dovecot - Aug 2006

Thursday August 31 2006
8:37PM 2 Password mismatch - SHA1 authentication problem.
6:50PM 0 rc >= 6, libtool and zsh
6:01PM 1 deliver LDA and INBOX location
4:27PM 1 one example, just one example ...
4:16PM 1 Feature req: auth_cache_relookup
1:25PM 2 Maildir++ quota inconsistency
Wednesday August 30 2006
9:24PM 6 dovecot with Calendar or Contacts?
7:46PM 3 No tcp wrappers, other ideas to help stop brute force attacks?
2:49PM 0 [long message] problem with imap authentication process
10:19AM 2 IMAPS + Outlook
Tuesday August 29 2006
10:10PM 1 parser bug
7:17PM 0 auth mechanisem and postfixadmin
7:00PM 0 Problem using Apple Mail with Dovecot (fwd)
5:41PM 0 Problem using Apple Mail with Dovecot
3:28PM 1 IMAP Query
2:09PM 1 dovecot SASL as auth backend to exim?
4:07AM 5 Strange POP3 problem...
Monday August 28 2006
9:33PM 1 DIGEST-MD5 doesn't work
5:59PM 1 SPA (NTLM) Authentication
3:56PM 2 0.99.11 (CentOS4 or RHEL4) to 1.0.rc7 upgrade folder issue
3:57AM 0 How to make 'pureged mails to Trash Box'?
3:51AM 1 unknown dovecot error. imap or logging rate?
2:45AM 1 1.0rc7 working well
12:47AM 2 filtering problem using sieve
Sunday August 27 2006
6:33PM 0 vmysql: sql error[3]
1:26AM 1 format for per-user QUOTAs in passwd-file?
Saturday August 26 2006
11:53PM 2 failed to start
8:40PM 0 imap service not working
5:53PM 3 Reproduced the Login process died too early issue.
4:52PM 1 separate passdb for imap and pop3
Friday August 25 2006
8:13PM 1 [Fwd: dovecot-1.0_rc7 crashes (Login process died too early) with repeated deletes from thunderbird]
2:23PM 2 Auto-blacklisting hosts after too many failed logins
Thursday August 24 2006
10:31PM 0 multiple mailboxes in imap
10:18PM 1 dovecot-1.0_rc7 crashes (Login process died too early) with repeated deletes from thunderbird
7:33PM 4 High CPU load
4:48PM 2 Messages not expunged
4:13PM 2 Restricting Services (POP or IMAP)
3:30PM 0 getting dovecot unwedged
2:08PM 2 Restricting IP and/or user access (POP3/IMAP)
1:25PM 2 dovecot v1.0 rc7 hung up
9:51AM 1 (no subject)
2:27AM 3 forward flag metadata
Wednesday August 23 2006
7:31PM 0 virtual user directories?
6:19PM 0 bug? order dependencies in branch_1_0 conf file
4:23PM 0 Problems with VersaMail on PalmOS
3:50PM 0 Unable to get LDA working
3:35PM 2 Rename folder bug dovecot-1.0RC6 ?
2:50PM 2 Problems with dovecot 1.0rc5 + MySQL 5.0.24
1:38PM 2 0.99.14-1.1.el3 vs 1.0-0_20.rc7.el3
10:19AM 1 [Patch] vpopmail plaintext passwords
Tuesday August 22 2006
11:31PM 2 Exempt mailboxes from indexing?
5:33PM 1 Performance problem with outlook & outlook express
3:07PM 0 sieve don't build
9:30AM 1 HMAC-MD5 / HMAC-MD5-context
8:44AM 1 Can't Start dovecot from inetd
2:30AM 0 POP3 authentication using virtual user table instead of unix userids
Monday August 21 2006
11:59PM 2 Filesystem Quota Enhancement Patch
11:32PM 2 Maildir folder separator
10:35PM 1 1.0rc7: Login process died too early - shutting down
9:37PM 1 imap daemon consuming all the cpu
9:18PM 3 Please help, cant compile with mysql support
6:56PM 2 Dovecot 1.0rc7 quits without notice
2:58PM 4 RC7: its issues or mine?
