Rails - Dec 2011

Saturday December 31 2011
11:36PM 3 Oh btw...
11:31PM 0 Which of you...
5:39PM 0 how to setting additional attributes of a join model?
12:28PM 0 Fetching Videos from Facebook
3:54AM 2 how to pass form values within an ajax call?
1:27AM 8 bundle --deployment & --no-deployment
Friday December 30 2011
7:21PM 5 Conflicting libraries: jQuery.js & accordion.js
4:32PM 4 javascript 'focus' w/ Rails 3.1.x
1:59PM 11 Daily Routine
12:29PM 0 Are associations cached with MemoryStore?
10:54AM 3 include and scopes
10:54AM 5 Session timeout in rails 3
10:05AM 1 Paypal chekout using rails3
Thursday December 29 2011
11:19PM 4 error ncompatible character encodings: UTF-8 and ASCII-8BIT
7:00PM 0 STI - Polymorphism
6:19PM 7 Am I having an asset problem?
10:28AM 2 Using Rspec, factory_girl and permalink?
8:58AM 0 Fwd: [Ilugc] One day free Training on Ruby on Rails
7:51AM 0 Barry Flower is out of the office.
7:24AM 1 rmagick and imagemagick
6:45AM 0 setting ar.errors[:base] from separate thread
6:06AM 1 form_tag issue
1:08AM 2 Rails 3.2.0.rc1: json and strange respond_with behavior
1:02AM 1 respond_with :json — strange behavior
Wednesday December 28 2011
10:45PM 1 Dynamic task scheduler
6:48PM 6 ApplicationController needs a #delete method
6:43PM 1 Change the default date setting?
6:05PM 2 very strange haml behavior , display fine w html.erb , not in html.haml
4:22PM 7 Unable to install rails
12:44PM 2 Annoying session problem
10:55AM 9 how to play video in ruby on rails
9:28AM 2 Saving different time zone in rails
8:44AM 2 Do's and Don'ts in ROR
6:57AM 1 Net::LDAP Issue
6:39AM 1 ROR book links
Tuesday December 27 2011
11:13PM 0 Help with Devise and PayPal recurring gem
7:32PM 2 Coffee script events handling
5:15PM 0 DataMatrix barcode generator/reader
4:50PM 2 mysql compatibility error--already reported by another correspondent
2:16PM 1 sub query issue with active record.
10:27AM 1 when the join model is created............
6:04AM 1 regex issues and up gradation Ruby ,Rails and gem
3:40AM 1 rails sharepoint
2:57AM 1 seed data in fixtures ?
1:20AM 1 weird capistrano error: caching old hostnames?
12:20AM 0 jw_player_helper & Rails 3.1.1
Monday December 26 2011
11:06PM 6 When to dive into Rails?
10:53PM 5 Add params to link :method=>POST
10:28PM 1 Learning Ruby on Rails 3.1 - deployment - Error (cs.jpg isn't precompiled)
10:16PM 7 problem working on old rails app
8:41PM 0 Dependent select in nested attributes
8:17PM 4 Adding a path to assets for Rails 3.1.2
3:43PM 3 Where to put videos? Heroku?
12:54PM 1 Scrap Video URL
12:13PM 3 How to check whether the character is utf-8
9:59AM 6 Finding Username of the machine from which rails app accessed
6:23AM 2 Documentation to Installation Ruby on rails on Ubuntu 11.04
6:10AM 0 Unable to send mails
4:37AM 0 How to deploy RubyOnRails more faster?
3:48AM 2 How to output a list of category names ?
12:55AM 3 method_missing not working in RoR 3.1.1 & Ruby 1.9.2p290?
Sunday December 25 2011
10:37PM 1 ActiveRecord Query
9:10PM 0 player undedfined. want video_player in jw_player_helper
8:49PM 8 Is it possible to manage four models in a form?
1:11PM 1 spec does not evaluate expression
12:24PM 1 Fixtures vs Fixture class, what is the intended purpose?
