Puppet users - May 2011

Tuesday May 31 2011
11:31PM 3 Facts with puppet master --compile
7:14PM 0 Extlookup++
5:50PM 5 User's Home Folder is not Being created but the user is there.
5:03PM 3 High CPU usage puppet 2.6.6
4:19PM 1 know what the master is currently doing
3:34PM 1 ralsh - unable to pass alias array for host resource
3:09PM 26 New Puppet report processors...
2:21PM 3 uploading files via REST?
1:34PM 0 Fwd: uploading files via REST?
9:58AM 3 Removing links
Monday May 30 2011
8:36PM 3 puppet administration guidance
8:10PM 4 ipaddress returned by facter
11:58AM 1 Puppet Enterprise scalability
Saturday May 28 2011
12:36PM 1 puppet dashboard 404s
10:10AM 3 ec2 initial server prep tips and tricks
Friday May 27 2011
7:43PM 0 Schedule resource oddities (#7639)
4:30PM 5 ymllookup is a wonderful thing
8:39AM 5 Name or service not known issue
8:14AM 2 Name or service not known
Thursday May 26 2011
9:49PM 1 node class include vs module include
4:38PM 12 "Open Source Team" planning meeting summary
12:50PM 4 Facts are propatating but dont work from within templates and classes
11:14AM 2 Dependency of the collection of virtual ressources.
1:14AM 1 Changing up some things around Puppet Labs's Open Source Software
Wednesday May 25 2011
11:12PM 0 Problem with Facter 1.5.9 on Ubuntu
8:46PM 1 Managing netgroups in /etc/passwd with Puppet via Augeas
7:18PM 2 Output of "puppet master --compile"
5:12PM 22 Client updates
2:11PM 1 mode on private_keys file for nagios / func integration
1:50PM 0 facter 1.5.9 does not display lsbmajdistrelease
12:10PM 2 Puppet fileserver path
Tuesday May 24 2011
6:12PM 2 ruby 1.9.2 rpms for testing
5:03PM 6 Applying Catalogs
3:40PM 2 problem with rack versions and puppet-dashboard
2:13PM 1 nice real world web server + db server example
1:55PM 6 installing puppet client
7:01AM 9 err: compile erro
Monday May 23 2011
11:09PM 4 Template conditionals
11:01PM 1 custom provider type error message
10:51PM 2 Variable interpolation challenge
9:06PM 3 custom facter does not show up on client
4:34PM 4 Variable inheritance in Stages
10:05AM 5 How can i copy a directory
6:06AM 6 Cross-module dependencies
Sunday May 22 2011
3:46PM 2 Users group in NW Ohio or hell even Detroit/Ohio area
4:59AM 1 Device Documentation
Saturday May 21 2011
11:10PM 11 enabling of 'thin_storeconfigs'
9:48AM 1 which protocol does Puppet File Resource transfer based on? http? rsync?
5:01AM 7 Puppetmaster leaving files open with "too many files open" error
Friday May 20 2011
9:20PM 0 report for schedule items
8:24PM 7 PC EU feedback: exported resource syntax is too magical, hard to read
8:20PM 5 PC EU feedback: spaceship operator too magical, hard to read
8:20PM 4 PC EU feedback: virtual resource operator is too magical, hard to read
8:19PM 1 puppet code to find out which is the first active network interface
8:19PM 0 PC EU feedback: import should also include subdirectories
8:18PM 4 PC EU feedback: long online docs pages should be broken up
8:17PM 3 PC EU feedback: ability to remove all unmanaged resources
8:16PM 0 PC EU feedback:
8:15PM 2 PC EU feedback: unpack array variables in string interpolation
7:33PM 0 PC EU feedback: automatically realize required virtual resources
7:07PM 5 Does the puppet module tool work with ruby1.9.2?
6:48PM 2 ANNOUNCE: Facter 1.5.9 Final!
5:25PM 0 PC EU feedback: should be able to symlink Puppet's management directories
3:31PM 4 finding consultants or full time puppet experts?
3:29PM 3 Defined resources not being applied, breaking dependencies
3:20PM 2 Inheritance in parametrized classes
12:26PM 1 Including a class multiple times, with different variables
3:58AM 6 Not able to execute shell script
3:45AM 4 The quantum effect when loading classes
3:07AM 11 changing the default key length and hash
Thursday May 19 2011
10:10PM 2 custom function from .24.6 not working in 2.6 (from squeeze)
7:29PM 2 How to pass variables from got from kickstart to puppet
5:48PM 3 Negative checkin time
2:37PM 7 autosign by hostname not working?
7:23AM 6 Intermittent errors for resource dependencies
Wednesday May 18 2011
11:18PM 1 ANNOUNCE: Puppet 2.7.0rc3 Available
11:01PM 13 Concat Module posted to Onyx Point Github.
4:22AM 0 ANNOUNCE: Puppet Dashboard v1.1.1 Available
Tuesday May 17 2011
8:41PM 0 Managing FMS (Flash Media Interactive Server) with Puppet
6:53PM 1 verbose dump of manifest for a given host/node?
9:56AM 5 Ensure a package is newer than version X
9:19AM 3 Type, provider & purge
8:55AM 0 Upgrading form 0.24 to ???
