dovecot - Mar 2013

Thursday March 21 2013
2:55PM 1 loop when I enable
2:10PM 1 Postfix/Dovecot/lmtp with virtual and local users
10:30AM 0 director's imap/pop3 login timeout
Wednesday March 20 2013
8:08PM 0 v2.2.rc3 released
1:25PM 1 Override quota settings with LDAP
12:39PM 4 Disallow POP3 from deleting messages
9:39AM 1 ulimit -n in start-script
Tuesday March 19 2013
5:45PM 1 v2.2 status update
4:43PM 1 dovecot: auth-worker: order of authentication types
Monday March 18 2013
12:48PM 2 SASL + Postfix woes
12:08PM 1 SMTP Client authentication to remote Postfix/Dovecot
9:51AM 4 Dovecot - Sieve script loaded but filtering doesn't works ?
Sunday March 17 2013
11:22PM 1 Dovecot not obeying disable_plaintext_auth = yes and how to force/disable encryption
12:04PM 3 Dovecot SASL & Postfix
12:20AM 1 Dovecot as LDA with Postfix and virtual users
Saturday March 16 2013
9:36PM 7 Connection to PGSQL fails?
4:00PM 1 Authentication failure messages in logs
12:51PM 3 crash with dovecot 2.2: Panic: Buffer full
12:43PM 1 Zlib plugin: Compress emails for one folder only
9:23AM 2 sieve: seconds-extension for vacation
Friday March 15 2013
5:29PM 1 shared folders and "subscriptions = yes"
Thursday March 14 2013
8:44PM 1 Bare bones Debian vmWare appliance?
7:07PM 1 dsync migration questions
8:28AM 3 Dovecot error wuth MySQL
6:54AM 3 Panic when indexing virtual folder with solr
2:50AM 8 Question regarding Postfix and Dovecot
Wednesday March 13 2013
6:51PM 1 Sieve mark message as read
5:25PM 0 Qmail-LDAP/Dovecot Cluster
10:15AM 1 Converting from Cyrus -> Dovecot sdbox
4:37AM 2 Dovecot with sasl/imaps/postfix and thunderbird
2:55AM 1 Limiting size of stored emails
Tuesday March 12 2013
1:43PM 1 mail_max_userip_connections
1:28PM 1 Documentation Clarification
4:51AM 1 stats plugins causing dns lookup per connection
1:45AM 0 dovecot virtual user 'unknown'...
Monday March 11 2013
7:20PM 2 doveadm password check
4:57PM 5 Integrating with Drupal SQL db
2:51PM 0 Random questions on backing up Dovecot
2:00PM 1 2.2rc2 core dump
Sunday March 10 2013
10:28AM 2 Logon with Client Certificate and OTP fallback
Friday March 8 2013
1:13PM 1 zlib plugin bug?
6:08AM 3 dovecot: imap-login: Aborted login (auth failed, 1 attempts in 2 secs): user=<xxx>, method=PLAIN, rip=, lip=, TLS, session=<1pBG/03XogB/AAAB>
Thursday March 7 2013
5:10PM 1 ACL to make mailboxes populated by master account Read Only for regular users.
3:50PM 1 Inotify max_user_instances
1:19PM 1 Migrating from CourierMail to Dovecot
11:46AM 1 [dovecot-2.1.15] mdbox corruption, doveadm force-resync can't repair it (throws segfault)
11:27AM 3 When dovecot delivery, nested maildir (<user>/maildir/maildir) is "auto"created
8:30AM 2 Core dump in 2.2.rc2 with FETCH 1 BODY.PEEK[ALL]
5:17AM 2 Ask about IMAP UID
Wednesday March 6 2013
8:49PM 3 failing ssl authentication
2:27PM 1 problem with charset and encoding
12:15PM 1 Lot of dovecot process writes
8:15AM 4 question regarding rw-access on mailbox on creation/login (dovecot 1.2.17)
5:19AM 6 dovecot 2 in ubuntu 12.04 or Debian Squeeze
Tuesday March 5 2013
11:05PM 0 Corrupted squat uidlist file
10:33AM 3 Upgrading 1.2 to 2.x
9:55AM 1 Maildir or Mdbox and expunge messages.
9:41AM 0 postfix+dovecot+samba4+openldap: dovecot lda:Error: user sammy: Initialization failed: mail_location not set and autodetection failed
Monday March 4 2013
8:21PM 4 sieve-filter ignoring separator
2:43PM 1 dovecot: imap-login: Maximum number of connections from user+IP exceeded (mail_max_userip_connections)
1:39PM 0 thunderbird Problem on win 7 fixed
1:03PM 1 dsync-remote(): Error: doveadm client: No command given
10:36AM 1 Stability of extraction of attachment
8:56AM 1 dovecot proxying with imapc
6:50AM 2 lda: duplicate prefix?
Sunday March 3 2013
10:54PM 1 Exposing masteruser info to cllients via lmtp-proxy connections
2:04PM 1 tcpwrap: Fatal: master: service(tcpwrap): child $PID killed with signal 11
Saturday March 2 2013
10:55PM 1 panic in dovecot when using fts with solr
5:01PM 1 Random LDA failure to access auth socket
2:02AM 0 [OT] NJABL
Friday March 1 2013
8:30PM 0 No NTLM with PAM after upgrade
4:40PM 1 Maildir Control files and quota
7:57AM 2 I need help with my mail client: was [OCLUG] running cron on UTC
5:22AM 0 Looking for HOWTO for fc18 with postfix/TLS/imaps
2:17AM 5 Error delivery