Rails core - Sep 2012

Sunday September 30 2012
11:38PM 3 Approximate release timeline for Rails 4?
10:13PM 3 Filter redirect logs
Saturday September 29 2012
5:32PM 13 Test Locations in Rails 4
Friday September 28 2012
5:06PM 0 Overriding class_attribute writers and order of super/extend C.M./included block eval in ActiveSupport::Concern
10:59AM 7 Overring methods on engines
Thursday September 27 2012
10:30PM 1 RVM settings lost after every logout
4:13PM 2 Rails master activeresource railties
4:06PM 4 Rails master generates deprecated method calls in config
Tuesday September 25 2012
6:24PM 0 update_attribute, update_column and update_columns should update readonly attributes
1:58PM 2 [activerecord] Better loading pattern for connection adapters that play nicely with bundler --standalone
1:39PM 3 Proposal for a new ActiveModel::Errors structure
5:00AM 9 Any rails experts able to offer some advice?
Monday September 24 2012
9:24AM 2 Where db tasks in Rails 4.0.0.beta
Sunday September 23 2012
9:04PM 6 database uri for database.yml
Friday September 21 2012
4:47PM 4 expose accessible_attributes directly, deprecate attr_accessible and attr_protected?
2:55PM 4 Good resource for the history of activerecord association method naming?
Thursday September 20 2012
3:39PM 16 getting rid of AS::Cache::Entry in the memcached store
Wednesday September 19 2012
8:00PM 7 Renaming Journey and avoiding libraries with common noun names
6:37PM 0 'rails new' putting conditionals in the Gemfile for jruby vs. existing Gemfile template and app_base.rb hacks?
4:49PM 0 How to copy model with arel_table instance
4:46PM 0 behavior after Rails loses all the pooled DB connections
7:14AM 7 Help with understanding railing db test
Tuesday September 18 2012
8:48PM 2 #2798, respond_with ... location: nil requirement, and returning status, location, and wrapping errors automatically for controllers providing JSON, XML, etc. services
7:01PM 6 Proposal: partials should not create a local variable with the name of the partial when no :local or :object option was passed
1:07AM 1 v3.2.8 missing require for arel relation in predicate builder?
Monday September 17 2012
4:41PM 0 What is a good test strategy for a new ActiveRecord Adapter?
3:55PM 6 How do you run active record tests using the ARCONN setting against a new adapter?
Saturday September 15 2012
9:18AM 10 Versioning of Views; Our Approach
Friday September 14 2012
8:51AM 5 Disabling Rails default LogSubscribers
4:39AM 5 3-1-stable: AR XML serialization tests broken for anyone else?
Thursday September 13 2012
5:04PM 8 Wierdness with dependency resolution with models in modules
11:57AM 0 Accepting build_association parameter for fields_for helper or build association object automatically
7:51AM 0 Updates to const_get
Wednesday September 12 2012
4:51PM 1 [Rails Guides] Use new hash syntax
4:11PM 0 TagHelper#tag allows attribute values to overflow outside of the attribute
4:00PM 0 Rails Guides: Use new hash syntax
Tuesday September 11 2012
9:22PM 17 Excessive redundant object allocation in AR
6:21PM 3 question about how to set up an active record adapter to prefer use of prepared statements...
3:28PM 18 [Proposal] Team issuebusters
Monday September 10 2012
3:56PM 5 Method capture
1:29PM 0 ActionView::Template.register_template_handler method refactoring
Saturday September 8 2012
11:30AM 3 Polymorphic has_and_belongs_to_many association
Friday September 7 2012
6:14PM 7 Is flash.now necessary?
Thursday September 6 2012
1:35PM 2 datetime_select - change order of time and date
12:29PM 15 Feature feedback before working and pull request please..
Wednesday September 5 2012
6:53PM 4 Suggestion: render filters
2:56PM 17 Please add support for IETF "application/json-patch" media type
2:54PM 2 Please add support for emerging IETF JSON Patch method
12:47PM 2 Partials and helpers
Tuesday September 4 2012
6:43PM 10 Generic asset definitions and management
Monday September 3 2012
9:43PM 0 time_zone_options_for_select method in ActionView::Helpers is not DST aware