CentOS - Jul 2008

Thursday July 31 2008
10:51PM 3 Re: how to install BackupPC on CentOS 5.2 -- how do I use Test repository?
10:40PM 1 how to install BackupPC on CentOS 5.2 -- use Testing repository
9:06PM 2 Port Closing Question..
5:33PM 1 PXE Booting floppy image
1:59PM 0 Static Linking, C++ Exceptions
11:22AM 1 Logrotate is not happing without -f option
7:08AM 3 File system goes read-only once in a while
4:27AM 1 stale NFS locks
3:16AM 2 FreeNX and FF3
3:04AM 4 Widescreen monitor won't configure to a wide screen - SOLVED
12:31AM 1 out of memory
Wednesday July 30 2008
10:22PM 1 rpm dependency question
9:48PM 2 ISC dhcpd and Vista clients
8:11PM 2 Missing dependencies
7:14PM 1 Mounting File Share Using CIFS ?'s
7:14PM 3 usb to usb comm ports - possible? how?
6:17PM 1 Unable to write video dvd using k3b
6:08PM 3 Updated bind marked as vulnerable
5:09PM 1 Rapid deployment of CentOS on HP Proliant machines
4:38PM 1 alsa-oss for sip.communicator.org
4:32PM 0 Evolution Calendar crash
3:07PM 1 unsubscribe
2:36PM 9 Will CentOS 6's upstream be based on Fedora 10?
2:06PM 1 Modem network card conflict
1:11PM 3 Wiki updates needed for rpmrepo.org when it's up & running
11:23AM 4 enterprise backup solution (probably amanda?)
11:13AM 2 Login Feature
10:31AM 0 Logrotate Problem
7:29AM 5 Windows XP fixmbr from Centos?
6:53AM 4 libstdc++.so.5 for xten voip phone
3:55AM 5 Widescreen monitor won't configure to a wide screen
3:20AM 5 slow NFS speed
12:41AM 2 X-Windows Login
Tuesday July 29 2008
9:49PM 1 way OT: CCNA Router Sim
8:49PM 4 Extended characters not working on CentOS
8:36PM 4 xfs on 5.2 (live cd + dvd)
6:42PM 4 Migrating RHEL 3 to Centos 5.2 - has Adaptec 2400a RAID
6:41PM 4 nss_ldap 5.2 update question
6:32PM 3 syslog question
6:29PM 0 Samba, SELinux and system created directories
4:31PM 1 securing rsync over ssh
3:37PM 1 Xdefaults file.
3:19PM 1 restore
1:23PM 0 vendors that can supply CentOS pre-installed
11:05AM 2 Restricting User Rights massively
5:17AM 1 rebuilding firefox- from fc8
4:40AM 3 Change Web Server to another disk in Centos 5.2
12:08AM 1 Centos 5.0 package updater asking me to update more than I installed
Monday July 28 2008
11:16PM 3 CentOS 5.2 yum repos old rpm
9:27PM 0 sys-unconfig
6:45PM 0 fetchmail from a server and delete spam messages
6:26PM 5 Hardware serial number access from (a) command(s)
5:31PM 2 Duplicate PV on HW RAID?
4:05PM 2 cupsd takes 100% of cpu
11:50AM 3 Shell script - ping
6:33AM 3 script
5:19AM 5 PF_RING crashed the CentOS5 - BUG: soft lockup - CPU#7
3:22AM 1 Cyrus + Ldap...
Sunday July 27 2008
9:02PM 1 Floppy boot disc w/ lspci
6:05PM 1 Yum Troubles
2:36PM 7 Now you did it Olly
12:51PM 4 smartd on RAID controllers?
12:00PM 0 CentOS-announce Digest, Vol 41, Issue 12
Saturday July 26 2008
11:08PM 3 problems with update of perl-5.8.8-10.el5_2.3
7:20PM 2 Re: Gnumeric rpm
5:20PM 1 yum search prints 13 times the same package results
12:13PM 1 how do I get Ubuntu installed as a XEN domU guest?
12:00PM 0 CentOS-announce Digest, Vol 41, Issue 11
8:29AM 5 BUG: soft lockup - CPU#1 stuck for 61s!
