rails way?”
3:47PM 0 How to embed CSS3 fonts in Rails 3.0.9
1:45PM 0 Net::IMAP throws . for nil class on search
10:36AM 7 gsub
9:48AM 0 deploy rails3 application on windows server 2011
3:07AM 1 ActiveRecord and sequences, a bit of a twist.
2:11AM 3 year too big to marshal: 1865 UTC
1:03AM 0 cancan_devise_rails_admin not working
Thursday March 22 2012
11:30PM 3 CanCan is leaving numbers in my views
10:28PM 0 Facebook Connect SSL Issue
8:34PM 1 foreign_key definition apparently not recognized
7:35PM 6 rescuing ActiveRecord::RecordNotUnique: clever or ugly?
7:02PM 1 why doesn't .where() honor polymorphism?
6:45PM 0 Simple relation question
6:32PM 1 tricky validation using nested attributes?
6:12PM 2 Best place for RSpec/Rails questions?
2:44PM 0 [Job] Rails developer in London
12:23PM 1 rspec: mocking a reference to a polymorphic model?
11:34AM 1 Work in Progress Guides
9:04AM 4 no such file to load -- rexml/encodings/UTF8.rb
7:42AM 2 integrating PHP and Ruby On Rails
12:35AM 11 What is this error?
Wednesday March 21 2012
9:12PM 2 rails source fields_for has an options hash not defined anywhere
8:12PM 0 Ruby on rails developer, NYC
7:15PM 0 update a list of model instances and their associations
4:50PM 8 Getting mysql gem working with ruby-1.9.3 on rvm
4:01PM 2 aws-s3 gem install error- bittorrent.rb
12:43PM 0 Rearrangement of Rails folder structure
11:03AM 0 how to custom acts_as_taggable_on?
10:29AM 4 Trying to setup Redmin: Error executing rake generate_session_store
10:21AM 2 Ruby Developer - Contract - London
3:49AM 2 Postgres COPY from STDIN
2:45AM 6 Modifying a gem, best way to deploy
1:35AM 1 [JOB] Rails Interns wanted in Dana Point, CA and New Haven, CT
12:42AM 1 redirect_to problem
12:27AM 7 @model OR :model in a form_for
Tuesday March 20 2012
5:55PM 2 guilty by association
2:29PM 0 validates_overlap
1:45PM 4 Multiple Paperclip Images on Index
1:23PM 0 Setting cache_classes to false results in blank pages
8:47AM 0 Google calendar is not working properly with gcal4ruby (0.2.6)
8:32AM 0 Does omniauth act as provider
7:44AM 3 Database connection to remote machine
7:02AM 1 converting PHP code to ruby on Rails
6:51AM 0 RJS error: TypeError: Element.insert is not a function
6:25AM 0 Rails Engine asset path
4:54AM 5 rails server error (rails 3) in windows
4:45AM 4 rails tag issue with html
4:25AM 0 redirect_to not working as expected, sent to update instead of show
2:29AM 0 JRuby on Rails db:test:purge fails! Need help
2:11AM 9 Rails 3 generate pdf
1:45AM 0 AWS::S3 access denied
Monday March 19 2012
7:32PM 1 collection_select problem
6:15PM 0 Re: Rails - validate inclusion fails on rake test:integration
4:35PM 0 Geo related needs
4:12PM 1 routing error in partial when rendered from another controller
3:38PM 4 Visitors must select their city first. How to approach this?
2:42PM 1 how to create text_fields dynamically
12:52PM 3 Installation steps for Ruby on Rails?
9:58AM 0 Any grading scale plug-in in rails
5:32AM 0 How to fix the cross site scripting in rails
5:16AM 9 Completely, absolutely and totally new...
4:09AM 1 Gemfile load error
12:41AM 2 A decimal type suddenly becomes float
Sunday March 18 2012
7:05PM 0 Rails 2.3 + Devise + Omniauth
10:52AM 2 The uniqueness for a field
7:37AM 0 Zencoder tutorial skipping certain steps
1:12AM 0 Developing simple Ruby game. Some beginner questions.
