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2013 Sep 22
Como usas la función image puedes consultar la ayuda ?image o help(image) y encontrarás el siguiente ejemplo donde se usa un diferente color Palette (mencionada por pepeceb en su respuesta). x <- 10*(1:nrow(volcano)) y <- 10*(1:ncol(volcano)) image(x, y, volcano, col = terrain.colors(100), axes = FALSE) # O puedes usar directamente el número para indicar el color image(x, y, volcano, col =
2013 Sep 22
Por favor ver comentario con las las letras mayúsculas data("CPS1985", package = "AER") cps <- CPS1985 cps [1:10,] dim( cps) names( cps) library("quantreg") #regresion usual cps_lm <- lm(log(wage) ~ experience + I(experience^2) + + education, data = cps) #regresion por quantiles, tau son los cuantiles seleccionados cps_rq <- rq(log(wage) ~ experience + I(experience^2) + + education, data = cps, tau = seq(0.2, 0.8, by = 0.15)) #we compute p...
2012 Apr 26
PLM package PGGLS strange behavior
...owever, really like to estimate the random model instead. For me, the problem is reproducable using one of the examples from the PLM Jstatsoft article "Panel Data Econometrics in R: The plm package" (pp.19-20): data("EmplUK", package="plm") zz <- pggls(log(emp)~log(wage)+log(capital),data=EmplUK, model="random") summary(zz) Which for me results in the following warning: WARNING: Warning: 'random' argument to pggls() has been renamed as 'pooling' It then proceeds with estimating a pooled model. I've checked if PLM by any chance does...
2009 Jan 21
trouble switching to 'plm' from 'xtabond' and Stata
...nalyze the UK Employment Data. I am trying to replicate Roodman's results for the UK Employment data using R instead of Stata but I am having limited success. Using: >library('plm') >data("EmplUK", package = "plm") >emp.plm <- plm(dynformula(emp ~ wage + capital + output, lag = list(2, 1, 2, 2), log = TRUE), EmplUK, effect = "time") >summary(emp.plm) I am able to perfectly replicate Roodman's "naive model" (on page 17) regressing Log(Employment) on its own first and second lags as well as current and first lags...
1999 Jun 07
RedHat 6.0, /dev/pts permissions bug when using xterm (fwd)
[Mod: forwarded from BUGTRAQ -- alex] ---------- Forwarded message ---------- Date: Sun, 6 Jun 1999 19:15:05 +0000 From: noc-wage <wage@IDIRECT.CA> To: BUGTRAQ@NETSPACE.ORG Subject: RedHat 6.0, /dev/pts permissions bug when using xterm Once again I''ve come up with another trivial Denial of Service flaw, (wow, I seem to be good at this Conseal Firewall, +++ath0, ppp byte-stuffing) It''s been a...
2012 Nov 29
instrumental variables regression using ivreg (AER) or tsls (sem)
...sically, here are the R commands (reproducible example) from that site: # ------ begin R library(AER) library(lmtest) data("CollegeDistance") cd.d<-CollegeDistance simple.ed.1s<- lm(education ~ distance,data=cd.d) cd.d$ed.pred<- predict(simple.ed.1s) simple.ed.2s<- lm(wage ~ urban + gender + ethnicity + unemp + ed.pred , data=cd.d) # ------ end R This yields the following summary: summary(simple.ed.2s) Call: lm(formula = wage ~ urban + gender + ethnicity + unemp + ed.pred, data = cd.d) Residuals: Min 1Q Median 3Q Max -3.1692 -0.8294 0...
2012 Mar 08
Panel models: Fixed effects & random coefficients in plm greatly appreciated. -Mitch # Data setup library(plm) data("EmplUK", package="plm") names(EmplUK) E <- pdata.frame(EmplUK, index = c("firm", "year"), drop.index = TRUE, row.names = TRUE) # Two-way fixed effects model with constant beta m1 <- plm(wage ~ output,data=E,model="within",effect="twoways") summary(m1) # Random (individual) effects for both intercept and beta m2 <- pvcm(wage ~ output,data=E,model="random") summary(m2)
1999 Nov 25
tapply and weighted.mean
I am trying to use tapply to estimate the average wage in a set of Year*Education cells using sampling weights, as well as some other other statistics using the weights). I am having trouble trying to figure out how to pass the weights to the function, using: > tapply(wage,list(Educc,Year),weighted.mean, w=weight) whieh produces warnings of the t...
2001 Nov 24
Total Newbie here.. loose some of my M.$. Apps.. So I hear about wine.. as being able to run some of the apps.. this is great.. News.. for the Weary anyway.. So does this Wine work with SuSE.. Please forgive me I haven't even played with Linux. yet.. just trying to get all my questions sorta answered before I wage battle and try to learn a new OS.. Thanks for your time.. (In Advance)
2007 May 28
CTI in ActiveRecord
...using inheritance. Exists an soluction for this? I want a solution similar to this: create_table :people |t| do t.column :name t.column :address end create_table :customer |t| do t.column :person_id t.column :cpf end create_table :employee |t| do t.column :person_id t.column :wage end class Person < ActiveRecord::Base end clas Customer < Person end class Employee < Person end Customer.cpf Employee.wage -- Posted via --~--~---------~--~----~------------~-------~--~----~ You received this...
