klibc - Jun 2012

Friday June 29 2012
6:48AM 0 [klibc:master] inlcude: [mips*/klibc/archstat.h] get rid of nlink_t
6:48AM 0 [klibc:master] include: [ppc64/klibc/archstat.h] get rid of nlink_t use
5:54AM 0 [klibc:master] include: [sys/types.h] bury __kernel_nlink_t
Thursday June 28 2012
9:40PM 2 upgrade dash to newer version?
4:59PM 6 Bug#634890: klibc issues on armhf (not Debian/armel)
4:44PM 0 2.0.1 klibc release
4:09PM 0 [klibc:master] 2.0.1 released, next version is 2.0.2
3:36PM 0 [klibc:master] Fix gethostname()/getdomainname()
3:33PM 0 [klibc:master] nfsmount: Fix wrong NFS umount path
1:13AM 8 [PATCH] klibc: introduce EXTRA_KLIBCWARNFLAGS variable
1:07AM 1 [PATCH] klibc: fix gethostname()/getdomainname()
Wednesday June 27 2012
10:40AM 5 To build klibc against kernel 3.4.3
Friday June 22 2012
10:17AM 1 [PATCH] Fix wrong NFS umount path
Monday June 11 2012
6:02PM 0 Bug#677087: klibc: produces 64-bit binaries on i386 with x86_64 kernel
Thursday June 7 2012
8:14PM 0 Bug#676569: gcc-4.7: -nostdlib broken, multiarch library path always added
7:55PM 2 [PATCH] klcc --version is -V because -v is --verbose already (unbreak -v)