Saturday March 17 2012
8:52PM 3 Dynamically generating selector, hyphen problem
8:10PM 0 Typo 6.1
6:47PM 8 Agile web development with rails 4th edition adding sizes to the product
6:26PM 0 [Rails Guides] Migrations 3.5 - SQLite Problem
2:01PM 7 Error installing json.........
11:20AM 0 help with DL and user32.dll
4:12AM 0 RubyInline passing VALUE with pthread
1:57AM 1 Limiting users for beta-test
1:05AM 4 how long does it take?
12:49AM 3 Ruby - read cookie
Friday March 16 2012
10:38PM 0 Undefined Local Variables with Blueprint Error
9:02PM 1 nested attribute relationship never renders in form
7:24PM 0 Doubt about checkboxes and actions
7:13PM 1 paginate a table
6:05PM 0 Rails tests failing
5:08PM 0 Developer Ruby on Rails
4:43PM 0 The Amazings looking for freelance Rails dev
4:26PM 1 Should capistrano be in my Gemfile?
3:41PM 18 distinctively difficult to do what I want
10:33AM 0 proc extension problems
6:46AM 5 how to use in_place_editor_field
5:16AM 4 after_save does not work consecutively
12:27AM 0 [JOB] Senior Rails Developer wanted in New Haven, CT
12:19AM 3 Confusion on stable development environments
Thursday March 15 2012
10:30PM 0 Error in form for a model which belongs_to another
8:58PM 0 JOB: Freelance or FullTime Ruby Developers in NYC
7:28PM 1 [RoR] Jobs | Bay Area
6:46PM 6 Erro na página
4:27PM 1 The problem with Ajax based micropost's comments
1:51PM 0 Make Asset Pipeline compatible with Chrome DevTools Autosave
1:50PM 2 Ruby Daemons using DRb ?
1:45PM 2 Rails Engine
10:49AM 0 regarding omniauth gem view page
10:29AM 2 Mixed case naming convention
3:57AM 9 Problem in accessing "create" action
3:35AM 1 ActiveModel::MassAssignmentSecurity::Error
Wednesday March 14 2012
10:38PM 0 How do I create a new object in testing to test a controller?
10:09PM 0 Jfamajbaasfahghrbyk
7:51PM 1 ActiveRecord joins and where
5:04PM 0 Test environment running in www.example.com domain
4:07PM 0 Random password generation for new user on create
1:52PM 0 Validating field uniqueness via Ajax call with appropriate message in Rails 3
1:36PM 1 Assign random password.
1:03PM 5 Is it worth rolling your own authentication?
11:38AM 4 Adding confirmed to a nearly complete rails application
10:32AM 1 Strange custom field error message behavior
9:28AM 3 routes.rb and configuration over convention
8:05AM 1 Issues in deploying Rails on EC2 using Rubber. script/rubber file missing
7:43AM 3 solution for rake db:create
7:17AM 3 Better solution for rake db:migrate
3:11AM 7 New to ROR
1:29AM 7 110.years.ago.to_datetime returns wrong date
Tuesday March 13 2012
11:14PM 1 Ruby on Rails Opportunity
10:12PM 1 send_data always sends xml file?
7:00PM 0 asset pipeline questions
4:21PM 4 rails check_box_tag
2:10PM 2 [Arel]Building query, but can't get a proper output
1:38PM 0 equivalent of "redirect_to :back" in json response
12:54PM 6 Multiple search form error
10:55AM 0 #08S01Bad handshake
10:04AM 0 using Barby in rails
8:50AM 2 inheriter_resource gem is now deprecated.
6:01AM 1 Main page have two html parts rails3
4:25AM 4 minitest validations - is there a cleaner way?
Monday March 12 2012
4:15PM 0 ActionPack fails to understand named routes in mailer views in 3.0.11 and 3.0.12 when production environment
2:58PM 4 how to design a api?
1:13PM 0 Can anyone recommend a good book on rails testing and any good url links in regards to rails testing.