2:30PM 2 Dovecot SSL issue on Solaris 10 x64 (64-bit)
8:00AM 0 Dovecot authorisation problem
2:23AM 3 sieve-cvs build failing @ 'make'
Sunday August 20 2006
4:55PM 2 maildir autodetect failing. what's wrong with this setup?
3:10PM 0 (resolved) Re: Beginner Help with a fatal error in a first Basic Install
Friday August 18 2006
6:14PM 0 dovecot Digest, Vol 40, Issue 65
4:56PM 0 Also in 1.0RC7, Beginner Help with a fatal error in a first Basic Install
2:42PM 1 Beginner Help with a fatal error in a first Basic Install
12:19PM 0 LDAP Auth problems with auth_bind=yes
11:20AM 0 How to change passwords on LDAP Server?
8:27AM 1 OT: best way to move maildirs to another host ?
8:23AM 1 dovecot vs qpopper performance testing results
1:25AM 0 Dovecot 1.0RC7 on FreeBSD 6.1/i386
Thursday August 17 2006
11:44PM 6 auth failure with digest-md5
10:28PM 17 1.0 RC7 released
7:02PM 2 kqueue rewrite testing, try #3
6:38PM 0 [Fwd: Re: Supporting local and virtual LDAP users, with seperate mail_env]
6:06PM 2 BSD kqueue testing, once more before 1.0rc7
5:20PM 5 Supporting local and virtual LDAP users, with seperate mail_env
4:05PM 2 dovecot mbox to dovecot maildir migration
1:22PM 4 Help, the dovecot ldap is down !
10:38AM 2 dovecot on OSF/1 4.0
10:10AM 1 Files
9:24AM 1 Dovecot public folders ACL
1:14AM 1 LDAP usernames with spaces
Wednesday August 16 2006
8:04PM 0 ACL-s and folders
5:33PM 1 Mailbox isn't a valid mbox file (dovecot 1.0-0.beta8.2.fc5)
5:15PM 0 Port Change?
4:17PM 9 BSD people, please test kqueue changes
3:09PM 5 ldap quota limitation problem
2:29PM 1 help debugging TLS
2:22PM 1 Authentication Failure
2:00PM 3 problem with sieve implementation
12:32PM 2 warn before overquota
11:39AM 1 default_realm problem
10:54AM 0 Migrating from qpopper to dovecot
9:30AM 0 LDAP Authorising users from Active Directory
7:53AM 1 POP3 and TLS don't work (dovecot 1.0 rc6)
7:38AM 1 dovecot 1.0rc6 and LDAP problem
Tuesday August 15 2006
2:50PM 2 Problems after upgrade (0.99.x -> 1.0.x)
12:30PM 0 imap+ssl feedback
4:12AM 2 Acl, Namespace, User Confusion
Monday August 14 2006
11:02PM 1 Possible to alias ("ln") a folder?
2:39PM 1 forbid dots in folder names
1:48PM 2 From passwd-file to Postgresql database
1:47PM 5 duplicate uids in Outlook
Sunday August 13 2006
1:36AM 6 dovecot tring to load sql modules
Saturday August 12 2006
8:28PM 1 multiple Authentication
7:43PM 1 Comments in dovcot.conf files
4:49AM 3 Trying to compile again
Friday August 11 2006
7:28PM 3 OT: NIS Authentication
6:24PM 3 Dovecot - Issue with Maildir++ quotas
3:00PM 2 POP to IMAP Transition
1:38PM 1 rc6 + ssl proxy patch = no go
11:09AM 1 Login process died too early - shutting down
10:51AM 1 Ignoring dot files
8:57AM 1 cleartext password logging
8:20AM 3 IMAP4rev1 broken with evolution
8:08AM 0 vacation messages (dovecot lda cmusieve)
3:40AM 1 fcntl Bad file descriptor
1:53AM 0 Suggestion for dovecot default SSL configuration...
