Gluster users - Nov 2012

Friday November 30 2012
11:08PM 2 Dsitribution of load on servers
9:32PM 8 Cannot mount gluster volume
7:23PM 0 gluster or fuse and group rights
7:21PM 6 New GlusterFS Config with 6 x Dell R720xd's and 12x3TB storage
4:47PM 4 "layout is NULL", "Failed to get node-uuid for [...] and other errors during rebalancing in 3.3.1
12:08PM 0 How can I sync manually
Thursday November 29 2012
6:00PM 0 glusterfs-3.4.0qa4 released
5:38PM 6 Gluster swift
3:47PM 0 backing up the data in the file system
3:40PM 1 glusterfs-3.4.0qa3 released
3:14PM 2 Gluster Questions from the Twitters
1:02PM 0 self-heal problem
Wednesday November 28 2012
3:27PM 3 Some problems
2:28PM 0 [Gluster-devel] cannot create files in gluster volume
12:50PM 0 Gluster using 400% CPU (2 cores, 2 hyperthreaded)
10:31AM 0 Destroyed Connection on gluster 3.2.5
Tuesday November 27 2012
4:41PM 0 logs getting spammed with "[socket.c:1798:socket_event_handler] 0-transport: disconnecting now" since 3.2.6 -> 3.3.1 upgrade
3:44PM 1 Performance after failover
3:19PM 0 Migrate bricks from ext4 to xfs
Monday November 26 2012
10:37PM 0 brick disk usage variance
7:31PM 8 worth upgrading from 3.2.7 to 3.3.1?
3:12PM 1 成长型企业股权激励操作实务
10:26AM 1 Heal not working
9:46AM 14 Self healing of 3.3.0 cause our 2 bricks replicated cluster freeze (client read/write timeout)
2:56AM 1 How to permanently stop a faulty geo-replication and turn index off
Sunday November 25 2012
4:59PM 5 geo-replicated Master Master cluster
Friday November 23 2012
3:24PM 1 Startup process of glusterd
Thursday November 22 2012
11:18PM 29 Data migration and rebalance
Wednesday November 21 2012
6:34PM 4 Rebuilt RAID array, now heal is failing
11:53AM 0 online documentation missing
Tuesday November 20 2012
8:31PM 0 Mounting with umask, fmask parameters
Sunday November 18 2012
9:08PM 0 peer not online again after reboot
Saturday November 17 2012
6:04PM 9 Inviting comments on my plans
Friday November 16 2012
6:23PM 0 Just coming out of a nightmare scenario
3:51PM 28 cant mount gluster volume
8:30AM 0 GlusterFS Life Cycle
Thursday November 15 2012
5:46PM 0 why is a partly available volume still writeable?
10:54AM 1 Replacing a failed server - 3.3
10:30AM 0 Why does geo-replication stop when a replica member goes down
Wednesday November 14 2012
7:14PM 9 Howto find out volume topology
5:45PM 3 Using local writes with gluster for temporary storage
3:00PM 2 Prevent mount from hanging on reboot
2:29PM 14 Avoid Split-brain and other stuff
Friday November 9 2012
12:57PM 3 how to shrink a volume?
Thursday November 8 2012
2:06AM 3 why i have a good write iops and poor read iops with more stripes?
Tuesday November 6 2012
2:47PM 2 problem with oVirt as GUI to manage
1:38AM 2 I am very confused about strip Stripe what way it hold space?
Monday November 5 2012
7:03PM 4 Switch experiences
6:30PM 7 Instructions for converting a distributed volume to a distributed-replicated?
12:19PM 0 Re. Is there a way to force a brick in a replica set to automatically self heal after it goes down and comes back up?
11:08AM 0 2 x the same file in directory
3:19AM 2 Packages for Debian Squeeze 3.3.1
Friday November 2 2012
2:00PM 0 No Office Hours Today
12:56PM 0 performance issues of gluster
8:28AM 0 a lot “failed to get the 'lin kto' xattr Permission denied” log messages!
4:51AM 0 glusterfs-3.4.0qa2 released
12:03AM 25 Very slow directory listing and high CPU usage on replicated volume