Rails - Jan 2012

Tuesday January 31 2012
11:20PM 0 Why does Time#to_s(:db) force UTC?
10:58PM 1 Flushing a log file
8:45PM 0 Rails cache not cleared when running tests
4:56PM 18 Why Heroku so slow?
3:24PM 3 (de)serialization problem with rails 3.2
1:09PM 0 Ruby developer wanted in Hungary
12:16PM 6 Will_paginate
11:47AM 4 Connect with MySql and Ruby
10:37AM 0 Instantiating a new object with a template, through an association
9:37AM 0 Emails delivery
12:47AM 3 Interesting strangeness with I18n.t
Monday January 30 2012
8:54PM 2 Rails 3: include a field from has_many through association
8:09PM 6 Why can't I access attributes in rails model?
7:46PM 3 Exploding active record results
6:23PM 0 Problems with stylesheet_tag_link and print.js and print.css inside HTML SLIM
5:23PM 0 scope in relationship
4:36PM 16 Database level authentication
3:56PM 0 Installing RMagick on CentOS 5
3:44PM 0 gdata gem on rails 3 ruby 1.9
2:56PM 1 Separation of concerns and more...
12:58PM 4 Ruby gems for Single Sign On
6:51AM 2 how to use Paperclip alone with a separated attachment model
5:31AM 6 data is storing in database when i had created but it is destroyed after the sign out
3:52AM 4 Reaching into a has_and_belongs_to_many - will :through work?
Sunday January 29 2012
10:26PM 0 Looking for Ruby on Rails Developers - Broomfield, CO
7:11PM 0 Custom form builder
6:30PM 1 AssetNotPrecompiledError for missing assets - really?
4:38PM 0 Starting Full Server Stack During Integration Tests
2:31PM 0 seg fault
12:53PM 0 ActiveAdmin: Nested attributes not working for STI
12:45PM 2 Fwd: [chennaiocc] Looking for Ruby on Rails developers - Remote working is also accepted.
10:45AM 3 has_many association and parent_id
9:52AM 1 mass_assignment_sanitizer and Factories w/ rspec
5:32AM 0 Rails in Production & Cache
3:14AM 4 changing migration
Saturday January 28 2012
11:04PM 2 after_save in plugin
7:06PM 4 Using search_field as select
2:29PM 1 trouble in storing dates from localized form text fields...
1:46PM 0 Why Unicorn don't want to make .pid file?
11:32AM 4 How to migrate from md5 to bcrypt?
7:45AM 3 password encryption is not working..
Friday January 27 2012
11:46PM 0 Warden - how to setup custom encryptor
11:14PM 3 ActionMailer and Ruby SMTP causing a segmentation fault!
7:36PM 1 Are class variables a good way to set the context for a class instance in Rails?
4:52PM 3 Gem Load Error
4:44PM 22 Polymorphic association
11:21AM 3 How to test the model dependence ?
6:11AM 0 High Sleep value on Mysql
5:54AM 4 Redirecting to create new page with input
Thursday January 26 2012
11:43PM 0 Show action with Devise
9:12PM 2 the best solution for a dynamic form in RoR
7:00PM 2 How to add multiple user create on single form using ActiveAdmin
6:38PM 3 Can't access polymorphic associated model's attributes
6:15PM 0 [JOBS] RoR Perm and Contract/hire jobs in Atlanta
5:08PM 6 Controller validation and duck trading! How would you do it?
5:00PM 2 [JOBS] Looking for Rails developer in Knoxville, TN or Minneapolis, MN
2:58PM 8 Devise - Sign up and sign in at same view
2:26PM 10 Helper or ???
8:19AM 6 :method => :delete not working
8:10AM 2 Problem while creating new resource on ActiveAdmin
Wednesday January 25 2012
11:52PM 0 Can't Get Caching to Work with Heroku and Memcache
10:40PM 4 Call method from view
9:55PM 2 anyway to parse a localized date string into a Date object ?
8:18PM 0 Square is seeking talented Ruby Engineer - San Francisco
4:26PM 4 Advice how to get the word out of new Ruby Jobs(without being a pest)
4:14PM 11 Optimizing query
2:40PM 7 Average hour rate for a Junior Rails developer.
2:22PM 0 Cancan gem help .. as I Can..not ;-)
11:43AM 1 Rmagick image clarity
11:38AM 0 Paperclip preserve files ?
