Rails - Apr 2012

Monday April 30 2012
11:45PM 1 Flot won't Plot
5:32PM 1 keen on writing?
5:30PM 0 custom lib for datepicker
4:18PM 2 undef keyword with symbol
3:52PM 2 How to pass the selected value to controller through 'link_to'?
3:35PM 0 Rails 3.1.3 -> 3.2.3 upgrade, assets can't be found
3:21PM 2 Create routes dynamically
12:28PM 3 Errno::ENOENT: No such file or directory
10:33AM 0 data file path in a gem
9:47AM 0 undefined method `mounted_helpers' for devise plugin
8:03AM 4 find_all_by.association
Sunday April 29 2012
8:48PM 2 Avoiding a mass assignment security flaw while assigning user roles
6:26PM 0 Tumblr
10:51AM 1 Server starting failed (ruby 1.9.3p194, rails 3.2.3 )
Saturday April 28 2012
7:55PM 0 kaushal kishor sharma wants to chat
3:09PM 1 Unit testing [Rails 3.2.3] setup_and_teardown
11:49AM 0 Hiring: Learnemy is looking for a rails developer!
9:46AM 5 Not able to run Setup.rb and install Rails.
5:55AM 3 Starting with an empty Rails app. instead of via IDE
Friday April 27 2012
9:12PM 1 SQLite3 to Postgre Problem
9:09PM 2 Make every little piece a model.
8:52PM 2 Stuff added to my web page
6:08PM 0 Testing generators on an Engine
4:40PM 3 A Friendlier Login System
3:23PM 5 How to cap table with active record
2:18PM 1 What naming conventions do you use when writing i18n yaml files?
1:57PM 4 Is my developer dodgy?
9:52AM 1 Can't mass-assign protected attributes even if I use attr_accessible
6:08AM 0 routing for has_and_belongs_to_many Association
4:45AM 9 Bluehost - Rails 3
Thursday April 26 2012
4:12PM 1 Sessions..
2:10PM 3 Multiple references of Country table in single client table
10:19AM 0 function wrappers // code design
7:14AM 3 SSL error in Ruby on Rails Ubuntu
5:49AM 0 SQlite
Wednesday April 25 2012
11:31PM 2 Missing Method as Filter
10:56PM 1 cannot parse Cookie header: invalid %-encoding (mp_<%)
6:32PM 0 Como acceder a array en el modelo sin usar la base de datos
6:21PM 6 parentheses vs braces
5:46PM 0 Looking of Developer - Evangelist - Ruby on Rails
3:47PM 1 Creating Sessions
3:10PM 0 Rack middleware for logging to SQL Server ?
1:40PM 0 Excel file with landscape orientation with the Spreadsheet gem
7:39AM 17 ArgumentError: Bad fixture argument 2 during creation of User fixture
7:34AM 8 showing error (gsub) when switching from session to cookies
5:38AM 3 Date Time Change in View Section
1:48AM 2 Test oddities
12:35AM 2 Rails 3.1 - Scaffolding Files
Tuesday April 24 2012
5:48PM 2 re: Ruby on Rails Positions
5:46PM 1 Rails 3 Errno::EAFNOSUPPORT: Address family not supported by protocol - socket(2)
3:58PM 2 Contribute to open source
11:05AM 1 SutraLite | RoR and Recruitment
9:42AM 3 Is it possible?
8:22AM 0 gem development, adding a file to auto-load
3:09AM 0 Looking to add partner for part-time development on existing web service
2:07AM 1 using Ajax for link_to
1:56AM 13 Searching for area code and phone number together
12:59AM 1 An error occured while installing tilt (1.3.3)
Monday April 23 2012
8:34PM 1 Simple_form bootstrap style inline-form not working properly
6:32PM 1 Searching and returning arrays
5:07PM 1 Regular expressions Multiple matches in the same line
4:59PM 3 question about generate model
4:32PM 4 Find object based on string value.
2:29PM 4 Multiple regex match in the same line
12:57PM 1 Save date in database
12:38PM 3 build_book_reservation undefined
10:59AM 2 Basic use of session
5:57AM 43 To developers of Rails: Feeble documentation - weakness of Ruby and the Ruby on Rails (2nd edition)
4:15AM 0 doubt on image_tag
1:21AM 1 validate date tru timestart,timeend
Sunday April 22 2012
10:46PM 2 validating a date range based on current object's attributes
6:05PM 1 Carrierwave - Can't upload multiple images
5:07PM 3 Ruby on Rails stop working after upgraded on ubuntu 11.10 ?
