dovecot - May 2007

Thursday May 31 2007
4:44PM 3 Dovecot authentication for PostFix, anyone?
3:58PM 1 TLS errors when vodafone connecting to dovecot server.
3:48PM 2 Possible Caching Bug showing up as a MIME Boundary Issue
Wednesday May 30 2007
10:44PM 2 testink
6:39PM 0 Index file rewrite status
5:19PM 1 Dovecot support for smd5 and ldap-md5
4:46PM 4 AIX mail quota plugin problems
3:33PM 1 dovecot scaling issue?
3:10PM 1 What are they trying to do here?
1:59PM 1 IMAP traffic logging
1:38PM 1 frequent index rebuilds versus disabled indexes
9:06AM 1 Dovecot Authentication Problem (REVISED)
Tuesday May 29 2007
11:56PM 1 Dovecot] dovecot performance question
6:12PM 0 namespace problem
6:03PM 0 Namespace Problems repost without attachment
5:55PM 2 Namespace Problems
3:54PM 1 dovecot performance question
3:02PM 0 Migration from tpop3d to dovecot - troubles galore!
11:23AM 2 dovecot-sieve-1.0 (hg) does not build
10:13AM 1 Error: no authentication failed
10:06AM 2 Client certificate verification/authentication
7:11AM 0 About create mailbox by dovecot
3:56AM 1 Overriding IMAP commands
Sunday May 27 2007
11:31PM 1 IMAP Bandwidth Monitoring
10:48PM 3 Stop Maildir appending to path
7:14AM 1 UID confusion
3:13AM 2 IMAP basics
Saturday May 26 2007
10:04PM 1 Address extensions with dovecot LDA
3:12PM 0 DNS finally ok
Friday May 25 2007
10:23PM 1 delivery and quota question
5:17PM 4 question mailbox format
5:14PM 1 Quota warning not generated
3:28PM 2 Quick question on multiple access to dovecot indexes
1:35PM 1 Variable expansion in LDA vs POP/IMAP
Thursday May 24 2007
10:59PM 2 dovecot-shared tries to fchown index+control files but fails
7:22PM 4 Converting mbox to Maildir, all prior read messages are downloaded as new
3:38PM 2 locking question
3:08PM 0 quota plugin
12:48PM 1 needing UNSELECT to notice new mail?
12:31PM 1 Simple questions about Quota
11:20AM 0 dovecot, uidplus and apple (was: Re: Will pay $500 towards a Dovecot feature = calender ?)
7:58AM 1 Old style qouta to new style convert?
7:51AM 2 Dovecot crashes with malformed Qpopper's mbox
5:19AM 1 Dovecot and Seamonkey/Mozilla "delete attachment"
1:25AM 1 Dovecot LDA and address extensions
1:19AM 1 unexpected error message (maildir_sync_index)
Wednesday May 23 2007
9:02PM 3 How about a "pipe" plugin?
6:54PM 5 Will pay $500 towards a Dovecot feature
3:56PM 0 Quota Limits Newbie Question
3:30PM 3 Public Namespace and ACLs with pure virtual users
11:56AM 1 Timeout while waiting for shared lock for index file /var/mail/XXX/Maildir/dovecot.index
11:30AM 4 Quota handling - v2 - updated FR
11:08AM 3 deliver rejection message
10:57AM 2 Courier migrating issues: indexes, maildirsize, update query
Tuesday May 22 2007
6:54PM 1 dovecot + ldap tls
5:35PM 1
2:11PM 1 Quota handling - opportunity for new Feature?
1:48PM 1 simultaneous access to folder
1:27PM 2 shared folders
11:44AM 1 [PATCH] add some const's
12:58AM 1 Something about IMAP log
Monday May 21 2007
5:38PM 3 need some help please
1:21PM 3 May 21 09:13:14 mail dovecot: imap-login: No authentication sockets found
1:02PM 3 Updated v1.1 and summer plans
9:47AM 1 mail_location %d expansion
6:49AM 3 Quota warning message ala courier
6:47AM 1 per user quota using LDAP entries
Sunday May 20 2007
7:53PM 2 moves to a new server
4:43PM 1 per-user delivery to commands
Saturday May 19 2007
3:34PM 0 [Fwd: An invitation to the "morg" (Message Organization) mailing list]
12:19PM 1 CVS to Mercurial switch
12:03PM 0 permissions on some dovecot directories
9:35AM 1 Maildir subfolder conversion from courier-imap
Friday May 18 2007
9:22PM 1 dovecot-shared being ignored?
7:14PM 0 Virtual mailbox plans
6:49PM 1 UID larger than next_uid in file /hosts/domain/user/dovecot-uidlist
8:14AM 1 Disable plaintext authentications
Thursday May 17 2007
9:38PM 1 deliver exit codes?
5:45PM 1 NFS lock contention for dovecot-uidlist
5:30PM 4 UW-IMAP style mbox snarfing from /var/mail/ to ~/mbox
4:29PM 1 Wiki relating to subscriptions
1:45PM 7 Replication plans
7:47AM 4 Maildir format migration
2:06AM 9 LDAP for Virtual Domains
Wednesday May 16 2007
11:16PM 2 CONVERT Plugin
8:47PM 2 [Blasphemy] Can I build dovecot with "-fstack-protector"?
4:01PM 1 Digest settings
2:41PM 3 OS X Mail Administration
12:24PM 1 Sorting by Received vs Sent
11:44AM 4 index-related crash in dovecot 1.0.0
11:14AM 1 List problems?