9:34AM 3 error display at the field is not working
8:46AM 1 mysqlerror for mongodb documents in testenvironment
7:24AM 4 Multiple downloading
6:49AM 1 Scope in Rails model vaidation
6:35AM 4 serializable_hash and serializable_add_includes
5:39AM 5 Call a controller from the rake file
4:03AM 0 bundle crashing with `error!': 302 "Moved Temporarily" (Net::HTTPRetriableError)
3:04AM 11 Rails doesn't scale?
1:20AM 3 css.scss file changes don't do anything now
Tuesday January 24 2012
10:43PM 0 complicated problem with javascript.
10:31PM 4 Skipping the First Line when reading in a text file
5:33PM 7 Ruby update
3:34PM 7 Gem install bundler works, gem bundle doesn't?
1:36PM 1 Insert record in table entity-relationship
1:10PM 0 Rake file with Controller
12:36PM 7 captcha issue
12:16PM 4 How to maintain multiple versions of rails in one PC
11:55AM 1 Action Controller : Exception Caught
10:56AM 14 Remote MySQL database.yml problem
10:47AM 3 Invalid associated child object is silently not auto-saved and does not make saving of parent fail
9:15AM 0 after_destroy callback order in Rails3.1.3
6:32AM 3 Changing users password not working
6:31AM 2 Booking Engine With Editable Associated Model
3:20AM 4 :locals does not pass var in rails 3.1.0 partial view
1:29AM 2 How would you do this in ajax in rails 3
Monday January 23 2012
10:44PM 2 encoding issue
10:22PM 1 is there any release schedule for 3.2 ?
8:57PM 2 "undefined method `accept' for nil:NilClass" error after upgrading to 3.2
8:41PM 2 Locals does not pass in var in partial
7:46PM 2 both with_index and each_with_index not working
7:39PM 3 One to many query for 3 tables
5:10PM 3 Different Iconv behavior with the same Ruby version
3:06PM 2 Rails 3.2: invalid %-encoding (100%)
1:04PM 0 Ajax confusion
10:41AM 0 rspec for uploading an image using yml file
9:42AM 0 Problem loading modules through ActiveSupport on_load
7:48AM 0 How to implement a platform with multiple rulesets/logic engines?
5:46AM 11 redirect_to :back - Any way to go back two pages?
5:24AM 2 Installing Ruby/TroubleShoot
4:32AM 1 session problem in ruby on rails
3:10AM 4 Upgrading my application - 2.3.5 to 3.2
2:21AM 1 problem: debug in netbeans 7.1
Sunday January 22 2012
11:53PM 0 Question: Cortex for Chrome | Rails Gem
10:36PM 4 undefined method `gsub!' for 2012-01-22 17:00:00 -0500..2012-01-23 00:00:00 -0500:Chronic::Span
10:17PM 10 Create new Rails with mysql default on database.yml
7:02PM 1 problem opening https OpenSSL problem
5:29PM 3 Javascript & Ajax Organization
6:20AM 5 PDF Thumbnail screen in a page
2:41AM 3 Using Mongoid with ActiveRecord
12:09AM 0 How do I add conditional style in rails 3.1
Saturday January 21 2012
11:56PM 0 site5 uninitialized constant NameError
9:39PM 16 Installing rails on Ubuntu
8:03PM 4 why doesn't an instance of Object get Class's new instance method?
2:57PM 2 Problem with installing rails 3.2
3:30AM 1 before validate
2:05AM 1 Problem when following http://guides.rubyonrails.org/getting_started.html
Friday January 20 2012
11:33PM 0 I18n effort estimate help needed!
9:46PM 0 Chinese characters scramble after a while
7:16PM 0 Rails 3.1 on Heroku Cedar force HTTP 1.0 response
6:08PM 0 [JOB] Prototype Developer
5:33PM 0 [JOB] Sr. Rails Developer - Telecommute (NY/NJ/CT/PA)
2:01PM 3 Fields_for adding html (text) for hidden field
1:29PM 3 Any help with refactory this ugly code?
1:05PM 1 Rails 3 routes.
12:38PM 7 How to encode (.) Dot in url Rails
10:56AM 2 Build a ruby gem and conditionally specify dependencies
10:20AM 6 help on session in Ruby
9:28AM 1 aanyone help me for pdf formate
9:16AM 1 rails:freeze:gems missing
9:11AM 3 Action Mailer with Rails
9:07AM 7 Date and Time in Ruby
8:19AM 0 breadcrumbs and url
4:39AM 1 how to pass data from one page to another
3:24AM 3 Istalling Ruby 1.9.2
1:08AM 0 Internal Server Error Mysql2::Error: Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction
12:44AM 1 Refactor two similar actions
12:19AM 6 Merging URL parameters with form_for ones
Thursday January 19 2012
11:07PM 1 What's a good site for rails jobs worldwide?
