zfs discuss - Oct 2010

Sunday October 31 2010
10:02PM 0 zpool high IO when there should be none
5:33AM 0 35 trillion year scrub
Friday October 29 2010
1:21PM 3 Question about (delayed) block freeing
10:02AM 12 [OpenIndiana-discuss] format dumps the core
Thursday October 28 2010
8:40PM 3 stripes of different size mirror groups
5:19PM 1 Mirroring a zpool
3:40PM 4 sharesmb should be ignored if filesystem is not mounted
1:59PM 0 Good write, but slow read speeds over the network
3:08AM 3 zil behavior
Wednesday October 27 2010
8:54PM 3 Jumping ship.. what of the data
8:48PM 4 Space not freed from large deleted sparse file
7:14PM 14 hardware going bad
12:20PM 6 Ooops - did it again... Moved disks without export first.
Tuesday October 26 2010
2:40PM 4 Moving the 17 zones from one LUN to another LUN
2:21PM 2 Newbie question : snapshots, replication and recovering failure of Site B
Monday October 25 2010
9:56PM 1 Thin devices/reclamation with ZFS?
4:20PM 1 Recovering last good BE
2:23PM 1 file-inherit and dir-inherit at toplevel of ZFS CIFS share
1:55PM 3 How do you use >1 partition on x86?
12:46PM 6 Clearing space nearly full zpool
Sunday October 24 2010
5:42PM 3 ZFS and RAM
3:22AM 3 ZFS with STK raid card w battery
2:59AM 0 Lucky timing on disabling a slog
Saturday October 23 2010
3:03PM 4 Basic ACL usage in group environment
11:33AM 2 No ACL inheritance with aclmode=passthrough in onnv-134
2:31AM 1 Changing vdev controller
Friday October 22 2010
9:34PM 4 How does dedup work over iSCSI?
12:07PM 2 Shared LUN''s and ZFS
8:51AM 1 how to upgrade
Thursday October 21 2010
7:41PM 3 Performance problems due to smaller ZFS recordsize
1:19PM 9 Does a zvol use the zil?
12:08PM 1 Getting rid of RAID6 LUNs in a pool
2:47AM 10 When `zpool status'' reports bad news
Wednesday October 20 2010
6:00PM 1 raidz2 vdev width (again)
4:20PM 7 Unknown Space Gain
1:03PM 5 Myth? 21 disk raidz3: "Don''t put more than ___ disks in a vdev"
1:01PM 6 zpool does not like iSCSI ?
12:36AM 7 Newbie ZFS Question: RAM for Dedup
12:20AM 0 live upgrade with lots of zfs filesystems -- still broken
Tuesday October 19 2010
9:12PM 0 NFS/SATA lockups (svc_cots_kdup no slots free & sata port time out)
4:13PM 8 Balancing LVOL fill?
2:58PM 2 migration / vdev balancing
2:51PM 4 rename zpool
10:29AM 7 SSD partitioned into multiple L2ARC read cache
5:41AM 9 Recovering from corrupt ZIL
Monday October 18 2010
6:44AM 20 How to avoid striping ?
Sunday October 17 2010
5:28PM 20 vdev failure -> pool loss ?
1:38PM 10 RaidzN blocksize ... or blocksize in general ... and resilver
4:53AM 0 Continual Writes from rpool
Saturday October 16 2010
3:54PM 4 resilver question
Friday October 15 2010
10:26PM 4 how to replace failed vdev on non redundant pool?
3:52PM 0 Available Space Discrepancy
1:36PM 2 ZFS cache inconsistencies with Oracle
3:16AM 0 New STEP pkgs built via autoTSI
12:08AM 7 adding new disks and setting up a raidz2
Thursday October 14 2010
4:47PM 1 Upgrade a degraded pool
10:23AM 0 AMD/Supermicro machine - AS-2022G-URF
6:28AM 0 Slow zfs import solved (beware iDRAC/ILO)
Wednesday October 13 2010
10:21PM 17 Optimal raidz3 configuration
4:20PM 5 zfs diff cannot stat shares
2:13PM 40 Running on Dell hardware?
6:14AM 2 Online zpool expansion feature in Solaris 10 9/10
Tuesday October 12 2010
11:57PM 2 Multiple SLOG devices per pool
12:30PM 7 Supermicro AOC-USAS2-L8i
Monday October 11 2010
11:50PM 0 Ubuntu iSCSI install to COMSTAR zfs volume Howto
8:45PM 0 free space fragmentation causing slow write speeds
4:13AM 5 Moving camp, lock stock and barrel
Sunday October 10 2010
4:40PM 1 how to fix a pool, degraded with insufficient replicas-error
Saturday October 9 2010
8:18PM 2 best way to check zfs/zpool version programatically
3:22AM 1 nfs issues
Friday October 8 2010
2:47PM 74 Performance issues with iSCSI under Linux
11:18AM 3 ZFS equivalent of inotify
6:06AM 1 ZFS pool issues with COMSTAR
Thursday October 7 2010
11:41PM 4 raidz faulted with only one unavailable disk
9:54PM 17 [RFC] Backup solution
9:50PM 0 calling zfs snapshot on multiple file systems under same pool or dirrerent
5:24PM 6 Help - Deleting files from a large pool results in less free space!
10:22AM 5 Swapping disks in pool to facilitate pool growth
5:46AM 6 ZPool creation brings down the host
Wednesday October 6 2010
9:03PM 14 Bursty writes - why?
7:14PM 3 Increase size of 2-way mirror
4:12PM 0 zfs build/test article on anandtech
1:59PM 0 Kernel panic after upgrading from snv_138 to snv_140
10:31AM 3 scrub doesn''t finally finish?
8:52AM 61 Finding corrupted files
Tuesday October 5 2010
8:30PM 28 TLER and ZFS
7:08PM 0 Long import due to spares.
1:41PM 4 moving newly created pool to alternate host
Monday October 4 2010
10:03PM 2 ZFS crypto bug status change
5:37PM 3 When is it okay to turn off the "verify" option.
3:53PM 1 zfs volume snapshot
3:20PM 2 zfs send|recv and inherited recordsize
2:24PM 8 Can I "upgrade" a striped pool of vdevs to mirrored vdevs?
1:47PM 3 hot spare remains in use
5:34AM 0 Any way for snapshot zpool with RAIDZ or for independent devices
12:22AM 1 ZFS panic on blade BL465c G1
Sunday October 3 2010
9:36PM 1 Unexpected ZFS space consumption
6:10PM 0 Monitoring zfs using dtrace
Friday October 1 2010
9:49PM 3 ZFS disk space monitoring with SNMP
6:46PM 2 Is there a way to limit ZFS File Data but maintain room for the ARC to cache metadata
6:38PM 0 Transfer/Performance Issue(s)
3:32PM 0 Readonly attribute on file