Rails core - Aug 2012

Friday August 31 2012
8:08PM 3 Feature Request: Auto-infer .includes from .where with ActiveRecord queries
Thursday August 30 2012
9:59PM 3 Feature Request: Provide documentation and/or feature to configure active record naming conventions
Wednesday August 29 2012
8:44PM 2 respond_with and namespaced controllers
Friday August 24 2012
1:44PM 9 Should chunked encoding (by Rails) be optional for HTTP streaming?
Thursday August 23 2012
7:53PM 4 serialization and attribute assignment share commonality, so full decoupling is not DRY?
Wednesday August 22 2012
2:09AM 4 Routing Concerns
Saturday August 18 2012
2:30PM 2 What do you guys think of "render nil" render nothing instead an error?
10:58AM 3 Suggestion; a mechanism to specify asset path for controller (or specified actions)
Friday August 17 2012
12:41PM 6 Speeding up ActiveRecord
Thursday August 16 2012
11:39AM 1 [error] rake db:create
12:59AM 1 Routing path order of verbs
Wednesday August 15 2012
1:13PM 8 Only-Except, not_nil?
12:44PM 5 Reverting of 6acebb3: Allow loading external route files from the router
Tuesday August 14 2012
2:52PM 4 Could requirement for _attributes suffix for association names in mass assignment security and model data go away in Rails 4?
Monday August 13 2012
9:59PM 10 Question about PATCH method, accepts_nested_attributes_for, and updates to association lists (has_many, HABTM)
5:20PM 3 Backporting instructions in Contributing guide
2:32AM 4 Any interest in "sudo" methods for bypassing mass-assignment?
Saturday August 11 2012
3:54PM 2 Please update Rails guides to reflect 3.2.8
Friday August 10 2012
9:19AM 1 Merge scopes with OR
Thursday August 9 2012
9:36PM 1 Rails 3.2.8 has been released!!!
9:36PM 0 Rails 3.1.8 has been released!!!
9:36PM 0 Rails 3.0.17 has been released!!!
2:59PM 2 Proposal for def_method_missing in ActiveSupport
3:34AM 3 REST default routes for create.
Wednesday August 8 2012
3:05PM 11 Activerecord: how to write a new feature?
Tuesday August 7 2012
1:39PM 0 On before_type_cast, numeric columns and blank
12:23PM 5 Looking for feedback and review of changes to AR predicate builder
6:17AM 13 UUID primary keys for ActiveRecord
Sunday August 5 2012
8:29PM 6 Encapsulate Relation#calculate into a subquery
3:03AM 0 compute_public_path and sprockets
Saturday August 4 2012
6:59PM 0 Issue regarding nested attributes and validations
5:33PM 24 Feature request: allow formats with dot in resourceful routing, like '/users.xml.zip'
4:50PM 6 Automatic asset paths prevent logical asset organization
Friday August 3 2012
2:29PM 5 Rails 3.2.8.rc2 has been released
Thursday August 2 2012
7:12PM 3 Dynamic Finders Return nil
Wednesday August 1 2012
11:27PM 6 Proposal for a complement to Sweepers to expire Rails cache
9:00PM 4 Rails 3.2.8.rc1 has been released
1:57PM 0 Testable after_commit hooks for rails 4?