dtrace discuss - Feb 2008

Friday February 29 2008
10:14AM 0 Ruby on Solaris preso ?
Thursday February 28 2008
7:53PM 3 dtrace documentation - how do you find/use it ?
4:51PM 4 Is this still a limitation in DTrace?
1:53PM 7 Struggling with dynvar space: how big should it become?
12:27PM 3 USDT providers in shared objects
4:41AM 1 DTrace Toolkit tcpsnoop
2:12AM 2 Instrumenting make
1:46AM 4 DTrace script to find who''s accessing my disk
Wednesday February 27 2008
11:19PM 2 Mapping device major, minor numbers to the related link under /dev/[r]dsk/
3:52PM 3 Typed Argument Fails on Return Probe
Tuesday February 26 2008
7:51PM 3 dtrace to show which lwp''s are waiting
7:37PM 3 provider proposal for Memcached
2:56PM 11 Is there way to trace memory in the dtrace ?
2:28PM 1 Solaris TRAP question
2:13AM 4 Why dtrace doesn''t work on some workstation?
Monday February 25 2008
6:33AM 4 How to know exact how much memory app is using currently ?
Sunday February 24 2008
12:51AM 2 Can DTrace display non-instrumented function argument counts and types?
Friday February 22 2008
8:12AM 1 How to accomplish with DTrace Question.
3:10AM 5 How to save ustack result into a map, or pass it to another program
Thursday February 21 2008
12:23PM 1 semaphores on solaris 8
5:37AM 2 Measuring time spent doing each function in kernel.
2:06AM 1 how to get a set of functions being called from within a thread
Wednesday February 20 2008
8:53PM 10 Calling DTrace through pearl
5:51PM 1 sysinfo:::cpu_ticks_*
2:44PM 1 JSDT probe documentation
Tuesday February 19 2008
3:48AM 4 Changing function arguments or result
Monday February 18 2008
1:24PM 3 Initialisation of thread local vars
Sunday February 17 2008
5:38PM 0 DTrace for Ruby progress
Friday February 15 2008
9:00PM 5 dtrace for LDom/xpv hypervisor!
6:59AM 4 DTrace probes for bleadperl part 2
Thursday February 14 2008
5:47PM 1 DTraceToolkit now on Blastwave!
Wednesday February 13 2008
7:58PM 5 How to measure the CPU time of a process and its children? And non-lock ps?
6:18PM 3 dtrace.conf
5:19PM 1 dtrace: where to download it? it is different than DTraceToolkit
4:42PM 1 dtrace: processing aborted: Abort due to systemic unresponsiveness
11:52AM 1 Dtrace the lib between the kernel module!
Tuesday February 12 2008
11:32PM 4 Emulating truss -u with DTrace...Impossible?
8:50PM 1 measuring sleep time in synchronization objects
Monday February 11 2008
9:56PM 0 Project proposal for enhanced ustack/jstack
2:22PM 9 Invalid address in action
Sunday February 10 2008
12:06PM 0 Announcement: New Java logging DTrace provider available for testing
Friday February 8 2008
1:27PM 4 ruby provider not working...
12:35PM 2 how to get verbose stability/dependency information
1:00AM 1 DTrace contribution: Chad Mynhier
Thursday February 7 2008
4:11AM 1 vattr_t output is incorrect when invoked via system (mdb -k) action from dtrace
Tuesday February 5 2008
3:51PM 4 Dynamic variable drops when using dtrace to monitor IO performance
7:40AM 4 DTraceToolkit bug in how inclusive times are calculated
Monday February 4 2008
10:29PM 2 Trouble tracing programs with spaces in the name under Leopard
4:52AM 6 Resolving Symbols
Saturday February 2 2008
6:35PM 3 i know it
Friday February 1 2008
5:51PM 13 Missing syscall provider probes for unlinkat(2) and friends?