Friday July 25 2008
11:50PM 2 looking for Ubuntu config for Dag Wieers' mrepo
8:46PM 2 2 DHCP servers - different VLAN's
8:27PM 2 Securing serial ports - fax modems
11:06AM 3 Centos 5.1 NFS problems
Thursday July 24 2008
10:43PM 1 Missing SDLT600's
10:42PM 6 6TB SCSI RAID vs. Centos
9:41PM 3 IPCop updates, Evolution Calendar rarely crashes now
9:24PM 4 POOR: results using 'dig +short porttest.dns-oarc.net TXT'
8:12PM 2 You didn't give me some packages, so now I'm giving you some! R, TexLive, LyX, Gnumeric, etc.
7:26PM 1 pptp server configuration
7:23PM 1 selinux & httpd & portmap
6:46PM 0 CESA-2008:0616 Moderate CentOS 4 i386 thunderbird Update
4:20PM 0 Possible bug in ifup-eth script of Centos 5.2 (combination of bond and bridge)
3:06PM 1 OT: Content system preferences, KnowledgeTree vs Alfresco
2:44PM 1 need content of /etc/redhat-release
1:51PM 4 Native Command Queueing
12:23PM 1 OT: backup media options
11:47AM 7 How to detect whether running on VMware?
7:34AM 3 Firewall in CentOS 5.1
6:39AM 1 Help recovering from an LVM issue
5:12AM 1 CentOS 4.4 Linux Booting problem
Wednesday July 23 2008
11:23PM 0 Adaptec RAID 3805 / 5805
8:19PM 0 e-SATA card well supported by Linux (CentOS) with built-in drivers and that supports hot plug
6:36PM 2 prevent runaway PID taking down server (RAM/swap)
4:43PM 1 [Fwd: Re: fail2ban needs shorewall?]
1:21PM 1 MOUSE problem in Centos 5.1
12:59PM 2 df command reports inaccurate results?
12:45PM 1 fail2ban needs shorewall?
8:59AM 3 3ware 9650SE drivers for CentOS 5.0-EL kernel 2.6.18-8
7:40AM 1 how do I stop X / gnome via SSH?
5:55AM 1 Linux is Not Boot-Up
1:27AM 1 Sendmail conf
Tuesday July 22 2008
10:01PM 1 TLA -- GNU Arch 1
9:18PM 1 NFS V4?
8:20PM 1 extending 'ProxyTimeout'
5:02PM 2 screen detatch
4:16PM 0 Oracle apps form server issue with Piranha Load balancer
1:52PM 4 Printer recommendations
1:38PM 2 sticky folder permissions
1:10PM 2 wireshark install did not seem to work
12:51PM 0 Peter KastegÄrd is out of the office.
12:16PM 5 VNC server problem
10:03AM 2 Dual video card, 1 monitor each (ref dual head) CentoS4.6 xorg does only 1 head
1:57AM 3 harddisc or nfs based install
1:20AM 2 /etc/hosts missing localhost?
Monday July 21 2008
8:43PM 20 Ideas for stopping ssh brute force attacks
7:18PM 2 nspluginwrapper included in CentOS 5.2 fails completely
6:14PM 0 perl module to parse httpd log on C5
5:35PM 1 where is printconf-tui on CENTOS 5.2 (migrate printer configuration)????
4:35PM 5 ps to pdf
4:10PM 2 recommended repo for php 5.2.3 +
3:44PM 0 Boot from iso file (xen)
3:08PM 2 How to get additional packages? How secure is Yum?
2:09PM 2 copy
1:59PM 1 Swatch monitor for inactivity?
12:33PM 2 Memory for crash kernel
9:37AM 1 OCI
2:44AM 0 Nautilus Behavior
Sunday July 20 2008
9:16PM 1 Kernels From CentOS Plus
6:42PM 1 moving software RAIDed disks to other machine
4:13PM 0 Exploit 'in the wild' for Trixbox
8:55AM 1 crontab for nobody
4:27AM 0 Disable hid debug
Saturday July 19 2008
8:48PM 3 Load Average ~0.40 when idle
7:27PM 6 Bind Firewall Rules
6:10PM 1 Plone
4:38PM 4 Personal Wiki for CentOS
12:11PM 0 CD Vendors List Submission
12:00PM 0 CentOS-announce Digest, Vol 41, Issue 10
8:54AM 3 Cannot boot from DVD on an Intel Svr to install CentOS 5.2
12:27AM 0 How to examine crash dump of Centos Kernel
Friday July 18 2008
8:20PM 0 2 questions on diskless client setup.
6:56PM 3 configuration request
5:23PM 0 Re-initialized luci database
4:13PM 3 semi OT: logwatch results
3:45PM 0 Firefox 3.0.1 print error
1:43PM 0 nfs high load issues
1:42PM 2 Send smtp email with mailx on centos
1:06PM 1 Yum strangeness
12:52PM 2 Difference between system-config-* and system-config-*-tui ?