10:59AM 5 Invalid gemspec.#<YAML::Syck::DefaultKey
1:23AM 1 2.3.8 v. 3.1.1 text escaping
Saturday December 24 2011
6:38PM 2 Rails 3.1 & Routes & Root
11:47AM 2 bundle update hangs.
11:12AM 0 Videotutoriales Ruby on Rails en español
Friday December 23 2011
11:27PM 0 Datamapper problem "no such table"
11:24PM 6 uom gem
10:17PM 2 OSXyZ here
10:02PM 2 Installing Ruby, I Exported Bash Profile Twice
5:28PM 2 How to split a array
5:01PM 9 call partial by jquery
7:10AM 6 http session nil
6:27AM 6 ActiveRecord relation validation in Rails 3.1
6:08AM 1 How to map/reduce two MongoDB collections
1:32AM 1 Best Practices question
12:33AM 1 Bypass XHR redirect by overriding redirect_to
Thursday December 22 2011
8:55PM 3 Rspec :js => true issue (Rails 3)
8:32PM 14 how to change Root_path after user sign in ?
7:58PM 2 Using Thread.new in :after_save on 1.9, why not?
7:45PM 0 mongodb Map/reduce grouping
6:58PM 0 Great Opportunity to Move to Sunny San Diego, and Lead a great team of Ruby Developers.
4:05PM 1 How to watch .*pdf files in browser?
2:49PM 0 Fwd: [chennai.rb] [JOB] Tenmiles is hiring Rails developers
10:55AM 9 active record with queries
10:10AM 4 My app does not need to talk to any database
9:01AM 0 Problems with database config and prepare_to method
3:59AM 2 Configuring rails to use http and https through apache
Wednesday December 21 2011
6:55PM 1 'application.css isn't precompiled' ... but it is
6:22PM 1 Lead System Architect - job opportunity
2:47PM 3 Active Record and SQL Server
2:35PM 0 CHANGELOGs inaccuracies
1:48PM 0 multi thread test
12:40PM 0 pdfkit gem [ How to render google map to pdf ]
11:38AM 0 Cannot upload using CKEditor and Carrierwave, Rails 3.1
11:04AM 9 Simple friendship table
5:37AM 1 Saving url into database
3:22AM 1 libmemcached_store and rails 3
1:37AM 2 Form in fancybox/modal dialog
Tuesday December 20 2011
7:04PM 4 Custom Devise Controller
6:27PM 1 Mechanize GETting twice without redirect?
5:49PM 4 Lost upgrading from 2.3.8 to 3.1.1
5:30PM 0 Great Job Opportunity in NYC
10:13AM 5 Active Admin problem
7:03AM 10 Any way to use a radio button attached to record id during a create
6:18AM 3 rails 2 .3.11 server error
6:09AM 2 rails initialization process description.
Monday December 19 2011
8:29PM 0 adding methods to objects that were created on the fly
8:14PM 2 Jquery Modal Dialog with Jquery DatePicker field strange behavior
5:00PM 1 Instrumenting ActiveRecord associations
3:03PM 0 [JOBS] Rails developer wanted at Dressipi (London, UK)
1:31PM 2 Can anyone tell me, how to test production environment on our local system
12:20PM 10 Rails on iPad
11:22AM 19 Heroku upload
4:27AM 0 Read Url
2:47AM 2 fixtures and validation
Sunday December 18 2011
10:50PM 1 Convert html entities? Just use html_safe?
8:40PM 0 Searching companies that migrated from java-based webframeworks to Rails
7:53PM 2 select database after login
6:07PM 2 route question
5:57PM 4 Database recovery from production.log
9:14AM 7 Heroku & rails new ultradedup001
Saturday December 17 2011
11:23PM 1 Database schema design. How to specify if a user is an admin
8:06PM 7 How to fire Ajax call from Form_for
5:34PM 2 (SOT) Change in em-http-request: 0.3.0 => 1.0.0
4:50PM 7 How does bundler know whether Gemfile has changed?