12:58PM 1 upload csv files in rails 3
11:54AM 3 can't run webrick server
9:24AM 1 Rails Newbie Question
4:45AM 4 Help: Ruby Newbie Trying to Install on OSX 10.7.3
Sunday March 11 2012
12:13PM 0 Devise & OmniAuth facebook connect
9:14AM 1 notifications (or flash messages) in an api application
Saturday March 10 2012
9:56PM 2 My first app. How should I approach this association thing?
9:12PM 6 Cartographer shows correct info box BUT over wrong marker
6:50PM 4 undefined local variable or method 'game'
1:24PM 0 Rails developer in Argentina
1:56AM 2 Cannot run 'sudo gem install rails', OSX 10.6 hangs on command line
12:14AM 2 gem rails installs 3.2.2, doesn't seem to find my sprockets gem
Friday March 9 2012
11:28PM 1 Other versions of rails http://api.rubyonrails.org online?
11:24PM 0 simulating behavior without actually affecting database
7:52PM 8 NoMethodError
6:38PM 2 Render css in controller
6:29PM 2 ActionMailer message delivery content
3:44PM 0 London Developers
11:43AM 0 xlsx upload
7:28AM 1 CSV problem with migration but working fine in controller
7:08AM 0 How to call javascript function from js.erb
6:48AM 0 Nested Attributes not Working in Form
5:42AM 1 Passing javascript variable to ruby code
Thursday March 8 2012
11:59PM 0 Ruby Developer for our client in Seattle, WA
10:49PM 1 Include Advanced
10:04PM 3 What do I need to write a small game in ruby?
8:50PM 0 how to filter this array?
5:57PM 1 how to reject from this array?
4:00PM 0 Safari Version 5.1.3 (7534.53.10) Browser problem --- removing cookie on OS X Lion 10.7.3 (11D50b) when still valid
2:38PM 6 Sharing session variables across Controllers?
1:40PM 2 Best Book for starting
11:47AM 5 Is there a way to redirect from one controller action to another without a server trip?
3:32AM 5 Cannot migrate after destroy a table
2:56AM 6 YODA-LIKE RUBY ROCKSTAR NEEDED -- $75 bucks per session
2:55AM 0 YODA-LIKE RUBY ROCK STAR NEEDED - $75 bucks per session
1:35AM 0 Charset encoding issue
Wednesday March 7 2012
9:30PM 3 the naming of STI tables
8:11PM 6 Can't find the PostgreSQL client library (libpq)
5:57PM 2 redirect_to flash
3:23PM 0 Cisco IP-Phone integration in a rails app?
1:43PM 13 Foreign keys in order to send email
12:04PM 3 [Rails Guides] Getting Started 7.4 - Array Output Problem
9:57AM 1 rails 3.1.3 : Unknown key: page
9:02AM 0 a soap web service for redmine
9:01AM 8 At least one entry for DB
6:13AM 0 LoadError: Expected X to define on gem upgrade
5:29AM 6 Rails 3.0 Invalid Date Error in Production
4:03AM 0 Making API call for users(SPREE)
3:59AM 1 link_to with :remote=>true works when bound to "click" but not "ajax:beforeSend"
12:55AM 0 twitter api works with curl; but doesnt work with twitter-stream???
Tuesday March 6 2012
11:27PM 2 slow will_pagination
9:17PM 1 account controller, can I use 2 layouts within the same controller?
7:54PM 3 Connections pool implementation
6:41PM 4 string differences between ruby 1.8 & 1.9.3
3:12PM 0 Devise/Cancan Signout User On Controller Action
3:08PM 10 getting find_by_sql to return the numeric value rather than an object that contains the value as an attribute
12:28PM 3 unable to interchange ruby versions using RVM
8:15AM 2 rails login page with basic authorization
2:28AM 0 jQuery Mobile (mobile_button_to) helper
Monday March 5 2012
9:00PM 8 Create a select with HABM
8:47PM 1 Twitter like route
7:44PM 1 rails support for intricate date-time persistence strategies?