12:38PM 2 End of support / life
12:00PM 0 CentOS-announce Digest, Vol 41, Issue 9
11:24AM 1 Setting max limits in /etc/security/limits.conf
10:26AM 2 Spamassassin as root and pyzor
1:40AM 0 freenx vs vmware console
Thursday July 17 2008
10:43PM 2 lvm errors after replacing drive in raid 10 array
9:26PM 2 Raw device gone after reboot (Centos 5.2)!!!
7:33PM 0 Difficulties with Seamonkey plugins on 5.2
7:32PM 0 Re: Howto: Java Plugin for Firefox 3.0.1? {SOLVED]]
7:05PM 2 Howto: Java Plugin for Firefox 3.0.1?
5:56PM 0 xdmcp to gnome desktop
4:39PM 6 Simple IP Question
3:42PM 2 gecko-libs dependency resurfaces
2:01PM 2 yum update glitch on latest update to 5.2
1:31PM 2 Q about CentOS-4
12:36PM 1 bcm43xx CentOS5
12:09PM 0 perl bless/overload performance problem
12:00PM 0 CentOS-announce Digest, Vol 41, Issue 8
10:09AM 2 Custom CentOS iso's
10:02AM 4 Samba permissions problem
7:05AM 2 Replacing custom kernel with another - with same identifier
7:03AM 1 racoon and ipsec issues
5:53AM 1 Evolution & HTML
4:54AM 5 Problems with building an rpm
3:04AM 2 Getting printer to work under 5.2
Wednesday July 16 2008
9:09PM 3 Lost my madwifi setup
9:04PM 2 openldap package compilation flags?
6:15PM 0 FW: Conga question
4:21PM 4 yum remove <old kernel pkgs> -- wants to remove a to n of stuff
3:55PM 4 yum remove <old kernel pkgs> -- wants to remove a ton of stuff
1:08PM 6 centralized patch management
10:06AM 2 pear
2:45AM 1 need texlive & lyx-1.55 for Centos 5.2
1:03AM 6 OT - Windows slowdown?
Tuesday July 15 2008
11:08PM 3 RADVD and default IPv6 gateway
11:03PM 3 Documentation file for ifcfg options
9:52PM 0 Test - you don't need to read it
9:49PM 2 question regarding mx servers with same priority
8:34PM 4 Bonding and Xen
7:33PM 9 Stopping a server not controled by service
7:10PM 2 Problem with mod_proxy_ajp.so
5:33PM 1 r8169-driver CentOS5.2
4:15PM 2 Help with iptables rule for blocking UDP port 53
3:57PM 1 Yun Update problem
12:34PM 3 background process
12:00PM 1 CentOS-announce Digest, Vol 41, Issue 7
6:55AM 6 can I host a Ubuntu / Gentoo repository on a CentOS server?
1:18AM 2 vncviewer via gateway option question
1:05AM 0 Power management and remote X sessions
12:44AM 1 Miredo relay port question
12:40AM 3 Bug-buddy and bug reports for GNOME 2.16...
12:37AM 0 sysctl setting reset
Monday July 14 2008
8:45PM 3 off topic question plss need ur help
8:06PM 2 Cleaning up smp kernels
7:24PM 5 so many problem CENTOS 5.2 with DELL servers????
7:04PM 3 More current version of bluez
4:58PM 0 Excluding packages from mirrored repo
3:43PM 1 pci-x v2 detect on command line
2:25PM 3 Package question
6:14AM 1 Hardware Compatibility List (looking for a gigabit nic on RHEL4)
3:46AM 2 madwifi on Centos 5.2, kernel 2.6.18-92.1.6.el5
Sunday July 13 2008
6:27PM 1 Kernel Upgrade and RAID Card
2:59PM 2 How Do I Get Info About New RPMs in Major REPOs
2:50PM 1 yum remove from stdout
12:28PM 2 Cluster: understanding virtual IP
12:02PM 0 CentOS-announce Digest, Vol 41, Issue 6
10:42AM 1 Can an ISO be specified allow mount "setsebool -P allow_mount_iso=1" insted of "setsebool -P allow_mount_anyfile=1" SE context samba share
5:46AM 4 screen command
12:11AM 2 2.6.18-92.1.6.el5xen -- 8GB missing?