4:22PM 1 Code in friendship or user controller?
7:40AM 39 Stack Level Too Deep Error (can't seem to figure it out)
5:37AM 3 Receive a notification when the user open an email - Ruby On Rails
4:13AM 1 procedure on ror
Friday December 16 2011
10:58PM 0 how to I make a custom configuration variable?
6:30PM 1 Model validation and Aray
4:46PM 1 How are other people handling dynamically loaded less or sass files with rails 3.1?
2:02PM 0 Lead Ruby on Rail Developer
12:58PM 0 eroor with acts as solr pagination undefined method `paginate_all_by_solr'
12:36PM 3 Noob looking for an approach to Memberships in Rails
12:14PM 1 install pauldix-feedzilla
11:19AM 0 Extracting Iframe url contents
7:54AM 4 nil object Error
7:39AM 1 Opening for Sr. Ruby On Rails Developers
7:11AM 3 Join two models
7:08AM 0 Santosh Kumar Mohanty has invited you to use Google Talk
4:31AM 2 Displaying videos
Thursday December 15 2011
10:06PM 1 dependent collection select
2:39PM 1 Form helper and select_tag
10:46AM 1 view the design and coding part of rails website.
9:32AM 2 test render text
9:04AM 1 has_many transaction rollback problem
7:22AM 2 link_to problem with ruby on rails
5:55AM 0 how to find table name from result in act as solr search
5:44AM 1 problem with starting mongrel gem
5:07AM 4 Scrapping Content from a website
3:11AM 4 CPanel and web hosting
Wednesday December 14 2011
10:12PM 3 an advice on how to use associations.
9:22PM 0 Re: Abridged summary of rubyonrails-talk-/JYPxA39Uh5TLH3MbocFFw@public.gmane.org - 36 Messages in 15 Topics
7:59PM 0 Upload large folders/files and do the compression
5:06PM 4 Uniqueness scope
11:57AM 1 How to integrate constantcontact in ruby-on-rails
11:50AM 7 Actionmailer woes
9:37AM 3 get all the month between 2 year in ruby on rails
3:52AM 30 How can I get RVM/Passenger/Apache2 to play nicely together
3:13AM 3 Rails Wiki content not appearing
1:03AM 1 Migration from MySQL to NoSQL
Tuesday December 13 2011
9:29PM 1 continuous jquery partial update
8:34PM 2 Development vs Production Performance over a VPN
7:18PM 0 Using ActiveSupport's autoload_at
7:15PM 2 Mechanize 2.0.1 question
5:25PM 4 jquery questions
5:16PM 30 Is Rails on IIS dead?
5:01PM 1 Trouble setting up Rails with a JS runtime environment
4:17PM 2 is that a good example for using has_many :through?
4:05PM 3 Validates presence
2:28PM 2 where define the script_name?
12:31PM 3 Sub queries problem with Active Record
7:58AM 0 My partial wont render if there are line breaks (!?)
7:43AM 0 Jruby 1.6 + Rails 3 java servlet session store issue
6:59AM 0 Web Application Development Beginner
3:21AM 0 select helper in Rails 3
Monday December 12 2011
11:46PM 6 executing javascript on the server side
9:28PM 4 Make text field accepts only numeric values
6:09PM 0 Bay Area Software Engineers (BASE) FREE Virtual Job Fair
3:42PM 2 Upgrading from rails 1.8 to rails 3
2:52PM 1 Errno::ECONNREFUSED (Connection refused - connect(2)): sending email in production
1:31PM 1 Credit Card Processing
1:04PM 1 how to get data from following format #<ActsAsSolr::SearchResults:0xb379438 @solr_data={:docs=>[{"id"=>"6.152049"}, {"id"=>"1.2989831"}, {"id"=>"1.2989831"}], :total=>3}>
10:36AM 10 problem on subtract one year from current year in ruby on rails
8:59AM 0 Re: Implementing notifications in Rails
7:58AM 0 logic problem in ruby on rails with data retrieve from MySQL
7:09AM 0 <%= render_component %> Tag cloud issue for rails version 2.3.11
4:28AM 1 Deploying rails 3.1 application to amazon EC2 Instance with Capistrano connection failed error.