10:41PM 4 redirect_to with a hash instead of parameters
8:42PM 6 map.connect issue with multiple rails apps
6:23PM 3 Multiple Before Filters
5:39PM 1 Could Someone please explain how to repeate my code recursivly?
2:59PM 0 Issue with Rails application on SSL
2:24PM 2 validation of nested polymorphic class
11:15AM 1 Rails 3 refuses to clear the cache
9:03AM 0 Problem in testing with separate validation of :attachment_file_name
4:19AM 1 rails associations
3:12AM 1 parametes in the URL
Wednesday January 18 2012
10:43PM 1 Rails 3.2.0rc2 Ruby 1.9.3 critical development enviroment performance
10:09PM 0 any help with installing gitorious?
9:28PM 0 Ruby Contestants we are hiring
6:20PM 0 Looking for 14 Contract consultant needed - Ruby programming language developers, team lead and project manager -Contract/C2H/Full Time- Atlanta,GA.
6:20PM 0 Can you extend an association, but only for a specific instance?
5:27PM 2 Polymorphic and standard association issue
4:29PM 6 Sending custom headers in Find method in ActiveResource:Base
3:44PM 1 strange 406 Not Acceptable on redirect after update
2:58PM 0 Hiring in NYC or DC: Ruby on Rails Web Developers for Global Financial Software Firm
2:42PM 1 Usage statistics.
1:12PM 0 Functional Testing
12:27PM 0 RubyNation Conference Call for Speakers is Open (Tix, too)!
12:22PM 0 trouble in passing select tag values in a rails application
11:23AM 2 using a link in a view , flash message doesn't clear
11:09AM 2 Rails 3 with iPhone
10:26AM 0 RoR Developer - Intern / New Grad - for exciting start-up in Munich/Germany
9:43AM 4 error on starting ruby server on Fedora 14
4:54AM 3 Cannot redirect to nil!
3:26AM 4 Adding a custom select to omniauth register form
1:26AM 2 formatting a date string
Tuesday January 17 2012
9:53PM 0 [JOB] Sr. Ruby on Rails Developer - NYC - To 135k
7:05PM 0 Rails for Beginners Course - Live Instructor, 8 spots left
6:06PM 0 What is the best way to validate a json object? (POST request)
5:32PM 0 there is no documentation about before_add_for methods?
4:24PM 9 Rendering a counter in the view. What's the proper way?
3:30PM 2 Rails 3.1 compress assets production fails when compress is set to true
3:04PM 3 Help with Unit test
12:58PM 3 Multiple Song downloading
11:58AM 0 Multiple File Download
11:47AM 3 Question about a model example
11:22AM 3 Saving without callbacks in Rails 3
10:27AM 0 Unit testing & assertions example (newbie)
9:45AM 0 what are fields_for for?
8:52AM 0 JOB : WeLoveWords recherche son Directeur Technique - Ruby on rails
8:12AM 3 How to change the value of User attribute
7:40AM 5 Is their any plugin/gem available to improve performance
6:41AM 4 Find all association methods
6:01AM 5 Accessing the ROR Application
5:06AM 2 modeling values with units of measure
4:44AM 3 update data to database
Monday January 16 2012
10:45PM 7 Need some advice on how to start a rails app
9:19PM 5 Unit testing & Functional testing. Noob questions
8:38PM 1 how to send a post request and receive json back in rails
8:35PM 5 multiple submits with ajax & submit
7:34PM 0 Job Opportunity: Ruby Developer -NYC
7:07PM 2 Named Scope bug?
7:03PM 6 Why use rails helpers?
6:35PM 7 Correct syntax for prompt for select_tag
5:33PM 3 Calling functions without parentheses. When?
5:30PM 9 Ruby on Rails Tutorial Using Google+
5:15PM 6 html inside of erb
3:54PM 2 how to select attributes on :join ?
2:30PM 0 Rails3 logging issue in development.log
2:13PM 6 Need advice - one large application or many small ones?
