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2009 Aug 31
Wine doesnt like my videocard drivers. Please help!
Im running wine 1.01 and i have Nvidia GeForce 9800GT with Nvidia driver version 185.18.36 on ubuntu jaunty When i try to run games thru wine, i often get messeges about my videocard having to low memory or that i dont have direct3d, hardware 3d acceleration etc etc... I have installed many things thru winetricks such as DriectX 9, .NET, VB etc etc Still Wine doesnt get my videocard drivers... I even tried to install windows drivers from nvidia into wine, just for the sake of...
2008 Nov 14
WINE with a 2D only videocard
Is it possible to install WINE with a 2D only videocard?? I have a chipset that is not supported by Linux and I fear it will never be, I have an SIS 760/761 integrated chipset this chipset is known not to have any 3D support what so ever. I can't slap in a new video card because it's in a laptop and to my knowledge there is no way to put a...
2020 Aug 13
vp3 hang on mplayer exit (for GT240 videocard) - workaround found?
Apparently, this hang can be fixed at small performance cost by setting NOUVEAU_VP3_DEBUG_FENCE 1 (as opposed to default 0) in Now, what exactly fixes my hangs (or make them less severe) - still open question, guess I can flip few of those debug defines and try to
2008 Apr 03
Ability to pass-through a PCI videocard & PCI USB card?
Hi All! Quick question as I''m wondering if this is possible. On a Intel-VT enabled machine (Intel Xeon X3220 on an Intel 3000 Series Chipset), if I have a PCI video-card and a PCI USB card, would it be possible to do a PCI pass-through on those two PCI devices to a guest domain?  I''m assuming the PCI USB card would be fairly easy, but my gut instinct on the PCI video-card is
2010 Oct 10
WINE, StarCraft II and I/O bottlenecks
Hi all. Since I installed SC2 on my Ubuntu 10.04 x86-64 (Phenom II X4 965 BE, 8 GB Ram, nVidia 470 GTX - Driver 260.19.06, USB mic+headphones), I never managed to play at it with Ultra details with more than 12~15 FPS. You could say that the fault is in a slow CPU, bad videocard or lousy sound card (the above USB stuff). But the CPU isn't that bad, the ram quantity is more than enough and the videocard is pretty powerful (try to run this: ). So I really couldn't find a culprit why I have to play Low...
2007 Feb 07
all apps are black with nvidia driver
Summary: wine apps with nvidia video drivers cause a black screen System: Abit KT7A Athlon XP1800 1GB RAM nVidia GeForce4 MX440 AGP 64MB Fedora Core 5 with latest updates Xorg 7.0 Screen set to 1280x1024, 24 bit color Details: I have a problem where all my wine apps, including all the ones that come with wine like winecfg, notepad, etc, cause the whole screen to go black when they have the
2004 Aug 16
What is the best Linux for asterisk
How has experience in Asterisk voip provider? I am trying to setup a reliable Linux system with Asterisk for a voip provider. Therefore I got two more or like identical systems. System 1 AMD Atlhon XP 2200 Asus A7V600-X bios 1002 1Gb memory 333 Mhz Asus 7100 videocard 120GB harddisk System 2 AMD Atlhon XP 2200 Asus A7V600-X bios 1005 1Gb memory 400Mhz Geforce MX 4000 64MB 40 GB Harddisk At both systems I have problems with installing Linux. I tried Redhat 9.0 but there the systems has badblocks all the time on the ext3 partitions and segmentation...
2019 May 08
Re: [iGVT-g] GVT-g - suboptimal user experience
...t local display / dmabuf feature. Currently user needs to use virt-viewer tool. But virt-manager already incorporates graphical console. It would be nice if it could support accelerated gvt-g local display. Preferably with minimum performance overhead. Also virt-manager should allow to use mdev videocard alone, without requiring to use additional primary virtual adapter like QXL or Cirrus 2. Currently with gvt solution there few mdev devices each with fixed resolution. User should be able to configure own resolutions for devices at host without additional manipulations in guest. Ideally, resolutio...
2006 Jun 20
xorg display problems
...ifier "Monitor0" VendorName "Monitor Vendor" ModelName "Unknown monitor" HorizSync 31.5 - 37.9 VertRefresh 50.0 - 70.0 Option "dpms" EndSection Section "Device" Identifier "Videocard0" Driver "i810" VendorName "Videocard vendor" BoardName "Intel 852" EndSection Section "Screen" Identifier "Screen0" Device "Videocard0" Monitor "Monitor0&quot...
2006 Mar 11
Can this be done with PXELinux?
Hi This is what I like to be able to do. 1. Computer boot on LAN, using PXELinux. 2. If the computer is booting for the first time it sends MAC adr, RAM, size of harddrive and name of videocard to a shared folder on a computer, maybe a server, that is attached to the network. 3. If this is not the first time it scan for a new task, could be a new ghostimage or an unattended installation of a OS, if there isn't a new task it boot from harddrive. Can this be done with PXELinux? Feel...
