Gluster users - Aug 2013

Saturday August 31 2013
5:00PM 0 Fwd: Re: Use of xfs_fsr
8:02AM 0 Re: [Users] Ovirt / Gluster topology + DR site
Friday August 30 2013
9:59PM 6 How to compile gluster 3.4 on Mac OS X 10.8.4?
4:40PM 2 Centos5.9 Fuse Client fails to write file with 'dd'
3:47AM 1 cli & glusterd sm develop guide
Thursday August 29 2013
5:50PM 1 Use of xfs_fsr
5:34AM 12 FW: Backup / Restore for Gluster volumes.
Wednesday August 28 2013
5:45PM 3 GlusterFS extended attributes, "system" namespace
1:52PM 7 Hardware Sizing Requirments
1:25PM 4 Gluster Management GUI Daemon
11:15AM 2 volume on btrfs brick and copy-on-write
7:44AM 2 Wrong usage quota size
7:33AM 1 broken link ??
5:34AM 0 Backup / Restore for Gluster volumes.
Tuesday August 27 2013
6:42PM 1 Re: Advise needed on backup solution with Gluster astarget
6:30PM 0 Advise needed on backup solution with Gluster as target
12:23AM 0 ZFS (zfsonlinux) xattr=sa mode will corrupt symlinks
Monday August 26 2013
9:32PM 3 inode context is NULL in io-cache
Friday August 23 2013
3:22PM 3 Slow writing on mounted glusterfs volume via Samba
Thursday August 22 2013
11:05PM 0 Re: Writing performance gets slower when writethreadsare many
3:30PM 1 Re: Writing performance gets slower when write threadsare many
3:19PM 0 Writing performance gets slower when write threads are many
1:07PM 10 Error when creating volume
12:08PM 0 GlusterFS 3.4 MD-Cache & PHP
Wednesday August 21 2013
3:04PM 1 GlusterFS procedures in case of failures?
1:01PM 1 Troubleshooting QEMU-GlusterFS
8:02AM 8 Gluster 3.4 Samba VFS writes slow in Win 7 clients
6:55AM 2 Which brick does the Gluster Volume write into.
5:35AM 5 FileSize changing in GlusterNodes
5:00AM 1 Gluster Volume Status.
Tuesday August 20 2013
7:51PM 12 Volume creation fails with "prefix of it is already part of a volume"
3:58PM 0 BCache/Enhance IO/etc
2:46PM 7 files got sticky permissions T--------- after gluster volume rebalance
7:33AM 0 fyi: Giving a talk on GlusterFs performance at LSPE-IN (Yahoo Bangalore)
12:30AM 0 Call for User Stories & Feature Feedback
Monday August 19 2013
8:36PM 0 Call for Participation: Gluster Community Days
3:34PM 0 Announcing the 'Announce' List
3:26PM 0 Vote Now! Gluster-related Talks at OpenStack Summit
1:58PM 5 After Upgrade of 3.2.7 => 3.4 gluster, I cant do gluster peer probe newfreshpeer
1:21PM 0 Best practices link?
5:14AM 0 Gluster Failing after a period of time
Sunday August 18 2013
4:24AM 1 Replication issue between two Ubuntu servers
Saturday August 17 2013
4:27PM 3 Meetups?
4:17AM 3 Unable to mount gluster volume via mount -t nfs
3:21AM 7 Slow on writing
Friday August 16 2013
4:29PM 2 standby-server
3:18PM 5 Problems with data integrity between client, volume, and replicated bricks
9:54AM 2 How do I know with what peer (brick) is client working now ?
5:50AM 1 Re: Need help understanding the glusterd issue
Thursday August 15 2013
4:35PM 5 Replacing a failed brick
2:27PM 0 'Host not connected' when creating a volume on VBox VMs
12:52PM 0 Geo Replication
11:22AM 1 removing brick on 3.2.7
5:50AM 4 Configuration for HA GlusterFS
4:06AM 5 If i will upload file on one peer
2:11AM 0 how to accelerate the self-heal process?
Wednesday August 14 2013
10:33PM 0 Re: [Gluster-devel] Proxmox VE 3.1 beta includes Gluster 3.4 plugin
9:12PM 0 Fwd: [Gluster-devel] Proxmox VE 3.1 beta includes Gluster 3.4 plugin
1:28PM 1 remove-brick: sanity check
8:50AM 1 The file size increased much when copy into a stripe volume ?
Tuesday August 13 2013
8:36PM 2 Announcing: Gluster Community Day @ Rackspace SF
4:51PM 0 Wanted: Stats for downloads hosted on launchpad
10:34AM 2 Server and Client versions. !!
Monday August 12 2013
10:13PM 6 remove-brick removed unexpected bricks
8:12PM 1 Re: glusterfs-fuse3.4.0.elf.rpm read-only not
5:22PM 1 glusterfs-fuse3.4.0.elf.rpm read-only not working
8:34AM 2 How do I let the replication done in glusterfs server side?
Sunday August 11 2013
1:00AM 3 volume info
Friday August 9 2013
7:27PM 0 i/o errors during remove-brick
9:27AM 0 Corrupted brick/volume after server crash
9:23AM 6 GlusterFS 3.4.1 planning
6:58AM 0 Heavy workload on a specific node (replicate volume)
5:51AM 1 Getting replica count from a script?
Thursday August 8 2013
2:42PM 5 not able to restart the brick for distributed volume
7:36AM 0 Bug - replace-brick commit fails after half a dozen calls / status reports failure, then success
Wednesday August 7 2013
12:41PM 1 How to Force a replicate volume to sync
8:05AM 5 Installation Problems
5:26AM 1 Cannot recycle previously-used volume names
Tuesday August 6 2013
3:27PM 3 Any face-to-face meetups?
3:14PM 0 how to replace a total failed brick server?
3:11PM 1 how to bring bricks online
2:15PM 2 Gluster to support scalable web site
11:24AM 0 [Gluster-infra] Where is glusterfs Q&A forum?
8:24AM 4 "Incorrect brick" errors
8:12AM 5 peer status rejected (connected)
6:41AM 0 Difficult to navigate in documentation page of
6:22AM 4 Some text do not display correctly in GlusterFS_Concepts page
Monday August 5 2013
6:40PM 2 updated GlusterFS-3.4.0 RPMs on
4:07PM 3 Bypass "gluster stop" y/n question (also, python api)
Friday August 2 2013
1:40PM 8 Where is glusterfs Q&A forum?
1:12PM 2 Tunning GlusterFS
9:19AM 1 Object storage GlusterFS 3.4 Ubuntu
12:52AM 5 How to correctly distribute OpenStack VM files...
Thursday August 1 2013
11:13PM 0 Removing files directly on bricks in 3.3
8:55PM 1 Lot a Small files With GlusterFS
7:25PM 7 Files losing permissions
8:30AM 4 Quota context not set in inode
8:28AM 20 No active sinks for performing self-heal on file
5:59AM 0 Re: [Gluster-devel] [FEEDBACK] Governance of GlusterFS project