dovecot - Oct 2011

Monday October 31 2011
10:20PM 2 Imap/pop gateway
5:00PM 2 setting namespaces using script-login environment in 2.0
3:25PM 1 Rewrite the ostream output method, to save messages in another directory.
12:10PM 1 Problems with permissions on mail_location
8:45AM 0 Manage dovecot maildir on multiple servers
Sunday October 30 2011
11:53AM 2 Bad creation timestamp of migrated mails (maildir format)?
Saturday October 29 2011
2:03AM 1 dovecot creating literal %d/%n/ folders
Friday October 28 2011
11:41PM 6 dsync should sync sieve-dirs to!
8:01PM 0 Are you successfully using using SQL queries to manage Dovecot2 Quota Values & Limits?
7:34PM 1 What owner/permissions for virtual homes?
3:17PM 1 Quotas with Maildir and mdbox
3:11PM 6 how to tell dovecot v2.0.1 not to listen on port 143
11:35AM 2 How can we horizontally scale Dovecot across multiple servers?
11:07AM 1 adding dovecot to webmin list of services
10:49AM 2 post login script
9:49AM 1 doveadm 'proxy list' or 'who' not working ?
8:42AM 1 IMAP shows forwarding and vacation files
Thursday October 27 2011
10:55PM 1 Mail lost - maybe a bug???
9:56PM 1 newbie: can't login as virtual user
7:52PM 1 Configuring mbox and maildir formats - dovecot-1.2.15
7:16PM 1 POP server migration and duplicate messages.
Wednesday October 26 2011
9:13PM 5 Indexes to MLC-SSD
7:41AM 1 variable for gid
Tuesday October 25 2011
6:33PM 3 Temporary Failure that's Permanent!
11:02AM 2 Seen flag getting lost
10:14AM 2 Thunderbird slow in talking with dovecot IMAP AND to sendmail
Monday October 24 2011
7:26PM 1 iterate_query not working
7:00PM 5 Marathon Day 6 of First Install: MySQL Connection Problem
6:14PM 0 [bug] Changing dovecot 'quota' Value incorrectly overwrites Limit with same value
10:00AM 2 sieve-pipe Error
9:16AM 1 userdb with NoSQL database
Sunday October 23 2011
7:39PM 0 execute command in quota warning
8:40AM 0 off topic question, ammended
12:57AM 1 Temporary Failures
Saturday October 22 2011
8:43PM 0 off topic question
7:21PM 1 Dovecot crashes totally
7:13PM 0 First Installation, Problems...
1:16PM 2 setacl fails - does not find dovecot-acl file
9:18AM 0 Quota warning
Friday October 21 2011
11:09PM 0 Quota fs
3:34PM 2 Getting the SMTP envelope through IMAP?
2:50PM 1 Accessing a strange mailbox
10:43AM 3 Quota
Thursday October 20 2011
10:49PM 2 Email filters
10:28PM 1 Don't Know Where Emails Are Or What's Happening
3:01PM 2 Expire plugin not executing for sieve plugin?
9:38AM 1 Port variable in LMTP userdb lookups?
3:31AM 2 imap proxy for Gmail
1:17AM 1 Proxy and Virtual IMAP Folders
Wednesday October 19 2011
7:40PM 5 doveadm segfaults on TCP connect - version 2.0.15
3:54PM 0 Is '*:bytes=" quota specification the quota 'Value', or 'Limit'?
2:12PM 2 down?
9:54AM 1 can not receive email upgrading from ubuntu 11.4 to 11.10
2:17AM 1 'doveadm quota get' dictionary SQL query ignores specified '@domain' part of username. bad config or bug?
Tuesday October 18 2011
3:32PM 1 "doveadm log reopen" don't reopen separate lmtp log
Monday October 17 2011
3:16PM 1 Spammers attempting SASL Auth
10:43AM 0 dovecot-antispam – Debian package
10:12AM 1 mail_location in LDAP and variables
8:06AM 1 lmtp performance
7:19AM 1 Attachements with SIS : shauld all the same files share the same inode ?
6:17AM 1 Problems Configuring Pigeonhole/Seve
Saturday October 15 2011
10:11PM 2 Question about ionice & dovecot-deliver
Friday October 14 2011
6:42AM 1 Issue after upgrading to Ubuntu Server 11.10
Thursday October 13 2011
7:23PM 1 [PATCH] Use SSL_MODE_RELEASE_BUFFERS if available to keep memory usage low
3:13PM 1 Restarting dovecot periodically fails with "Socket already exists: /var/run/dovecot/anvil"
1:00PM 2 Dovecot not processing through Sieve
8:31AM 1 Rare error with concurrent users searching with fts-solr
Wednesday October 12 2011
2:24PM 1 Auth Worker failures
2:43AM 1 dovecot2 auth-worker socket perms ignoring assigned ownership settings in conf.d/10-master.conf?
Monday October 10 2011
10:17PM 1 To query two SQL tables for user verification over LMTP, should I use (a) two separate lookups? or (b) just one lookup with a boolean query?
8:53PM 1 2.1 Plans
7:04PM 2 inbox issue
12:10PM 1 Convert-tool maildir > mbox
Sunday October 9 2011
7:28PM 2 Filesystem quotas
6:31PM 1 LDA/Postfix with quotas and without LMTP
2:21PM 1 using ecc-certificates (ellyptic curve) will not establish connection
Friday October 7 2011
6:43PM 1 Syntax to specify sdbox: mail_location path?
4:43PM 0 lazy expunge namespaces
3:09PM 1 Safely restoring backups
1:14AM 0 Using dsync to synchronize pop3 mailbox <-> pop3 mailbox
Thursday October 6 2011
9:23PM 2 doveadm mailbox subscribe wildcard
3:38PM 3 Group ACL
11:42AM 1 too many open files and v1.2
Wednesday October 5 2011
11:11PM 1 I'm the ONLY user that can get mail
9:49PM 0 Only using LMTP-delivery, where should domain & user aliases be configured, Dovecot or MTA conf?
4:11PM 1 Dovecot + managesieve + ldap not working
3:49PM 0 doveadm(user001): Fatal: passdb lookup failed
Tuesday October 4 2011
5:31PM 1 trouble setting up director, "invalid argument" for connect() call
9:01AM 2 GSSAPI and deny=yes passdb
Monday October 3 2011
2:29PM 3 Multiple LDAP authentication servers
11:52AM 0 clarifications on shared mailboxes
10:35AM 0 1.2.17 Program terminated with signal 11, Segmentation fault.
2:15AM 0 problem with getting outlook to work with IMAP server