12:05PM 0 Looking for Ruby On Rails Developer
8:41AM 0 Installing gem 'twitter-bootstrap-rails' on a Windows machine
6:36AM 1 Deleting cookie of the authorization page in rails application
Sunday January 15 2012
11:59PM 2 ruby-debug19 error undefined symbol: ruby_current_thread
9:55PM 2 DEPRECATION WARNING: Passing a template handler in the template name is deprecated. (rspec + haml)
3:29PM 0 proper location of view tests
Saturday January 14 2012
10:13PM 1 posts re consulting/help with projects
4:11PM 4 Devise Authentication
3:31PM 0 Bot-Away v2.0 Released
3:25PM 2 mysql2 error in production
2:17PM 1 Error in Creating a rubyonrails application
10:47AM 2 weird error w Haml - Rails 3.1
1:43AM 2 has many relation - destroy troubles
Friday January 13 2012
10:11PM 0 14 Contract consultant needed - Ruby programming language developers, team lead and project manager - Atlanta
10:06PM 1 Looking For Ruby programming language developers, team lead and project manager - Atlanta
9:04PM 0 Rails Developers Needed
6:02PM 3 Ruby installation error
3:37PM 4 Function cost minimization
1:49PM 7 keep-alive no working on dynamic content.
11:49AM 9 listmania - anaylsing multiple lists in a method
9:44AM 4 Paperclip
4:31AM 0 ROR Projects
2:53AM 0 Rails gem/API for Google Web Search
Thursday January 12 2012
10:59PM 1 [FOSDEM] Meeting rooms
9:25PM 2 Rails think db column is integer when it is a float
8:29PM 24 Team viewer for install
7:52PM 7 RailsCasts
7:00PM 4 Rails for Zombies 2 (code school)
6:05PM 0 Freelance Rails Developer Wanted
5:29PM 9 Roll my own Role based permission or use CanCan Gem?
11:22AM 28 I really don't know hot to set an extra attribute of a join model.
10:39AM 1 Capistrano rvm local not on server bundle issue
7:21AM 0 link_to_remote helper messed up?
5:50AM 3 installing Ruby On Rails on Centos
5:38AM 1 Select box with Onchange
5:23AM 8 alert with 3 button
4:10AM 0 telling app to use middleware in gem
Wednesday January 11 2012
11:44PM 2 Ruby-based attributes, and input splitting
6:21PM 2 spork/guard/rspec now disregarding filter tags for examples
4:35PM 4 Observe field with jquery in Rails 3.1
4:09PM 15 passenger does not see gems in vendor/cache
3:27PM 1 Can't create new rails project behind proxy
1:28PM 5 error message in rails
1:24PM 2 to enter date and time in rails application
7:13AM 4 displaying rails form validation errors inline
2:08AM 0 Installing 4.0.0.beta
12:18AM 4 ActiveRecord: ar-each_model
Tuesday January 10 2012
10:23PM 3 Pulling data from a one-to-many association
6:43PM 4 Ruby programming problem
4:41PM 5 6 fundamental migration problems for beginners
1:53PM 1 regular expression
12:34PM 2 text anchors: How do they work?
12:27PM 2 TextArea: Fixed Size
10:33AM 7 what wrong in this nested form?
9:36AM 1 How to render subactions html into action to sent string to view later
3:25AM 1 Kindly Post here the url of your best ruby on rails references. PDF, or even download links
1:59AM 2 Opening rails with
12:05AM 2 Newbie question: How to save multiple records in a single form
Monday January 9 2012
10:14PM 1 Windows, Rails 3.1.3, Omniauth-BrowserID, SSL Erro
2:41PM 0 passenger 3.0.11 socket error
12:41PM 3 Ruby on Rails equivalent code for mysql
12:10PM 1 API - Sending and Receiving XML
12:02PM 2 [Rails 3.1] weird jQuery behavior when pre-compiling assets
11:01AM 2 index page shown to have been accessed in logs after resource creation BUT the new entry page persists.
10:49AM 1 Error message while starting rails server
10:09AM 7 how to make normal user as admin
6:18AM 1 error in your SQL syntax
3:24AM 4 How to Convert Html Entities to Ascii Chararcters
12:02AM 5 Save Array
Sunday January 8 2012
8:04PM 2 Report strategy
7:57AM 9 Equivalent to observe_field in rails 3
6:02AM 3 including jQuery library
5:04AM 1 Advanced has_many and belongs_to model joins ?
4:23AM 3 migration trouble in the command line
Saturday January 7 2012
9:12PM 3 One-to-one or one-to-many association
7:17PM 2 set a default value with simple_form
6:40PM 7 Simple code...please help me in debugging
3:17PM 1 render :partial from .js.erb doesn't render on second pass ...
2:56PM 3 failing rspec - has_password? - Ruby On Rails tutorial
2:24PM 0 does ror support unittest on sqlite memory mode ?
