dovecot - Feb 2011

Monday February 28 2011
4:32PM 0 Problems setting up shared/public imap folders
1:49PM 1 Dovecot+Postfix+Mysql+quotas doesn't work
12:52PM 1 Error: Guid Mismatch
Saturday February 26 2011
4:28PM 2 Problem to start Dovecot 2.0.9
5:15AM 1 How do I use a username/password plain text file as authentication backend?
12:15AM 3 Problem with sieve and namespace
Friday February 25 2011
6:58PM 2 Dovequota Mbox - NFS - Quota Does not work
6:45PM 1 dbox vs. mdbox
3:12PM 1 error - dovecot - child (login) killed with signal 16
2:59PM 1 mail from root rejected
Tuesday February 22 2011
10:17PM 1 Quotas from LDAP
4:43PM 2 shared folder
10:17AM 1 systemd socket and service
10:06AM 1 Sharing mails with other users without copying data
8:50AM 1 imap-login ESTABLISHED client sessions not timed out by server
3:52AM 1
Monday February 21 2011
8:02PM 4 Problem with ldap / quotas
6:48PM 5 Segmentation fault running doveadm import
3:53PM 3 [Q] A mix-up between /%d/%u/ and /%d/%n for virtual users
3:18PM 0 IMAP flags not being committed properly?
12:33PM 2 Rejected mails
10:05AM 2 Configuration of LMTP Reject Code
Saturday February 19 2011
10:22PM 1 Running dovecot on embedded device?
9:10AM 5 Problem with expire plugin and expunge
7:55AM 1 How to disable imap of some user
Friday February 18 2011
5:34PM 1 dovecot permission problems
3:45PM 1 Maildir folders, separator = /, LAYOUT=fs (to support offlineimap)
12:25PM 1 Post login scripting and imapsync on user login
12:22PM 1 [PATCH] Add Install section to dovecot.service, so it can be used independently from dovecot.socket
11:39AM 1 need help with public namespaces
10:52AM 1 Dovecot doesn't show any e-mails, while there are a lot in the maildir
Thursday February 17 2011
4:10PM 1 Upgrading Dovecot v1.0.10 -> v2.0.9
3:35PM 1 dovecot Digest, Vol 94, Issue 44
3:29PM 2 Best way to migrate versions and machines
2:15PM 1 Kerem Erciyes wants to stay in touch on LinkedIn
1:44PM 3 Problem with messages with long lines
1:25PM 1 dsync problem: Error: Can't rename mailbox INBOX
1:10PM 2 Dovecot 1.2, problem with SQL quota and mail aliases
12:46PM 1 Logout fails after copy to non existing folder (mutt)
10:31AM 1 managesieve bug: UTF inside quoted-string
8:59AM 1 dsync conversion error
Wednesday February 16 2011
5:28PM 2 Evolution IMAP with Dovecot as proxy
5:14PM 1 Dovecot 2.0.9/1.2.11: crash in driver-pgsql.c
4:23PM 1 Dovecot + Exim + Maildir quota problem
3:42PM 4 Permission denied after dist-upgrade
2:38PM 1 test emails did not arrive at SMTP server : after dovecot installation
7:04AM 0 [Off Topic] - Any backup solutions ?
4:01AM 2 Dovecot can't start with error pop3-login & imap-login not supported protocol family
12:35AM 2 Regenerating mdbox/sis
Tuesday February 15 2011
8:16PM 2 Some questions about mdbox
2:19PM 1 Auth processes/login processes count
10:00AM 1 help with dovecot installation dependencies
9:51AM 1 Recover a deleted message in MDBOX format ?
Monday February 14 2011
11:27PM 1 passwd userbase and multiple email adresses
5:37PM 2 TLS with autosigned certs
1:54PM 2 Cannot subscribe to shared folders
1:03PM 0 SIS generating 2 different hashes for the same mail and attachment
10:08AM 1 FreeBSD tuning for a dovecot + postfix server ?
9:12AM 1 Sendmail and Dovecot deliver (dovecot-lda)
9:04AM 1 Dsync parallel conversion warning
5:15AM 3 Search failure
Sunday February 13 2011
4:48PM 1 Question about mdbox_preallocate_space and ext4
Saturday February 12 2011
2:27AM 1 preserving \Recent when moving messages
Friday February 11 2011
6:19PM 2 [Q] auth(default): plain(?, Username contains disallowed character: 0x20
4:30PM 1 PAM auth and userdb
9:14AM 1 dsync parallel conversions ?
