dovecot - Sep 2006

Saturday September 30 2006
7:26PM 2 Dovecot accepts squirrelmail, rejects fetchmail
4:59PM 1 [SOLVED] quota with: postfixadmin, postfix, mysql & dovecot
Friday September 29 2006
9:39PM 1 dovecot starts and then exit
3:23PM 5 SSL errors
12:51PM 0 Passdb passwd on FreeBSD
12:12AM 3 Converting UW MBX mail folder
Thursday September 28 2006
9:25PM 1 you got chocolate in my peanut butter?!
6:40PM 2 which e-mail client can work with recent dovecot?
5:09PM 0 [BUG(let)] Dovecot does not recognize threaded/reentrant mysql libs
4:34PM 0 LDA and chroot
Wednesday September 27 2006
11:44PM 0 dovecot checkpassword passdb and vmailmgr
10:17PM 3 System-wide sieve script?
7:33PM 2 LDA directly to Maildir/cur
3:35PM 1 syslog messages
Tuesday September 26 2006
10:47PM 1 fetchmail can't talk to dovecot
5:48PM 1 Date Received question
3:12PM 1 log tools with html for dovecot
1:24PM 1 Error: pipe() failed: Too many open files
12:10AM 1 Cache fields
Monday September 25 2006
10:17PM 1 LIST command ignores "hidden=yes" for default namespace
7:55PM 2 Preforming an action/trigger after a user successfully authenticates
6:06PM 0 Moving to dovecot
2:43PM 3 support for UW-style mbox
1:41PM 2 Errors while doing make on Solaris 9 for dovecot-1.0.rc7
12:57PM 2 Auth problem
11:36AM 1 sieve problem unresolved
8:56AM 2 Dovecot - postfix SASL
2:37AM 2 Virtual Folders
Saturday September 23 2006
2:57PM 1 Allow login via aliases
2:52PM 2 Need to detect event: a user move a message to a “spam folder” (for antispam filter)
2:15PM 0 Missing Mailbox
8:45AM 2 Newsgroup
2:30AM 1 PAM authentication problem: MD5 vs crypt
Friday September 22 2006
10:21PM 1 Restrictions on User Basis
10:08PM 2 Upgrading
4:31PM 2 Wow! Welcome back Timo!
1:29PM 2 How to check Release/Version of Currently installed Dovecot
10:32AM 3 Rotating Dovecot's logfile
10:24AM 1 Dovecot 1.0.rc7 ioloop-poll.c assertion failed after SIGHUP
Thursday September 21 2006
6:38PM 0 imposible authenticate dovecot, but authtest and testsaslauthd can
5:50PM 6 Dovecot Usage Poll
5:14PM 7 Big sites using Dovecot
3:12PM 0 dovecot quota proxy mysql question
12:11PM 1 deliver vda maildir postfix problem
8:10AM 1 Dovecot hang
Wednesday September 20 2006
9:46PM 1 deliver to root account
7:40PM 1 DSpam mysql-plugin (was DSpam plugin)
6:05PM 0 Crash of 1.0rc7
5:22PM 1 dovecot rc7 assert, core
3:41PM 0 Help problem compiling dovecot-1.0.rc7 on Solaris 10x86
1:51PM 2 DSpam plugin
8:54AM 1 Limiting number of IMAP connections per user
7:55AM 0 Corrupted Transaction Log caused by deliver
4:46AM 2 Tru64 Unix and SIA
Tuesday September 19 2006
12:58PM 1 Postfix - Dovecot - SASL
11:27AM 2 Deliver-Problem
6:07AM 0 FWD: Re: put procmail between postfix and dovecot
Monday September 18 2006
11:13PM 1 Incorrect GSSAPI Service Name for POP3
8:12PM 2 Problems restoring from dump
2:32PM 2 Default subscriptions
9:07AM 4 dovecot dreate directory instead mailbox
Sunday September 17 2006
6:28PM 1 Nuby experiences
6:10PM 2 Running just part of dovecot
Saturday September 16 2006
1:56PM 3 Dovecot using authsasld
5:36AM 3 put procmail between postfix and dovecot
Friday September 15 2006
3:20PM 1 Problem with pop3 login
1:59PM 3 RC7: BUG! and patch [Was: Re: rc7 bug? [Was: deliver LDA and INBOX location] (fwd)] (fwd)
12:41PM 0 help please with lda and exim transports
1:29AM 1 Problem with MySQL
Thursday September 14 2006
6:33PM 1 1.0rc7 - dumb question
12:31PM 2 Quota plugin rewrite
12:03PM 1 Locally accessing IMAP folders from Windows
10:57AM 0 ldap quota limitation (one more time)
9:35AM 4 Migrating from uw-imapd to dovecot
7:03AM 0 PRoblems using password database
Wednesday September 13 2006
10:25PM 0 Pop get all maildir subfolder
12:12PM 0 Quota plugin API documentation ?