2007 Mar 19
Get an old game to run
...1000 stack 0x231000-0x340000 err:ntdll:RtlpWaitForCriticalSection section 0x110020 "heap.c: main process heap section" wait timed out in thread 000e, blocked by 0009, retrying (60 sec) The same result with Virtual Desktop on/off and with Vertex Shader set to Hardware or Emulated. The videocard installed is GeForce4 MX with nvidia linux drivers. Any ideas how to fix the problem?
2009 Jun 05
Video Card
I have a Radeon 1650 Pro, but Fable reports it as an GeForce3, which I read somewhere is the fallback card when Wine can't detect the real card. How do I improve my video support in Wine?
2007 Nov 16
Can't get OpenGL to work
Hello all, today I've tried to use two applications which claim to use OpenGL (Catia, oZone3D) in Wine on Ubuntu 7.10. The version of Wine coming along with Ubuntu is 0.9.46-0ubuntu1. Each time I start one of these applications, they claim to find no OpenGL library. Since I can run glxgears (~1400fps) in Ubuntu directly, I consider my graphics to work fine and point my finger
2007 Apr 03
x100p not showing in core show channels
Hi, I recently decided to change my setup from AsteriskNow to plain-asterisk 1.4, which I wanted to set up and configure myself on a server running Debian Etch 64bit version. Hardware: Asrock motherboard, model 775Dual880-Pro, with a Celeron D running at 2.8GHz, 1GB memory, standard Nvidia GF4MX videocard, and one X100P clone card. Running the AsteriskNow, everything worked fine, except for incoming calls, not being routed right, but they entered the system, and mostly they ended up into the voicemail. To change that behaviour and to have more control of what I'm doing, I reinstalled the same...
2017 Jan 29
Linking Linux kernel with LLD
...y suggestions on how to debug it or any guesses what did go wrong while linking? > >Regards, >Dmitry It should not boot atm, I believe. I mentioned earlier, LLD currently generates wrong output for scripts like: .rodata : { *(.rodata) *(.rodata.*) . = ALIGN(16); video_cards = .; *(.videocards) video_cards_end = .;? That is sample from kernel realmode script. We produce wrong values for video_cards/video_cards_end. Reduced sample is D29217, and thread with possible patch for that is D27415 which is under discussions now. (Though there are also probably can be other issues, but tha...
2009 Apr 12
good progress on pci vga passthrough in xen-3.4-rc1
Platform : Nehalem, official Intel x58 with Core i7 920 (dx58so) Main (Console): Nvidia 9500 GT PCI Express Secondary: Nvidia 8800 GTS PCI Express Yes, I binned the ASUS P6T due to bad VT-d support in the BIOS. With the latest BIOS from Intel, the dx58so has enable/disable for VT-d, ICH FLR and Interrupt Mapping! Helped a lot with getting this working ... Dom0: 2.6.18-xen0 (built from
2006 Sep 29
4.4 on Dell D620: widescreenresolution?
Hi, Did anyone manage to get 4.4 working on a Dell D620 laptop? The thing has a 1440x900 LCD screen, but I don't get X the work with that resolution. (lspci: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)) Google suggested to use '915resolution', which I installed (915resolution-0.5.2-1.el4.rf), but that doesn't help. Regards,
2010 Jun 15
Lots of bugs in xubuntu lucid
Hello guys, i've decided to test nouveau driver and installed it recently from official repos. My videocard is GeForce 4 with additional S-video and Composite outputs, 64 MB of memory. I installed xubuntu, and tried to use nouveau driver instead of official nvidia's. After switching driver, the boot splash xubuntu logo turned into poor coloured low-resolutioned one, but X loaded normally. Xfce worked...
2015 Dec 30
Nouveau Digest, Vol 104, Issue 60, GV-N430OC-1GL is needed to work under kernel 2.4
...w disk (SATA) with Windows-7.   I have download from the official RedHat's site the most similar  distributive (Enigma, kernel 2.4.7-10) and created a virtual Linux-machine  under Windows-7.   When installing RedHat's distributive I have selected "Skip X configuration"  because my videocard was absent in card's list.   But X11 is needed for work.   I tried to install X11 from rpm-packet from this distributive Enigma:  rpm -ivh XFree86-Servers-3.3.6-42.src.rpm  Packet is installed, config file XF86Config is created, but I changed it  by the same file from disk-original. Now when I...
2008 Apr 30
Garbage screen in some games
Hi! I get some strange behaviour from wine in some games, altrough test of other people give these games should work. I can post some logs and screenshort. Deus Ex 2: Is all a mess! Intro Video are garbage, and in-game graphics have a strange behaviour: Intro video main menu: