dovecot - Feb 2013

Thursday February 28 2013
8:50PM 3 help needed with dovecot authentication
8:48PM 0 patch for crash while FTS-searching through virtual mailbox
8:40PM 4 Disallow Deletion from Trash Folder
5:22PM 1 postfix, dovecot, samba, winbind
5:20PM 4 sending of password did not succeed
3:31PM 1 header brakage on sieve redirect ?
2:46PM 0 Dovecot - PowerMTA
1:59PM 2 Migration from v1 to v2 with hashed directory structure
1:54PM 5 IMAP folders sort order
1:53PM 0 dsync with imapc and hidden folders
1:17PM 1 Logs when moving mails
11:28AM 1 Mongo backend for userdb and passdb
11:00AM 1 Imaptest: Fatal: opendir(/usr/local/lib/dovecot) failed: No such file or directory
8:58AM 3 Best practice for sieve script synchronization
Wednesday February 27 2013
11:53PM 2 how to talk with doveadmin unix socket
10:15PM 3 Support for PolarSSL?
10:14PM 0 selinux rules for dovecot
9:11PM 2 Public free (libre) mailbox hosting service for everybody!
7:39PM 2 Real-time sync using dsync
5:55PM 0 Help with vpopmail authentication
3:39PM 2 > 2.2.rc2: doveadm who -> Bad file descriptor
11:18AM 1 Special characters in dovecot.conf
10:49AM 1 Master passwords and ACLs
9:59AM 2 "sent" and "accepted" missing mails
Tuesday February 26 2013
8:05PM 5 Protocol logging - TLS vs SSL
3:40PM 2 (no subject)
1:20PM 4 Sieve filters on folders, different from INBOX
12:49PM 1 Can't access to shared mailbox
11:16AM 1 2.2.rc2: problem with acl_shared_dict
11:08AM 2 Suggestions for upgrading dovecot 1.0.7 Redhat EL 5.x
10:08AM 1 Broken foldernames in mbox
10:08AM 2 Imap-login service count/limits
9:14AM 1 dsync can't sync mbox2mdbox two times
5:56AM 1 What to back up from a mdbox
Monday February 25 2013
11:55PM 1 Dovecot SASL: SCRAM-SHA-1 Authentication Fails
9:52PM 1 2.2.rc2: quota crash
6:43PM 5 v2.2.rc2 released
5:33PM 1 2.2beta2: LSUB broken
4:59PM 0 No subject
4:59PM 0 No subject
4:59PM 0 No subject
3:47PM 2 v2.2.rc1 released
11:28AM 1 lmtp problem with wrong index path
10:41AM 3 Bug when a duplicated file is found
2:50AM 1 doveadm search not showing expected results
Sunday February 24 2013
10:53PM 1 %{session} does not work with deliver_log_format
5:29PM 1 Problem with the command hooks api
12:17PM 4 Deleted / read mails show up as new on remote imap clients
Saturday February 23 2013
11:32PM 0 make install fails on Solaris 10
4:26PM 1 understanding namespace configuration
4:03PM 3 SSL errors for just one client after updaing both dovecot and openssl
11:56AM 1 Problem importing mail from maildir directory
Friday February 22 2013
2:32PM 3 LMTP logging
2:13PM 4 Ubuntu-12.04 packages for latest Dovecot release
2:13PM 2 problems with imaps
1:04PM 2 High CPU Usage with 2.2
2:06AM 1 patch to fix binary attachment indexing
12:15AM 0 Dovecot list archives not updating
Thursday February 21 2013
10:54PM 1 Crash in dsync [dovecot 2.1.7]
9:36PM 1 Problem with managesieve proxy
6:19PM 2 Public folders and dsync replication Dovecot v2.1.7
3:34PM 3 v2.2.beta2 released
2:59PM 1 LDA misbehavior?
1:01PM 0 Dovecot LDA LDAP lookups on samba4 server ends very often in timeouts (Christian Wiese)
Wednesday February 20 2013
2:06PM 1 Connection leak in sqlpool for ACL Dict Postgres in v2.1.15 (14907:b96df105ec55) and v2.2.beta1 (15857:07dfd4391d22)
12:42PM 2 Changin password in LDAP
12:25PM 2 Dovecot LDA LDAP lookups on samba4 server ends very often in timeouts
Tuesday February 19 2013
10:09PM 0 1.x with mbox files to 2.x with mdbox, I think?
8:26PM 0 Ping re: error running indexer-worker as non-root user
2:42PM 2 Errors after enable vnd.dovecot.duplicate
1:48PM 1 Using different auth_default_realm on multiple sockets with postfix. Is it possible?