10:42AM 2 imap-login: Disconnected: Connection queue full
9:26AM 2 Login with firstname.lastname instead of loginname
Tuesday May 15 2007
5:49PM 3 deleted Messages don't go into Trash Folder always
4:40PM 8 Getting rid of the common newbie problems
2:59PM 1 Why is direct invocation of dovecot preferred over inet inclusion?
Monday May 14 2007
9:56PM 2 Processing too fast?
8:09PM 2 Question: contention with blackberry
7:32PM 1 Refreshing Dovecot
2:54PM 2 maildir_file_do(/var/admhome/user/Maildir) racing
1:36PM 1 Maildir POP3 "UID larger than next_uid" bug
Sunday May 13 2007
3:45PM 1 mailquota in ldap attribute 'mailQuota'
2:09PM 1 Migrating to Maildir -> path
1:55PM 10 Thinking Outside the Box - Extending IMAP
12:33PM 1 dovecot deliver tries to setuid but why?
11:29AM 1 Writing a new mailbox access module
7:05AM 2 Time adjusting
Saturday May 12 2007
11:59PM 1 Mailbox creation with Spam
1:10PM 1 dbox redesign
12:16AM 3 dbmail benchmarking
Friday May 11 2007
4:41PM 5 Mails, work and so on
12:22PM 2 Problems with BEFORE searches.
11:09AM 1 error in logfile
6:20AM 1 Sieve plugin
4:22AM 1 Virtual User Home Directory, and APOP Clear Text Passwords
12:57AM 2 SASL using different auth database?
Thursday May 10 2007
5:16PM 0 ownership/perms on DC file objects
2:00PM 0 Managesieve: first steps
1:53PM 2 header-lines of subfolders have to be rescanned after each client startup
11:34AM 1 BUG REPORT - Stops logging after sleep
10:50AM 2 PATCH Deliver forgets sendmail_path if DEBUG is set
10:15AM 2 Tracing an IP of a user who deleted the message
9:01AM 2 Changes in authentication's???
Wednesday May 9 2007
9:56PM 1 removing old emails
7:01PM 2 Thunderbird or Dovecot bug? (multiple keywords)
6:06PM 2 Email client dowloads previously read messages as new during migration.
2:59PM 3 No authentication sockets found
1:31PM 3 PATCH: sendmail-like DSNs in Dovecot deliver (EX_TEMPFAIL always)
1:23PM 3 Conflict -> Dovecot + Maildrop (maildirsize)
1:22PM 1 Duplicate emails with several clients
8:05AM 2 PATCH: Deliver looses mail and DSN if Return-Path is missing
Tuesday May 8 2007
8:56PM 2 Troubleshooting enhancement request...
12:17PM 3 .imap files
11:09AM 2 Dovecot Startup error
9:15AM 2 Error: Master request X not found
8:04AM 1 Dovecot deliver discards emails (mail loss)
3:13AM 3 troubleshooting new dovecot installation
Monday May 7 2007
7:37PM 3 What would you tell the CIO in an "ABCs of Email" overview?
4:43PM 2 dovecot-dspam-integration
12:11PM 1 Problems with Shared Mailbox
1:34AM 6 Dovecot not handling r/o mailboxes completely, and problem with ACL as a workaround
Sunday May 6 2007
6:10PM 1 namespace
1:52PM 1 sieve parse error
12:49PM 4 IMAP "freezing" on OSX
Saturday May 5 2007
5:35PM 1 sporadic slow/non response, problems copying to, sent folder
2:13PM 2 ldap and digest-md5 problem
12:19AM 2 Tru64 patch for mountpoint.c
Friday May 4 2007
8:56PM 1 Converting Courier mailboxes to Dovecot
7:38PM 4 read only bug?
4:23PM 2 sporadic slow/non response, problems copying to sent folder
4:00PM 1 Subfolders with IMAP
2:53PM 1 Moving new email from the mail spool to the inbox
1:34PM 1 Help with LDAP authentication - user / user+domain
6:45AM 2 global vs user script
4:02AM 2 Sieve not recognizing keywords
Thursday May 3 2007
8:13PM 2 Testing IMAP clients with Dovecot, problems with MacMail
5:15PM 1 Password Problems
5:02PM 1 Dovecot SASL for postfix: Client host rejected: when relaying using POP mail client
3:32PM 1 connecting postfix with dovecot trouble
2:21PM 1 Does dovecot do any address checking or referring back to a server?
9:27AM 5 INBOX inaccessible
6:15AM 1 input / output error in dovecot.log
4:45AM 1 auth(default): Error sending status request (Operation not permitted)
4:30AM 1 usedb query
Wednesday May 2 2007
11:06PM 2 File Changes and IDLE
7:20PM 1 upgrading to dovecot 1.0
4:23PM 1 read only maildir
1:46PM 2 busy still for a week
1:19PM 1 How to use option allow_nets?
1:13PM 3 Strange Mail Problem
11:28AM 1 Strange directory created at dovecot launch
11:13AM 1 Best authentication option
10:15AM 1 Migrate from mlbox to maildir, lock problem
9:32AM 2 Switching from mailbox to maildir.. duplicates!
9:25AM 1 Migrate from dovecot to dovecot.. new server
8:52AM 5 Return error instead of dying on time back skip?
2:33AM 2 wierd ssl-parameters.dat regeneration error
Tuesday May 1 2007
8:46PM 1 Dovecot 1.0 for openSUSE 10.2?
8:40PM 0 Dovecot 1.0.0 for OpenBSD
5:39PM 0 Dovecot 1.0.0 packed fot Mandive Linux
4:54PM 0 Default Mailbox
3:26PM 1 PAM, Active Directory, all users mapped to uid=0
2:57PM 2 logging IMAP size?