1:49PM 1 Feeble documentation - weakness of Ruby on Rails
12:35PM 1 how to insert a javascript block in my haml %head , containing erb
9:33AM 1 session variable is empty after get request in rails3
Saturday April 21 2012
6:39PM 1 attr_accessible question
6:21PM 2 rails3 form_tag action issues
11:03AM 8 help with session
10:41AM 2 rails query [3.2]
9:50AM 0 Dynamic evaluation of default_scope
8:51AM 0 Making it a pay service
5:21AM 13 issues with changing directory structure in rails3
4:18AM 2 Calendar Scheduling Gem
4:04AM 1 NilClass in Partial
3:53AM 3 Receiving and processing emails with Ruby - SMTP server
Friday April 20 2012
10:37PM 3 Why won't this lambda thing work?
7:40PM 1 trying to work out what is going on with monkey patch of String
6:53PM 3 Storing data temporary?
4:24PM 4 RoR to Visual Studio
4:15PM 0 Testing a gem which depends on rails' eviroment
10:59AM 2 URL link and routes issue
10:19AM 0 How to configure morethan one solr cores in sunspot.yml in same environment
6:25AM 1 How to implement File Uploading
2:51AM 2 Parse date for given locale
2:23AM 0 Issue with savon and ssl headers
Thursday April 19 2012
11:58PM 0 Testing a gem which depends on rails enviroment
10:00PM 2 What can I use instead of (.grep)?
9:15PM 1 [Job Offer] Redmine dev for 4 month contract in Toronto, immediately
9:07PM 5 Radio buttons in scaffold
9:03PM 5 Trivial Rails Question, I am unable to explain the behavior
7:45PM 0 Need Ruby on Rails hands on developers for Wall Street client
6:34PM 0 Embedding a controller view within another controller view (along with embedded js files)
6:13PM 0 collection_select issues with rails
5:34PM 1 active admin undefined method `' for nil:NilClass
5:02PM 0 Looking for Redmine/RoR dev for 4-month contract in Toronto, Canada
4:48PM 0 receive email and store on the database
3:57PM 0 rails query filtering
8:33AM 0 Slightly off topic: Rails & redirects, etc.
7:38AM 2 method value passing in rails
2:15AM 7 install Rails from terminal
Wednesday April 18 2012
10:59PM 0 tfs api from rails
9:27PM 0 Job opportunity Sr. PHP Engineer needed in Santa Monica, CA Perm role (Ruby exp is ok)
9:24PM 1 has_and_belongs_to_many: Item Already in Collection?
7:55PM 0 Rspec
7:43PM 0 CX Loves Ruby on Rails!
7:18PM 1 Re: validates_uniqueness_of question
5:23PM 2 form_for with nested resources expects different path
5:14PM 0 Ruby Openings
5:09PM 0 any docs on integrating modular Sinatra with Ruby on Rails?
2:27PM 1 Sviluppatore Ruby
2:14PM 1 Lançamento http://www.taxei.com.br
11:12AM 2 RoR - Search Forms with Checkboxes, display appropriate results
9:50AM 0 Asset pipeline and depending on files outside of /app/assets directory
6:50AM 6 Opportunity for Ruby On Rails Developer
3:22AM 0 rake .rake subfolder not working
3:02AM 13 Switch between environments
12:01AM 1 dynamic_form? yes! OR dynamic_form? no?
Tuesday April 17 2012
9:31PM 1 User Stream
8:39PM 0 Required: Ruby on Rails developer in Bangalore
8:25PM 1 @import 'bootstrap' error on win7 , showing 500 error
8:11PM 0 Problem with pluralization
8:11PM 1 Carrierwave upload hangs forever
8:07PM 0 [JOB] Director of Technology - Full Time - Boston, MA
3:48PM 1 Merging feed from two different tables.
2:06PM 3 value pass from controller to view
12:35PM 6 Retweet Function
9:47AM 0 cannot make rails app in my directory
7:17AM 1 problem with count_waiters in Ruby 1.9.3
3:11AM 6 ActiveRecord with different Date/Time format
Monday April 16 2012
9:43PM 2 Rails Query Pulling Inaccurate Results
3:05PM 1 Same controller, two contexts return different request headers
1:58PM 1 Webrat installed but not working.
10:43AM 1 ActiveModel::MassAssignmentSecurity::Error
7:29AM 1 how to use frame
7:25AM 2 How do I set up personalize
6:13AM 0 select in rails 2
Sunday April 15 2012
10:10PM 3 Mass Assigment in simple assossiation
8:09PM 0 including third party javascript API in Rails 3.1 works in server mode, but not when testing
6:30PM 2 profile picture display in Heroku
4:10PM 3 REST in Rails: A Frustration
11:42AM 1 Error installing therubyracer
5:53AM 1 What is the difference between memcache and memcached and how can it be used in a rail on rails application.
