dovecot - Jan 2007

Wednesday January 31 2007
11:33PM 11 Automatic Folder Expiry (plugin?)
10:22PM 1 Startup errors
8:18PM 11 read/unread flags broken in rc19 ?
7:36PM 2 namespace subscription problem
7:04PM 1 Q on configuring shared mboxes
4:32PM 4 Quota crashing w/ gdb backtrace
3:42PM 1 Dovecot Wiki: Orphaned page on mbox locking
3:11PM 1 a namespace "mbox" without an INBOX
1:02PM 2 IMAP on move message command launch
10:38AM 2 Query: LSUB "" "*" still on rc19
7:37AM 2 Dovecot ACL
6:00AM 3 Fw: error after installation
5:22AM 1 error after installation
4:18AM 3 OT:install dovecot using yum
Tuesday January 30 2007
10:47PM 4 Looking for IMAP maintenance tools
7:13PM 10 Performance, dovecot vs tpop3d
6:38PM 2 periodic problems with dovecot-1.0rc19 (No authentication sockets found)
6:37PM 1 get username in pop3s
6:09PM 1 1.0rc19 with plugins on AIX 5.2
5:54PM 1 Need help with "mbox sync" problem
5:10PM 0 ACL problem
3:40PM 3 Dovecot 1.0 on a Mandriva 2007 box
11:21AM 0 mail_plugins = mail_log (pop3) crashing 1.0.rc18 and rc19
8:28AM 0 Cannot fill the maildir with mails
Monday January 29 2007
10:42PM 1 popa3d migration
10:29PM 8 How to prevent SQL injection
9:19PM 1 dirsize quotas crashing 1.0.rc19
8:26PM 6 Sieve and LDA
6:02PM 23 repeat downloads of message headers in 1.0rc19
4:35PM 2 lda sieve broken after upgrade
2:26PM 0 Need help with config
1:42PM 1 Over quota message
12:46PM 0 dovecot patch for filesystem quota
Sunday January 28 2007
8:08PM 3 Dovecot mailing list page down
4:15AM 3 Hello, new to the list
Saturday January 27 2007
12:08PM 1 per-network auth mechanisms
Friday January 26 2007
2:49PM 0 Dovecot POP3 fails to chdir under FC6
2:07PM 8 environment variables required for startup
9:48AM 4 imap-login crash with RC19
4:01AM 6 Ubuntu, Exim, deliver: permissions/setgid problem
3:08AM 24 Best small server config
2:51AM 1 POP3 logging in wrong timezone
Thursday January 25 2007
8:25PM 13 Benchmarking
7:12PM 1 X-UID gaps cause Dovecot/IMAP to hang
6:43PM 2 dict quota not being updated for all users when receiving a multi-recipient message
4:46PM 2 FS quota problem on Solaris10
4:07PM 1 command line options
1:51PM 3 rc18->rc19: read/unread/reply flags broken
11:47AM 1 Dovecot website
9:42AM 2 logging pop3 fetch time
6:09AM 1 sieve question
Wednesday January 24 2007
10:00PM 0 dovecot LDA ''deliver'' and aliases
9:04PM 0 NEWBIE: configuring all virtual users...
8:14PM 1 [ Re: dovecot-auth file descriptor usage]
6:51PM 2 pop/imap login logging only username part of full email address
4:44PM 2 too many open files error when using quota plugin
2:42PM 1 building with SSL support in non-std directories
1:17PM 2 default_pass_scheme = PLAIN-MD5 dont work :(
Tuesday January 23 2007
10:06PM 2 dovecotpw/sql crypt scheme core dump with rc17-19
4:33PM 1 1.0.rc19 released
2:29PM 1 Current state of mulit-server NFS setups
12:39PM 1 Maildir Quota backend
12:10PM 10 rc18 dies with Query: LSUB "" "*" failed on Squirrelmail
11:26AM 3 dovecot-acl file location in rc18
10:24AM 3 imap core dump with rc18
6:07AM 6 X-UID: 4085788205 != 2147483647
Monday January 22 2007
5:54PM 1 RC18 core dumps
5:00PM 7 Postfix & Dovecot LDA
4:49PM 2 mail_log plugin in RC18
4:38PM 3 mysteriously disappearing RECENT flag
4:35PM 6 1.0.rc18 released
11:08AM 7 Large & busy site, NFS with deliver only servers
Sunday January 21 2007
3:49PM 1 Deliver log entries have no date and time
3:28PM 2 Wrong entry in CVS branch_1_0
10:59AM 2 can i set "folder alias"?
10:51AM 0 MRTG
Saturday January 20 2007
2:15AM 2 Mistake in Wiki
12:21AM 1 Squirrelmail Login Error
Friday January 19 2007
11:09PM 40 Bug tracking system
9:36PM 1 Bug Report: ACL plugin searches wrong directory with shared folders
8:08PM 4 stale locks
6:58PM 1 One User Cannot Log In
2:26PM 9 Logging
11:17AM 2 How change the order POP checks mail.
