klibc - Jul 2012

Tuesday July 31 2012
7:26PM 4 Request: Infiniband Support in ipconfig
Tuesday July 3 2012
10:54AM 0 [klibc:master] kbuild: Fix permissions of headers
Monday July 2 2012
9:49AM 0 [PATCH/RFC] kbuild: Fix permissions of headers
9:12AM 0 [klibc:master] [SHELL] Allow building without LINEO support
9:12AM 0 [klibc:master] [VAR] Sanitise environment variable names on entry
9:12AM 0 [klibc:master] dash: sync with latest git
9:12AM 0 [klibc:master] [SHELL] Fix klibc DEBUG compilation
9:12AM 0 [klibc:master] [ARITH] Avoid imaxdiv when only one of the results is wanted
9:12AM 0 [klibc:master] [EVAL] Avoid using undefined handler
9:12AM 0 [klibc:master] [BUILTIN] Eliminate unnecessary promotion in echocmd
9:12AM 0 [klibc:master] [MEMALLOC] Avoid clang warning about dead store to "size"
9:12AM 0 [klibc:master] [MEMALLOC] Avoid gcc warning: variable ' oldstackp' set but not used
9:12AM 0 [klibc:master] [BUILTIN] Merge SKIPFUNC/ SKIPFILE and only clear SKIPFUNC when leaving dotcmd
9:12AM 0 [klibc:master] [EVAL] Remove unused EV_BACKCMD flag
9:12AM 0 [klibc:master] [OUTPUT] Make outc an inline function
Sunday July 1 2012
8:57PM 4 [klibc:master] arm/setjmp.S: fix longjmp