Saturday July 12 2008
4:09PM 1 using new sysconfig file
12:37PM 1 make rpm for kernel
Friday July 11 2008
11:17PM 3 CUPS and system-config-printer question
9:14PM 1 Firefox 3 for CentOS 4
5:04PM 3 Linux equivalent of 'format' in solaris
4:55PM 0 How to boot netinstall.iso linux in Xen guest domU
4:02PM 2 Is there a FC8 update repo out there?
1:08PM 4 Finding a python module
11:46AM 0 CentOS 5.2 - /usr/sbin/httpd: double free or corruption (!prev) error
11:40AM 2 looking for motherboard / temp / hdd monitor, other than lmsensors
10:13AM 3 command line configuration of DSL access
9:53AM 0 Multiple LVM snapshots
8:56AM 4 OT: open source inventory system with invoicing and serial no tracking
6:03AM 1 XEN virtualization Problem
2:59AM 1 libc-client 2007 conflict when updating
1:30AM 1 tape drive
Thursday July 10 2008
11:22PM 1 bind9, SELinux, ServFail
10:59PM 1 CentOS 5.2 VMI support
10:08PM 3 Understanding iptables
7:51PM 3 Iptables not blocking UDP port 53
7:29PM 1 redirecting when behind a firewall
7:15PM 2 Kernel is not compiled with IPv6 support?
5:36PM 0 IPv6 static routing
4:18PM 0 1st static IPv6 address
2:53PM 1 what does "not found" mean in a DHCPRELEASE context?
2:04PM 0 Slow HVM IO performance with newer kernels
12:00PM 0 CentOS-announce Digest, Vol 41, Issue 5
10:56AM 1 How can I automate random bytes generation for CENTOS 5.2?
9:43AM 1 Slow samba and Realtek card
5:50AM 2 backuppc on CentOS 5
3:03AM 1 /etc/pam.d/system-auth changes in update
2:18AM 2 Java Setup
2:13AM 2 yum dependency problem
12:22AM 4 Shell Script Question
Wednesday July 9 2008
7:22PM 2 CentOS Patch for http://www.kb.cert.org/vuls/id/800113
7:18PM 3 hard drive info
5:57PM 2 Does sprof work on CentOS5?
5:27PM 1 Evolution in CentOS 5.2
4:39PM 1 Need help with awk one-liner
3:47PM 1 Need basic PPPoE startup help
3:42PM 2 Bind update overwrites named.conf
3:23PM 4 can I use CentOS as a antivirus / spam filter / HTTP AV gateway?
2:37PM 0 Centos4 audio problem
1:19PM 2 sudoers
1:08PM 1 pnm2ppa gone, in any repo?
12:00PM 0 CentOS-announce Digest, Vol 41, Issue 4
10:31AM 0 USB not detected after update
4:56AM 3 Total lockup caused by Shift-{print screen}
2:35AM 4 NOW: Firefox 3.0 and GNOME crash when trying to view SME Server documentation WAS: OT: anything in CentOS 5.2 that uses opendns.com when browsing web?
12:11AM 2 OT: anything in CentOS 5.2 that uses opendns.com when browsing web?
Tuesday July 8 2008
9:28PM 2 CENTOS irst tim root "mmory or rsh krnl..."
9:20PM 1 CVE-2008-1447
9:19PM 1 Latest samaba updates
8:34PM 1 Mysql replication stopped after 5.2 update.
8:27PM 1 minimal packages to use x11 forwarding
4:57PM 3 apt vrs yum ?
4:48PM 2 Problems with bind on 5.2
3:53PM 1 install from USB thumdrive
1:48PM 0 Problem with logrotate and compress
12:42PM 3 CentOS mount doesn't support smbfs type ?
12:09PM 2 share folder as USB mass storage device
8:51AM 0 problems with Sendmail + SpamAssassin
4:30AM 2 Centos 5.2 upgrade Firefox Migrating Bookmarks
4:06AM 1 Firebug 1.2.0b4 for FF3
12:28AM 1 resend undelivable mail?
Monday July 7 2008
10:35PM 5 Drive activity every 30sec
7:45PM 3 pm-utils - ATrpms updates a system package on the stable branch
6:53PM 3 rsh problems in CentOS 5.2 (was "cvs command failure on 5.2")
4:37PM 1 Yaz and libyaz package for CentOS 5
3:25PM 3 how do I find out which nameserver returns a DNS query?
2:09PM 1 Help with gnome terminal
1:52PM 3 yum-updatesd not working on CentOS 5.2
1:29PM 2 Best Java code for Centos 5.2s Firefox 3
12:00PM 0 CentOS-announce Digest, Vol 41, Issue 3
10:45AM 1 Flaky desktop audio behavior.