7:34AM 0 mdbox, sis, zlib
2:34AM 1 Error: managesieve-login: dump-capability failed: process got stuck
12:29AM 1 doveadm -A or -u
Thursday February 10 2011
4:01PM 3 dovecot-2.0 sieve problem
1:27PM 1 lmtp logging to separate file
12:09PM 1 Error message with static userdb
10:25AM 1 POP Log entries
10:23AM 1 postfix deliver to mdbox ?
9:44AM 3 Connection refused. Mail Client Error: 800ccccd9. Please help :-))))
7:15AM 3 Separate access to different "folders" of the same mailbox?
1:08AM 0 LDAP quota groups
Wednesday February 9 2011
7:57PM 1 Using -s in "doveadm mailbox create"
1:55PM 1 dsync problem
1:12PM 1 Dovecot + Solr does not index without break-imap-search?
12:48PM 1 Force STARTTLS on port 143 for !internalnetwork
11:51AM 1 Questions about dovecot-shared in 1.2 and inherit group membership from parent mailbox
10:57AM 4 Domain blacklisting
9:41AM 1 LDAPS fault tolerance not working with dovecot
7:37AM 2 critical feature from version 1 not migrated to version 2 = authentication configuration database per IP
6:12AM 2 IMAP subfolders and MDBOX
Tuesday February 8 2011
7:32PM 1 converting from maildir to mdbox ?
7:23PM 1 problem configuring deliver in LDAP environment.
7:14PM 1 How to recover a mail box from an assertion failure
7:12PM 1 multiple domains
3:23PM 1 ldap: LDAP attribute used multiple times. This is currently unsupported
12:31PM 1 pop3 index virtual question
12:22PM 4 NoSQL Storage Backend
10:33AM 3 Permissions in shared folders
7:42AM 2 Great time savings backing a mdbox versus Maildir
Monday February 7 2011
11:33PM 1 sieve not working if i have override
9:15PM 0 vpopmail passdb deadlock if tcprules binary is missing
2:46PM 1 best fine tune for 2.0.9
10:24AM 2 Post-login script with LDAP virtual users
Sunday February 6 2011
3:09PM 0 Dovecot Or Debian, Boot-Time Error "Can't assign requested address"
9:36AM 2 maildrop and multi-dbox
Saturday February 5 2011
10:11PM 1 dovecot not delivering emails in the right folder
Friday February 4 2011
9:35PM 0 Question about managing multiple domains
2:43PM 1 Dovecot 2 multiple address/port binding
12:14PM 1 DoveCot 2.0.19: Problem compiling Solaris 10u9 x86 with dbox storage enabled
Thursday February 3 2011
12:22PM 1 INBOX in mbox format and IMAP folders in maildir format ?
10:34AM 1 lmtp error at domains containing "-" sign
9:42AM 2 disabling outgoing mail ?
9:34AM 2 Ldap and secondary PosixGroups
8:24AM 5 Outlook 2010 IMAP disconnected
6:50AM 1 EUID not changing when delivering to a mailbox
Wednesday February 2 2011
9:29PM 1 LDAP and GSSAPI problems
8:28PM 1 STARTTLS problem
7:54PM 1 Quota ignore issue
7:45PM 1 Reproducable hang caused by IMAP server
7:25PM 1 Signal 11 on deliver
7:01PM 0 CanĀ“t move folders in Outlook
4:09PM 1 Resource temporarily unavailable
2:22PM 1 UIDPLUS in the wiki
12:19PM 2 Logging on syslog and selected dovecot files at the sametime
10:14AM 1 Improving lmtp performance
8:59AM 1 Backtrace:dovecot/imap with 2.0.9 hg checkout from 1st of Febrauary
Tuesday February 1 2011
4:59PM 2 override not working
4:35PM 2 Splitting up mail_location setting?
4:31PM 3 dovecot: imap-login: Error: net_connect_unix(imap) failed: Resource temporarily unavailable
3:31PM 1 Cannot authenticate with new Red Hat/Fedora SHA512
1:20PM 0 cross compile dovecot with openssl
1:00AM 1 automated mailbox trimming?