dovecot - Sep 2011

Friday September 30 2011
4:33PM 4 SSL only for external connections
4:07PM 1 Intermittent authentication failures
3:56AM 1 Error message in log
Thursday September 29 2011
10:48PM 0 Long attachment encoded filenames (for non-ASCII characters etc) in MIME headers & corresponding Dovecot behaviour
10:38PM 1 Broken mail clients? [MIME] Long attachment encoded filenames (for non-ASCII characters etc)
5:21PM 1 2.0.14 doveadm proxy list segfault
5:15PM 0 Virtual Folder configuration problem. [FIXED]
4:56PM 0 Error message
3:09PM 1 Panic: file lmtp-proxy.c: line 370 (lmtp_proxy_output_timeout): assertion failed: (proxy->data_input->eof)
1:05PM 2 Timeout leak in get quota
12:22PM 0 Messages not deleted from mbox
2:40AM 1 FTS and compound searches
Wednesday September 28 2011
8:40PM 0 Dovecot and NTLM problem
5:30PM 0 Dsync Removing Subscriptions Entries
3:05PM 0 Controling users access ?
2:09PM 0 2.0.14 IPC client_limit reached error
12:33PM 0 Problems running Dovecot 1.2.17 on AIX
6:37AM 1 deliver LDA issue with setuid-root
Tuesday September 27 2011
3:51PM 4 What best decision to make for flatfiles or SQL when I use Dovecot2 + Postfix together?
2:32PM 0 Create userdir on dovecot login --- solved
12:56PM 1 deliver agent and index/control files
Monday September 26 2011
4:56PM 1 [PATCH] Bad boundary check in client_find_namespace
12:43PM 1 Subscription File
Sunday September 25 2011
1:30AM 2 Virtual Folder configuration problem.
Saturday September 24 2011
10:23PM 0 "doveadm log reopen" don't reopen seperate lmtp log
9:00AM 3 dsync doubts
Friday September 23 2011
10:35PM 1 Glued-together private namespaces
8:20PM 0 tiny doc bug report
3:14PM 1 How to port this dovecot-1.x configuration file to dovecot-2.x
2:49PM 2 fts (lucene): indexing of virtual mailboxes?
12:13PM 1 Strange behavior from shared namespaces and INBOX, probably a bug
Thursday September 22 2011
5:01PM 1 Duplicates when switching from Qpopper to Dovecot pop3
3:55PM 0 Dovecot 1.x vs 2.x
3:26PM 2 Missing man page for doveadm move
2:44PM 1 zlib_save per namespace/mailbox?
1:41PM 1 Create userdir on dovecot login
11:35AM 1 (2.1 recent:) fts_decoder
9:52AM 2 doveadm mailbox list shows file system directories as mailboxes
3:14AM 0 Restoring mail
2:54AM 0 Help restoring imap mail
2:28AM 0 global ACL inheritances
Wednesday September 21 2011
10:59PM 1 Dovecot failing to parse some UTF-8 encoded attachment filenames, returning empty string instead
7:56PM 2 Using Dsync for Incremental Sync
12:50PM 1 Shared Namespace
12:04PM 1 Webmail architecture : questions about cache and storage backend
6:37AM 1 Login problem via webmail and outlook
Tuesday September 20 2011
8:38PM 2 Sieve: Vacation, handle and variable
8:03PM 1 About using Dovecot indexes with Thunderbird/kmail
3:36PM 1 how to disable quota for second namespace?
1:58PM 2 Trouble getting lda to gzip incomming mails (zlib plugin)
9:28AM 1 DRAC plugin for Dovecot-2.x
4:06AM 0 Default permissions on newly created maildir
Monday September 19 2011
5:19PM 2 dsync with quotas
5:05PM 6 attempt to break into my computer
3:55PM 0 ODBC support
8:27AM 2 mail_max_userip_connections=10
Saturday September 17 2011
9:39PM 0 default_pass_scheme = PLAIN and blank password
12:30PM 0 Auth protocol and XMPP
Friday September 16 2011
6:10PM 5 outlook 2007 very slow.
2:11PM 2 v2.1.alpha2 released
2:09PM 3 v2.0.15 released
11:48AM 1 Plugins: virtuals vs acls
9:51AM 1 Deleted mailboxes with lazy_expunge
12:47AM 2 [PATCH] SCRAM-SHA-1 authentication
Thursday September 15 2011
10:58PM 1 dovecot-virtual folder configuration
10:02PM 1 Detecting duplicate messages with sieve
7:15PM 1 convert maildrop filter to sieve
3:15PM 1 unexpected LSUB / LIST (SUBSCRIBED) output Re: Panic: file mailbox-list-subscriptions.c: line 66 (mailbox_list_subscription_fill_one): assertion failed: (ns!= NULL && (ns->flags & NAMESPACE_FLAG_AUTOCREATED) != 0)
2:39PM 0 dovecot Digest, Vol 101, Issue 26
1:40PM 2 Shared folder not listing
3:17AM 1 movming mail out of alt storage
Wednesday September 14 2011
7:22PM 2 LDA panics without sieve script
7:06PM 1 Which dovecot-antispam with dovecot 2?