9:54AM 2 "installation method" (CentOS 5.2)
5:19AM 1 MySQL in CentOS 5.2
1:52AM 3 gentee
1:44AM 1 SIGPIPE in assorted apps after "yum update"
Sunday July 6 2008
10:57PM 3 Couple of CentOS 5.2 dhcp notes
10:45PM 3 Getting something into centosplus for 5.2?
8:37PM 0 PPPoE and IPv6
5:51PM 1 Centos 5.2 and 2.6.18-92 Kernel backported SATA fixes?
4:01PM 3 nspluginwrapper failure on x86_64 in 5.2
1:52PM 1 how to generate modprobe.conf
1:12PM 1 configuration file for tunneling device
10:24AM 2 How to Auto Add forward slash "/" when accessing a link/url through ProxyPass
4:13AM 1 i386 version of Perl getting installed on x64 system?
Saturday July 5 2008
3:09PM 4 CentOS 5.2 Missing Dependancy
12:00PM 0 CentOS-announce Digest, Vol 41, Issue 2
6:59AM 1 FW: Problem with nvidia-drv-x11 when upgrading to CentOS 5.2 (Akemi)
2:15AM 1 Wanted: minimal install ks.cfg
Friday July 4 2008
11:32PM 1 cvs command failure on 5.2
9:50PM 5 mkdep vs. makedepend
8:55PM 1 Migrating windows to linux proxy server
8:11PM 4 Problem with Bonding Driver
7:59PM 1 OT: General Help in chroot build environment
7:00PM 1 update Centos 5 with DRBD
5:02PM 4 Back to my Xwindows kernel panic
3:22PM 1 Status of tracker for 64bit?
11:16AM 3 How do I check the real size of a filesystem?
8:52AM 1 mod_python - apache crash
4:12AM 1 Anaconda ignores "cmdline" directive
3:28AM 1 UTF-8 support in PCRE
3:08AM 0 Anyone running a Bluetooth PAN?
3:03AM 1 Desktop: Evolution & Bug Buddy issues (GNOME)
2:39AM 0 Anyone using TCP Connection Passing?
2:10AM 2 Can't run a bash script from USB drive
1:11AM 10 Three Identical systems - short cut to setting up the drives?
Thursday July 3 2008
11:21PM 6 BackupPC won't fork after CentOS 5.2 upgrade
9:22PM 1 CentOS 5.2 vs. Intel 82801 AC'97 Audio
9:06PM 5 Message size rejected
8:05PM 2 Xorg "intel" driver on 965Q lockup?
6:21PM 0 centos 5, openmpi and alternatives
5:16PM 1 rpmforge-release install/rpm problem
2:16PM 3 Running shell scripts from external media
12:46PM 5 Centos 5.2 upgrade - urlopen error unknown url type: media
12:37PM 0 mock 0.9.{7,10}
12:00PM 0 CentOS-announce Digest, Vol 41, Issue 1
8:01AM 0 Last and final official release candidate of the com.oonics open shared root cluster installation DVD is available (RC4)
12:13AM 1 laptop wireless--orinoco_cs, can it do WPA?
Wednesday July 2 2008
9:09PM 2 PPPoE setup
8:29PM 3 upgrade to 5.2 now have gam_server how to turn it off
8:24PM 0 Windows to linux migration [PassSync.msi for 64 bit windows2003 ]
8:23PM 0 issue with acl's
7:01PM 2 command for brand of monitor
6:00PM 2 how to create an mpeg4 mimetype (OT)
4:23PM 0 xen save/restore causes cron to hang
3:46PM 2 RHEL vs. CentOS
3:41PM 5 Ethernet poor performance
2:53PM 2 Yum errors
12:20PM 0 Zaptel wont detect card after centos5.2 kernel update.
5:14AM 3 Want to _prevent_ upgrade to centos 5.2
Tuesday July 1 2008
9:52PM 1 Rescan /dev/sd* without reboot?
5:40PM 2 setroubleshoot
2:59PM 1 extract MIME attachments from 700MB imap folder
1:40PM 4 EPIA-M board for Centos
1:35PM 5 Configuring sendmail in a corporate environment
10:20AM 0 self Certificate Authority, using /etc/pki/tls/misc/CA
2:35AM 0 [CentOS4.6]Where can I get these packages (xorg-server xproto fontsproto)?
1:55AM 4 why yum cannot find lighttpd?
12:57AM 1 Acer 5920 audio chip does not work in CentOS 5.2?