Rails core - Oct 2012

Wednesday October 31 2012
11:37AM 4 Custom accept headers
Tuesday October 30 2012
5:40PM 0 Type casting in the uniqueness validator
5:29PM 2 Some kind of automatic adding index on forgotten migrations
2:40PM 0 Default Rails setup convention between "bundle install" and "rake"
Monday October 29 2012
5:17PM 3 Rails 3.2.9.rc1 has been released
Saturday October 27 2012
4:23PM 1 ActiveRecord setter performance
Friday October 26 2012
9:59PM 1 ActiveMode::TestCase
Thursday October 25 2012
11:33PM 3 FormHelper#fields_for: second argument to the block
3:25PM 7 Pull request #1731: enable/disable strong parameters
Wednesday October 24 2012
1:08PM 4 Docrails and Rails
Tuesday October 23 2012
10:59AM 0 Add #seconds_until_end_of_day to ActiveSupport date classes
Monday October 22 2012
8:38PM 1 how to test with and without strong_parameters?
Thursday October 18 2012
11:44PM 3 #asset_url helper method
11:39PM 2 Disable Time Zone Conversion for Specified Column
12:56PM 0 ActiveRecord: updating an association of an already persisted instance in memory without making the update persist right away. Is this possible?
Wednesday October 17 2012
7:28PM 6 Suggestion: default values for models
7:21PM 1 Suggestion: to extract AC filter methods
6:28PM 2 autolog: set_trace_func without all the typing
1:12PM 0 redirect from routes with possibility to set cookies
2:24AM 0 redirect for routes
Monday October 15 2012
4:04PM 11 When will Active Record be really Rails-independent? Concern about migrations
Friday October 12 2012
5:53PM 8 destroy callbacks race condition
3:38PM 0 after_association_loaded hook
3:27PM 0 Does ActiveRecord push/emit notifications when validation occurs?
Tuesday October 9 2012
9:52PM 1 Reconnection in PostgreSQLAdapter
Sunday October 7 2012
2:06PM 1 Rails doesn't scale
12:16AM 3 Option for inserts/updates/deletes on the Postgres adapter to return all columns, not just the id
Saturday October 6 2012
11:19AM 11 Customizable parameter name in routing.
Friday October 5 2012
4:54PM 8 gitignore - adding database.yml
6:11AM 2 how to displya view from controller after fetching data from database ?
Thursday October 4 2012
8:44PM 2 conditional eager loading
2:43PM 3 has_many behaviour on new records
11:32AM 3 define_methods functionality
Wednesday October 3 2012
6:46PM 1 Is there planned support for permitting params one at a time vs. all at once in strong_parameters/Rails 4?
Tuesday October 2 2012
4:53PM 0 PG adapter pull request for supporting range types
9:53AM 8 Being strict on differentiating between IEC prefixes and SI prefixes.
7:53AM 1 Rails 3.2/4 force prepared statements to be used
5:49AM 3 case insensitive inclusion validation
Monday October 1 2012
9:22PM 1 active_model_serializers, more than one level deep of associations, specifying serializers per association
7:57PM 10 attr_accessible with an :if option
11:30AM 0 Add posibility pass hash to ActiveReccord::Querying#order