Puppet users - May 2013

Friday May 31 2013
10:56PM 3 ssh_authorized_key filling /var/log/messages
9:36PM 2 Problems with puppetdb and SSL
5:30PM 22 ruby issue
3:31PM 4 AD user add to local windows group?
Thursday May 30 2013
11:22PM 3 Packages for Ubuntu 13.04 Raring
10:59PM 0 intstall gcc-4.7 on Jenkins Ubuntu slave
9:19PM 4 Could not request certificate: Error 405 on SERVER
8:24PM 3 What data on the server can a compromized host read
8:04PM 8 Run a File resource only if another file is missing
5:32PM 4 exec in a source file?
3:02PM 6 Grouping hosts within environments
1:41PM 0 Link to the official Google Group
12:54PM 1 Mcollective + ActiveMQ 5.8.0 - direct addressing problems
10:28AM 4 Stages and concat
2:50AM 2 I have some trouble with starting puppet-dashboard service :(
1:41AM 0 PyPI package keeps upgrading/installing
Wednesday May 29 2013
11:06PM 3 How can I use "puppet apply" with hiera?
9:12PM 5 mcollective setup question
7:56PM 0 Vancouver, BC, CA puppet meetup group
7:05PM 2 Hiera Environment Wildcard
5:53PM 3 puppet server passenger configuration
4:57PM 0 Unable to Connect to Master
3:29PM 3 optional defined type and dependencies
3:05PM 1 mysql create user problem
2:42PM 0 A project for screening of SysAdmin Candidates in an automated way
2:35PM 1 augeas for hosts.allow
9:40AM 5 Developing custom type/providers for multiple OS
6:11AM 2 Puppet displays title as 'main'
Tuesday May 28 2013
8:35PM 10 Puppet REST API Questions
5:01PM 0 Link agents to a server...
2:35PM 5 attention Puppet Experts: can i run puppet master and agent on same server
2:09PM 1 Puppet master 3.2.1 crashing
2:07PM 10 runinterval - is it seconds or minutes? Docs are incomplete!
12:00PM 0 Using Puppet to Puppetize Multiple Puppet Masters
11:56AM 0 Bootstrapping Puppet
10:57AM 3 Issue with Puppet & Packages which are installed multiple times
7:34AM 1 Error "Illegal instruction (core dumped)" when running puppet agent (version 3.2.1)
6:50AM 1 Problem running 3.2.1 master with parser=future
2:06AM 1 custom type and provider testing
Monday May 27 2013
6:44PM 2 Puppetdbquery 1.1.0, now featuring hiera backendception
12:04PM 0 solved!! signing certificate issue.
9:20AM 2 Puppet 3.2.1 default log level change?
8:26AM 1 puppet mail report
Saturday May 25 2013
5:09PM 2 PuppetDB 1.3/ HSQLDB vs Postgres
6:20AM 2 "Future" parser and "return value" of resource definition
1:19AM 1 Error: Could not find dependency Yumrepo[puppetlabs-products] for Package[puppet]
Friday May 24 2013
11:23PM 2 PuppetDb Query Help/Problems
10:39PM 1 puppet apply -- override node name, module path
10:28PM 0 zpool resource fails with incorrect error
10:24PM 0 PuppetDB Architecture Questions
9:33PM 4 PuppetDB
5:00PM 0 Apache Passenger: Action 'configtest' failed
4:42PM 0 Apache Passenger Fail
2:21PM 0 ossec integration
1:47PM 1 Example of a working runinterval + splay configuration?
12:53PM 6 Puppet/Nagios/PuppetDB slow performance
11:49AM 1 Exec question: variable expansion to set gconf string
9:35AM 5 Execution order of classes
8:12AM 6 Manage config files with Puppet and version control software
4:09AM 5 Suppress deprecation warnings because of Referencing Variables
Thursday May 23 2013
6:45PM 3 Execution order of classes in a node
6:32PM 1 Newbie Question: How to push/pull from other servers
4:16PM 2 Very slow puppet agent runs on empty/noop manifests (v3.2.1)
2:52PM 2 Problems installing git for windows using Puppet
2:32PM 2 manifest for fusioninventory-agent
11:01AM 1 accessing one master via multiple hostnames (internal & external)
8:05AM 3 How to trace an order of all execs ?
Wednesday May 22 2013
11:23PM 0 Announce: PuppetDB 1.3.1 Available
9:53PM 18 apt repository appears to have dependency issue with latest release (3.2.1)
8:43PM 2 if word1 match so I replaced it with word2
8:38PM 0 Puppet 3.2.1 and Facter 1.7.1 for Solaris
7:54PM 13 Announce: Puppet 3.2.1 Available
4:58PM 1 new user help
3:23PM 0 Pupppet 3.1.1. Ignoring schedules
8:30AM 0 Initial agent setup - signing procedure fails.