4:04PM 1 Dsync Permissions Issue
1:46PM 1 Shredding instead of deleting
11:40AM 1 imapc vs auth-userdb security
11:32AM 1 Maildir "locking"
11:14AM 1 General IMAP Question
7:12AM 2 Warning: Subscriptions file .. Removing invalid entry:
5:48AM 2 IMAP delete logs
Tuesday September 13 2011
10:14PM 0 New plugin for Pigeonhole Sieve: sieve_pipe
8:56PM 0 Released Pigeonhole v0.2.4 for Dovecot v2.0.14
5:34PM 0 any drawbacks with using Mailbox sharing with symlinks???
5:24PM 0 Migrating a dovecot setup from one server to another
4:12PM 4 imapc and imap_acl
10:53AM 1 "Waiting for authentication process to respond" for invalid users with auth_dovecot
8:59AM 2 Dovecot and Lustre FS
8:06AM 1 Quota fs (don't start script
Monday September 12 2011
11:00PM 1 two little fixes for 2.0.14
6:10PM 1 Custom error messages.
5:14PM 3 Sieve envelope :detail "to" "extention" does not deliver to fileinto destination
4:10PM 2 Possible to Customize File Naming Scheme?
3:55PM 3 director ignoring director_mail_servers for lmtp connections
12:11PM 1 general advice sought
11:03AM 1 Dsync and hidden files
8:14AM 1 NO Unknown subscription namespace.
Sunday September 11 2011
8:35PM 0 Sieve envelope :detail "to" "xxx" does not deliver to fileinto destination
7:30PM 1 Filter Mail to Pipe to External Program
7:22PM 3 2.1: problems compiling fts-lucene - CLucene git version necessary?
4:40PM 1 setacl on complete mailbox
Saturday September 10 2011
8:36PM 1 Sieve, before script - Can it include "personal" scripts?
7:49PM 1 sieve and pattern matching
8:04AM 2 Why can NOT login as root
2:36AM 1 Annoying "feature" in dovecot/pidgeonhole - include depth limitation
2:33AM 5 mysql auth failover failing
Friday September 9 2011
9:58PM 1 userdb static & Quota from LDAP?
9:45PM 2 Attacking Dovecot
8:05PM 1 quota percents
7:44PM 1 Read-only mbox files
5:07PM 3 Mails repopping
3:22PM 1 How to get rid of sub-folders ?
1:14PM 6 BestPractice to migrate imap mailbox from one machine to another
12:19PM 4 problem migrating from maildir to dbox
11:24AM 1 dovecot 2.0.12: mdbox & quota=dirsize
10:01AM 3 2.1: imapc LIST problem / usage question
2:30AM 1 debug user's message retrieval
Thursday September 8 2011
11:52PM 2 MySQL, map files
9:00AM 1 test
7:56AM 1 lmtp -- save failed to INBOX: BUG: Unknown internal error
Wednesday September 7 2011
11:41PM 1 ManageSieve with SSL/TLS only
11:39PM 1 copy and empty userA folder1, append to /var/mail/userB
2:42PM 1 Problem with configuring dovecot to take namespaces from database
10:26AM 2 is it necessary lmtp and director to avoid index corruption in mail delivery?
Tuesday September 6 2011
8:54PM 1 dumb Q: how to search for email hack attempts ?
7:35PM 2 error in logs, but system appears to work
7:11PM 1 Sieve "header :value" test does not work
12:11PM 3 Quota fs (ignore mount)
11:27AM 6 Shared Mailboxes with VirtualUsers and mail_location retrieved from ldap
5:25AM 0 Extdata plugin, MySQL
Monday September 5 2011
5:52PM 3 Mail files?
2:00PM 1 2.1.alpha1: SIGSEGV on EXPUNGE
9:37AM 0 User tries to move folder, then looses it
9:05AM 3 limit number of simultaneous lmtp deliveries ?
Sunday September 4 2011
7:10PM 1 Quotas not recalculating
6:15PM 0 v2.1 stats documentation
Saturday September 3 2011
3:06AM 2 Possible signed/unsigned bug in libdovecot-storage (2:2.0.14 )
Friday September 2 2011
10:46PM 1 Control of \Seen flags dovecot 1.2.9
2:34AM 3 Can't got mail by OUTLOOK for a half million mails account
Thursday September 1 2011
6:34PM 1 sieve vacation problem (discarding)
9:27AM 15 v2.1.alpha1 released
7:26AM 0 Crash in director/lmtp-proxy (lmtp_proxy_output_timeout)