klibc - May 2012

Thursday May 31 2012
4:35PM 1 klibc 2.0 release
12:54AM 0 [klibc:master] 2.0 released, next version is 2.0.1
Tuesday May 29 2012
9:51PM 0 [klibc:master] include: [limits.h] define MB_LEN_MAX
5:12PM 0 [klibc:master] alpha: fix signal handler setup on DEC Alpha
5:12PM 0 [klibc:master] capabilities: Use fflush() instead of fseek ()
Sunday May 27 2012
9:24PM 2 [klibc:master] kinit: Fix capabilities alternate read/ write io without flush
Friday May 25 2012
7:01PM 4 klibc issues on armhf (not Debian/armel)
6:24PM 0 [klibc:master] README update arch status
6:02PM 4 klibc breakage on alpha, need porterbox
12:06AM 0 [klibc:master] sys/sysmacros.h: define major, minor, and makedev as macros
Thursday May 24 2012
11:48PM 0 [klibc:master] sys/sysmacros.h: use __static_inline
2:48PM 1 [klibc:master] sys/sysmacros.h: match glibc and define non-__ macros
Wednesday May 23 2012
12:00PM 0 [klibc:master] Add faccessat() system call
6:54AM 0 [klibc:master] include: [limits.h] define SSIZE_MAX
Tuesday May 22 2012
8:12PM 0 [klibc:master] include: [stdio.h] add clearerr() prototype
7:36PM 0 [klibc:master] klcc.1: document -nostdinc
5:21PM 0 [klibc:master] include: [sys/elfcommon.h] define STN_UNDEF
4:59PM 1 [PATCH v2] kexec: simply pass LINUX_REBOOT_CMD_KEXEC to reboot
4:09PM 0 [PATCH] kexec: simply pass LINUX_REBOOT_CMD_KEXEC to reboot
3:36PM 0 [klibc:master] include: [sys/socket.h] define SOMAXCONN
9:12AM 0 [klibc:master] ipconfig: Use /run/ directory for script file
9:00AM 0 [klibc:master] ipconfig: Append padding if DHCP packet length < 300 octets
9:00AM 0 [klibc:master] ipconfig: Write $DOMAINSEARCH as domain-search
7:06AM 0 [klibc:master] tests: Add simple sscanf check
Monday May 21 2012
10:42PM 0 [klibc:master] Move SEEK_ constants to a common header file
10:30PM 0 [klibc:master] Add dup3() system call
10:30PM 0 [klibc:master] Add pipe2() system call
9:47PM 0 [klibc:master] lseek: give gcc a little optimization hint
9:47PM 0 [klibc:master] Rename llseek.c to lseek.c
9:47PM 0 [klibc:master] Add trivial lseek test
9:47PM 0 [klibc:master] SYSCALLS.def: add openat() on 64-bit platforms
7:29PM 6 Resurrecting the old "klibc-cvs" mailing list
Friday May 18 2012
5:45PM 1 hppa, powerpcspe: call for klibc/mksh testers
5:25PM 0 [PATCH] use RT signals by default
5:16PM 3 [sh4] klibc SIGILL
4:30PM 0 [PATCH 2/2] add KLIBCSHAREDFLAGS for IA64
4:26PM 1 [PATCH 1/2] switch sh4 to RT signals
3:22PM 1 [PATCH] unbreak s390x
Thursday May 17 2012
9:00PM 5 [PATCH 1/1] kbuild: sync with kernel 3.4-rc7
8:13PM 1 [PATCH] unbreak powerpc builds: sigset_t is "large", so switch to RT signals
5:49PM 0 [PATCH] bring mips archfcntl.h closer to the generic one
5:15PM 2 Last call for klibc 2.0...
Tuesday May 15 2012
5:31PM 5 [PATCH 0/5] resubmitting pending patches
Saturday May 5 2012
9:32PM 4 [PATCH] fix non-RT sigsuspend()
Friday May 4 2012
2:04AM 2 [PATCH] run-init: add drop_capabilities support