8:06AM 2 facter wrong report
7:56AM 6 PuppetDB database tunning
Tuesday May 21 2013
5:27PM 6 avoiding duplicate package definitions with stdlib's "ensure_packages"
3:55PM 3 Trouble with file in module 'source => "puppet://...'"
1:18PM 3 Puppet - rbuf_fill timeout error periodically on puppet client runs
11:16AM 0 puppet 3.1.1-1 ignores runinterval (?)
10:08AM 2 Delete directory contents if this is older then ..
9:43AM 0 puppet dahsboard class counter
Monday May 20 2013
9:21PM 0 Failed to set owner to: integer too big to convert to `int'
7:45PM 2 puppet pull code from svn
4:39PM 1 Two resources managing the same file?
4:12PM 0 Announce: Module puppetlabs/puppetdb 1.3.0 Available
1:25PM 2 hiera-gpg and 400 error
10:00AM 10 Problem creating user with Puppet
9:53AM 1 deep_merge and hiera
Sunday May 19 2013
11:01AM 3 Copy script from source -> run it -> delete it again
Saturday May 18 2013
8:49PM 0 [Belgian Puppet User Group] Workshop testing puppet modules
5:16PM 3 Migration from 0.25.4 to the latest puppet and relating issues ....
9:27AM 0 upgrading 2.6 (and assorted addons) -> latest shiny ?
8:38AM 3 Rhel based distro and multiple package version installed
Friday May 17 2013
11:29PM 0 Announce: Puppet 3.2.1-rc1 Available
10:52PM 5 puppet in an appliance model?
7:46PM 3 client connection errors: SSL, SNI and DNS_ALT_NAMES Oh My
6:03PM 0 Puppet 3.2.0, the great release that never was. Puppet 3.2.1, the great release that will be
3:56PM 0 puppet agent fail error 400 not authorized to call find on /file_metadata
3:29PM 1 History of fact inventory
2:12PM 5 Running multile MySQL Instances on the same server
1:28PM 1 Windows Pathnames with spaces in Puppet file directive
8:25AM 0 Odd issue updates not pushed to client.
12:33AM 4 How to apply to all hosts with exception list.
Thursday May 16 2013
11:22PM 10 Workaround for Puppet 3 not working in Fedora 18
10:10PM 3 module namespace?
9:53PM 1 how to handle gems required for a custom provider
8:38PM 6 Manual run with specific class
2:27PM 3 vim-puppet syntax highlight
12:35PM 6 Odd Issue with Ensure Latest
12:06PM 0 Fetching list of hosts using the web api
11:49AM 2 hiera query question
12:24AM 6 Holding packages on providers with holdable feature
Wednesday May 15 2013
9:02PM 0 Join us for a Design Jam on Testing Puppet Changes
8:20PM 3 Preparing to install Puppet Dashboard on RHEL 5 with newer MySQL
4:24PM 2 Using puppet to append to a bundle
2:28PM 1 Puppet 3.2.0-0.1rc2.el6 SSL problem
1:43PM 3 Overwrite anchors in hiera
11:54AM 2 Puppet run on node even when not specified in site.pp
11:33AM 2 node definition lenght
11:29AM 4 hiera - anything better than empty string?
10:45AM 1 Any working module for LDAP client authentication?
9:46AM 1 sensitive data in hiera
7:15AM 1 Facter fact appears to be a string and not an array.
4:18AM 10 Puppet, git & security
12:14AM 9 Custom function help: works locally, "wrong header line format" error on master
Tuesday May 14 2013
11:18PM 1 PuppetDB Cannot Find Postgresql Driver
10:55PM 3 PuppetDB "Failed to submit 'replace facts' command"
7:16PM 0 [Announce] Puppet Request Tracker Module
6:36PM 2 module dependancy
1:38PM 2 puppet and custom nagios object variables
12:02PM 5 puppet/hiera - how to debug errors ?
3:28AM 5 Is it possible to compile puppet script to pure Ruby or other languages.
Monday May 13 2013
9:23PM 1 puppet does not see changes in /etc/puppet/puppet.conf
9:21PM 3 example42 puppet-squid
9:17PM 0 puppetlabs / bacula
8:38PM 5 MCollective deployment pattern
8:25PM 0 Announce: Facter 1.7.1 Available
7:56PM 1 Puppet reading/compiling production when using other environments
4:26PM 2 Creating defined resources based on array of parameters.
8:00AM 0 Muti-layer deployment process
7:32AM 1 Rspec-puppet: what is differences between contain_class, include_class, create_class?
3:00AM 0 Monkey patching puppet agent to support dynamic srv_domain
Sunday May 12 2013
7:50PM 1 How to restart Apache server instances (running on nodes) with Puppet & MCollective ?