2004 Feb 26
RE: system.time(), sys.time() etc
> From: Spencer Graves [mailto:spencer.graves at] > > Martin says, "This is another instance of S-Plus following R > behind and doing it incompatibly [with a reason?] ... ." > > This is one example of a major issue in "how to wage and win a > standards war", discussed by Shapiro and Varian (1998) > Information Rules > (Harvard Business School Press). Whether you're Bill Gates or Larry > Ellison, you want to make it easy for people to move to your product > from a competitor but expensive for you...
2004 Dec 16
help with multiple imputation using imp.mix
...;Data/immigrati on.dat',header=TRUE) library(mix) rngseed(12345678) # Preare data for imputation gender1<-c() gender1<-as.integer(data$gender) gender1[gender1==1]<-2 gender1[gender1==0]<-1 data$gender<-gender1 x<-cbind(data$gender,data$ipip,data$ideol,data$prtyid, data$wage1992) colnames(x)<-c("gender","ipip", "ideol", "prtyid","wage") # start imputation s <- prelim.mix(x,4) thetahat <- em.mix(s) And here comes the error message: > newtheta <- da.mix(s,thetahat, steps=100,showits=TRUE) Steps of Data Au...
1999 Jun 04
Forw: 2.2.x kernel vulnerability
...xterm (fwd) Message-ID: <> MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: TEXT/PLAIN; charset=US-ASCII X-moderate: yes [Mod: forwarded from BUGTRAQ -- alex] ---------- Forwarded message ---------- Date: Sun, 6 Jun 1999 19:15:05 +0000 From: noc-wage <wage@IDIRECT.CA> To: BUGTRAQ@NETSPACE.ORG Subject: RedHat 6.0, /dev/pts permissions bug when using xterm Once again I've come up with another trivial Denial of Service flaw, (wow, I seem to be good at this Conseal Firewall, +++ath0, ppp byte-stuffing) It's been a few months...
2006 Apr 26
Ruby On Rails Salary in the UK? how much?
Hi, What do you think is a reasonable salary for a ROR programmer in Manchester, UK? If you''re working with ROR and in the UK i''d be interested in knowing your salary :-) Your opinions would be very valuable to me JD -- Posted via
2011 Jul 11
Robust vce for heckman estimators
When using function heckit() from package ‘sampleSelection’, is there anyway to make t-tests for the coefficients using robust covariance matrix estimator? By “robust” I mean something like if a had an object ‘lm’ called “reg” and then used: > coeftest(reg, vcov = vcovHC(reg)). I’m asking this because in Stata we could use function heckman and then use vce option “robust”. We could do the
2009 Jul 27
help about package "reldist" (Relative Distribution)
Dear R users: i try to use package "reldist" to measure wage distribution. In package "reldist" : y mean sample from comparison distribution yo mean sample from reference distribution but I would like to compare more than two years ( total of fifteen years, from 1979, 1981, 2007) how should i correct my programs, then i could...
2008 Nov 20
A question about how much an Asterisk Dcap consultant and a Sipmaster make
...U.S. What does a person with DCap certification make on a standard Asterisk installation and configuration process as well as a Sip Master. I am looking to go to the Asterisk course and I am blind and have a state agency possibly paying for my training and I would like to find out what the average wages are so that I can put this in my report. Thanks for any help. Have a wonderful day. Scott Berry n7zib at -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL:
2013 Sep 22
¿ como se pueden cambiar estos colores, gray.colors a otros library("KernSmooth") cps_bkde <- bkde2D(cbind(cps$experience, log(cps$wage)), bandwidth = c(3.5, 0.5), gridsize = c(200, 200)) image(cps_bkde$x1, cps_bkde$x2, cps_bkde$fhat, col = rev(gray.colors(10, gamma = 1)), #### pregunta?como se pueden cambiar estos colores xlab = "experience", ylab = "log(wage)")...
2009 Mar 30
pgmm (Blundell-Bond) sample needed)
...* Replicate difference GMM runs in Arellano and Bond 1991, Table 4 * Column (a1) xtabond2 n L(0/1).(l.n w) l(0/2).(k ys) yr198?c cons, gmm(L.n) iv(L(0/1).w l(0/2).(k ys) yr198?c cons) noleveleq noconstant robust nomata replicated by: > abmod1<-pgmm(dynformula(log(emp)~log(wage)+log(capital)+log(output),list(2,1,2,2)), + data=EmplUK, effect="twoways", model="onestep", + gmm.inst=~log(emp), lag.gmm=list(c(2,99)), transformation="d") > summary(abmod1,robust=TRUE) * Column (a2) xtabond2 n L(0/1).(l.n w) l(0/2).(k ys) yr198?c cons,...
2020 Oct 03
Anyone that know of DECT "client" for asterisk?
Anyone here that knows some hardware USB "client" (DECT) that can connect to a DECT base station and act as a "provider" in asterisk? Ergo, asterisk is the DECT handset, and connects to the DECT base station. Its also important that it also works with most asterisk-compatible devices, including for example raspberry's. The reason I ask, is that many providers in