dovecot - Mar 2006

Friday March 31 2006
11:20PM 1 mbox-sync-update.c error
9:51PM 3 C programmers, please help. need dovecot patch
8:53PM 0 Repot: Problems with Fedora core 5, Dovecot and Thunderbird - is this a Dovecot bete3 bug?
6:07PM 1 Courier to Dovecot Maildir converstion
12:28PM 1 Confused about what MTA, MDA, IMAP/POP server to use
10:51AM 1 domain stripping searcing for ages
9:27AM 1 problem with IMAP authentication with Thunderbird in local network
1:43AM 1 Authentication Problem MD5 hashs
Thursday March 30 2006
3:32AM 0 Dovecote Make failure with MySQL support.
1:39AM 0 sig11 with 1.0.beta3 on openbsd-i386
Wednesday March 29 2006
6:20PM 1 Realm Stripping
4:33PM 0 Solution to Dovecot-lda configure problem on RHEL4/FC4
1:21PM 0 [PATCH] integrate dovecot LDA into dovecot
9:32AM 1 [Fwd: Imap Timeouts]
9:22AM 1 Too many links
6:48AM 0 Fwd: [CentOS] Fwd: Re: Timeout when downloading messages
5:38AM 2 How to change login_greeting ?
2:16AM 1 Custom Quotas
1:46AM 0 Timeout when downloading messages
1:30AM 0 Problems with Fedora core 5, Dovecot and Thunderbird
Tuesday March 28 2006
4:57PM 0 login problem
7:51AM 1 user name translation
2:53AM 0 Timeout when receiving messages with attachment
2:47AM 3 Setting a Default Domain
Monday March 27 2006
9:17PM 0 [PATCH] multiple "make install"s fail with 1.0.beta3
1:49PM 1 How to achieve: Automove of mails
Sunday March 26 2006
10:21PM 1 postfix 2.3 SMTP AUTH and Outlook
9:43PM 2 userdb prefetch not working for passdb sql
5:51PM 1 Dovecot abort while selecting INBOX
4:44PM 2 Installing Dovecot on CentOS
Saturday March 25 2006
8:20PM 1 Some moved or copied messages get stuck in tmp
Friday March 24 2006
9:12PM 2 Dovecot LDA + Fedora destribution = no go?
2:48PM 1 Method of archiving mail?
Thursday March 23 2006
6:00PM 0 Can Dovecot 'slurp' into the INBOX from a mail spool file?
4:56PM 1 spam filtering with amavis
4:15PM 1 Per-user "Seen" flags with shared namespace stored as maildir?
10:47AM 1 namespaces in 1.0beta3
10:41AM 3 dovecot died
Wednesday March 22 2006
6:57PM 0 Tiny kqueue specific patch
6:27PM 2 Save sent mail on server
4:07PM 1 mail shown throught outlook, shows todays date
3:36PM 1 problem with dovecot lda
3:36PM 1 User data over Mysql
2:56PM 1 Imap Timeouts
2:14PM 1 dovecot customflags/keywords
2:03PM 0 procmail 1
1:04PM 2 Shared namespaces - solved
12:32AM 1 LDAP and prefetch
12:22AM 1 Busyloop in dovecot-auth
Tuesday March 21 2006
10:26PM 3 OS X-centricities? Too many files, temp, indexes, etc...
8:47PM 3 first crack at auto-trash plugin
4:40PM 2 Dovecot 1.0 beta3 and SUBSCRIBE
9:24AM 2 Startup script
9:22AM 1 FreeBSD 5.4/Dovecot 1.0.b3: lots of error messages
Monday March 20 2006
9:39PM 0 [patch] support tpop3d-style UIDLs
8:55PM 1 compilation and installation of dspam-plugin
8:17PM 1 SquirrelMail 1.4.6 and Dovecot 1.0.beta3 Folders
4:39PM 1 LDA sieve library
9:05AM 3 new mails don't always show
Sunday March 19 2006
8:52PM 2 Dovecot, LDAP and something akin to Postfix' "table search order" from virtual deliver.
6:16PM 1 mbox to maildir conversion
Saturday March 18 2006
9:39PM 3 Message Filenames
3:36PM 1 /etc/passwd authentication: ERR authentication failed
Friday March 17 2006
7:35PM 1 auto move of purged mail to trash
7:04PM 6 VERY cool add-on request.
5:36PM 0 mbox to maildir: what about INBOX
4:28PM 1 [PATCH] OpenSSL RNG initialization
4:25PM 1 plugins
4:03PM 4 Shared namespaces
2:51PM 1 LDA Sieve debugging
Thursday March 16 2006
8:30PM 3 Converting huge mbox to Dovecot mbox + indexes
4:59PM 2 PAM authentification problem
2:14PM 1 Digest-MD5 authentication problems
1:41PM 0 Help: Limit x minutes for POP3 Access
10:18AM 1 Segfault when parsing configuration on x86_64
9:55AM 1 Corrupted transaction log file dovecot.index.log: unexpected end of file while reading header
12:12AM 0 Shared Folders Problem. Bug?