Friday May 10 2013
8:17PM 2 Weird puppet error
8:17PM 5 RHEL patches broke my puppetd
11:59AM 1 Can i use puppet DB for puppet dashboard ?
11:32AM 0 connect from ruby 1.9 agent to 1.8 server
11:18AM 7 Hiera lookups in templates
7:31AM 3 is there a way to find an agent in which node by puppetdb api
Thursday May 9 2013
11:00PM 1 equivalent way to iterate through a hash
4:52PM 9 Running all apt source and update operations first, best practice.
4:21PM 0 loading custom type
2:00PM 1 POssible incompatibility between puppet agent 3.0.1 and puppet master 3.0.2
2:34AM 12 hiera can't see a value on a puppet client, but the hiera app on the server can
1:06AM 7 Are multiple environments broken in puppet?
Wednesday May 8 2013
6:04PM 2 Bug in puppetdb-ssl-setup?
5:44PM 1 Puppet agent and env variables
3:58PM 3 2.7 -> 3.1 upgrade path?
2:43PM 1 deleting nodes in puppet-dashboard makes it hang
2:22PM 2 define and exported resources - giving wrong template content
2:13PM 2 PuppetDB issues
2:01PM 14 PuppetDB: SSL problems
1:46PM 0 puppetlabs-products yum checksum failing
10:52AM 7 How to indicate multiple dependency?
10:36AM 5 Node definition from file (heterogeneous hostnames)
9:25AM 0 Files from agent to agent => SSL_CA
9:19AM 1 Problem with hiera config
7:11AM 1 Unable to start heartbeat service
6:17AM 2 Puppet Dashboard's ENC returning wrong hostname/parameters
Tuesday May 7 2013
10:39PM 8 proxy required
8:21PM 3 freebsd clients failing to connect to new master with ssl errors
6:43PM 0 Announce: Puppet 3.2.0-rc2 available
6:39PM 7 puppet node clean using SQLite instead of PuppetDB
5:24PM 3 puppet cert error
4:46PM 0 Extending puppet catalog face
4:38PM 1 How to have one file depend on many packages
4:34PM 3 Announce: cis-puppet 0.2.0 is now available
3:19PM 2 Using Puppet to trigger a script when error occurs on log file
2:11PM 3 Trouble writing authorized_keys2
1:53PM 2 Foreman and Puppet managing templates question
9:04AM 2 Modules doesn't work from puppet agent.
7:42AM 1 Puppet Don't Send Message If Any Changes
4:28AM 2 Dealing with slow resources
2:22AM 2 hiera not using non-root user custom fact
12:34AM 8 Puppet install decency issues
12:17AM 3 Support for transactions
Monday May 6 2013
11:44PM 3 Announce: PuppetDB 1.3.0 Available
6:04PM 2 facter's zpool_version errors using zfsonlinux
5:26PM 13 Having trouble with facter - "invalid argument"
5:25PM 11 Feedback on module pattern?
8:03AM 5 Puppermaster certificate expired
5:23AM 1 puppet-cleaner 0.3.0 released
Sunday May 5 2013
3:58AM 10 Version Controlling Puppet Configs with svn
1:50AM 7 New to hiera
Saturday May 4 2013
11:25PM 5 Can anyone recommend a module with a resource managing a block of lines in a file?
Friday May 3 2013
9:38PM 0 Announce: Facter 1.7.1-rc1 Available
6:02PM 13 Practices: what _not_ to manage with Puppet?
5:53PM 5 Need help with python msi install on windows
3:50PM 2 How to upgrade Puppet agent on Ubuntu Precise 12.04 LTS to version 3 at first run?
9:16AM 5 Variable re-use, override, inherit and include
6:07AM 0 IPS repo module or provider/type for Solaris/OpenIndiana
1:54AM 0 hiera json backend broken on puppet 3.1.1 for windows
Thursday May 2 2013
8:54PM 3 How to refer to common variables across multiple modules?
8:43PM 10 What do YOU do to catch undefined variables
5:23PM 0 Facter and Puppet Agent custom confdir
3:36PM 1 puppetmaster crashes silently
3:32PM 2 Puppet 3.1.1, hiera and parameter autoload
3:26PM 1 Beginner : First Agent/Master, Passenger Error
2:49PM 0 console_auth database is not configured?
2:47PM 0 switching checksums
2:03PM 1 High-level design question concerning Hiera with Puppet
1:41PM 7 Installing packages on windows - fail :(
1:31PM 2 compare md5
12:38PM 3 Problems relocating $confdir on Puppet Master
10:32AM 3 Occasional SSL_connect errors to PuppetDB
Wednesday May 1 2013
7:56PM 2 IBM gpfs file system and mount resource
7:40PM 0 Re: Error testing deploying Grizzly
4:33AM 1 Puppet Mail notification configuration