3:24AM 3 Weird problem "uninitialized constant Capistrano"
Saturday April 14 2012
4:53PM 4 Problem to deploy with Capistrano
2:15PM 2 How to implement sory-by links?
12:17PM 7 undefined method `model_name' for NilClass:Class
11:58AM 2 Damn associations
10:48AM 5 ajax:success seems not respond.
9:18AM 0 Passing value from input form
Friday April 13 2012
11:28PM 2 ~reds@#Detroit Red Wings vs Nashville Predators Live Streaming Stanley Cup 2012 Playoffs Hockey Game
11:22PM 1 ~icE@#4Nashville Predators vs Detroit Red Wings Live Streaming Stanley Cup 2012 Playoffs Hockey Game
11:17PM 1 ~scORE@#watcH Predators vs Red Wings Live Streaming Stanley Cup 2012 Playoffs Hockey Game Online HD
11:14PM 1 ~JOGA@#$watcH Philadelphia Flyers vs Pittsburgh Penguins Live Stanley Cup 2012 Playoffs Hockey Game
11:09PM 1 ~IcE@#Pittsburgh Penguins vs Philadelphia Flyers Live Streaming Stanley Cup 2012 Playoff ice Hockey
11:05PM 1 ~penGuins@#watcH Penguins vs Flyers Live Streaming Stanley Cup 2012 Playoffs Hockey Game Online HD
11:01PM 6 empty field check.
9:00PM 0 console for JRuby/Sinatra with Tomcat ?
8:09PM 6 syntax error, unexpected tDOT3, expecting $end
5:19PM 0 Get a params[:arrayJavascript] made javascript
4:11PM 0 Update multiple objec of a view
1:31PM 3 how to have both Ruby and JRuby on windows ?
10:42AM 0 Railsberry meet-up
9:28AM 0 Scoped attr_accessible not working?
7:14AM 1 unable to run a command in production
6:00AM 1 how to add a query parameter with same name as one of the options in url_for helper
4:13AM 1 Strange console output: Rails 3.2.3 + Ruby 1.9.3-p125
Thursday April 12 2012
9:09PM 2 RoR server as client
2:49PM 5 model issues with ruby on rails 3
2:37PM 1 Rails 3.0, Windows, Apache, Thin > production stops working
11:18AM 2 how to use resque
9:08AM 0 error using jasperserver-client
8:36AM 6 beginning_of_month problem
7:40AM 0 Validations for Importing CSV data into MySql database in Rails 3.1?
7:22AM 1 before_filter in rails3
1:25AM 1 ~COLD@#~heat@#watcH Los Angeles Kings vs Vancouver Canucks Live Streaming Stanley Cup 2012 Palyoffs
1:22AM 1 watcH Los Angeles Kings vs Vancouver Canucks Live Streaming Stanley Cup 2012 Palyoffs Hockey Game On
1:16AM 1 Canucks vs Kings Live Streaming Stanley Cup 2012 Palyoffs ice Hockey Game Online HD TV Coverage
1:14AM 0 record a field in the database
1:00AM 2 ~gOal@#Pittsburgh Penguins vs Philadelphia Flyers Live Stanley Cup 2012 Palyoffs Hockey Game Online
12:58AM 1 !icE@#watcH Philadelphia Flyers vs Pittsburgh Penguins Live NHL Stanley Cup 2012 Palyoffs Ice Hockey
Wednesday April 11 2012
11:54PM 4 Re: I have a csv file i need to upload and for each row check that a number of columns do not match a certain criteria
10:58PM 3 Caching
9:41PM 1 multi model form
8:46PM 2 generated rjs replaces web page
7:22PM 3 Asset - Pipeline
6:27PM 1 Migration to N database instances
4:21PM 0 Looking for a rails co-founder to work on a web app
1:54PM 1 Ruby / RoR teacher - live human
1:25PM 2 Use of SQLite database in production?
7:15AM 1 Rails 3.2 with many stylesheet assets in dev mode => error with IE HTC-behaviours
7:08AM 3 Defining an action (or method) that filters DB data
Tuesday April 10 2012
4:16PM 2 how to use cronjob
2:47PM 4 what does "use" statement do ?
1:14PM 0 Searching and Filtering DB results
10:25AM 4 TinyTds::Client.new() gives an error "undefined symbol: dbsetluser"
9:31AM 6 User Association
9:27AM 3 Reading json in a JS file
8:31AM 2 How to use testing framework
3:52AM 1 Server asking web service
Monday April 9 2012
9:18PM 1 All Integration Tests Fail When They Shouldn't
8:20PM 0 Autocomplete text-field version of dynamic select menu?