11:54AM 3 FreeBSD 6.1-RELEASE/kqueue high CPU load
Tuesday September 12 2006
6:41PM 1 MySQL Authentication
6:06PM 1 Dovecot 1.0.beta9, emails disappearing?
4:37PM 1 TAB characters in subject header continuation/wrap lines
4:31PM 1 Dovecot go Down !
3:44PM 2 Dovecot Parando
2:10PM 1 Not getting new mail notification
Monday September 11 2006
10:13PM 3 Using pgsql with 'cram-md5 auth' and 'hmac-md5 scheme'
4:06PM 2 Active Directory
3:02PM 1 what defines dovecot LOG perms?
2:41PM 1 Wrong content-type reported for messages with only a text/html body?
1:46PM 1 userdb/autdb via ldaps
1:20PM 0 Create subfolder
12:32PM 1 sieve unresolved problem
9:54AM 2 Namespace with a single mailbox (for spam)
9:20AM 4 Mail does not arrive at my server.
5:16AM 2 Corrupt mbox folders after migration from uw-imap
Sunday September 10 2006
5:52PM 1 AppleMail 1.3 filter problem [solved] / fc5 package of 1.0rc7
6:20AM 3 most of INBOX missing?
Saturday September 9 2006
10:52PM 0 dovecot LDA w/ exim: "dyld: Library not loaded" & "trace trap" errors
5:29PM 2 request to have dovecot authenticator driver 'officially' included/supported
5:28PM 2 SSL_accept failed
Friday September 8 2006
2:59PM 0 Virtual and system users
2:39PM 0 quota infor @ wiki page
1:09AM 0 quota plugin feature request
Thursday September 7 2006
6:45PM 0 slow attachments loading
5:16PM 1 dovecot-sieve feature
11:25AM 2 Plugins for Dovecot at FreeBSD 6.0
2:22AM 1 quota plugin enhancement request
Wednesday September 6 2006
11:11PM 3 dovecot ignoring config file contents -- istream.c problem?
4:42PM 1 Using Dovecot SASL with postfix
4:01PM 4 bug report, from
12:19PM 0 Migrando DOVECOT -> Cyrrus-imapd
12:10PM 0 configuration issues / virtual users
10:04AM 1 Strange log entry???
Tuesday September 5 2006
7:23PM 1 Quotas with MySQL
6:42PM 1 rc7 crashing under heavy load
4:20PM 1 coding techniques
11:20AM 2 Pop3s duplicates
10:59AM 0 Effective UIDs Nad GID for VIrtual Users
8:54AM 2 rc7 bug? [Was: deliver LDA and INBOX location] (fwd)
8:01AM 2 dovecot-sieve with FreeBSD
7:50AM 0 Maildir messages owned by Root.
12:12AM 1 Upgrading from Package on OpenBSD
Monday September 4 2006
9:34AM 1 Can't build with PAM support
5:24AM 2 Dovecot problem in RHEL4
3:16AM 1 configuration guidelines.
Sunday September 3 2006
11:23PM 2 fd leak in 1.0rc7?
10:42PM 0 Mailbox Limnits
10:55AM 1 Emails corrupted...
10:25AM 1 Dovecot behaviour when the server's file system fails (possible feature request)
Saturday September 2 2006
6:02AM 1 imap fails, policy wrong?
Friday September 1 2006
10:13PM 2 Dovecot with STARTTLS
10:38AM 2 How to store Dovecot Logs in SQL DB