Wednesday March 15 2006
8:42PM 1 Filesystem full/quota limitations and Dovecot
8:40PM 1 Problems with Oulook Clients
5:44PM 0 migrating POP3 from UW IMAP: X-UIDL and X-UID
4:01PM 1 virtual users
3:23PM 1 GSSAPI and virtual Users?
9:29AM 1 How Can I Add New Flags
6:29AM 2 Imap crashes when trying to move messages
5:47AM 0 Strange dovecot-uidlist behavior on maildir conversion
Tuesday March 14 2006
7:46PM 3 what are those .nfsXXXXX files with mbox ?
7:32PM 1 Losing messages
11:13AM 1 Shared maildir through namespace help...
10:58AM 1 operation not supported ?
Monday March 13 2006
6:58PM 1 fcntl error
3:36PM 1 [solved] imap permission denied
2:58PM 0 tls
2:09PM 2 dovecot(last day cvs version) lost mail
12:45PM 1 Rootless configuration
9:37AM 2 Authentication without password
9:26AM 1 imap permission denied
1:55AM 0 Help please: Error: net_connect
Sunday March 12 2006
9:11AM 0 How to substitute colon `:' for another character in Maildir message files?
4:55AM 1 deliver setgid issues
Saturday March 11 2006
4:22PM 0 Suggested patch: retain user's group privileges after logging into IMAP
10:56AM 2 Limiting Dovecot access by user-spesific ip addresses?
10:53AM 2 dovecot-1.0b3 kevent error/warning message
Friday March 10 2006
2:44PM 0 Setup Dovecot on os X
4:24AM 1 Error question?
Thursday March 9 2006
9:15PM 1 Segfault problem when using TWO dovecot servers!
7:21PM 2 phantom new mail (mailboxes keep on being reported as having new mail)
6:45PM 3 Migrating UW-IMAP to Dovecot on Solaris 9
4:29PM 0 Dovecot + FreeBSD 6.0 + pam_ldap + nss_ldap
3:18PM 1 Dovecot LDA doesn't build against 1.0beta3
3:11PM 2 ssl certs
2:29PM 1 blank forwarded messages
8:53AM 1 POP3 extension to accept UIDL ranges?
8:39AM 1 Two namespaces with same prefix.
6:16AM 0 MySQL problem when using Dovecot as proxy
12:05AM 3 Getting maildir++ quotas working
Wednesday March 8 2006
7:36PM 0 Busy studying
5:00PM 0 Undeleteable folders
3:53PM 1 Overriding inbox location in passwd-like file
1:36PM 1 Install/configure on FC4 with maildir and mysql
1:30PM 0 Dovecot with mbox and maildir
6:34AM 2 self-signed certificates
2:00AM 1 Default SELinux policy on Fedora FC4 prevents dovecot service from starting
Tuesday March 7 2006
10:46PM 1 Simple Question
9:14PM 1 Special treatment of ~/mail directory
9:02PM 3 1.0 beta3 not preserving X-Keyword header?
12:24PM 1 :INDEX and :CONTROL in 0.99.14
6:28AM 0 [IMAP] Strange! No problem when I import mails from local to server.
5:55AM 0 [IMAP] mails holded in tmp directory
12:12AM 1 mbox sync: UID inserted in the middle of mailbox...
Monday March 6 2006
10:02PM 1 SASL bind for LDAP
9:51PM 1 Filesystem quota
8:14PM 3 Can I install in the following fashion?
6:52PM 1 asserts and cores in beta3
1:26PM 1 dovecot NTLM authentication
10:45AM 1 Shared Folders (1.0beta3)
8:11AM 2 getting lock error
6:09AM 1 using uid in ldap to send email with postfix to dovecot-users!!
5:47AM 1 How to create .dovecot.sieve through IMAP?
1:36AM 0 Does it work with ispman
Sunday March 5 2006
10:25AM 2 Really dumb question
Friday March 3 2006
8:53PM 1 convert tool
8:44PM 1 permission/ownership of SSL cert, key & their directories
6:23PM 1 using mbox but, can't create subfolders
8:04AM 0 lock files on mbox using 1.0 stable
1:24AM 0 Error "make install" of dovecot 1.0b3 - Working !
12:07AM 1 dspam plugin mailing list?
Thursday March 2 2006
9:28PM 1 maildir locking and 'racing'
8:04PM 1 Apple Mail cannot connect (1.0 beta3)
12:31PM 2 ipv6 not working
Wednesday March 1 2006
8:35PM 0 (no subject)
7:24PM 1 Patch to src/auth/mech-gssapi.c
5:45AM 1 MAILDIR environment