3:04PM 1 get the json in rails 3
2:44PM 6 Protecting code of cookie cutter web sites
2:09PM 8 Rails Functional Testing Problem
1:36PM 1 javascript inside rails
12:03PM 4 Debugging errors in asset pipeline-compressed JS
10:40AM 2 ActiveRecord scope with advanced condition
5:22AM 0 whenever cron is not working with rails-3
5:13AM 0 How I update Multi Tables In A Form
Sunday April 8 2012
12:37PM 3 WEBrick setup
11:57AM 1 how does rails differentiate the method for the same url
10:34AM 1 custom query to db
12:43AM 7 Can't get debugger to work on MacOS X Lion/Rails 3.2/Ruby 1.9.3
Saturday April 7 2012
11:14PM 5 Agile Web Development 4th ed. - Can't mass assign.error
7:07PM 10 Ajax Pagination, repeating
3:36PM 17 problem with controllers
9:15AM 0 Rails 3.2 engine layouts
7:47AM 0 REST Services from PHP
3:20AM 0 Rails Developer Needed (Telecommute Only)
2:01AM 1 AJAX form (using simple_form) with preserved error validation
1:28AM 0 Query to add edited entries to the top of a paginated list
Friday April 6 2012
11:13PM 2 List all Models, Controllers, Views and Tests
7:53PM 7 Rails & PHP
7:37PM 3 sqlite3-ruby is invalid?
7:35PM 11 Re: Upgrading to Rails 3
7:25PM 14 Rails association not working. "Undefined method" error in trying to access child object from parent object
4:22PM 4 Getting error when using Devise and Twitter-Bootstrap
10:49AM 0 Upgrade from 3.0 to 3.1 and then to 3.2 - but keep 3.0 working
9:01AM 3 I can't update data in table
6:45AM 3 passing value from controller to view
6:19AM 0 i can not get current_user while writing test case with Rspec and Capybara
4:02AM 8 web to show locate folder
Thursday April 5 2012
9:53PM 5 rspec: identical tests fails when repeated
4:20PM 7 Ideas on a project or gem to develop
1:45PM 1 Uninitialized Constant
12:47PM 6 Rails Payment Gateway Solutions
11:21AM 0 Polymorphism, acts_as_relation gem and nested attributes
9:42AM 4 New service to improve i18n management
7:04AM 1 rails new project error cannot find railties
Wednesday April 4 2012
9:39PM 5 What Model Association?
6:50PM 0 Dynamic forms
6:42PM 3 Create a nested form.
6:15PM 2 Rails server start show error
5:02PM 0 NEW GROUP: Hunt Bugs Club
4:46PM 4 Running SSL in Development Environment
3:43PM 1 Rails new Project
1:30PM 7 new rails project error
11:13AM 2 Preventing destroy action via a DELETE HTTP request submitted with jQuery
11:07AM 1 autocomplete
7:37AM 1 call a function in application controller
Tuesday April 3 2012
9:48PM 4 RoR and SQL issu
8:43PM 2 rake db:test:prepare
8:07PM 0 Rack-Cache and Streaming... incompatible?
7:28PM 0 grouped_collection_select
5:32PM 4 one master table to hold symbols: good or bad idea?
3:18PM 2 Custome render xml
11:55AM 3 passing json parameter in ruby on rails
10:14AM 1 How to extract an image and its info from MP3 file.
10:04AM 3 devise authenticate_user! causing test fail
9:42AM 2 Upload files in directory
8:27AM 0 streaming partials
8:12AM 2 issues with model in ruby on rails
Monday April 2 2012
10:33PM 10 Pessimistic locking locks the entire table?
7:18PM 0 tinymce-rails-imageupload
6:42PM 5 Problem: jruby -S bundle install - tries to build native extension of yajl-ruby
5:30PM 1 paginate with multiple criteria
4:43PM 0 active admin saving selection from collection_select and passing to controller
4:25PM 10 Strictly related models
3:04PM 1 asset precompilation is crashing ruby 1.9.3-p125
10:17AM 2 Invoking one controller's methods from other controller
7:31AM 0 Finding the execution time
6:38AM 0 uninitialized constant UserController
3:33AM 3 New Rails User stuck on tutorial => Updating Posts/Mass Assignment
Sunday April 1 2012
9:31PM 1 asset pipeline/coffeescript triggering event twice instead of once
4:44PM 4 Persistent Cookies and Sessions
3:48PM 0 suggestions for problem with json through event machine/Faye ?
3:15PM 0 how to show information of specific beer inside a beercase
2:57PM 0 confused by fork() in rake file
1:04AM 5 Help with the has_one model implementation