Sunday December 11 2011
11:59PM 5 passenger and postgresql in production environment
7:48PM 2 anonymous user modeling
7:06PM 0 Data exchange between client and server
6:29PM 2 Select_tag don't "save" the values
9:17AM 1 Router problem
8:59AM 2 Multiple select
2:23AM 1 How to run a single test method using Unit::Test?
1:19AM 4 problema has_many + accepts_nested_attributes_for
12:12AM 1 why it does not display the correct object?
Saturday December 10 2011
11:30PM 3 Set Ruby Version in Rails Application
10:51PM 5 This modules thing somehow really does not work for me, please help.
9:12PM 0 platforms in gemfile
9:08PM 2 Couldn't find database client: mysql, mysql5, mysql.exe, mysql5.exe. Check your $PATH and try again.
8:45PM 4 finding out where to modify virtual host settings in rails, passenger, apache setup
5:34PM 1 ActiveRecord time and datetime
3:24AM 0 Rails and Wordpress session integration
Friday December 9 2011
11:48PM 1 Need help in copying public key for a new user to EC2
10:49PM 1 Issue installing rjb, could not create MakeFile
8:58PM 1 Choose Ruby Version on Startup
7:28PM 1 belongs_to and order
2:22PM 2 Rails3: search#result
2:14PM 1 Building my own `like` system
11:13AM 5 what do you think it's better for pagination?
11:01AM 0 error in installing 'render_component' plugin
10:05AM 1 ROR return JSON with 406 Not Acceptable error
7:26AM 1 Juggernaut Error
6:47AM 0 Re: Need help with WePay integration using oAuth
6:07AM 1 Extending a subclass from an abstract class
5:38AM 6 unknown error
5:36AM 1 How To deploy Rails 3 Application In GlassFish Server
Thursday December 8 2011
11:39PM 1 Using a gem / plugin
11:01PM 2 URL helpers not working in test
10:59PM 3 Problem with running "WEbrick"
10:55PM 0 Java inside ruby project?
9:01PM 0 jquery red rover
8:14PM 0 Brakeman 1.0 Released: Static analysis security scanning for Rails apps
7:44PM 1 Responding to different html requests
7:06PM 1 sorttable.js with (ajax)will_paginate
6:11PM 3 About database modeling.
6:01PM 1 Determine Bank Name from Routing Number
4:43PM 1 Devise + RubyCAS Client
11:51AM 1 in acts_as_solr how find data from two table at a time with some conditions
10:51AM 5 Error for uuid
9:04AM 0 Rails 3.1.3 doesn't work without asset pipeline
Wednesday December 7 2011
7:40PM 14 how to use javascript to update markers on Google maps
5:39PM 16 Rails + Cassandra
3:48PM 12 [OT] CodeRunner and RVM
1:25PM 5 Find_by_sql help?
12:04PM 6 Rails desktop application
11:25AM 2 Looking for a good plugin which will record user activity
11:10AM 12 Nil is not a symbol error.
10:49AM 0 regex syntax
10:26AM 3 doubts with link_to function
9:43AM 2 Question About Separation Of Concerns (ActiveRecord)
6:45AM 1 error regarding ActiveRecord
5:39AM 2 Error in ROR project
5:34AM 3 Deploying rails 3.1 application to amazon EC2 Instance with Capistrano from local git repository.