1:04PM 2 mySQL RoR
12:52PM 4 could not get 3xx (550)
10:37AM 2 RoR application design for real estate web site
4:46AM 6 how to make the whenever gem to run a cron job
Friday January 6 2012
11:34PM 1 Interesting question
9:01PM 3 Showing uploads using jquery.media.js
8:07PM 2 Which association is right for books table and words table?
7:17PM 0 Rails Dev Needed for Minimal Viable Product
4:59PM 1 How to pass a field from simple_form as a hidden div value
1:18PM 3 How to migrate on another server?
10:36AM 2 Zipcode validation
8:39AM 7 Heroku and MySQL
6:47AM 1 location of Devise::SessionsController
3:04AM 7 How to send a ASCII escape sequence to a Dot Matrix Printer
1:39AM 1 link_to parameter used in controller
1:13AM 17 Complex query with multiple joins
Thursday January 5 2012
10:18PM 8 js update partial missing template
10:07PM 0 form_for behavior
9:27PM 2 Help with Nested Associations Hash in ActiveRecord query
9:08PM 0 Accessing js from controller
5:37PM 3 help with some ugly code: refactoring
4:33PM 11 Duplicate forms after click
4:25PM 6 assest pipeline how to exclude some css files?
2:18PM 0 save pdf to file using template
1:35PM 2 Exchanging values of two records with unique-validated fields
9:56AM 0 How to get file extensions in webpage?
9:47AM 4 lock the sign in account when login failed more than 5 times
8:20AM 4 mySQL: ERROR 1045: Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)
5:18AM 1 rails 3.1 gemfile issues
5:08AM 2 Error while rake actions
3:04AM 2 How to Send ESC commands to a DOT MATRIX printer in Ruby on Rails?
2:53AM 3 composite keys and association
Wednesday January 4 2012
10:21PM 0 Rails 313: .gitignore has absolute paths - correct?
9:16PM 0 EJS File Load Error on Rails 3.1
8:25PM 1 AR update / create pattern: is there an easier way?
6:19PM 2 rails migration from 2.3.4 to 3.1
6:19PM 5 Beginner here: What does it take to find a decent job as Rails developer and live from it
4:47PM 4 How to set different id in nested form attributes
4:20PM 1 Image Croping in simple way..
3:06PM 3 Local Gem Repository will not work
11:26AM 4 How to get all image, pdf and other files links from a website?
11:02AM 1 render :update problem with IE 9
10:13AM 1 How to create new object with existing nested attributes
10:04AM 2 gem list empty
7:52AM 3 Selenium on rails
7:27AM 1 how hard to get a rails developer job in new york
3:10AM 1 price, demands, value for rails development and applications
12:00AM 0 how to avoid pre-compile on deployment ..
Tuesday January 3 2012
10:14PM 4 Update related items on save?
8:28PM 1 Can Arel handle UPPER and LIKE condition?
4:17PM 1 Generate editable PDFs
3:57PM 1 Rails 3.1 assets pipeline issue in production
3:44PM 2 newbie call one controller method inside of another's render
2:54PM 4 unable to install rails using rvm
2:38PM 1 Install on Windows...how? WebRick/Mongrel don't work
12:30PM 4 Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES) even though i have added in mysql
11:57AM 1 updating rails version to 3.1.3 get error
9:52AM 16 gem install sqlite3-ruby still not working
8:54AM 3 File size of web-based flv. Reading some bytes from a web-based file.
7:29AM 0 mail attachments displayed strangly in Rails 3.1
Monday January 2 2012
11:14PM 0 Ordering on Heroku and special characters (å ä ö)
9:49PM 2 Check whether you migrate up or down in Rails 3.1?
8:57PM 0 rails3, compass and asset pipeline.
8:33PM 0 awesome polymorphic goodness in before_create
6:25PM 1 Write functional test cases for an rails app having no model
3:13PM 1 Ajax login secure?
3:02PM 3 has_many 'Paperclip' output?
11:07AM 0 associations give unexpected result during rspec test
10:31AM 1 How can I display model validation error in view page separately beside each form field
7:40AM 3 calling same modelling will fire multiple queries to db in rails 2.3.5?
6:30AM 1 Heroku PGError bad migration cancels db:migrate
4:33AM 3 rake command not responding
Sunday January 1 2012
7:14PM 2 Calling a function inside of (function($) {})(jQuery);
5:54PM 4 Chronic parsing date range in console but not in application in rails 3
12:43PM 2 Problem in AWS-S3 gem
6:35AM 1 Rails 3.1.0 - Asset pipeline
5:42AM 3 'require_tree .' does not seem to be including the available *.js files as expected. Why?
1:03AM 0 an advice for menu navigation.