6:58PM 0 Rails 3 - How can you get access to current_user in the IRB console?
5:19PM 2 Account level authorization across multipe accounts
3:45PM 0 One uploader for multiple files
2:27PM 0 Validations / callbacks & remote API
1:23PM 5 NoMethodError (undefined method `gsub' for #<File:0x007faa7258fd80>) when gsub was never used!
12:37PM 6 Mail statistics
11:32AM 0 [JOBS] Brilliant Tech Lead wanted for one of the most exciting startups in Australia
8:21AM 5 Encoding Issues Seeds.rb
7:00AM 0 Bugs In AIML Ruby Parser-programR
6:25AM 1 Can't Use SQLITE3 as Rails Server
Sunday March 4 2012
10:08PM 5 moving form validation to client-side
5:25PM 3 What type of relationship do I use?
4:13PM 0 Update data in has_and_belongs_to_many
11:17AM 0 "Monitor" method
11:12AM 2 DB design and efficient save action
9:09AM 11 find() and then save() with select()
6:42AM 4 How to retrieve a FileBlob from 'ActionDispatch::Http::UploadedFile' instance?
12:49AM 3 Which command run after change Models
Saturday March 3 2012
8:22PM 1 Properly Setting up Rails Associations for "Favoriting" Items
6:49PM 0 string translation not working in view,
5:50PM 8 Why this doesn't work?
5:49PM 3 User confirmation
2:50PM 2 Sydney based Rails developer needed
10:15AM 0 How to set nested Associations
10:09AM 1 unobstrusive Javascript in Rails 3
7:06AM 0 (unknown)
2:42AM 0 Rails app crashing
1:41AM 3 rake shortcut for drop, create, migrate, seed for development and test
Friday March 2 2012
11:23PM 0 Weird error in log when using Thin Server with a pretty simple rails application
11:18PM 3 if current_user.id = game.user_id
9:48PM 0 ConnectionNotEstablished when using connection on AR::Base abstract subclass
7:19PM 0 JRuby with Ruby on Rails HTTP Streaming outputting odd characters
6:20PM 3 Generating new application creates a few syntactically bad files in Rails 3.2.1
4:49PM 3 Create a Model
3:33PM 9 Starting my first application with Rails
11:57AM 0 Resourceful routing and admin namespace question
11:52AM 2 OT: Why I can't see my email
10:29AM 4 Database design question
9:50AM 2 rails console is not working
9:35AM 1 rails3 data inserting issues
8:38AM 2 strange output of url_for always returns assets?*
6:04AM 5 Can't start server, why?
5:58AM 2 HTTP Streaming with Ruby on Rails running with JRuby (on Tomcat)
5:57AM 2 Change DB data type and limited decimals
5:49AM 3 Restricting plugin to load in the production environment
2:37AM 0 [JOB] Ruby on Rails Developer - Woodside, PA - Telecommute
12:08AM 1 Creating a separate admin panel area - how to?
Thursday March 1 2012
9:36PM 1 Trigger method without changing url
9:15PM 4 Rails 2.3 not supported?
4:21PM 0 Rails asset pipeline - issue compiling vendor assets
3:44PM 5 Problem In Rails Server Command
3:07PM 1 MD5 in action
2:47PM 0 Rails 3.2.1 + haml "Missing template" problem
1:44PM 2 My first app - administrating & routing concerns
1:27PM 16 RoR latest and PostgreSQL 9.1.3
12:14PM 0 Low level exception handling
11:23AM 1 find and :conditions question
10:45AM 3 issues when call via restclient
10:19AM 0 ajax submitting twice "very weird" 3.2.1
8:36AM 1 Auto generating forms
7:57AM 4 ruby convertion
4:28AM 1 Testing selector order in RSpec
4:02AM 2 Newbie with Ruby
3:41AM 1 Are there any "clean" alternatives to Unicorn for HTTP streaming?
3:06AM 1 help stylesheet_link_tag
1:13AM 0 why does self.included work but not include/extend