4:28AM 3 I was running through a tutorial and now I can't start my dev server
4:25AM 2 Test:units error
12:36AM 1 Errors when running the local server
Tuesday December 6 2011
10:45PM 0 New Project
10:44PM 1 Developer
8:42PM 14 Rails and MySQL woes
7:32PM 2 Overloaded view / model code
5:29PM 0 Ruport issue
4:49PM 1 Database Issue
4:14PM 1 mongodb topic in rails
4:10PM 6 Rails - validate inclusion fails on rake test:integration
3:12PM 6 XML digital signature (Xades) with JRuby
2:27PM 2 cannot create child through association
1:25PM 1 Setting validations on multiple attributes: A noobies attempt
11:25AM 1 rel attribute in <a> in Rails 3 erb file
11:08AM 2 rmagic error windows 7
2:00AM 3 Stack overflow
Monday December 5 2011
11:35PM 0 Devise Troubles
10:49PM 5 Grails to Ruby on Rails
10:48PM 3 problem with select
10:37PM 0 jay parteek wants to chat
9:55PM 9 jquery - word is not defined
8:57PM 0 RSpec doesn't give me any backtrace
7:05PM 3 Javascript file path
6:05PM 12 Using nokogiri
5:30PM 2 How to bypass a create record after validation wo error ?
3:25PM 5 Newbie route issue
2:46PM 1 CI & deployment
4:57AM 2 About Latest version of ROR
1:13AM 2 Ajax dialogs with jquery
Sunday December 4 2011
9:27PM 10 bash: rails: command not found
8:45PM 0 How do I update the Gem Environment for "EXECUTABLE DIRECTORY"
5:26PM 2 EMBEDDED DOCUMENT::help.....
3:56PM 1 Is set_table_name deprecated?
11:38AM 7 reading input from radio button
7:58AM 1 Javascript_include_tag
2:59AM 4 ActiveRecord::Base.connection.execute is exec?
12:00AM 3 Major Headache incoming
Saturday December 3 2011
11:14PM 4 Charts. Client side? Server side?
7:24PM 0 groupon like website designed in rails with some added features .
6:55PM 1 ActiveRecord Abstract class
6:17PM 2 script/server error (undefined method `name' for "ZenTest")
4:22PM 11 check hash content ?
3:36PM 1 Validation in different actions.
3:05AM 3 installing rvm
2:56AM 2 render partial issue
2:31AM 3 "class Date needs to have method `_load'" in Rails 3.1.3 and Ruby 1.9.3-p0
Friday December 2 2011
11:51PM 16 Switch versions of Rails
10:11PM 0 Rails 3.1 modules
7:07PM 2 Issue with Time zones
7:01PM 0 Test Fixtures
6:21PM 1 Handle categories and (nested) resources
5:40PM 0 validation & errors
2:49PM 0 Senior Software Developer Needed at Alert Logic in Houston
2:08PM 10 Refactoring Advise
1:37PM 0 include MongoMapper::EmbeddedDocument
12:13PM 20 Need Some Guides on Solr with Rails.
11:22AM 0 Pop up Box-Rails 1.2.4
8:00AM 1 Rails and aptana studio 3
4:36AM 1 How to implement ActionMailer callbacks for rails3?
Thursday December 1 2011
10:36PM 7 ExecJS::RuntimeError in Home#index
9:59PM 10 one-to-one relationship
8:57PM 4 hash.merge!(other) vs hash = hash.merge(other)
6:17PM 1 ActiveRecord::ConnectionNotEstablished
5:57PM 2 Rails 3.1.1 : MySQL : composite keys
4:53PM 0 exciting position for Ruby on Rails developer in London immediate start
4:30PM 2 rails default route to database
3:14PM 1 ActionMailer: Test failed but works in development environment
12:23PM 2 Polymorphic class associations
12:07PM 0 I can't generate a single vcard file with multiple contacts using vpim
11:52AM 0 [JOB] Softwareentwickler/-in, prometheus-Bildarchiv, Universität zu Köln
11:38AM 0 Error in ROR App on running code
11:28AM 5 routes problem
9:11AM 1 Ruby on Rails
6:01AM 2 file upload
5:28AM 2 Association problem
12:06AM 0 Rails 3 with Ajax on Prototype.js can someone help me with this ?