6:59AM 2 SSL_connect returned=1 errno=0 state=SSLv3 read server certificate B
1:46AM 2 Abstracting filebucket source?
12:04AM 2 Plugins don't work the way I think they do?
Monday May 16 2011
8:49PM 4 apt-pinning & puppet package management
8:17PM 0 Puppet fails first run
8:07PM 2 buglet in ec2 facts in facter 1.5.9rc6
7:35PM 3 Uninstalling the puppet source?
6:29PM 3 Fun with hashes and ERB
4:09PM 10 Should puppet manage its own client configs?
11:16AM 2 Stopping two services at once
Sunday May 15 2011
2:34PM 4 Going to publish custom modules : Request for comments
Saturday May 14 2011
6:18AM 1 Extra field in generated cron?
4:04AM 10 So, clientconfigs.sqlite3 is pretty big
Friday May 13 2011
9:20PM 5 puppet resource for group
8:50PM 1 ubuntu package installs
5:48PM 0 any behavior difference about 8139 and 8140 remotely?
4:01PM 1 Should this call generate an error?
3:36PM 3 report time determined by client not server?
2:05PM 11 Facter with a gem
12:13PM 5 Puppetmaster and Passenger3
11:20AM 5 ssh_authorized_key loops when options is defined
8:59AM 2 how to rescue a dependency failure and try another one?
6:25AM 18 Thoughts about extlookup: http://blog.wl0.org/2011/05/thoughts-about-extlookup-in-puppet/
2:37AM 1 Puppet Dashboard on Freebsd 8.2
Thursday May 12 2011
8:44PM 1 Custom facts in modules
7:39PM 2 puppet client not receiving cert
6:21PM 2 array being concatenated
3:59PM 1 Variable scoping / best practice
2:43PM 1 variable scope for templates
9:24AM 0 Berlin Meetup Announcement at Büro 2.0 Linuxtag Grill&Barbecue
12:12AM 0 SF Puppet Masters Users Group
Wednesday May 11 2011
8:31PM 1 Passenger issues running Puppet
6:52PM 1 Puppet 2.6.8 -- Thanks
4:59PM 5 Security of Puppet ACLs..
2:21PM 7 Sending an email if an action happens
2:04PM 3 Red Hat Satellite Future : puppet and foreman
8:21AM 2 Dashboard 1.1.0rc1 - How to destroy node when site is readonly?
7:17AM 5 multiple resources overrides
2:51AM 2 rack problems
Tuesday May 10 2011
7:59PM 2 cannot create www-data user
7:50PM 0 Continuous Integration, Puppet, dynamic VMs etc
7:04PM 8 Who uses the rrd graphing support?
1:04PM 14 Puppet Master System Requirements
10:21AM 8 how to add same ssh_key to two diff accounts
7:46AM 0 Next SPUG Meeting 19.5.2011 @swisstopo in Bern - 19.00 o'clock
12:39AM 1 ANNOUNCE: Facter 1.5.9rc6
Monday May 9 2011
9:45PM 4 Managing Switches.
9:35PM 0 Could not retrieve metadata - 2.6.7 / RHEL4 / remote site
12:29PM 5 extending puppet without hacking puppet
Sunday May 8 2011
9:13PM 0 Puppet Dashboard Inventory not all facts visible / incorrect values
Saturday May 7 2011
7:13AM 3 Cannot dry run puppet on the puppetmaster
Friday May 6 2011
8:59PM 9 Generate "Compiled catalog"/yaml for a node?
8:05PM 2 undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass
6:36PM 0 Puppet 2.7.0RC2 released
4:47PM 7 Puppet Dashboard Questions
3:12PM 3 Over-riding changes in modules and classes
Thursday May 5 2011
7:18PM 3 Disabling optional services
6:02PM 0 ANNOUNCE: The Marionette Collective Release 1.2.0
9:43AM 0 array of groups to definition?
6:00AM 3 issue with exported resources and subscribe
5:34AM 2 virtualized resource collections
12:40AM 1 variables inside a template for my hp ilo device
Wednesday May 4 2011
9:51PM 2 Passenger Error "during the evaluation of config/environment.rb"
9:20PM 3 Puppet-dashboard not linking to filebucket or diffs
4:51PM 3 Data Sources CSV files vs Database
12:26PM 6 puppet not working after switch to passenger - permissions issue?
11:09AM 2 Puppetmaster revokes just signed certificates
2:04AM 6 chicken and the egg.. pushing custom facter plugins for use within puppet..
Tuesday May 3 2011
8:56PM 7 Disable class by exception (not disable service in a class)
7:50PM 5 templates on puppetmaster, shipped via scp to clients
5:19PM 1 Could not evaluate: Cannot write SSH authorized keys without user
4:16PM 3 Git Workflow
10:21AM 4 at which size to use a "real" webserver
10:06AM 1 facter command does not show some facts
6:34AM 3 Conditionals
Monday May 2 2011
2:58PM 13 Resolving/ Expanding module puppet:/// URI in exec line
1:37PM 2 exec resource: negate onlyif condition
1:24PM 4 help with template and has_variable?
11:32AM 4 Could not request certificate: undefined method `closed?' for nil:NilClass
9:43AM 0 Puppet bootstrap: via cdist