11:38AM 1 Dovecot auth works when tested with doveadm, but fails with Postfix
11:23AM 2 Get rid of inotify in 2.1.15
8:39AM 3 Dovecot 2.2. proxy_maybe and twice SSL connections
3:05AM 1 Dovecot 2 + Quota - CentOS 6.3
Monday February 18 2013
4:10PM 1 Full-text search
1:33PM 1 statistics on proxy ???
8:58AM 2 Quota Problems with LMTP in HG 62a930eb22b5
Saturday February 16 2013
6:19PM 2 Private message flags in shared mailboxes
4:16PM 1 doveadm -D quota get -u user
11:44AM 7 Defer emails until the user is ready to deal with them (snooze button / bring-forward file / bring-up file for emails)
3:13AM 1 Virtual Users Dovecot and Postfix
Friday February 15 2013
9:02PM 1 accumulating orphaned processes
4:32PM 1 Dovecot-2.1.14 - pop3 processes always hangs forever - another follow-up
Thursday February 14 2013
9:48AM 1 proxy imaps
9:16AM 2 Segfault with doveadm-server
Wednesday February 13 2013
9:30PM 2 Requested xxxx scheme, but we have a NULL password after upgrade
6:04PM 1 "Renaming not supported across conflicting directory permissions"
12:57PM 3 dovecot-uidlist crashing and re retriving messages by pop3 clients
8:28AM 1 Dsync converting dbox->Maildir
Tuesday February 12 2013
11:29PM 1 Converting a POP3 client to IMAP
11:12PM 1 Is there any way to mask or hide the INBOX label for Dovecot 1.2.x Shared Mailboxes?
9:25PM 4 FreeBSD, Dovecot and ZFS
12:56PM 0 I can't sync with dsync and imapc
10:36AM 3 Authentication with many Windows AD
10:34AM 2 Dict quota timeout error: Has anything changed in the latest versions?
10:19AM 1 dsync 2.1.10 does not correctly handle renames of mailbox subtrees
Monday February 11 2013
8:34PM 3 backing up maildir dovecot files
7:32PM 2 error running indexer-worker as non-root user
5:00PM 2 Migration to Gmail ...
2:26PM 0 dovecot 2.2: doveadm-server crash in latest hg
4:14AM 1 Keyword Flags
Sunday February 10 2013
4:48PM 1 cPanel && Dovecot 2.x
3:16PM 2 dovecot, postfix and sieve - broken by Ubuntu upgrade 10.10 -> 12.04
Saturday February 9 2013
4:01AM 1 GSS-SPNEGO with dovecot and Outlook without Samba
Friday February 8 2013
3:14PM 0 Dovecot-2.1.14 - pop3 processes always hangs forever - a follow-up
2:39PM 0 Dovecot-2.1.14 - pop3 processes always hangs forever
2:31PM 0 No subject
2:31PM 0 No subject
2:31PM 0 No subject
1:30PM 0 test
1:08PM 0 v2.1.15 released
12:17PM 1 Moving index files on another disk: no troubles but need more assurances
9:24AM 1 sieve /editheader / addheader :last crash
7:59AM 4 Imap process crash: assertion failed: (full_fs_access)
7:29AM 1 Disabling auth caching just from one passdb
Thursday February 7 2013
10:12PM 1 user uknown
7:06PM 2 Dovecot 2.2.beta1
10:22AM 1 File permissions used for automatically created mailbox
10:04AM 2 fts_solr search in subfolders?
Wednesday February 6 2013
3:06PM 1 Sieve not filtering
2:09PM 1 Trouble when set mail_nfs_index = yes
1:36PM 8 Sieve also filter outgoing messages
12:07PM 2 dovecot-2.2: broken domain quota calculation
6:09AM 1 dovecot-2.2: dsync to imapc not working
Tuesday February 5 2013
11:02PM 2 Possible sort optimization (?)
9:49PM 2 Dovecot main process killed by KILL signal
7:52PM 4 Per user special-use folder names
6:36PM 1 dsync: Invalid server handshake
5:33PM 1 Out of memory after upgrading to dovecot 2.0.21
1:58PM 1 "Header is huge" in fts-solr
Monday February 4 2013
9:24PM 1 METADATA / ANNOTATE extensions
8:34PM 1 dsync-local(user): Error: proxy client timed out
5:08PM 1 Errors with doveadm when using checkpassword
9:15AM 4 Upgrade from 2.1.13 to 2.1.14 and load doubled
8:51AM 1 Subfolders problem
2:01AM 1 Using Mutt - folder atime/mtime etc
Sunday February 3 2013
11:07PM 1 dsync backup questions
Friday February 1 2013
5:00PM 1 lmtp-proxying in 2.1 slower than in 2.0.14 ?
4:22PM 4 move mail from server with v1.0 to server w. v2.1?