1:45AM 0 SSL CRL checking
12:02AM 0 dovecot process no longer dies
Thursday August 10 2006
11:58PM 2 Seeing dovecot crash under rc6, seems to go almost exactly every 2.5 hours...
11:37PM 4 1.0rc7 getting near
10:40PM 3 stale imap processes with 1.0.rc6 on FreeBSD
8:28PM 4 imap-login (proxy) Connection queue full
6:56PM 0 dovecot-lda and sendmail.
3:25PM 1 Newbie Questration
2:22PM 2 Dovecot under daemontools
2:05PM 1 Dovecot AD Integration
2:46AM 2 dovecot process dies
Wednesday August 9 2006
5:33PM 0 openldap backsql as mysql + dovecot + postfix + maildir + virtual users
4:36PM 10 Dovecot as LDA with Postfix
1:33PM 1 When auth_process_size is reached
10:38AM 4 IMAP/POP3 proxying and capability
10:01AM 3 Pb with ssl_disable in 1.0RC6
6:24AM 2 messages_count too large errors (1.0RC5)
12:46AM 0 Issue building rc6 on Mac OS X (quota)
Tuesday August 8 2006
11:52PM 1 Duplicate e-mails
10:18PM 1 Dovecot imap with Postfix and using Thunderbird as client
9:01PM 0 rc6 compilation problems (obsd 3.9 stable)
7:41PM 3 Can't move messages
7:40AM 3 Dynamic server address
5:29AM 1 dovecot and mysql replication
Monday August 7 2006
8:11PM 2 Make user name CaSe Insensitive
7:42PM 1 Purging old mails
2:53PM 1 rc6 build pb
2:25PM 3 RC6 startup failure: "Login prcess died too early"
10:55AM 2 [1.0.rc6] Bug in deliver (still exists)
8:31AM 0 rc6 compilation problem?
8:21AM 0 Test mail
4:19AM 0 flag changes - duped notifications
Sunday August 6 2006
11:43PM 0 1.0 RC6 released
8:26PM 0 ldap + dovecot
12:13AM 3 dovecot.conf
Saturday August 5 2006
10:32AM 1 Using mail_chroot and default_mail_env
Friday August 4 2006
8:57PM 2 mysql query prepending
5:43PM 1 Dovecot proxy in front of UWash?
3:11PM 3 quota plugin
12:57PM 1 RC5 Outlook POP3 problem
12:38PM 1 using procmail or some VDA with dovecot
11:03AM 2 Dovecot fails to come up when using ACLs (1.0.b5)
Thursday August 3 2006
9:36PM 1 SSL hangs? Try this
8:37PM 3 default_mail_env %d problem
8:17PM 2 (no subject)
7:07PM 3 (no subject)
5:53PM 1 Thunderbird and hanging "Copying message to Sent folder..."
12:39PM 2 daemontools
9:44AM 1 Deleted email does not appear in the Trash folder
3:20AM 3 Dovecot proxy: Too many open files
Wednesday August 2 2006
10:17PM 3 bug?
9:25PM 1 1.0 RC5 released
8:16PM 2 Cyrus + ldap
7:51PM 1 1.0 RC4 released
6:37PM 4 1.0rc3 problem w/ Thunderbird on Mac OS X
6:13PM 1 IMAP(aweaver): quotactl(Q_GETQUOTA, /dev/sda1) failed: Invalid argument
5:16PM 1 Thunderbird and mbox
4:25PM 4 1.0 RC3 released
1:18PM 0 Dovecot + Ldap problem
12:49PM 0 Question re: .mailboxlist to .subscriptions migration
12:16PM 1 alternate rawlog directory
12:07PM 0 What's the latest on RC2 and Thunderbird
Tuesday August 1 2006
11:44PM 1 Improving interaction/performance with
6:34PM 4 Stale imap processes
2:20PM 0 server provisioning
2:15PM 1 Inconsistent handling of CRLF in APPEND
5:49AM 5 permissions warning on OpenBSD 3.9