8:11AM 0 rc17: child 15802 (auth) killed with signal 6
2:40AM 1 Dovecot deliver and syslog
Thursday January 18 2007
6:50PM 1 LDAPS
11:42AM 0 Multiple Mailbox Location
6:25AM 1 Corrupt Transaction Log?
Wednesday January 17 2007
8:46PM 1 vpopmail
7:33PM 15 All index file bugs fixed(?)
4:37PM 0 Dovecot cannot find passwd-file
1:10PM 1 Dovecot deliver and procmail
3:34AM 1 Migrating from UW-IMAP
Tuesday January 16 2007
11:19PM 5 Shared folder doesn''t work!
8:08PM 1 Virtual Users and Local Users Authentication
7:35PM 4 dovecot imap logging capabilities
12:56PM 6 Dovecot-1.0.rc17 on Solaris10 = assert_error
10:00AM 10 Message size incorrect?
Monday January 15 2007
7:43PM 1 FreeBSD, Postfix, Cyrus SASL, Dovecot IMAP, SquirrelMail, Active Directory
4:41PM 1 dovecot as POP3 proxy
3:28PM 2 Bounce vs. Defer
12:08AM 2 patch for serdb-ldap which allows set user_global_mail variable
Saturday January 13 2007
9:26PM 13 More AFS maildir debugging
7:41AM 1 LDA "deliver" with sendmail
12:39AM 1 IMAP folder watching plugin request
Friday January 12 2007
11:37PM 0 Weird indexing problem between Thunderbird and Dovecot
6:50PM 1 imap over ssh won''t work
1:26PM 1 Vpopmail auth with vchkpw
1:54AM 1 dovecot Digest, Vol 45, Issue 18
Thursday January 11 2007
11:19PM 2 Configuring Dovecot for use with Active Directory
10:53PM 1 help with deleted segment of email when connecting Outlook?
9:32PM 15 A few rc17 imap crashes
8:54PM 1 Build problems with non-standard location of mysql libs
3:06PM 1 Error reading dovecot.conf under vmware/archlinux
1:08PM 0 mbox-rewrite errors
10:10AM 5 rc17 Linux RPM distribution rebuild trouble.
2:56AM 2 RC16 is a lot slower that RC7
Wednesday January 10 2007
9:56PM 3 RC15 problems with dovecot-shared and umask distilled
4:43PM 2 [sfs: dovecot-auth file descriptor usage]
Tuesday January 9 2007
11:09PM 4 Shared folder
10:14PM 7 help a journalist: What do you wish the CIO understood about fighting spam?
7:02PM 13 Disable TLS on port 143?
6:39PM 7 Push IMAP
3:52PM 1 dovecot cannot access the then new created folders by squirrel mail?
3:15PM 4 some Maildir files not honoring dovecot-shared
2:59AM 15 LDAP authentication stops working...
Monday January 8 2007
7:33AM 1 Automatic mail script?
4:11AM 5 quota in mysql not being updated
3:18AM 1 unable to read mail - file istream-raw-mbox.c: line 499...
Sunday January 7 2007
11:16PM 2 DSA certificate with Dovecot doesn''t seem to work.
6:25PM 4 deliver rewrites envelop-sender
1:13PM 2 Is there any way to setup a super password?
7:29AM 13 1.0.rc17 released
Saturday January 6 2007
2:39PM 0 the variables in mail_location doesn''t work anymore.
8:37AM 0 mails are not showing in the inbox
6:39AM 1 ioloop=best and imap-login: No authentication sockets found ??
2:33AM 4 PostLogin Scripting issue
12:52AM 7 trouble debugging
Friday January 5 2007
11:19PM 0 postfix + dovecot auth problem.
9:25PM 9 Dovecot rc15 crash in mbox-sync-update.c
7:55PM 11 dovecot-auth file descriptor usage
7:22PM 2 Crash in rc15
6:42PM 0 suse spec for rc16 fixed
5:12PM 4 Dovecot LDA failure in RC16
4:48PM 2 Failed proxy auth drops connection for IMAP/POP3 proxy in 1.0-RC15
3:46PM 6 1.0.rc16 released
3:16PM 4 Dovecot''s deliver trouble (...probably bug?)
Thursday January 4 2007
5:46PM 2 POP3S doesn''t work anymore
10:09AM 2 POP3 account + forward to somewhere else
8:57AM 1 Too many open files
Wednesday January 3 2007
11:36PM 7 pre-1.0.rc6 / index file problems? try this
8:54PM 4 file descriptor leak?
8:15PM 3 path field in mysql quota
7:50PM 1 determining connection type/port in logs
6:22PM 2 Ampersand in Folder names causing folders to disappear?
6:20AM 7 Dovecot Sieve capabilties - regex
2:13AM 2 I can''t use sql auth
Tuesday January 2 2007
10:28PM 2 "Not connected to database" MySQL errors
6:07PM 1 dovecot/vpopmail lastauth
5:23PM 1 Dovecot 1.0-rc15 on Solaris 10
Monday January 1 2007
4:28PM 1 configured mechanisms don''t work
1:28AM 1 DvCot/PstFix Virtual Domains Virtual Users PAM Authentication - How pls